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Mexico will ask Biden to free Assange – president​

"He also said he intends to ask Biden to drop charges against Assange when they meet next month. Such an action would go counter to the “hardliners in the US” but “humanity must prevail,” AMLO added."

What about freedoms? Are we going to remove the Statue of Liberty from New York?
“Julian Assange is the best journalist of our time in the world and he has been treated very unfairly, worse than a criminal,” AMLO said. “This is a shame for the world.”

Today, marks Julian Assange's 51st birthday, and third consecutive year in maximum security prison, without crime.

In fact, the publisher originally won his case in January of 2021, and has only remained imprisoned at the behest of the United States, who seeks to extradite the publisher and use him as a vehicle to destroy first amendment rights and press protections the world over.

Today is a solemn day.
It is a day in which we are reminded that the balance of power surely exists out of favor of the common citizen.
That the egalitarian idea of equality has yet to be actualized.
We stand only with the crumbling edifice of this in tow. A system that sharply veers toward protecting an elite class of criminals, while punitively punishing all who would seek a better world with different masters.
In the case of Assange, more than a decade has been spent ruthlessly persecuting him and attempting to malign/kidnap/kill him in any way possible. Conversations were had at the highest levels about assassinating him. Discussions within the US government took place over murdering him on foreign soil, even as the US DOJ planned to serve him with a superseding indictment based off of the testimony of a sociopathic pedophile the FBI had hired and granted immunity to for unrelated crimes against children.

The Assange case has put on full display for the World, the decrepit and false nature of what is being done to people under the guise of "justice". It has shown us, as a society, as a collective of people of all ages, of medical professionals, of journalists and reporters, exactly how far we have to go.
The price of speaking truth to power, of embarrassing it before the world, seems to be an endless amount of state-sanctioned murderous intent directed at the individual and all those surrounding them.
Assange's family is at stake here too.
As are your own.
Because once the extradition they are seeking has gone through, they will have effectively set precedent for all the illegal and heinous acts they actively attempted on foreign soil.

Far more is at stake than people realize.

Azerbaijani president destroys BBC report on the subject of Julian Assage. Just the first 45 seconds of the video.

Well, it seems he got Russian passport and has sworn the oath of allegiance to Russia.

It would be nice if Julian Assange could find sanctuary in Russia like Snowden too but it is probably not likely.

Musk launches poll on Snowden and Assange

The Twitter CEO is asking users whether the two men accused of exposing US secrets should be granted pardons

“I am not expressing an opinion, but did promise to conduct this poll,” Musk tweeted, asking users: “Should Assange and Snowden be pardoned?”

So far, with more than 1.3 million people voting, 79% say ‘yes’, 21% ‘no’.

Wish everyone luck.

Worldwide Human Rights Day Rallies for Assange​

December 9, 2022

Rallies for Julian Assange in front of British embassies and consulates from Rome to New York and other cities around the world will be held on Saturday, Human Rights Day.
A rally is planned for 1 pm EST in front of the British consulate and U.N. mission at Second Avenue, between 47th and 48th Streets in New York. Among the speakers will be rock legend Roger Waters; comic and activist Randy Credico; radio host Garland Nixon; lawyer Margaret Kuntsler; Ben Cohen, activist of Ben & Jerry’s; journalist Max Blumenthal and CN Editor Joe Lauria.

"Les gars, si vous voulez sauver Julian Assange, il va falloir se remuer un peu plus !" Entretien avec Viktor Dedaj
Julian Assange, figure héroïque du combat pour la liberté d’expression des médias, est toujours emprisonné en Angleterre, à l’isolement et sans plainte déposée. Pour Viktor Dedaj, l’affaire WikiLeaks est déterminante pour la liberté d’expression.
“Guys, if you want to save Julian Assange, you’re going to have to move a little harder!” Interview with Viktor DedajJulian Assange, heroic figure in the fight for freedom of expression in the media, is still imprisoned in England, in solitary confinement and without complaint filed. For Viktor Dedaj, the WikiLeaks affair is decisive for freedom of expression.
FREE ASSANGE !!! The usa should be ashamed of their doings. you cannot condemn a person who reveals unethical behaviour. rather than awarding an anticipated peace nobel to obama, award a justified peace nobel to assange.
and SHAME to the uk, a despicable puppet to the usa.
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