21 powerful questions: gain clarity on who you are, what you should do


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I like this quite a bit although it seems that most responding to it have deviated from the initial intent, at least IMHO. It's not a good thing or bad thing, no judgement at all, just an immediate observation after having read the thread through. That's not to say that there isn't great value in deep contemplation, reflection, and analysis (both self and for/by others) as posted here. It's really cool to look at ourselves honestly and to obtain feedback from others and especially in a place of relative "safety" such as a digital forum.

I thank you all for sharing your insights and personal answers. I'm going to print this out and use it as a place marker in a journal for a year-long exercise in answering the questions as rapidly and in the moment as possible, without reflections and deep contemplation on each. The intent being to try and "See" if I can see anything new about the myriad of "I" from day to day. Might even be worth doing upon awakening, mid-day, and before bed. But I must gather the raw DATA before trying/attempting any analysis at all. Isn't consciousness and learning fun?!

Thanks for posting this!



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deviated from the initial intent, at least IMHO.

JUST in the mechanics of executing the thing is all.....specifically there are very deeply thought out answers.

There is IMHO great value in both. Thinking out loud it might turn out to be useful to develop ones own questions to add in too.

Really good stuff here.
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