2020 US Election - Let The Games Begin!


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President Trump and creepy Joe will square off in their first debate today. (or tomorrow depending which time zone you live)

To watch it live see the livestream below :)

Too late for us to watch live, but looking forward to a replay! In the meantime, there's this classic to get into the vibe - Trump's Long Road to the White House:

This is from another forum I browse. I remember this last year and how everyone kind of shrugged it off, but it definitely looked like she was wearing a wire of some sort. Makes sense with what we know about psychopaths, most of them don't have the capability to grasp concepts or master subjects beyond a shallow level. Could Biden use a similar technology to help him? Is that why Trump admin asked for checks for wires? Of course they declined that, and a drug test. If this in fact the case, I think Biden is too far gone mentally, certainly much further mentally degraded than Clinton. I think it's got a decent chance of backfiring - can he really go 90 minutes without losing himself, and making it obvious?

Color me surprised. I’ve been predicting for months now that Joe Biden would bail out on the debates, due to his inability to string two sentences together without a teleprompter. But it now looks like Biden will attend the first debate tomorrow night. His team has figured out a technological workaround to help control him in public appearances and keep up the charade that Biden has most of his faculties.

After all the years that I worked in TV news, I’m kind of kicking myself that I didn’t spot this trick earlier. Keep in mind that Democrats are willing to do just about anything to cheat in a presidential election. This includes grade-school level cheating, such as then DNC head honcho Donna Brazile handing CNN’s debate questions to Hillary Clinton prior to the debate. But it also includes much more sophisticated, technological methods.

Think back to the first debate in 2016 between Trump and Crooked Hillary. That’s the debate where she wore the red pantsuit that she stole from Kim Jong Un’s wardrobe. Literally everyone on the right noticed the square box under Hillary’s jacket that was taped to her back, and the wires running up toward her head.

The device sparked a lot of theories about what it was, with some thinking it was some type of medical device to control Hillary’s seizures. But having worked in TV for so many years, I instantly recognized it, because I used to wear one at work every day. It was a power source and wireless receiver for Hillary’s IFB (her earpiece). Someone within close enough proximity was able to relay information to Hillary during the debates to make it look like she just has so many obscure facts and figures floating around in her big brain.

The funny thing is: Trump knew. If you re-watch that first debate, when Trump shakes Hillary’s hand at the very beginning, he reaches over with his left hand and taps Hillary on the back – directly on the wires. He was signaling to her, “I know you’re cheating, you wretched villain, but I’m going to beat you anyway.”

After that first debate, the media went out of its way to not do any close-ups on Hillary from behind, because everyone knew she was wearing a gadget to help her cheat.

Fast forward to 2020, and here is how Joe Biden’s team plans to cheat. They’ve already tested this method out in several public appearances. Is Joe Biden using a teleprompter part of the time? Yes, absolutely. We’ve all seen it. He’s using handwritten notes, a teleprompter, his computer screen and any other resource they can to prop him up and make it look like he’s not a really old man with really bad Alzheimer’s.

But this… this is an inspired piece of evil genius. This is going to sound like something out of a science fiction movie but bear with me. This is totally real, and I’ll prove it to you.

Joe Biden has a medical device implanted in his skull.

It’s called the Esteem Hearing Implant which you can learn about HERE. It’s an implant that goes into the skull above the ear and it has two micro-wire probes that are injected into the nerves inside the ear canal. It’s FDA-approved and it uses bone conduction to enhance hearing (sound waves vibrate off the bones of the skull, and the wire probes send the signal directly into the ear, basically). It’s wireless and it’s controlled by the push of a button, so the user can turn it on and off with a little device… that fits in your pocket.

And that’s how the experts at Bombards Body Language spotted this trick. Joe Biden gets really addled during unscripted, public appearances and interviews. It happened during the CNN Town Hall recently. When someone starts talking to Joe Biden, there are times when he gets that “addled old man” expression of sheer terror and confusion on his face. He’s totally lost and doesn’t have a clue where he is or what’s happening.

But then – every single time – Joe Biden does what he’s been trained to do in these situations. His right hand goes into his pocket. Then he smiles that big Joe Biden politician smile that we all recognize after 47 years of this guy being in office. Then he answers the question.

When Joe Biden gets confused, he reaches into his pocket and turns on the implant. Whoever is talking to him on the other end instructs him to smile and then starts relaying answers to him until he gets back on track. Joe hears it because the implant receives a wireless signal and vibrates the bones in his skull.

The body language experts have also noticed that whenever Biden is receiving instructions through the implant, he cannot make eye contact with the person asking him a question. This is a natural response. Even a young, healthy and spry young mind like Donald Trump’s cannot receive communication input from two sources at once. Joe Biden has to look away from the speaker in order to listen to his handlers, which is why he always looks down when he’s being asked a question. He’s not thinking or listening intently; he’s receiving instructions from his handlers on which set of talking points to rattle off.

Now we know. And now you know what to watch for during the debates. If Joe Biden looks terrorized and completely lost and confused, he’ll reach into his pocket to turn on his skull implant and then he’ll smile. Every time. We also know why Joe Biden completely vanished from the campaign trail during July. He wasn’t just hiding in his basement. He was getting his implant installed and recovering from surgery.


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Holy Christ! It's really happening. I will be at work but I will see what I can there and there will be ways to see it after that.
This whole thing is surreal. Biden can't even speak coherent sentences, how's he going to debate Trump? How can it be anything other than a complete embarrassment for the whole country?

I mean, let's get some popcorn and enjoy the show! That's all I'm sayn!
I’m surprised as well that Biden is going ahead and debating Trump! I can’t believe the Dems will leave it up to chance. I suspect they’ll have some tricks up their sleeve like perhaps an earpiece where he is instructed what to say (still taking a chance), or perhaps use a very good body double (pure speculation of course). Or maybe some other tech that we’re not aware of. I dunno. They surely must know of his cognitive decline.

In any case, it will be interesting! Let the games begin indeed!


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Old Joe was able to hold it together surprisingly well! How is that possible?

An earpiece helps!

As for the whole thing, which we watched live. Biden was allowed to avoid the tough questions while Trump was not. Biden's policies have no coherence:

I bet he's not even aware of what the GND actually is.

The rest of the spectacle was essentially topics chosen to hit Trump hard and discuss all the things that the Left/media thinks he's doing wrong - SCOTUS, health insurance, covid, economy. Hardly any resemblance of a balanced debate, especially the combative moderator.

Biden says Trump is responsible for a recession, yet it's the Dem governors who shut down all the states. And in the next breath, Biden talks about keeping schools closed and wants to shut down the whole country (which will cause another, bigger recession). There is zero logic to so much of what he says. Painful that so many people will vote for him.


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A combination of both sounds more than likely to me.

Yes, Biden was surprisingly alert and coherent by his standards. They must've pumped him up with a gigantic load of drugs. It was obvious at several points in the debate that he was listening for instructions...his head tilted slightly downwards, not looking at the talker, just as you would do when you listen to something very closely with your earphones.

The image and video clip with the wire showing is going viral, and I think the most plausible equipment he was using is something like in the image below:


Observe in the image, that the microphone is inserted in the arm, could this be what is popping out his sleeve?

The 'the worlds smallest earpiece' is, indeed, very small and you just pop it into your ear:


See this commercial of their product:

This gadget has been available for years – here's one guy reviewing the thing in 2015



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I watched the debate, It looks to me as a disaster. Some media outlets are calling it "Sh*t show". At one point, It was ridiculous that Chris was making the talk when Joe was fumbling. I liked it when he confronted Chris Wallace saying "I am not here to debate with you, I am here to debate with Joe". Though Chris backed down, he was laughing at the show he is hosting as if it is a comedy show. Probably, that's how they see this - make it a laughing stock when they can't control Trump. In a way, that's what they did for 4 years of Trump presidency. Trump was grumpy throughout the debate. Though Trump should have handled much better, Joe was literally clueless and childish in repeatedly saying "All Lies", "Don't listen to him" and so on. It all looked like 2 kids quarreling.
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