Wolves on killing trail in southern Norway


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thorbiorn said:
An update on the Norwegian case. A wolf, accused of killing hundreds of sheep was shot this morning, by a group of 10 hunters after it was observed chasing a flok of sheep. It had allegedly killed 87 sheep in one week and had a weight of 34 kg. _http://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/ulv/ulv-skutt-i-oppland/a/24112489/ _http://www.dagbladet.no/nyheter/drapsulven-som-har-herja-pa-ostlandet-er-felt/68571053 The wolf is said to have come from Sweden.
34kgs is a BIG doggie!


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Could be a general sing of the times as the Cs say the last session of 5th August 2017:

(Pierre) Andromeda, you could ask about the wave of baby birdies you have recently rescued.

(Andromeda) Is there any meaning behind the wave of birdies we've been rescuing lately, or is it just there are a lot of birdies this year?

A: General sign of the times.

Q: (Joe) Does that mean that before the planet descends into chaos, all the species go bonkers breeding and having babies?

A: Close

Q: (Andromeda) Like before a really hard winter or something?

A: Soon!

Q: (Pierre) Doesn't mean next winter.

(Scottie) "Soon" could be in 10 years...

(Pierre) We've been saying that for how many years now?

(L) Yeah, soon could be 10 years.

A: er

Q: (Joe) Sooner than 10 years, okay. [laughter]


So they went after it and shot it! It is quite surprising that one animal could do all that carnage, no?
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