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Laura said:
Mastering ourselves within the reality means being a good obyvatel, at one level, and doing what I call "paying rent on life." There is no free lunch in the Universe and if you want a life that is more to your choosing, you have to pay for it. One of the things you pay with is your self-importance, your attitude that you don't suffer fools gladly. Because, indeed, those "fools" are part of this reality - it belongs to them, you could say.

Nature does not need or understand this Work. The aim of the Work is to raise our level Being by conscious labor and voluntary suffering; while the aim of Life is to maintain calm within the prison walls of civilization. Chit-chat pays for our Work with voluntary suffering. Although, the price is not as high as I think. People seem genuinely touched, when a jerk "I" like me, makes effort to engage in their favorite chit-chat, rather than mocking them. I guess the smug “I” was just another prison wall.

Buddy, I just want to express my compassion and gratitude for the voluntary suffering you share on this thread, It isn’t easy to corner those cunning Not “I’s” that take charge and run our lives. Sometimes is takes the whole network to smoke them out.

It is difficult for me to express compassion, Laura. I want to thank you for expressing compassion for those who Work and those who fear to emerge from the world of small talk, in your Christmas chit-chat card. It is a good reminder for myself, that external consideration is the road to compassion.


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even during 'chit-chat' you can pick up on what a person is feeling.

look at the face, look at the body language.
people are constantly telling you more than what they're saying and it's mostly about their mood.
i think most people have experienced this.

So, please, think of the world out there and the people in it as being as it is meant to be, and that it has a purpose, and it is your job to learn how to interact with it effectively in order to grow. Simple karmic understandings, learning to be of service in whatever way the Universe presents it to you...

i agree with this, imho i think this is a very healthy mode to be in.

why work on ourselves at all if not to serve as beacons of logic and knowledge in a turbulent world ?


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Thanks everyone!

I awoke this morning feeling a bit lighter somehow; like I'd been released from some fixation. I realized how self-absorption can unnecessarily complicate anything. Thanks to everyone for your input!


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Buddy said:
I awoke this morning feeling a bit lighter somehow; like I'd been released from some fixation. I realized how self-absorption can unnecessarily complicate anything.

Glad to hear that and I'm rejoicing with you and for you. To my mind it makes clear the difference between curing something and healing someone.

After posting I happened on this passage from Adventures (http://www.cassiopaea.com/cassiopaea/adventures043.htm):
Laura said:
As Don Juan said: "Self-importance is our greatest enemy. Think about it - what weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellow men. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone."

And being offended takes energy.

One of the concepts that seems to be integral to the idea that Knowledge Protects, is that saving energy will enable us to "grow" and become more aware of higher levels of consciousness. It is this "growth" of awareness that binds us and makes us eligible to "graduate."

According to the Cassiopaeans, our 3rd density world consists of what we can know within 3rd density parameters - it is our 3rd density awareness that binds us to it. When that awareness grows, we are able to bind with higher levels of reality. Don Juan says that all that we know as humans, and can describe with words, is a very small part of what actually exists. It is an island upon which we pass the whole of our lives. What lies beyond? The Cassiopaeans say that it is a hyperdimensional state of existence, partly physical and partly ethereal, with a greater balance of these elements than what we have here, where the physical dominates. This "physical" aspect is what Don Juan says is controlled by The Predator, and that we, ourselves, as physical beings are controlled by the Predator's mind.

From Don Juan's perspective, what lies beyond the borders of 3rd density is an unfathomable mystery that cannot be understood verbally, but it can be witnessed, and experienced by anyone with enough energy. By integrating the known with the unknown, an integration of the self occurs. When the individual begins the process of integration, they begin to realize that the reality of the world is merely a matter of perception. And when they begin to become aware of this, one of the results is that their perception changes.

The C's have made it clear that we are "food" for Self Serving beings at higher levels, and that they feed on our energy, for the most part, but in some cases may actually feed on our flesh. Don Juan points out that they keep us in this "chicken coop" by controlling our thinking. The C's say essentially the same thing. Gurdjieff talked about it in terms of being "mechanical, " and the movie The Matrix, presented the idea also in a mechanical way, stating that the basis of the Matrix is "rules."

Our bodies are fields of energy that are constantly affected by other fields of energy, from planets, to the human beings in our lives, whether they are physically present or merely connected via psychological strands of etheric energy. All of these fields affect us, and the C's have pointed out through the many answers to my questions about my own relationships and interactions with others, that these interconnected fields are the means by which our energy is either "eaten" or augmented, depending on the nature of the interaction.

Don Juan taught Carlos that foreign energy can distort our own energy fields for years as a result of our interactions with those we encounter during our lives. By the same token, we can have a distorting effect on the energy fields of others. Don Juan said that this distorted energy holds us back, holds us under some "dark spell" because it interferes with our daily living by draining our energy. What is easy to see is that he was attempting to convey the fact that these distortions can create "energetic links" by which the "Matrix," or Predator drains our energy continuously.

According to Don Juan, recapitulation is an exercise to recall, review, release, and recharge energy. It rids a person of assumptions and preconceptions. It frees locked energy and restores balance. The chief thing about recapitulation that seems to not be clearly stated by the so-called Toltec teachings, is that what it really does is increase awareness, and with awareness, the individual is able to employ will to choose to act differently; to cut the connections between the self and those who drain us.

Carlos Castaneda did not seem to be aware that there was another option. His teachings about warriors and sorcerers seem to suggest that the only option to really become "free" is to cut all connections, and to isolate the self psychologically and even, in some cases, physically.

The C's, on the other hand, suggest that there is another way: that of networking in an STO manner.


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Re: the above quote: I think maybe Carlos had yet to grasp some wider possible perspectives from his own material.

Specifically, my original impression of Don Juan was of someone in service to Universe and others in a context called "Warrior's Way". To me, that explained why Don Juan even bothered with Carlos. IOW, "Warrior" response-ability and impeccability naturally translated into taking on Carlos as a student, provided Carlos demonstrated persistence.

My interpretation of "Warrior Way" styled recapitulation initially focuses on those persons who can no longer be networked with for whatever reason. Thus, energy is conserved, awareness increases along with "presence" - all for benefiting those of an existing network and anyone new Universe presents.

Even if Toltecs believed a "warrior" must eventually say goodbye and plunge into Infinity, Recapitulation would then involve only current relationships, OSIT.

Growing 'quantum-like' perspectives seem to 'require' a network to both, help with what is growing, and to spot immersion back into binary opposition patterns of thought, so this is all certainly agreeable with me.

Thanks for that quote! :)
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