Zoroastrianism a Paleolithic Religion, Origin of Monotheism, Salvation Theology?


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My post above - Not much stuff on the Rig Veda

Okay, so i searched instead for 'Vedas' and got a partial answer in session of 12 Aug 1995:-

August 12, 1995
Direct Channeling with Frank, Laura, SV

The usual caveats about the direct channeling sessions apply though this was one of the better ones.

Trance induced.

Q: Are you ready to receive questions?

A: Yes.

[Suggestions given for clarity of communication.]

Q: (L) Do you have any messages to give S or myself at this time?

A: No.

Q: (L) Okay. Then we’ll get to our questions. My first question is: What is the source of the Vedas? The Hindu system of philosophy?

A: There is more than one source.

Q: (L) What is the general source, positive or...?

A: A very vague question.

Q: (L) Was it a group of people that put them together over centuries, or was it channeled information, or...?

A: It came into being as a result of meditation.

Q: (L) And what race of people was responsible for this information?

A: Caucasian.

Q: (L) What period of time were the Vedas received.

A: Varying bits and pieces of information which later was organized into packages labeled as it is.

Q: (L) From what realm did this meditated information issue?

A: The realm of the subconscious mind.

Q: (L) Are any of the Vedas information that was given to man by extra-terrestrials?

A: Not as you would define it.

Q: (L) From what types of beings, or what level of density did this information issue from?

A: Third.

Q: (L) Can you give us anything more on that in a general sense?

A: If you ask.

Q: (L) What is the percentage of accuracy of the information given in the Vedas? Overall?

A: Accurate at what level?

Q: (L) Third Density.

A: Accurate to what extent and in what way?

Q: (L) Well, in a general sense, as a way of living one's life and perceiving the universe.

A: That's an extremely difficult question to answer as accuracy in determining such things as perceiving the universe and living one's life is entirely open to interpretation as anyone can resolve accuracy by relating to the parallel universe which is appropriate for the information given. And, as we have stated in the past, it is possible to create parallel universes through thought energy, and once they are created naturally, they correspond naturally to the interpretation given for them.

Q: (L) Is there any benefit to be obtained through the use of mantras?

A: Especially when the mind says there is. Remember, most all power necessary for altering reality and physicality is contained within the belief center of the mind. This is something you will understand more closely when you reach 4th density reality where physicality is no longer a prison, but is instead, your home, for you to alter as you please. In your current state, you have the misinterpretation of believing that reality is finite and therein lies your difficulty with finite physical existence. We are surprised that you are still not able to completely grasp this concept.

Q: (L) Well, I think I have a good grasp of this concept, but I am asking questions to obtain answers for others to comprehend.

A: That is not being completely honest.
Still, the C's need to be probed further . . . including the Vedic-Zoroastrian link . . .


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Since Laura is now interested in following this Zoroastrianism research, I thought I should mention one interesting thing. Several years ago, one person recommended to me that I should read a book 'God Speaks' by Meher Baba. I started reading it and quickly realized that it's the worst piece of literature I saw in my life, to say the least.

But one thing that made me very curious was his description of evolution of the soul, which sounds very similar to the description that Laura got from C's, except that he was not describing it in hyperdimensional terms. I wondered about that and came to the conclusion that he most probably got it from somebody else. Supposedly, he had several teachers which you can find on Wikipedia. But I never investigated that further because I was too busy reading other things.

Well, in the meantime, somebody made an article on Wikipedia, so you can see what I'm talking about. There is even a graphical presentation of his theory: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Involution_(Meher_Baba)



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FWIW, Equivalence of Mithraic Tauroctony and Cippus of Horus scenes

Image Above - Mithraic Tauroctony (Roman, circa 0 AD, left) and Cippus of Horus scene (Egyptian, New Dynasty, 1st millennium BC and earlier)

The Mithraic Tauroctony scene (above left) has fascinated scholars for hundreds of years (see here). The origin of Mithraism and the meaning of its symbolism has proven to be a tricky problem. Early ideas centred on its origin in Persia in the 2nd or 3rd millennium BC, because of the dress-code of Mithras and because bull-slaying is a known theme of Persian Zoroastrianism (the primordial bull is slain by Ahriman, who perhaps becomes Mithras in ancient Rome).

However, more recently the astronomical interpretation of David Ulansey, an American Professor of comparative mythology at Princeton, has gained favour. He interprets the scene as a change of age, from the age of Taurus into the age of Aries. Therefore, the scene displays knowledge of precession of the equinoxes. Familiar symbols support his view, as the Tauroctony scene normally includes a serpent (interpreted as hydra) and a scorpion (obviously Scorpius, representing the autumn equinox). Accordingly, the date referenced is around 2000 BC, to within a few hundred years, when Taurus represents the spring equinox. However, to make this scheme work, Ulansey suggests the equatorial constellations, rather then the usual zodiacal constellations, are used. Therefore, Hydra represents the summer solstice. To ensure the serpent is reliably identified as the Hydra constellation, a crow (representing Corvus) is often present.

Ulansey takes the conventional view that Hipparchus discovered precession, and therefore Mithraism follows this discovery chronologically. This also influences his interpretation of Mithraism as a relatively modern Roman mystery religion born in the 1st or 2nd century BC. Accordingly, Mithras is seen as an all-powerful creator god who controls time, and he doubts the link to any earlier (e.g. Persian) religion.

While I agree with much of Ulansey's thesis, his assumption about the discovery of precession by Hipparchus, and therefore the relatively modern status of Mithraism, is now known to be incorrect. Indeed, I suspect both these earlier views of Mithraism are largely correct and can be combined, i.e. Mithraism is an adaption of a much older religion that also used precession of the equinoxes symbolically to represent a golden age circa 3000 to 2500 BC.

In fact, I have previously shown how the Cippus of Horus scene (above right) essentially describes a similar scene, or at least a similar date, using precession of the equinoxes. This scene was popular in later dynasties of Ancient Egypt. However, the Cippus of Horus scene uses zodiacal, rather than equatorial constellations, and all four of the constellations are used. Therefore, we can equate the Mithraic bull with the Egyptian crocodile (Taurus, spring) and the Mithraic serpent with the Egyptian lion (hydra/Leo, summer). The scorpion (autumn) is the same in both scenes.

Finally, the Cippus of Horus scene includes an ibex/gazelle, representing Aquarius for the winter solstice. There doesn't seem to be an equivalent symbol in the Tauroctony, unless, that is, we re-interpret the dog as a fox, which we know from Gobekli Tepe can represent the northern part of Aquarius. But this looks to be too much of a stretch in most cases.
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