Author Topic: Telepathic Networking, A Proposal  (Read 25646 times)

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Telepathic Networking, A Proposal
« Reply #60 on: February 25, 2007, 10:35:16 AM »
Quote from: SAO
So simply based on the data of how has the human race been improved by the above "enhanced" methods of communication, I can't see any real progress or growth of the individual, but only decline and mental decay.
There is a point in what you are saying SAO, but think that this progress includes the internet: our interactions here, reading sott, finding information, knowing what is taking place in other areas of the world far away from where we live, etc. So it is not the progress in means of communication per cent that is the problem, but how these means are being used and abused by the PTB to prevent us from ever finding or even be able to distinguish truth from lies. Like everybody else said, conscientious beings are working hard at learning to think with a hammer (think at all basically), and learn to really communicate with themselves first (tune in to how they feel, learn their programs, discern the real Self from the fake self) and then with one another in real time. Whether telepathic communication comes along or not, becomes irrelevant to a person committed to become and share.

from your posts, i am aware that you know this SAO, just clarifying what you wrote, if i may. :)