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Since it's hard to contact anyone on this site I've had to post this here. Sorry.

Following the current situation with ATS, I remembered seeing something strange on their site a while ago..

In this thread http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread127333/pg1 notice that SkepticOverlord says:

Make no mistake, you are being expertly controlled. Even here, in this venue that should be beyond the puppet masters' strings, we have succumbed to the subtle manipulations of thought and reason. Instead of looking in agner toward the puppet masters, you yell at the puppets.

ATS has fallen. We're not out, but we're mortally wounded.

I'm not sure if this ties in with the claims being made that the moment, but it is strange.

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Greg Bishop, Project SERPO and COINTELPRO

Recently Greg Bishop wrote a bit about his "expose" of the Project SERPO deal, claiming that Richard Doty and other U.S. Gov types were behind it.

Well, sure, maybe they were involved. But it was mainly a project of the ATS Amigos as we amply demonstrated in real time.

So, I wrote a comment to his blog entry and pointed all of this out, giving links to the evidence, etc.

see here:


What is most interesting is the person who comes along to disingenuously defend ATS. See here:


comment by "Shawnna"

What a load of hooey.
"Project SERPO" story: HOAX

It's interesting how the article associates UFO's with impending disasters, and keeps trying to play neutral all the while. I remembered an article I read a while back, and thought they might be relevent. You may be familiar with the material, although I have not seen references to it here. The article is in regard to a hacker who got himself over his head and ran into information about a top secret miltary space fleet (interestingly the interviewer restricts it to one ship while the hacker mentions the word "fleet").

He did a few trial runs, hacking into Oxford University's network, for example, and he found the whole business "incredibly exciting. And then it got more exciting when I started going to places where I really shouldn't be."

"Like where?" I ask.

"The US Space Command," he says.

"What was the most exciting thing you saw?"

"I found a list of officers' names," he says, "under the heading 'Non-Terrestrial Officers'. It doesn't mean little green men. What I think it means is not Earth-based. I found a list of 'fleet-to-fleet transfers', and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They weren't US Navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceship, off-planet."

"The Americans have a secret spaceship?" I ask.

"That's what this trickle of evidence has led me to believe."
The following link leads to the article:


These days the media is presenting one disaster scenario after another. At the same time UFO sitings are rampant. I had one myself some years ago. I was with a friend, when we saw a bunch of rotating lights in the Ohio night sky. He got his binoculars and described the dancing patterns in detail. Then he gave me the field glasses, and I saw the same "dance". I also noticed that I wasn't feeling "right". It's the same feeling when you are absorbed in some television show, a kind of engrossing disorientation that made no sense with respect to just watching a bunch of lights in the sky.

I shook myself awake and looked again. This time I only saw two unmoving lights that looked like the double afterburner of a jet. Then I started getting dizzy again and the lights began to move, at first shimmering and then dancing around. I blinked and shook myself again, and they were stable when I looked. When my friend looked again, he saw even more complex patterns and was veritably hypnotized by them.

I am convinced this event had a human cause behind it. If there is a hidden technology convincing people that aliens are behind it may keep the masses cowered if someone decides to use it to impose their authority after a staged event.

Although I do not trust NASA, this article is worth reading:


These triangular craft can reach the size of a football field and carry a massive military payload quickly to any part of the globe. You would not need more than a handful to take over key locations given the confusion of a staged disaster. If the story spread that these were aliens coming down and communications were cut off so witnesses could not counter the claim, the rest of the world would just head for the hills.

Anyway, its a train of thought.
"Project SERPO" story: HOAX

Qwinkydinks today. I just received an email from Bill Ryan who owns serpo.org who points to these two pages:



We had an exchange about abovetopsecret.com a week or two ago about the fact that ats is "on the attack" against him. I don't have enough info to be able to decide if this attack is to destroy or legitimize.

Like I said, the info needs researching.
"Project SERPO" story: HOAX

Man i hardly have time to follow all the 9-11 related stuff and spread that info around to friends, now its like, here's this whole other issue re: UFOs which i admittedly have no experience with (other then i watched the X-Files and got a few hints). Then there's the whole debacle of decoding it: is it real? co-intel pro? mix of truth and lies?

phew.... i'll leave this one to the experts.

Oh sidenote: this reminds me of a book I read.... can't remember what book it was, but it was a work of fiction where earth was going through these changes and a buncha aliens called "overlords" show up, and don't reveal themselves, but only speak to humans through one guy who talks to them from behind a screen. Well eventually this particular human gets in touch with resistance and uses his position to take an X-ray of the screen... basically the aliens look like our typical idea of a Demon (Tall, wings, claws) and never showed themselves because of it. Then all the babies on the planet start getting whacky ESP powers/telekinesis and i think they all merge and float into space and from that point on no humans can reproduce... something weird. The demons were guiding us toward that transition and were jealous because they were stuck in their evolution and couldn't proceed like we could.

That was longer then expected, i apoligize.
"Project SERPO" story: HOAX

Laura said:
Qwinkydinks today.
I just love those chocolatey snacks.

Laura said:


We had an exchange about abovetopsecret.com a week or two ago about the fact that ats is "on the attack" against him. I don't have enough info to be able to decide if this attack is to destroy or legitimize.

Like I said, the info needs researching.
Would you happen to know if he had ever suffered any 'attacks' by ATS before your series of articles exposing ATS as likely Cointelpro? If not, since ATS has been discredited, perhaps they need a new site through which disinfo can be disseminated - what better way to make a site look worthy of the truth than to have a Cointelpro site attack it? Linking to your articles would certainly prove Serpo's integrity, since if they were in bed with ATS, they'd never do that, right? Of course, I might be thinking myself into a pretzel on this one, but if the attacks didn't start until after you discredited ATS, the timing sure seems odd.
"Project SERPO" story: HOAX

Possibly there is some truth to the Serpo Project but it may be that this attack from ATS is designed to put a false sticker of validation on the Serpo Project by virtue of its "worthiness to be attacked" (even though aspects of the material MIGHT have some validation). From this attack the assumption might be drawn that the material is either true or false. Then if something comes out in the future that shows that there is SOME validation to the Serpo material it would have already been shown to be a complete hoax by the ATS group and then, lo and behold, the baby and bathwater get dumped.

I think in the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind a group of 12 astronauts were prepared to go off in the alien spacecraft that landed (very similiar to the Serpo Project). If the movie has any basis in fact then, who knows, the Serpo stuff might have a basis in fact also? The ATS attack might be designed to invalidate and cover-up something real that they fear may be revealed in the future because it might have a factual base. At the same time the ATS vs Serpo scenario could be a kind of "negative feedback loop" to heat up the present fires of disinformation when UFO disinformation dissemination starts to cool off, not to mention the fact that this "exchange program", if there is anything at all too it at all, could try to make the aliens look 'cuddly' and benevolent and exclusive only to this physical reality obscuring the invisable cryptogeographic nature of certain aspects of the true nature of the hyperdimensional reality. So the Serpo story and the attack from ATS could be 'economical' serving many purposes at the same time. This doesn't even mean that Bill Ryan is consciously aware of this. He may have good intentions but he might be a poor unconscious dupe and unaware of the fact that he is being played in some kind of 'hyper-game-of-the-gods.'
"Project SERPO" story: HOAX

Laura said:
Ya'll start digging info on this one. Strikes me possible distraction and disinfo:
Yes, a little reasearching does seem to reveal a distraction and disinfo flavour.

Exopolitical Comment # 41 - Richard Doty and Project Serpo: "Public Acclimation" or "Deception Program"?

In February 2006, UFO Magazine released an edition that focused on the Project Serpo, an alleged alien exchange program from 1965-1978 that involved twelve US military personnel who traveled to a planet 'Serpo' in the Zeta Reticulum binary constellation. UFO Magazine had a number of statements by some of the key figures involved in this unfolding case. Among these statements was one by Richard Doty, a former Special Agent assigned to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), concerning what he directly experienced during his military service, and how this corroborated parts of the Project Serpo story. Doty is among a group of former 'insiders' with access to classified information on UFOs that have come forward to confirm parts of this alleged alien exchange program leaked by up to three anonymous Defense Intelligence Agency personnel (see: www.serpo.org). Doty is the most prominent of these former insiders due to widespread public knowledge of his former position as an AFOSI 'special agent' assigned with dealing with UFO reports from 1979 to 1988.

Doty's testimony is most revealing since much of it is based on a number of first hand experiences concerning classified information as opposed to the hearsay testimonies of others. Hearsay testimony is easy to manipulate in the hands of skilled intelligence agents participating in an officially sanctioned 'deception program' aimed at misleading researchers, witnesses and the general public over UFOs. Direct personal testimony of classified information directly experienced is far more difficult to manipulate, especially when published in print by an individual such as Doty whose background and credentials are well known. Written statements on what an individual has directly experienced can be checked and any inconsistencies can be found. Consequently, it is useful to examine closely Doty's claims concerning his own personal experiences while responsible for gathering UFO information as an AFOSI special agent, and the extent to which this lends credence to the Project Serpo information. Doty may be participating in an officially sanctioned 'acclimation program' to inform a skeptical public of UFO related information or part of an elaborate 'deception program' designed to mislead the general public and researchers.

Doty began his US Air Force career in 1968 and first trained for the Air Force Security Police and later moved on to other security related positions. He joined the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) in 1979 and retired in 1988. Both his father (Charles Doty) and uncle (Ed Doty) reached the rank of Colonel in the Air Force, and were both involved in investigating UFO reports and were stationed with the 7602nd Air Intelligence Group (Exempt from Disclosure, p. 118). Doty reached the rank of Master Sergeant and upon retirement began a new career as a State Trooper in New Mexico. He more recently finished law school and completed the New Mexico State Bar Exam.

Doty co-authored with Robert Collins, Exempt from Disclosure, a book published in early 2005. In it, Doty describes a number of first hand experiences such as witnessing a large flying saucer at a classified Indian Springs facility in 1969 (p. 67). More significantly, Doty claims that he was given access to a highly classified report that had much UFO related information in it concerning extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs), their communication system and advanced technology (p. 70). Doty further claims that in 1983 he had a face to face meeting at a secure facility in Los Alamos, New Mexico with an extraterrestrial biological entity called EBEN-2 from the constellation Zeta Reticulum:

About five minutes later, in walks a 4'9" non-human looking creature. It was dressed in a tight fitting cream-colored suit. It had no hair was identified to me as EBE-2. EBE-2 sat in a chair across the table from two civilians and the AF Colonel… I listened while the three asked EBE-2 a series of questions pertaining to its home planet (p. 154).

These are all first person experiences by Doty concerning classified UFO related information rather than hearsay. Thus they are significant given Doty's former position as an intelligence agent assigned to UFO investigations. His involvement in UFO investigations has been documented through his signature in official AFOSI complaint forms dating from 1980 (see: http://www.nicap.org/foia_003.htm ).

In his statement published in UFO Magazine, Doty made a number of claims supporting the validity of the Project Serpo information despite a number of anomalies pointed out by critics. He claims that when he started his service at AFOSI he was briefed on a compartment program involving EBEs and alien crashes near Corona and Datil, New Mexico. In Exempt from Disclosure, he described a captured alien from one of these crashes, EBE-1, from the planet "Sieu" in the constellation Zeta Reticulum was in military custody from 1947 until its death in 1952 (p. 70). Doty claims in his statement that in 1984 he was given another briefing where he read a document that "mentioned an exchange program between an alien race and twelve U.S. military personnel" that lasted from 1965-1978. He claims he didn't see the details of this classified project but knew of its existence.

Doty's statement and chapters from Exempt from Disclosure describing his personal experiences with flying saucers, EBEs and classified UFO briefing documents, are startling admissions for a former AFOSI special agent. The information Doty disclosed was by his own admission highly classified and compartmented back in 1984, and certainly still highly classified today. So why would former special agent Doty reveal such classified compartmented information and how accurate is it?

Most UFO researchers aware of Richard Doty know of the unscrupulous role he played in UFO cases involving Paul Bennewitz and Linda Moulton Howe in the 1980's. Doty actively disseminated disinformation to throw these two researchers off the track in their respective UFO investigations. Doty was complicit in the emotional and psychological breakdown of Paul Bennewitz who had befriended and trusted Doty who was disseminating disinformation to discredit Bennewitz (see: http://www.greatdreams.com/Falcon-Richard-Doty.htm ). Furthermore, Howe witnessed a proposed HBO special on UFOs cancelled due to delays in the release of historical film footage that Doty assured Howe was forthcoming. Doty has publicly said that he regrets the actions he performed, but pointed out in his defense that he was under orders and was simply doing his job. In Exempt from Disclosure, he describes the nature of his work as follows: "I was also briefed into another very special (third) program that dealt with safe guarding the Air Force's high technology programs. Among the methods used to safeguard these programs was "disinformation" (p. 70)." Consequently, Doty has verified that the US Air Force disseminates disinformation to UFO researchers who get too close to the truth behind UFOs, and that he actively played a role in this.

In Exempt from Disclosure, Doty states that he disagrees with the official secrecy policy and that he believes the public has a right to know. Presumably, he is now disseminating the kind of UFO information that it was earlier his job to discredit through officially sanctioned 'deception programs' when serving in AFOSI. The obvious question is whether a former intelligence agent who actively participated in 'deception programs' during his military service, continues such a role in private life? More to the point is Doty contributing to a new deception program in the form of Project Serpo, or is he releasing information in accord with his conscience? The fact that Exempt from Disclosure was published in 2005, shortly before the release of the Project Serpo material in November 2005, points to a synchronicity that may be entirely fortuitous or part of a scheduled release of information that is part of 'deception program". Doty describes an officially sanctioned 'deception program' as follows:

The government can keep a secret this long by a number of means. One being, compartmenting the data within the government, or the intelligence community, or they can run deception operations, deceiving the public, or deceiving private UFO groups. They present the groups with faulty information, unbelievable data, which in turn, the groups publish, and are then ridiculed. That misinforms the public, and keeps the government information compartmentalized and protected (p. 86).

In his statement to UFO Magazine, Doty mentions a Colonel Jack Casey, a retired Air Force Intelligence Officer. Doty claims that Casey personally confirmed the Project Serpo information concerning an alien exchange program. Casey claimed that in "1965, twelve U.S. military men were placed on an extraterrestrial spacecraft and flew to an alien planet some 40 light years away." Casey further claimed that the briefing provided by the eight personnel who returned in 1978 is still classified, and that all are currently dead. Here Doty is relating hearsay testimony which he did not personally learn from direct experiences or classified documents.

Much of the information released by Doty in Exempt from Disclosure and his statement to UFO Magazine are based on direct personal experiences of 'flying saucers', EBEs or classified briefing documents. This body of claims needs to be seriously considered given Doty's documented background as an AFOSI special agent responsible for UFO investigations. At the same time, there are many claims based on second or third party stories which are hearsay and require independent corroboration before accepting. These latter claims could be part of an 'acclimation program' based on plausible deniability. Alternatively, these claims based on hearsay could part of a deception program that is occurring since the latter individuals are not able or willing to come forward to publicly confirm their testimonies.

A significant fact concerning Richard Doty and his recent emergence is that he at no time has reported any harassment, intimidation or threats as a consequence of his revelations. This is quite remarkable given that he is revealing highly classified compartment information on topics that appear far more sensitive than released by other whistleblowers who report having been threatened for their revelations. For instance, John Maynard, a former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst, has reported a number of threats for releasing far less information that what Doty has revealed about compartmented programs involving EBEs (http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.com/maynard.html ). This suggests that Doty has gained a 'green light' to come forward with his testimony in a possible effort to 'acclimate' the public for future disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.

Due, however, to Doty's former career in AFOSI and professional involvement in 'deception programs', it is also possible that Doty is participating in an elaborate deception program with his claims that give remarkable support to the Project Serpo material. Something that is suggestive of such a possibility is his repudiation of some passages he authored in Exempt from Disclosure describing his face to face meeting with EBE-2. In a later 'clarification', Doty claimed that he viewed the alleged meeting involving EBE-2 on a video screen and was not in the same room after all: (see http://www.serpo.org/consistencies.html ). This turn around where Doty makes some astounding claims regarding his EBE related experiences, approves the publication of this in print, and then repudiates some important details, suggests his testimony is unreliable. Doty may therefore be participating in a deception program. Nevertheless, given the first hand experiences Doty has revealed, and his former career which is well documented, it is very important to seriously consider what he personally claims to have experienced or read in terms of classified information. Consequently, it can be concluded that Doty's written testimony of what he saw and read concerning classified UFO/EBE related projects is plausible though his tendency to repudiate critical details makes him unreliable. Furthermore, his claims, based on what he was told by other military personnel, need to be regarded as hearsay and not sufficient to corroborate the Project Serpo material.

A third possibility that Doty is a genuine whistleblower following his conscience in the release of classified information is extremely unlikely in the author's view. Doty's military history, the quality of the information he has released, his ability to escape any form of harassment, and repudiating key details of earlier statements, suggest that he is participating either in an officially sanctioned 'acclimation program' or a 'deception program'. Consequently, I will focus on these latter two possibilities with regard to the Serpo project and Doty's role in it. It is now worth examining the testimonies of some of the other main players in the unfolding Serpo information.

Two prominent insiders involved in confirming the Serpo story, and who are most often cited are Gene Lakes (aka Gene Loscowski) and Paul McGovern. Lakes worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) from 1964-1996, and was an investigator for DIA and then director of security operations (see http://www.ufoconspiracy.com/reports/tom_mack_groomlake.htm ). According to Doty's statement, Paul McGovern was a "former security chief for the Defense Intelligence Agency". Both Lakes and McGovern claim to have had access to a briefing document titled "Project Serpo" that discussed the alien exchange program during their respective military careers. Indeed, McGovern supplies the classification number of the briefing document that they had access to (see: http://www.serpo.org/information.html#1 ). Since both McGovern and Lakes claim to have gained their information from the alleged briefing document, then this is important evidence supporting the existence of the Serpo project. After reflecting on the initial email from Anonymous describing Project Serpo, Lakes/Loscowski wrote:

Most of the information is absolutely correct… To the best of my knowledge, we had 12 men, all military men. Eight USAF, two Army and two Navy guys. I think the females are a red herring. But maybe I just didn't have the clearance for that.… Only eight came back, that much is right. Two died a few years into their assignment on the Visitor's planet. Two others decided to remain and maybe are still alive today. Since their return, all have died. http://www.serpo.org/information.html#1

McGovern responded in a similar manner:

Interesting but not totally correct [commenting on Anonymous's original e-mail].… As for the exchange program: Unauthorized Release of Classified Information, as I see it. But maybe someone currently within our government wants it out. No females were sent. Twelve men, all military. 8 USAF, 2 U.S. Army and 2 U.S. Navy. Two were doctors; three were scientists; two were language specialists; two were security personnel; two were pilots and one was the leader (Colonel-AF) http://www.serpo.org/information.html#1 .

Both McGovern and Lakes confirm vital aspects of the program such as it involving twelve male military personnel who traveled to Planet Serpo, lived on Serpo for over a decade, and only eight of whom returned to Earth.

Along with Doty, McGovern and Lakes are the only individuals who have come forward to publicly confirm the truth of Project Serpo in terms of what they read in classified briefing documents. In addition there is the hearsay testimony of three others who claim to have learned about Project Serpo through classified documents, one is Doty's Colonel Casey who confirmed the Serpo case with Richard Doty. Another is an anonymous retired Colonel of 30 years service who revealed to a serving Lt Col, known only to Bill Ryan [webmaster of the Project Serpo website], that the Project Serpo information is true. The third is Ed Doty who allegedly confirmed various aspects of the Project Serpo story. So far, none of these individuals have or are able to come forward to publicly confirm what has been ascribed to them or to answer questions. In addition, to these insiders, there are also the claims attributed to researchers such as Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe, both of whom heard hearsay testimony confirming various aspects of Project Serpo.

Finally, there are the two or three DIA anonymous sources responsible for the initial disclosures of Project Serpo. All remain anonymous and their credentials and credibility cannot be checked. Consequently, the strongest support for the Project Serpo story come from the three individuals who have publicly stated that they learned about it through classified briefing documents: Doty, McGovern and Lakes. All three are former intelligence officials, as are the three others whose hearsay testimony has been attributed to them: Doty's Col Casey, Ryan's anonymous Col, and Ed Doty. Consequently, it is possible to conclude that all may have been co-opted into a covert 'acclimation program' or 'deception program'.

My overall conclusion is that Doty's statement to UFO Magazine gives the Project Serpo information a boost insofar as he confirms the core story of an alien exchange program that was described in a classified briefing document. Doty's documented involvement in UFO investigations makes his testimony significant, although his ability to repudiate statements he has authored does give some concern about the reliability of his testimony. Project Serpo is also supported in the testimonies of McGovern and Lakes who apparently also learned of it through classified briefing documents. Nevertheless, their respective careers with the DIA and the DIA affiliations of the two/three anonymous sources responsible for the Project Serpo information does raise the possibility that they are part of a DIA orchestrated deception program.

Despite support for the core story of Serpo from three former insiders who have publicly emerged to confirm its truth based on classified briefing documents, there are many questionable details that raise considerable doubt of the veracity of the Project Serpo material. Details such as alleged flight logs, scientific information about Serpo and its binary star system that involves numerous inconsistencies, the anonymous nature of the leaked information and other inconsistencies, has raised much skepticism of the Project Serpo material. For example, in my own analysis of the alleged flight logs detailing alleged communications between the EBEs and the human team I found a number of anomalies that suggest the logs are fictitious (see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/exopolitics/message/274 ). Given the number of insiders who have come forward to support Serpo and/or communicated anonymously with researchers to confirm Project Serpo, this is a story that has the potential to either 'inform' or 'disinform' a great number of people about covert government projects involving EBEs. In short, Project Serpo may be an officially sanctioned acclimation program or deception program orchestrated by the DIA. A third possibility is that Project Serpo is both an acclimation program designed to partially inform us about an alleged alien exchange program, while sowing disinformation that can mislead UFO/exopolitics researchers and the general public that support the ongoing disclosures concerning an alleged Planet Serpo that briefly housed 12 military personnel from 1965 to 1978 in an EBE exchange program.

© Michael E. Salla, PhD
February 18, 2006


Aloha all, here's a reply to a recent posting by Bill Ryan who is
circulating information allegedly about a human military team to
Planet Serpo.

Bill's website is http://www.serpo.org/


Michael Salla, PhD


Thank you Bill for forwarding this and the second part of the log
entries after the team's alleged landing on Project Serpo. I have to
admit to being disappointed with what I read since I thought this was
possibly a genuine disclosure initiative where there may have been a
little disinformation thrown in to maintain plausible deniability. I
now see the Serpo information more in lines of a fictionalized version
of events that has far less accurate information in it than I
previously thought. The main reason for my changed position is the
communication modalities discussed in the log entries between the EBEs
and the human team. It is reported that they communicate via
translators, and that the EBEs communicate among themselves by speech.
Furthermore, we are also told that the EBEs are capable of above light
speed travel which accounts for the rapid flight time between Earth
and Serpo. The problem is that in all the whistleblower and
experiencer testimonies I have read, the EBEs are generally described
in terms of communicating through telepathy, and that the
thought-technology interface plays a critical role in above light
speed travel.

The most reliable source for these conclusions is the testimony of
Philip Corso who discussed his recollections of the mind-technology
interface used by the EBEs. He argues that this is the principle
behind the propulsion and navigation systems used by the EBEs, and
that this is also a part of their communication system. Similarly
whistleblowers such as Clifford Stone and Charles Hall report about
the telepathic communication modalities used by EBEs, where
communication by verbal speech is not common among the EBEs. When we
examine the Betty and Barney Hill case, generally accepted as the
first reliable case of human abduction by EBEs, we again have the
Hill's reports of telepathic communication by EBEs. Furthermore, Betty
Hill identified the star system of Zeta Reticulum as the home of the
EBEs which gives us an idea of the communication modalities of the
EBEs from Zeta Reticulum or any planet in it such as the alleged Serpo.

I have difficulty recalling the testimony of any 'whistleblower' or
'experiencer' who communicates that EBEs only communicate verbally as
described in the Serpo logs. If one reads Sci Fi books, one see that
most authors describe EBEs as communicating verbally which is clearly
an anthropomorphic generalization. When it comes to the real thing,
verbal communication among EBEs is very rare from the reports of
whistleblowers/experiencers. In fact, I would argue that any EBE
capable of greater than light speed travel must have the necessary
telepathic abilities to control the advanced technologies necessary
for this modality of transportation. This is something that Corso
discussed as the stumbling block of reverse engineering EBE craft
since the pilot was a necessary part of the propulsion/navigation systems.

This takes me to the material that you've circulated below. In
numerous passages we are told that the EBE's communicate in an EBEN
langague, and that a translator is needed for human-EBEN
communication. The striking clue for me as to the veracity of the
Serpo material is the alleged puzzlement of the EBE translatoer,
EBE-2, who often has difficulty understanding the intent of the human
team member communicating. For example, we have passages such as:

"I ask her abet the creature we saw, I ask if that was some other type
of Eben. Ebe2 seems confused. She asked me what creature. I used the
word creature. Maybe that was an insult or maybe she didn't know the
word. I pointed to the thing at the other end of the building. She
then saw what I meant. Ebe2 said, no Eben, just visitor. Like you,
pointing to me."

If we take as an axiom that any greater than light speed faring EBE
civilization has developed telepathic abilities, necessary for
controlling the navigation/propulsion systems, what occurred above
would make little sense. Telepathic abilities from all accounts I've
researched are a reliable means of communicating ideas and concepts so
it would be extremely unlikely that a genuinely telepathic being would
be confused so often as reported in the logs. Again, the reports from
numerous whistleblowers and experiencers are that the EBEs read the
minds of their human subjects and either reply back telepathically or
in a verbal manner.

Then we have passages referring to EBEs communicating verbally in an
EBE language:

"Many Ebens are inside. They look at us with some glares. But we
just walk in and around. One Eben comes up to us and speaks but in
Eben. He seems to be telling us something. He points to the ceiling
and then to our heads. Maybe he is telling us to cover our heads. We
must find Ebe2."

Again, most reports by whistleblowers/experiencers are that EBEs
communicate telepathically and silence is the common situation when
around them. Travis Walton for example tried to communicate verbally
with the human looking EBEs that allegedly were a part of his
'abduction' experience, yet they did not reply verbally and
communicated among themselves in silence.

After noting the repeated references to the communication modalities
used by the EBEs, and no mention of telepathic communication, I would
have to conclude that the Serpo information is a fictionalized account
of a human EBE team traveling to Serpo. Perhaps the author/sources are
trying to fill in the details by fictionalizing what might have
happened in a genuine human team traveling to Serpo. In my view the
communication modalities described in the Serpo logs are a clue that
this is largely fictionalized account by an author of some events that
may have occurred. While there may be some truth to an actual human
team traveling to planet Serpo in the system of Zeta Reticulum, the
alleged log entries that have been circulated are fictionalized
accounts of what happened. This gives me much less confidence in the
veracity of the Serpo material that is being released, and the
integrity of the sources releasing this information.

Aloha, Michael Salla

Dear All –

I post this new information without comment apart from pointing out
that the first piece is the day after the team landed, while the
second (which follows next) is eighteen months into their mission. All
typos are uncorrected.

Best wishes, Bill


We had a serious problem. How do we explain our science to an alien
entity, who doesn't know Einstein, Kepler or any of the other
scientists of our time. Simple mathematics, seems so foreign to them.
Ebe2 is the smart one. She seems to understand our language more
than 1 and 2. She even seems to understand our basic math. We
started with the basic math. 2 plus 2. Then progressed on. She
understood and even caught on so quick that she continued on without
our help. We realize she has a great IQ when she repeated 1000 times
1000 and came up with an answer. We showed her our slide rule. It
took her a couple of minutes to figure it out, although I don't think
she fully understood all the symbols on the slide rule. She is really
something. We found a personality in her. Maybe because we have more
contact with her than the others. She is very warm hearted, one can
just sense that in her. She really cares about us and she even
worries about us. During our first night, she seemed to make sure
everything was just right for us. She warned us of the heat and the
light. She mentioned that SERPO does not get dark, like earth. I
wonder how she knew that? Has she visited earth? Maybe she is just
educated on earth's properties. Maybe they have books about earth.
Anyway, on the first night, she told us about the winds, what winds.
Gusty winds start just when the one sun sets. The other sun does not
but stays in the lower horizon. The winds blow dust, free dust into
our huts. We had a very difficult first night. We call it night but
it seems that the Ebens just call it a period of their day. Ebe3 knew
the word day but didn't compare it to earth's day. Maybe she hasn't
been to earth. We didn't sleep well during our night. The Eben's
don't sleep, like we do. They seem to rest for periods of time and
then wake and go about their business, whatever that might be, When we
awoke, Ebe2 was there, outside our hut. I opened the door and she was
waiting. Why? How did she know we were awake? Maybe the huts are
being monitored by some sensor. Ebe2 told us to follow her to the
eating place. She didn't use the word dining hall or chow hall or
facility. She used the word place. Once I gathered the team, we
walked across the village, I'll call it a village for the sake of
wording. We entered a large building. It seemed to be large, based
on the small stature of the Ebens. There were food on tables. I
guess we'd call this place a chow hall. Ebens looked at us but
carried on eating. Do they not cook inside their huts? Maybe everyone
eats here. We walked to the food tables. Same food we saw and ate on
the spaceship except some items were different. They bad large bowls
of something like fruits. Strange looking things. They also had
something like cottage cheese, it tasted like sour milk but after the
initial taste, alright. I encouraged each team member to eat and
drink. We might as well get use to the food. But 700 tells us to eat
just one of their meals a day and stick to our C-rations for the other
meals. That way, our system will adjust to the Eben food. We sat at
a table, small compared to our standards and ate. The Ebens
numbering, probably about 100, just ate and didn't really bother us.
Every now and then, we would catch Ebens staring at us. But we were
the freaks, not them. We are the visitors. We are the aliens. We
must really look strange to them. We all look different, they all
look the same. How can they compare us to them? They can't. We
stare at them, they stare at us. We then see a different looking
Eben. Very strange looking creature, large, long arms, almost floats
along with long legs. Can't be an Eben. We all stare. This creature
just floats by us and didn't even look at us. I find Ebe2. She is
eating with three others. Once I approach her, she stands and almost
bows her head towards me. Maybe just a greeting, have to remember
that. I ask her abet the creature we saw, I ask if that was some
other type of Eben. Ebe2 seems confused. She asked me what creature.
I used the word creature. Maybe that was an insult or maybe she
didn't know the word. I pointed to the thing at the other end of the
building. She then saw what I meant. Ebe2 said, no Eben, just
visitor. Like you, pointing to me. Ok, I see, they have other alien
visitors here. I guess we are not the only ones. I then asked Ebe2
what planet did that visitor come from? Ebe2 said, something like
CORTA, not sure of the exact work although I asked her to repeat it
twice. Ok, where is CORTA? She walks me to a television, at least it
looks like one. It is positioned in the corner of the building. It is
set up like some type of command station. She places her finger on
the glass and something appears. The universe? Star systems. I
don't recognize any of them. She points to a spot and says CORTA.
Ok, where is earth? She points to another spot and says earth. Based
on this television glass space map, CORTA and earth are very close.
But I don't know the scale of this map. Maybe they are a trillion
miles apart or maybe 10 light years. But they seem close. I'll have
to have one of the scientists look at this and see. Ok, I thank Ebe2.
She seems pleased. She almost looks like a angel. She seems so very
nice. She touched my hand and pointed to my table and said, eat.
Good eat? I laughed and said, yes, good chow hall food. She looked
puzzled. I guess she doesn't know what a chow hall is. I pointed to
the building and said, chow hall, earth eating place. She repeated
what I said, chow hall, earth eating place. I laughed and walked
away. Now she will think all earth restaurants are called chow halls.
We retuned to our huts. We must get better organized. We have a
meeting. Everyone seems ok. We wonder about latrines, Where do we
relieve ourselves. Ebe1 comes by, almost as if he was reading our
minds, maybe they can even do that. He tells shows us pot in hut. We
all wondered what that was. Ok, that is our latrine. Realized that
won't work very well but we'll do what we can. Then we realize the
pot has some sort of chemical inside. Our wastes are dissolved or
something like that. Can't really tell. Each of the four huts have
one. That will work for the time being. Ebe2 tells us to walk on
ground. Not sure what he means by that but 420 says that might we to
just walk around. Ok, that we will do. I organize the teams102 will
remain with 225. I want 633 and 661 to look at the television glass
map and see if they can tell which star system is CORTA. I ask 518 to
take temperature readings and general weather observations. I know it
is hot. Very hot. Most be over 140 degrees. 754 warns us to keep
covered from sun radiation. 754 says radiation levels are high.
Doesn't sound very good to me. This reminds me of Nevada. 1956,
during one of the atomic bomb testing. We had hot weather and we had
to worry about the radiation from the atomic blasts. Now we are on a
strange planet 40 light years from earth and we have radiation and
heat. But we have to explore that is why we were sent. We starting
walking around 475 will take photographs with our military cameras. I
hope the film is affected by the radiation. How do we develop it?
Maybe we didn't think of everything. I team up with 225. We walk to a
large open door building. We walk in and it looks like a classroom
but no Ebens are here. There is a large television tube, it takes up
the entire wall. There are some lights flashing on this television
tube. We examine the tube. It is very thin. I wonder how it works.
Where are the tubes or the electronics. But maybe they are more
advanced in this area than us. They must be. We don't find touch
else in this building. We move on, wow, it is so very hot, I hope l
get use to it. We find a large tower. Looks like a antenna tower but
it has a large mirror. We saw this when we first arrived yesterday.
We find an Eben standing near the door but he moves to one side. We
ask him if he understands English. He just stares at us but seems
friendly. I guess he doesn't speak English. We move on into the
building, Can't find any stairs. But we see some type of round glass
room. Maybe it is an elevator. Then we hear English. We turn around
and find Ebe2 standing there. Where did she come from? I her if we
may explore this building. She said yes, of course, She points to the
glass room and says go up. Ok, we enter the glass room. The glass
door closes and go up real fast. I no time we are at the top. But
what is this. We ask Ebe2, what is this. She points to the sun and
then points to the top of the room, where the mirror is located. She
then points to the ground. Ok, we see it. The tower is in the middle
of a circle. The circle is situated on the ground. In each quadrant
of the circle is a symbol. I see that the sun is directed through the
mirror maybe this isn't a mirror as we know it since the sunlight
travels through it, but once the sunlight travels through it, the
light is directed on a symbol within the circle. Ebe2 says that when
light contacts symbol then Ebens make change. Not sure what that
means. Maybe she means it tells the Ebens what to do. 225 seems to
think it is a sun dial. When the sun strikes a symbol, the Ebens
change what they are doing and do something else. Maybe the Eben day
is structured. Or maybe this is their clock. Strange. But we are on
an alien planet. I'm glad I still have my sense of humor. This is
only our first day, first day of school. We have a lot to learn. We
have to keep an open mind. We can't keep comparing things to earth.
We have to open our minds to new ideas and new science. All these
things are foreign to us but we must learn. I pointed to my wristwatch
and then pointed to the ground and in a gesture to show Ebe2 that the
two items are time pieces. Not sure if she understood. But I said
time and she then understood.. Yes, she said, Eben time, pointing to
the ground. I pointed again to the wristwatch and said, earth time.
Ebe2 then almost smiled and said, no, no earth time on SERPO. Ok,
that makes sense. 225 said, she just told us that earth time doesn't
work on SERPO. Yes, I guess she did. What good is our watches or
time device here? They don't work. We have to start using Eben time.
But we must also maintain our time because we must know when to
leave. Ten years seem like a million. Maybe based on Eben time that
it might just be a million years. Lets hope not. No time to think
about home, we have a mission and duties to perform. We are a
military team and we must maintain that idea. 225 and myself go back
into the glass bowl and go down to the ground. We walk onto another
building, large again. Inside we find rolls and rolls of plants.
This must be some sort of greenhouse, They are growing food. Many
Ebens are inside. They look at us with some glares. But we just walk
in and around. One Eben comes up to us and speaks but in Eben. He
seems to be telling us something. He points to the ceiling and then
to our heads. Maybe he is telling us to cover our heads. We must find
Ebe2. We go back outside and then finds Ebe2, she always seems to be
near. Now we understand why, she is monitoring us by the devices we
are wearing on our belts. I ask Ebe2 what is that building. She says
food making place. Ok, maybe we contaminated the place. We told her
that another Eben spoke to us and then pointed to our heads. Ebe2
seemed confused and walked back into the building with us. The same
Eben exchanged words with Ebe2. Ebe2 then told us that we must wear a
cover on our heads in order to enter. Why? But we don't argue. This
other Eben produces some sort of cloth had and we wear it. We walk
about, the Eben seemed happy, We look at their plants. They are
growing food in soil. They have a watering system. They also have
some sort of transparent cloth over each plant. I point to the
watering system and ask Ebe2, if that is water, drinking water. Ebe2
said yes. Then she senses we are thirsty. Ebe2 leads us to a place
near another entrance and offers us water, at least we think it is
water. Tastes like chemicals but it is water. Actually tastes good.

Part 2.
The leader of the Ebens is a larger creature than the others. He
seems to be more aggressive than the other Ebens. When I write
aggressive, I don't me in a hostile way. He seems to be the boss,
similar to me, as the team commander. His voice, although after all
this time, I still can't understand any words, is harsh and with a
tone that is different from the rest. 203 claims the leader has an
attitude. I agree. He is extremely friendly to us and has
accommodated all our requests. The leader has requested many things
from us. Most of which, we have provided. One strange thing is our
blood. He wanted all of us to supply a blood samples. Ebe2 explained
that the blood or health fluid as Ebe2 explained it, was necessary for
them to supply any medicine to us if we should ever need it. 700 and
754 feels that a blood sample might just be used for other purposes.
We have allowed the Ebens to utilize 308's body for experiments. They
took all 308s blood, that was without my approval. I wrote about that
in log 3888. We had a very tense situation with the Ebens about that.
When we traveled to the building housing 308s body, we were
confronted by several Ebens. Ebe1 showed up and I explained that we
wanted the body of 308. Ebe 1 told us the body was in storage and we
could not take it. We told Ebe 1 that we will take it. The eleven of
us walked by the Ebens, numbering six and walked into the building.
They did not attempt to stop us. While inside, we could not open any
of the containers. There was some type of system, maybe crypto style,
that was being used to lock the containers. We did find the container
housing 308's body. We decided to send 899 to our storage area and
get some explosives to open the container. Ebe2 showed up with the
leader. Ebe2 was extremely polite and asked us to wait. She used the
word please several times. In fact, she actually used the English
word beg. We backed off and I told Ebe2 that we wanted our friends
body and we wanted to examine it. Ebe2 translated that to the leader.
There was a long exchange of words between the two. Finally, Ebe2,
who seemed very frustrated told us that the leader would like us to go
to another location and speak with another Eben, a doctor, about the
body of 308. Ebe2 explained that everything wanted to know about
308's body would be explained to us by the Eben doctor, who Ebe2 said
spoke English. I told Ebe 2 that I would leave 899 and 754 here to
guard the body and I would take the others to the location containing
the doctor. Ebe2 translated that to the leader. Again, there was a
long drawn out exchange of words between the two. It lasted for
several minutes. Finally, Ebe2 stated that the leader would like all
of us to leave this building and go to visit with the doctor. I told
Ebe2, no, I would not leave the body of 308 alone. I felt that this
was going to be a confrontation. I told 518 and 420 to go back,
obtain our handguns and come back ASAP. I was not going to allow the
Ebens to counterman my decisions. When Ebe2 heard this, she told me
to wait and placed her hand against my chest. I told her to translate
that to the leader. Again, there were several minutes of word
exchanges between the two. Ebe2 then stated that the leader would
bring the doctor here to discuss the situation with us. Ebe2 asked me
to please don't send your men for guns. Guns are not needed, we can
settle this without guns. Please don't. I told Ebe2 that we would
not get the guns but we would not leave until we saw 308's body. The
leader did something with the communication device on his belt. About
20 minutes later, three Ebens showed up inside this building. One of
the Ebens, who identified himself as a doctor and who spoke very good
English. This doctor had a strange sounding voice, almost like a
human's voice. This doctor did not have a high pitch accent, like
Ebe1 and Ebe2. I was very impressed with this doctor. I just wonder
where he has been for these past 18 months. We have never saw him
before. This doctor told us that 308s body was not inside the
container. The Ebens have done experiments with 308s body because
they considered it an honor to have such a specimen to work with. The
doctor told us they have used 308s body to create a type of cloned
human being. I stopped the doctor at this point. I told the doctor
that the body of my teammate was the property of the United States of
America, planet Earth. The body did not belong to the Ebens. I did
not authorized any experiments on the body of 308. I explained that
humans consider a body to be religious. Only I could have authorized
the use of 308s body for experiments. I demanded to see the body.
This doctor explained the body was gone. This doctor said all the
blood, body organs were taken out and used to clone other beings. The
use of the word beings really scared me and the others. 899 became
extremely angry. He called the doctor curse names. I ordered 899 to
be quiet. I then told 203 to take 899 out of the building. I
realized this matter could really blossom into a major incident. I
could not allow that to happen. There were just eleven of us and we
realized that if the Ebens wanted to imprison us or kill us, they
could do it very easily. But I didn't think the Ebens would resort to
such behavior. I was not going to allow this incident to advance into
something worse. I realized there wasn't much we could do about what
the Ebens have done with 308s body. Ebe2 looked very upset. Ebe2
told me that everyone should be nice, she repeated the word nice many
times. Ebe2 did not want this matter to escalate. I kind of felt
sorry for Ebe2. She was trying to mediate the matter. 203 suggested
we return to our living quarters and have a team meeting. I told the
leader that I did not want any further interference between whatever
is left of 308s body and experiments. I pointed my finger towards the
leader's face. Ebe2 translated, along with the doctor. The doctor,
who was extremely straightforward, told me that nothing further would
happen with the body, but advised me very little was left of the body.
Ebe2 then told me the leader was concerned that we were upset. That
we were their guests. That the leader was upset that we were
offended. The leader did not wish to upset us and promised that
nothing further would happen to the body. I thanked Ebe2 and had her
rely that to the leader. We returned to out huts. Everyone was
upset, especially 899. I told each member to calm down. I explained
our situation, as if each team member didn't already realize it, that
we were only eleven military personnel. We had no way of fighting the
Ebens. We did not come 40 light years to start a war with the Ebens.
A war we could not win. We could not even win a simple fist fight
with the Ebens. Yes, maybe we could beat them up but what then. We
have to realize out situation and act accordingly. I ordered each
member to reconsider the situation and to except the facts about 308s
body. I told 633 and 700 to investigate this cloning procedure with
the English speaking Eben doctor. Lets get all the facts about what
they did with the body and what we can find out about the body and the
Ebens experiments with the body.
Ebe2 came to the hut. I told Ebe2 that 633 and 700 were going to
examine what was left of 308s body. They would also conduct research
into the Ebens experiments done on 308s body. Ebe2 look very
concerned. It is sometimes difficult for us, even after the time we
have been on this planet, to determine the meaning of facial
expressions on Ebens face. Ebe2 replied that she must first obtain
approval, approval was a new word for Ebe2. She was must reading or
learning our language. Maybe she is just picking up our words. I told
Ebe2 that she can go get permission but that we were told when we
arrived that we did not have any restrictions on where we went. Ebe2
said she would speak with the leader. 633 and 700 gathered test
equipment and prepared themselves for the examination of the Eben
laboratory. According to our time devices, Ebe2 came back about 80
minutes later. Ebe2 said it was alright for my men to visit their
laboratory. I decided that I would also visit it. Myself, 633 and
700 were escorted by Ebe2 to the laboratory facility. We had to be
taken by the helitransport device, as we call their helicopters. It
took us sometime before arriving at this location. According to our
compass readings, which are not really a compass reading but we made
points of references and according to them, we traveled north. The
facility was large, by Eben standards. The building looked like a
large single story windowless school. We landed on the roof, or maybe
just a landing zone on the roof. We were escorted down a walkway or
ramp. They don't have ladders on this planet. I think I wrote about
this in one of my past entries. They have ramps. We arrived in a
room. White walls. We then walked through a hallway into another
larger room. We met our English speaking doctor. We saw many other
Ebens, all dressed in a bluish colored one piece suit. Different from
their ordinary suits I spoke of in past entries. The doctor told us
that all the experiments done inside this building, he didn't call it
a laboratory, just a building, is done to create cloned beings. We
were lead into another room, where there were rolls of containers,
looking like glass bathtubs. Inside each bathtub were bodies. I was
shocked, as were 700 and 754. Bodies. Strange looking bodies. Not
human bodies, at least not all of them. We started walking down the
space between the tubs. We looked into the tubs. These were hideous
looking creatures. I asked the doctor what type of creatures were
inside these tubs. The doctor told us that these creatures came from
other planets. 700 asked the doctor were these creatures dead when
they arrived? Or did the Ebens bring them here dead. The doctor said
all the creatures were brought to the planet alive. 700 asked if the
creatures were kidnaped or brought here against their wishes. The
doctor was not sure of the word kidnaped. The doctor seemed puzzled.
The doctor asked about the question. 700 said that these creatures
were taken from another planet and brought to serpo without permission
from them or their leaders of their planet. The doctor said that
these beings were brought here for experiments. These creatures are
not intelligent beings. Ebe2 then used the word animals. Ok, now I
understand. All these creatures are animals from other planets. The
doctor didn't seem to understand the word animal. Ebe2 and the doctor
exchanged words in Eben and the doctor then said, yes, they are
animals. I then asked if there were any intelligent creatures in this
building. The doctor said, yes, but that all of them were dead when
they arrived on serpo. 700 asked to see these creatures. The doctor
corrected 700 by saying beings. Ok, I guess creatures are animals and
beings are like humans. Let me first write down the description of
these creatures inside these tubs. They are not all alike. The first
creature I see inside the tub looks like a porcupine. It appears to
have a tube placed inside of it. The tube leads to a box underneath
the tub. The second creature I see looks like a monster. It has a
large head, big deep set eyes, no ears, a mouth, but no teeth. It is
about five feet long and has two lower legs but no feet. It has two
arms but it doesn't appear to have any elbows. It has hands but no
fingers. This creature also has a tube going through it. The next
creature looked like nothing I can compare it to. It had blood red
skin, two spots in the middle, maybe eyes. No arms or legs. It had a
very strange odor. The skin appeared to be blotchy with scales.
Maybe like a fish. Maybe it is a fish. The next creature was human
like. But the skin was white, not skin white, the color white. The
skin was wrinkled. The head was large, with two eyes, two ears and a
mouth. The neck was very small. The head almost looked as if it sat
on the lower torso. The chest was thin, with large bone like
protrusions. The arms were curled, with hands but no thumbs. The
legs were also curled with feet but only three toes. I couldn't look
at anymore creatures. We walked down another hallway, through a room,
down a ramp, into another room. We came into a room that looked like
a hospital room. There were many beds, or at least sometime of bed,
Eben style bed. I described them before. In each bed was a living
being, as the doctor called it. The doctor told us that each being
was alive and well cared for. 700 asked the doctor if these beings
were ill or sick. Ebe2 had to translate that but the doctor said, no,
they are being lived. The three of us seemed really stunned by that
word lived. I asked Ebe2 what the doctor meant. Ebe2 exchanged words
with the doctor. Ebe2 then used the word grown. 700 asked the doctor
if these were the cloned beings that he mentioned before. The doctor
said yes that each being was being grown, using the same word as Ebe2
just used. 754 asked the doctor if these beings were being grown like
a plant. The doctor said yes that is a good comparison. 700 asked
the doctor how are they grown. The doctor said that certain parts of
other beings were used to grow these beings. The doctor said he could
not explain the process in English because he didn't know the words.
700 then asked Ebe2 if she could explain the growing process. Ebe2
said she did not know the English words. Ebe2 said that parts of the
blood and other organs are used to mix a substance that is placed
inside the bodies of these beings. That was all Ebe2 could explain in
English. I told 700 to go back and get 420 and bring them back.
While we waited for 420, we looked at these beings. They were
breathing. They looked like humans, most of them. Two of the beings
on the end looked like humans with dog heads. These beings were not
awake. They were either sleeping or drugged. 420 returned. I told
420 to see if he could translate the method used to grow these beings.
420 then spoke with Ebe2. 420 is really good. However long we have
been hear, some guess about 18 months earth time, 420 learned the
language well. 420 then said that the growing process involved cells
taken from other beings, grown and mixed with chemicals and then
inserted into the bodies of other beings. That was about all 420 could
explain. 420 did not know the words Ebe2 used. But the word cells
were used. Ebe2 then told me that some things were taken from inside
the cells. 700 and 754 then asked if the item take from inside the
cells were cell membranes or identification markers for the cells.
Ebe2 translated that to the doctor. Both seemed confused and said
they could not explain the process because they did not know the
English words for it. 700 used the word advance biological extraction
of the cell membranes. But neither Ebe2 or the doctor knew anything
about that process. I asked 754 if he might understand what they were
doing. 754 said that human cells contain smaller substance that can
identify the structure with the membranes of the cell. This isn't
something that earth technology has advance but 754 has read about it
prior to leaving. But 754 doesn't think that earth technology can be
used to grown living cells into what the Ebens have done. The Ebens
must have found a way to grow cells and to make them into living
beings. 700 and 754 said nothing like his is known on earth. I then
asked the doctor if 308s body was used to create a being. The doctor
said yes, and showed us the being. I was shocked, as was 700 and 754.
This being, with our teammates blood and cells, looked like a large
Eben. But the hands and legs were similar to humans. How could they
have grown this being so quick. Obviously, this is well above our
intelligence. I saw all I wanted to see. I told the doctor that we
would like to leave. Ebe2 saw that I was upset and touched my hand.
Instantly, I felt concern. Ebe2 was really concerned about what I
saw. Ebe2 said we leave. We traveled outside this building, a
building that I did not wish to see again. I saw the dark side of
this civilization. The Ebens are not the humane civilization we
thought they were. But I must say they didn't hide anything. The
doctor spoke straight to us. Just like the Ebens. They don't know
how to lie. Seeing what we saw will change our impression of the
Ebens as long as we stay on this planet.

The 3 things that stick out in my mind; is.
The main verifiable source is avowed disinfo specialist.
Who's job is to discredit through officially sanctioned 'deception programs'

When looking for the truth; it is better to believe a person who has a proven track record.

"Judge a tree by it's fruits"

These Eben's need language to communicate.
"EBEs are generally described
in terms of communicating through telepathy, and that the
thought-technology interface plays a critical role in above light
speed travel."

What is the word "Serpo"
I did not find what language the word is, but a search of serpo images, brings snakes and reptiles.
Is this part of the reptilian agenda?
I wonder if, Spiderman's, spidey sense would be tingling on this one.
"Project SERPO" story: HOAX

Regarding Doty's involvement in this story, check out Zeptepi's post in this topic on the serpo forum: http://lucianarchy.proboards21.com/index.cgi?board=projectserpo&action=display&thread=1140807662&page=1#1141129605

zeptepi said:
From post #1 by Anon:
Anon said:
First let me introduce myself. My name is Request Anonymous. I am a retired employee of the U.S. Government.

Doty said:
The crash involved two extraterrestrial aircraft. The Corona site was found a day later by an archaeology team. This team reported the crash site to the Lincoln County Sheriff's department. A deputy arrived the next day and summoned a state police officer. One live entity [EBE] was found hiding behind a rock. The entity was given water but declined food. The entity was later transferred to Los Alamos.
Read it a few times to get a feel for the style of writing. This is a very small sample but enough for this purpose. Now, A lot has been said about Serpo and whether or not Rick Doty is involved in the creation or dissemination of the information. Rick himself has publicly responded to these 'questions' on Victor's list.

Taken from the email (shown in the post above):

doty said:
As Phil Klass once told me many years ago. No one has to dis-inform the UFO community, they dis-inform themselves! Phil also said UFO insiders were their own worse enemy. We are seeing this now with the Serpo story. There are many jealous people out there that are skeptical about the story simply because they didn't get it first. Most are within the UFO community. I don't read the trash on ATS or any of the other web sites.
From another email:

doty said:
I assisted Robert Collins in the book Exempt from Disclosure. I did not actually co-author the book. Collins used my name to sell books. I contributed about 20% to the book. The book doesn't contain everything I would have included. I don't agree with about 50% of the book.
Is a pattern emerging? The sentences are very robotic in nature and many of them end rather abruptly, it's almost like they are items in a list.

You will also note from the emails that Rick adds a double space after a period, but this is not the case with Anon's first posting as taken from the Serpo website. I would bet my house that this is as a result of editing the posts prior to publication. Victor; if you are reading this, do Anon's original postings display a double space after a period? I'm not saying the double space is conclusive of anything, many people do write this way after all.
I don't see any reason to believe Doty when he says he's not involved. If he is involved, serpo seems to be just MORE disinformation, possibly possibly based on some real event (maybe something much scarier?). Unfortunately, if SERPO is exposed as such the issue will be taboo.
"Project SERPO" story: HOAX

What is the word "Serpo"
I did not find what language the word is, but a search of serpo images, brings snakes and reptiles.
Is this part of the reptilian agenda?
I wonder if, Spiderman's, spidey sense would be tingling on this one.
Hi ShamanSam. Serpo might relate to the idea of "whistleblowers" such as Frank Serpico.

"Project SERPO" story: HOAX

Well I hope I'm not out in left field here. I did a quick search on Steve Hammons. I think he might be a 'Mr. Twister.' He is not clear about his point of view, he seems to think that PSYOP can be beneficial, and is pretty pleased and proud of the military. It seems he's trying to put a good light on military Psyops. This is a portion of an article he wrote.

Intelligence by and for the people: Grassroots HUMINT, OSINT, PSYOP, by Steve Hammons

In our personal lives as well as in national and international settings, these kinds of HUMINT and OSINT can be enriching and contribute to our growth and development. They can enhance understanding and communication. They can be used as positive PSYOP and public diplomacy that helps create and maintain peace and progress.

I’ll use my two novels as examples. When I started to write my first novel, “Mission Into Light,” I wanted to include information and experiences I had been exposed to over the years. And I wanted to bring the information together in a way that made some sense, that gave readers useful intelligence.

I began writing the book before 9/11, before the Iraq war and before the dangers facing Americans reached the levels we see today. Dangers from enemies foreign and domestic. That book was published in early 2001, and while finishing the sequel, “Light’s Hand,” the 9/11 attacks occurred. This changed the development of the second book, as it changed so much else in our lives.

The 9/11 attacks initially focused our attention on terrorists, national security, our military and our leaders in Washington, D.C., And, correctly, our attention remains on these important subjects.

At the same time, many people are also broadening the search for intelligence, and expanding the sources and methods of intelligence gathering. Not just our dedicated government and military intelligence officers – all of us.

I, like many others, had been exposed to many kinds of experiences and information that seemed interesting. And, they sometimes seemed to be woven together in interesting ways. Unconventional topics seemed to often blend with more conventional subjects: The old post-World War Two Army Air Corps and the UFOs of the Roswell incident, recent Army Intelligence teams and ESP or “remote viewing,” the Navy and the dolphins of the San Diego-based Marine Mammal Program, World War Two Navajo Code Talkers of the Marines and Japanese-Americans of the Army’s Military Intelligence Service, the CIA and psychoactive mushrooms, quantum physics and concepts of God.

Having been exposed to military special operations concepts at a relatively young age, I learned the value of being willing to tackle unconventional efforts in unconventional ways, using unconventional methods. So, these interesting and sometimes mysterious topics that our military and intelligence services had tackled seemed very worthy of research.

He admits here to being exposed to military special operations at an early age. I wonder what kind, when, and of what nature.

So, useful HUMINT, OSINT and PSYOP can come in many forms, and can be created and used by all of us. Novels, music, teaching and coaching, research, military efforts, scientific inquiry can call become very useful platforms for intelligence.

Well that’s interesting, how many ways can we be manipulated

He also wrote this in the article “Make love, not jihad: PSYOP, OSINT efforts should tackle repression of romance”

The title itself is telling and distracts from the real problem, it's also somewhat new agey.

Efforts should be increased to provide well-balanced cultural materials such as books and films that educate these oppressed people about healthy relations between the genders, romantic love and similar aspects of human life.

PSYOP experts now need to “think outside the box.” New technology allows video streaming of films through the Internet. Books can be smuggled in if necessary. We could help provide appropriate OSINT for the peoples of these societies.
Yes, they need to think outside the box to make their PSYOP more efficient, perhaps that's his experiment.

Phares has it mostly right: “The followers of love have no weapon except human nature; it is the only one they need.”

And maybe some healthy PSYOP and OSINT from us will provide them with new tools and understanding to throw off the oppression of their human spirit, minds, bodies and hearts.

Ahh, new tools to throw off the oppression and the bad things will go away. We can throw off the oppression with a healthy PSYOPS.


My perception my be way off, but that's my initial impression of Steve Hammon's writings.
"Project SERPO" story: HOAX

In this post I think I demonstrate that the testimonials, and therefore ANONYMOUS, are frauds. It's a bit long, but I hope worth it.

Harrison quoted what zeptepi wrote in another forum:

Zeptepi said:
Read it a few times to get a feel for the style of writing. This is a very small sample but enough for this purpose. Now, A lot has been said about Serpo and whether or not Rick Doty is involved in the creation or dissemination of the information. Rick himself has publicly responded to these 'questions' on Victor's list.
Is a pattern emerging? The sentences are very robotic in nature and many of them end rather abruptly, it's almost like they are items in a list.

You will also note from the emails that Rick adds a double space after a period, but this is not the case with Anon's first posting as taken from the Serpo website. I would bet my house that this is as a result of editing the posts prior to publication. Victor; if you are reading this, do Anon's original postings display a double space after a period? I'm not saying the double space is conclusive of anything, many people do write this way after all.
I think this is part of the iceberg. Yes, Rick Doty has a similar 'list' writing style to ANONYMOUS, and so do most all the testimonials (more on this in a second). ANON's style is, I think a little more simple but the relation is interesting.

Is does seem that most of ANONYMOUS' writing (posts 1-11) did go though editing, as Bill Ryan, the site owner, makes particular notes from ANON's 12th post and the remaining posts that nothing was edited. These last posts are somewhat different from the rest in style and form - they seem more 'rough':

[Note by BR: This posting was sent directly to myself and was not sent to Victor Martinez. It is presented below verbatim. Nothing has been added or edited. Typos have not been corrected and all the formatting has been retained.]
Also of importance, Victor, the list moderator, made a clarification at the end of ANON's tenth comment that all of the material attributed to ANON actually comes from three different people, ANON having the majority of information:

5 December: clarification by Victor Martinez

Anonymous writes 85% of the material; another 13% comes from another source directly connected with the project; and the final 1-2% comes from a "ghost," who cancels his e-mail account as soon as he sends his information. [BR: this may explain some of the apparent stylistic and grammatical differences in the various postings.]
The 'simple list' style of ANON's writing is one aspect of his posts. Others are his repetition of the subject of a particular paragraph and beginning sentences with 'But' (which I’ll show at the end of this post).

Just to be clear, ANON writes that the testimonials are from USM people:

Subject(s): "Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" "Project SERPO" and "Project BISHOP"


To help further reinforce the credibility of "Project SERPO," my group
and I -- the DIA-6 -- have gathered some brief, but powerful
testimonials from various USM people involved with "Project SERPO." Here
are some of those testimonials; as always, we ask that you cut, copy &
paste the material to mask the origin for all of these e-mails
especially the ones sent directly to you.
Thanks for your help.
Zeptepi already wrote of his list style (you can find many, many examples of this here). I'd like to show his repetition:

"Our scientists":
"Our scientists had the same questions, as posed by your audience. Our scientists questioned our team members and the information they gathered. Our scientists could not understand how the orbit of Serpo could revolve around the two suns at the distance measured.

"In the end, our scientists found that some things relating to that particular system was different in physics compared to our system."
"The Ebens"
"The Ebens had a great interplanetary battle with another race about 3,000 years ago. The Ebens lost many thousands in their battle. The Ebens completely eliminated all of their enemies. The Ebens have never fought another war since. The Ebens have been space travelers for the past 2,000 years. The Ebens first visited Earth about 2,000 years ago."
"OK, we are being moved into another part of the ship. OK, we moved to another room or area. What a big ship. I just can't describe how big this is. It took us about 15 minutes to walk to our area. Seems like it is something special for us. The chairs are bigger. But there are only 10 of them. OK, I guess 203 and myself will sit in different location above these seats."
[Note form Shane: Notice 'OK' placed throughout the entire paragraph; to me it is not only the repetitive nature of words that is odd, but also word in particular embedded throughout the paragraph adds to the awkwardness.]
"The Ebins"
"The Ebens transported the Team Member's body to a remote area of the largest community. They took the body into a large building, apparently their hospital or medical center. The Ebens used a large examination table to view the body. The Ebens ran a large bluish-green light beam over the body. The Ebens watched a display, that appeared on a large screen that looked like a television screen. The readouts were in the Eben written language and thus our team could not understand it.
Now lets look at this repetitive and list structure of the 'testimonials' (I'm including 10 more 'testimonies' that are found at the website but not in the original article Laura posted). I have organized it so that the testimonials are in their whole form first and then immediately following, I attempt to show similarities in structure and form to ANON's 'list' style and repeating nature (in several of my analyses I take quotes occurring out of context to demonstrate this repetitive nature):


"Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" was started in the early 1960s. This was part of the original U.S. Space Program, where U.S. military pilots were selected for astronauts. But the military program was classified "Top Secret" because their program involved an exchange of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs).

The EBEs came from another planet. They called themselves "Ebens" and came from the planet SERPO in the Zeta Reticular Star System, 42 light years away. The Ebens first came to Earth about 2,000 years ago and were involved in the genetic examination of Earth humans.

The Ebens then left and returned in the early '40s, setting up a base in northern New Mexico. In 1947, two of their spacecrafts crashed in southern New Mexico. We discovered them and began a relationship with the Ebens.

"Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" was a program that exchanged 12 American astronauts with three Ebens. Our astronauts left on an Eben spacecraft and traveled to the planet SERPO for 12 years, returning in 1978.

We are reading about this program in these releases. I was involved in the later program which came after 1978. We had an additional exchange program set up, under "Project BISHOP," but President Reagan cancelled the project in 1985.
"Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" was started in the early 1960s.
"Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" was a program that exchanged 12 American astronauts with three Ebens.

They called themselves "Ebens" and came from the planet SERPO in the Zeta Reticular Star System, 42 light years away.
Our astronauts left on an Eben spacecraft and traveled to the planet SERPO for 12 years, returning in 1978.

The Ebens first came to Earth(...).
The Ebens then left and returned(...).

(...)began a relationship with the Ebens
(...)exchanged 12 American astronauts with three Ebens.

We discovered them and(...)
We are reading about this program in these releases.
We had an additional exchange program(...)
"I was involved in "Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" from about 1960 until 1965. I was assigned as a civilian to this project. I was a CIA employee, with a specialty of survival in a foreign environment. I was a training instructor at the CIA training camp in Virginia. I trained the 12 men -- NO women -- who went on this mission. They spent about eight months at our training facility. Few knew their exact mission, which was classified "Top Secret/Codeword." I had no other involvement with this mission after 1965. I was very surprised to hear this story come to light now after all these years."
I was involved in "Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT"
I was assigned as a civilian
I was a CIA employee
I was a training instructor
I trained the 12 men
"I was involved with this program years ago. I was an Air Force Captain assigned to a training element at Tyndall Air Base Florida. We trained these 12 in astronaut procedures. We didn't really know their final mission, but we did know they were going into space.

I didn't realize their fate until they returned. I read the classified report and first thought it was a work of fiction. But as I read the report, I realized these 12 men went to another planet, lived among aliens and returned. Four died and eight returned."
I was involved with this program
I was an Air Force Captain assigned to a training element

We trained these 12 in astronaut procedures.
We didn't really know their final mission, but
we did know they were going into space.

I didn't realize their fate
I read the classified report
But as I read the report,
I realized
these 12 men went to another planet
[Shane here: This last segment of reading reports and 'realizing' are important to remember, or so I think.]
[Shane here: Note the similarities between the first four sentences in testimony (3) and the first three sentences in testimony (4):

(3)I was involved in "Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" from about 1960 until 1965.
(4)I was involved with this program years ago.

(3)I was assigned as a civilian to this project. I was a CIA employee, with a specialty of survival in a foreign environment.
(4)I was an Air Force Captain assigned to

(3)I was a training instructor at the CIA training camp in Virginia.
(4)a training element at Tyndall Air Base Florida. We trained these 12 in astronaut procedures.]
The "Project SERPO" information that I just read is NOT totally correct. There were two women in the original 16 selected for training. I helped train the team, including the two women. But after the final selection process -- which did not involve any combat training like what was mentioned on the Web site, www.serpo.org -- the two women were dropped from the list. During the training, the Team Members didn't know their actual assignment.

When the final cut was made, the 12 selected were sent to a military prison and then told of the assignment. The 12 were isolated from that point on. The 12 were removed from the payroll of the government and placed in a special file within the Defense Intelligence Agency. The DIA was the controlling agency in "Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" which was the name of the operation.
(...)the 12 selected were sent to a military prison and then told of the assignment.
The 12 were isolated from that point on.
The 12 were removed (...).

To comprehend the matter involving "Project SERPO," one must understand the complexity of the United States Government. "Project CRYSTALKNIGHT" pertained to the training and relocation of 12 brave United States Military Men to a foreign alien planet, 42 light years from Earth. I was one person in charge of a final phase of training. I was one person who knew the operation. I was one person who knew the names of those involved.

However, I never knew the names of the 12 men sent on that special long distance mission. The names were classified. The 12 had numbers, three-digit numbers. But all of the training instructors, mission directors and project managers used their real names. I would believe that most of the older personnel involved in this project are dead. But some of us are still alive. I was shocked and outraged when I first heard about the release.

This must be a Defense Intelligence Agency programmed release. I cannot believe that the DIA would allow someone to release this sensitive, highly classified operation without the proper approval. This must be a segmented release project fully controlled by the DIA. Why? I wouldn't even wish to begin to guess the reason.

I am awaiting further release of the photographs, which I know exists because I saw them. There are sixteen books of photographs retrieved from the Team Members who returned. Only eight men returned. Two died on the planet and two remained for some unknown reason. Those two did not wish to return to Earth. But the returning crew brought back thousands of photographs.
I was one person in charge
I was one person who knew the operation.
I was one person who knew the names

My father died in 1995. He was retired from the U.S. Air Force. In 1990, he told me a story about a special mission that he was involved in back in 1965. He told me that this mission was about 12 military astronauts that went to another planet in a spaceship that was found in the New Mexico desert.

He said the 12 men were trained at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, where he was stationed. He helped train the 12 in space endurance, which he was trained to do. He said the 12 left in 1965 and came back in 1978 and he was there to check them after they returned to this planet, Earth. I didn't know what to think about my dad's story.

Back then, I just listened to him and thought maybe he was just making this up. But now, I realise he was telling the truth. It is too late for my father to know about this, but I know my father was being truthful to me and that makes me feel good. I look forward to reading more about this incredible story.
He was retired
(...)he told me a story(...)
He told me that this mission was about 12 military astronauts
He said the 12 men were trained
He helped train the 12 in space endurance
He said the 12 left in 1965

I just listened to him and thought maybe he was just making this up. But now, I realise

Having been involved with the Defense Intelligence Agency for 35 years, I am well aware that this project is real. Whether the actual released information from this "ANONYMOUS" character is correct is another story.

I don't recall the exact details of the debriefing, but I know there were thousand of hours of audio recordings done on the old-style military voice recording tapes. To the best of my knowledge, those tapes are locked up in a secure vault within DIA headquarters at Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C.

I cannot for the life of me figure out WHY this information is being released now. I caution all involved that this might be some "rogue" DIA warrior that is trying to embarrass the DIA.
Shane here,
This statement seems different from the rest of the main 8 testimonies I've focused on (and in the original article). I wonder if, the likely fake that I think it is, was written by one of the other two people mentioned above by Victor, Serpo's list monderator. Note I've bolded 'to the best of my knowledge'; it shows up twice more in later statements.
I am a retired Army Colonel. I was stationed at the Defense Language Institute in the early '50s. My specialty was languages. I spoke five different languages.

I was sent on a temporary duty assignment to the Special Intelligence Center Ft. Belvoir, Maryland in 1964. When I arrived, I was given a dictaphone recording of a language. I listened to that language and realized it was something I had never heard before. It didn't sound like a language, but more like pitches and tones created by some device. I was later told this language was an alien language and that I, along with others, would have to somehow translate it.

Our team (18 language specialists) worked on this for six months but couldn't crack it. I then learned of a special operation mission of 12 astronauts to an alien planet. The 12 had to learn this language, but it was almost impossible for us to teach a language like this. We never did learn a single word and to the best of my knowledge, neither did the astronauts.
I am a retired Army Colonel.
I was stationed at
I spoke five different languages.
I was sent on a temporary duty assignment
When I arrived,
I was given a dictaphone recording of a language.
I listened to that language
and realized it was something I had never heard before.
The remaining testimonies were not included in the original article. I've not done the same annalysis below as I have above because, although there are some similarities in writing style, they are not so plentiful. I think the reader, if interested, can spot them. I include them largely for interest. I've bolded some areas of relation.

[at serpo.org this statement appears between (6) and (7)]

A friend told me about a web site that tells a story of 12 men and women
going on a space journey to an alien planet about 40 light years away
from Earth. Since I am a retired Air Force Major, my friend asked me
if I ever heard of such a story. I told my friend the entire story was
just a story with no truth. But I knew of such a story because I was a
key official in this story.

In 1954 while assigned to Briggs Air Base Texas, I was a young
lieutenant in the communications squadron. Six of us went TDY to
Holloman to check out a piece of equipment that was made by a
contractor, as we were told. Well, the equipment was nothing like I
had ever seen, nor had the Master Sergeant -- assigned to the team and
who had been in the AF for twice the time I was in -- ever saw anything
like that.

It looked like a present day computer with a satellite dish attached to
the side. It had a large connecting port for some type of connector
that no one was familiar with. The keyboard had strange symbols. I
first thought it was Chinese. But was told it wasn't. I couldn't
figure out why a contractor would make such a piece of equipment that no
one could understand. Maybe it was a test or something. Well, we
all failed the test because we couldn't figure out what it was.
Then three of us -- the master sergeant, a technical sergeant and
myself -- were chosen for a special team that would try to figure out
this equipment. All toll, there were 15 of us on this special
communication team. We spent about four years total on this
project. We managed to get the thing working with the assistance of
another box that was attached to this communication thing.
About 11 months into this project, we all figured out this thing came
from another planet. When we asked the senior officials, they said,
yes, it came from Mars. Pretty shocking to us that we had life on
Mars. But towards the end of my involvement in this project, I was
told it came from a crashed space alien ship that was found in New
Mexico. I asked how they knew it came from Mars and they told me it
wasn't Mars, but some other planet, many light years away from Earth.
We managed to communicate with these aliens and we even sent them
signals using some language found in this spaceship. In 1964, I left
the program and never knew what happened after that. Now I know. I'm
happy [to learn] that our team effort really made a difference.
I was assigned to Holloman AFB in 1963 to 1966. I remember the famous
UFO landing incident. I was an Air Policeman assigned to the landing
location, not at Holloman AFB, but at White Sands.

I saw the actual landing of the space ship. I saw the aliens get off
the spaceship. I saw the military colonels meet with the aliens. A
friend of mine who was also an AP, was assigned to guard a bus of 12
people. These 12 were to have gotten on the ship, but for some reason
they didn't go. We were sworn to keep our mouths shut. We had to
sign a security statement saying that if we violated it, we would be
sent to Ft. Leavenworth for life without a trial.

I got out of the U.S. Air Force in 1968 after serving in Vietnam. I
guess after 38 years, I feel safe talking about this. I knew most of the
26 Air Force policeman at the landing site and most have died. But
I know of six, including me, who are still living and know the real
story of the landing. Reading this stuff about Project
SERPO puts it all together for me now.

The SERPO Project was real but the story line is not. One must
carefully consider the source, who won't identify him or herself. Why
would someone release this information now? It wouldn't be difficult
for someone employed by the DIA to learn of this past project.
But it would be almost impossible to gain access to the information. I
believe that someone got a hold of the basic project information and now
is making up the rest of the story.
Most of this stuff is the truth, but the details may be a little
exaggerated. I wouldn't believe all of it. Sounds like some type of
disinformation program to me. The basic program called "Project
CRYSTAL KNIGHT" was right, but it involved just 12 men [NO women],
were part of the astronaut program, nothing more or nothing special.
MOST of the released information is truthful. I never saw, nor read
the diary. Maybe the diary contains information from various Team
Members, rather than just the Team Commander.

The final report is contained in a document entitled, "QW." The title
was classified. The document number is: #80-0398154. Maybe someone
should request a Freedom of Information Release [Act] on that.

[MODERATOR's (VM's) NOTE: This conflicts with the original information provided
by ANONYMOUS; The complete debriefing is contained in: "Project SERPO,"
Final Report-80HQD893-020, Classified T/S, Codeword.]
Somebody better go back and dig up the original stuff, Air Force
I cannot believe our government has let this information out! What
idiots! This stuff was supposed to be used to further our
technology. The "Project SERPO" people gave us hundreds of
gadgets. We just haven't figured them all out yet. Now everyone and
their uncle will be snooping into all the secret stuff.
The program was started in 1956. The program was in the Pentagon's
"Office of Special Missions." The Commander of the Office was
Brigadier Gen Wilbur Abrams, U.S. Army. To the best of my knowledge,
there were two females involved in the first team.
I was involved in the original program. It started in 1956 and ran
until 1964, when the visitors landed at White Sands. Somebody screwed
up because our Team was ready to go, but the visitors didn't want to
take them. What a screw up! But we made arrangements for the
following year.
Right on, guys, pretty accurate. However, I wouldn't
want to be in your shoes once this gets to the White House!
Okay, now the last part. ANONYMOUS makes a rather enormous use of beginning sentences with 'But'

Below are examples of his use of 'But' from his 15 postings at serpo.org

It occurs 60 times!!!!

But once he died, then we were on our own.
But we did not receive any return messages.
But we were able to provide the basic skill level for them to communicate in English.
But President Johnson was briefed and decided to continue the event, although, it was noted, that Johnson didn't really believe it would happen.)
But each Team Member never carried the weapons except during their exploration of Serpo and then only certain Team Members carried them.
But during the latter part of our Team's stay, Noah left for an away mission.
But the Ray Santilli film is an absolute 100% fake.
But maybe the show was scripted and he had to follow some script or was prevented from saying what he wanted to say by some director or producer.
But we have to transfer all of it to the bigger ship once we get to rendevous point.
But not sure of the day.
But there are only 10 of them.
But must ask the MVC.
But we don't know what to expect from this point on.
But we really feel bad.
But we do feel a little lightheaded when we walk.
But we might be off about five days.
But when we did, we all got sick, really sick.
But pointed to the chairs and we figure we must get back into them.
But we were cautioned to stay inside the sphere.
But EBE came in and made a motion for us to come out.
But we could see anything.
But all of us were inside these glass bowls.
But I climbed out and went to each glass bowl and checked on the crew.
But who?
But I’m writing this in my log, I have to record everything.
But what day, what month, what year?
But we are missing one man.
But where are the radiation monitors we had in our packs?
But who.
But is 308 dead?
But what day?
But we turned them on and they work.
But we must be careful, the battery life is only about two days.
But I won’t keep it by day, since I can’t tell when a day ends. 661 suggests we make up a calendar and a time system as long as we are here.
But we are lead to an open arena.
But a journey of 1000 miles begins with one foot step.
But large numbers of ebens are welcoming us.
But ebe2 does a good job speaking English.
But still very warm.
But Ebe2 left.
But 700 tells us to eat just one of their meals a day and stick to our C-rations for the other meals.
But we were the freaks, not them.
But I don't know the scale of this map.
But they seem close.
But we have to explore that is why we were sent.
But maybe they are more advanced in this area than us.
But we see some type of round glass room.
But what is this.
But we are on an alien planet.
But I said time and she then understood..
But we must also maintain our time because we must know when to leave.
But we just walk in and around.
But we don't argue.
But I didn't think the Ebens would resort to such behavior.
But the skin was white, not skin white, the color white.
But the word cells were used.
But neither Ebe2 or the doctor knew anything about that process.
But 754 doesn't think that earth technology can be used to grown living cells into what the Ebens have done.
But the hands and legs were similar to humans.
But I must say they didn't hide anything.
Below are sentences begining with 'But' in the 'testimonials'. It occurs 12 times between 18 testimonies.
“But the military program was classified "Top Secret" because their program involved an exchange of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs).”

“But as I read the report, I realized these 12 men went to another planet, lived among aliens and returned.”

“But after the final selection process (...)”

“But all of the training instructors, mission directors and project managers used their real names.”

“But some of us are still alive.”

“But the returning crew brought back thousands of photographs.”

“But now, I realise he was telling the truth.”

“But I knew of such a story because I was a
key official in this story.”

“But was told it wasn't.”

“But towards the end of my involvement in this project, I was
told it came from a crashed space alien ship that was found in New

“But I know of six, including me, who are still living and know the real
story of the landing.”

“But it would be almost impossible to gain access to the information.”
I think it is fairly clear that the testimonials are not really such, but constructs of ANON and likely others. What interests me is the writing style. If this was a professional COINTEL operation would it include such seemingly obvious 'robotic' writing? In reading ANON's real writing (posts 12 and after) it seemed trance-like, and I often felt like I was reading the work of a child. Maybe there are reasons for this style. Perhaps it is a code or some other reason. I don't know.

"Project SERPO" story: HOAX

Great post Shane. I had noticed the same thing that you have reported but I hadn't got around to analysing it in any great detail. Thumbs up!
"Project SERPO" story: HOAX

shane said:
What interests me is the writing style. If this was a professional COINTEL operation would it include such seemingly obvious 'robotic' writing? In reading ANON's real writing (posts 12 and after) it seemed trance-like, and I often felt like I was reading the work of a child. Maybe there are reasons for this style.
Since you mention writing style, I have some additional stuff to add to the pool of information. It is a series of emails that ought to be self-explanatory. I went over it to make sure that I removed private email addresses of private people and even private email address of public people. There are a few left because I know them to be public email addresses of public people. But if you notice any I missed, say so asap.

Now, this first email is a result of my email folder search for all the emails exchanged between me and the Serpo site owner. I was a bit surprised to see him turn up on Jack Sarfatti's email list. Jack, for those of you who don't know, is a "theatrical physicist." (He says so himself, so I'm not insulting him.)

Anyway, this email that Ark had forwarded to me because it was so funny is one that popped up in my email folder search and I was surprised to see Bill Ryan there. I am including it in its entirety because it IS funny and because the subject matter is close to the present issue of Serpo.

To: "Figaro" "Jack Sarfatti"
Copies to: "drboylan Boylan"
"Robert Wolf",
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Subject: Einstein's secret papers?
Date sent: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 03:04:22 -0500

Geess guys, I go to dinner, come home and find 76 notes waiting for me? What's up with that?

Jack, this tiff between you and Figaro is because of what you wrote in response to the challenge to communicate on a more popular level? Suddenly, someone is saying your theories aren't yours, they're Einstein's from some secret papers that Figaro won't let anyone see? Is this really what's going on? If so, all I can say is if Figaro intends to keep said papers private, it seems all the credit will HAVE TO GO TO JACK for his theories. Seems obvious.

It is however, vastly less obvious what kind of situation would justify keeping Einstein's papers private. No less than any historic or anthropological site, Einstein's work belongs to humanity. So, if there's evidence that Einstein ever said what Jack is saying, LETS SEE THE EVIDENCE.

Or did I miss a beat? It's late here.

If there really is such evidence and somehow poses what could be considered a state secret, perhaps giving these papers to a mediator would be useful. Maybe give them to Earthtech to look at and see if Jack is coming up with the same stuff. That way Jack can never be accused of plagiarism.

That would be my suggestion if I believed the "secret papers" existed. -----

Original Message -----
From: Jack Sarfatti
To: Figaro <snip long CC list>
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 12:50 AM
Subject: Re: June 1998

Collins you are a disgusting little cipher of a man with a tiny mind. I apologize to the cockroaches for insulting them.

On Feb 1, 2006, at 8:56 PM, Figaro wrote:

I sure do, but you'll never see them......


Jack Sarfatti wrote:

No you GENIUS. You do not understand the meaning of what is in your notes. Send every one the notes so they can see for themselves. You already quoted them and what you quoted was same as my writings from 1998-99 except for TRITE DIFFERENCES that seem like BIG DIFFERENCES to your PUNY TRITE MIND!

On Feb 1, 2006, at 8:44 PM, Figaro wrote:

You're telling me when I have all the notes which you haven't seen? Repeat, very different language from what I have....

Rmc Jack Sarfatti wrote:

That's shows what a GENIUS you really are. It's obvious to anyone who UNDERSTANDS the ideas, that what you cite from "Einstein 1952" is EXACTLY SAME MEANING AS MY WRITINGS AT LEAST FROM 1998. There are only MINOR DIFFERENCES in wording from Boylan's (most likely culprit) garbling of my writing. Any person competent in the physics can see there is NO ESSENTIAL DIFFERENCE between what I was writing by 1998 and what you attribute to Einstein 1952. Ask any competent unbiased scholar to compare the texts. If you want to make a complete ASS of yourself go ahead. You are well on that path being completely laughed at as a clueless booby.

On Feb 1, 2006, at 8:23 PM, Figaro wrote:

Those paragraphs are NOT the way it's written in those Einstein notes. Different language....

Rmc Jack Sarfatti wrote:

The date for this is June 1998 I have it all cosmological constant whole damn thing back then: This UFO propellantless effectively antigravitational force field may be exactly the same as the recently observed large-scale cosmic repulsion of the universe from the anomalously too-dim supernovae, except on a smaller controlled scale. The Modanese model is a clue on how to do this with thin ultra high-temperature macroscopic quantum superconducting materials properly designed by nano-engineering an integrated circuit of quantum dots, wires and wells that will also be able to compute as well as propel.

"Thus it becomes evident why the red and orange ionization that is characteristic of low-power operation is so often observed to be concentrated under the rim of the vehicle where the force field apparently emerges ....The Saturn UFO's ... notched ring ... as source of (plasma) illumination ... detailed observations of saucer construction are meager, but the data indicates ... that the saucer's ring of plates and the Saturn's notched ring are located where the field action is the greatest ... If the plates ... were not handling a lot of power, one wouldn't have been smoking ... these components have something to do with processing the force field .. but just what they do and how is still a mystery. p. 142 Without the ability to focus the force field, the field would have little value to a UFO ... In modern missile terminology this is called 'thrust-vector control,' and I assure the reader that all UFOs use it. p. 143...

"... a force field push is characteristically non damaging. Here we have a new application of 'the soft touch.' Perhaps 'gentle push' would be a better phrase ... a force field with its gentle push ... is an ideal agent for imparting acceleration to the occupants of a space vehicle undergoing high acceleration. With the pushing directly against each internal cell of the body, none of the structure or internal organs of the body tend to get crushed or even strained. In fact, it is easy to prove that if a uniform field gradient provides the total acceleration to a passenger, the passenger undergoes no stress whatsoever. He wouldn't feel a thing, even that he was accelerating." p. 103

This "kinder and gentler" geometrodynamic force field is like the Chinese "Chi" or "Ki". I live near San Francisco's Chinatown in North Beach and see the older Chinese doing their Chi each morning at Washington Square in the shadow of the Catholic Church as I go to the Caffe Trieste. Frohlich's idea is that the mind is a quantum superfluid. Modanese shows how this thoughtlike fluid in higher dimensional configuration space, where the entire brain is a single point, can make the kind of repulsive field Hill is inferring. Of course, the strength is weak compared to that of the UFO, but the idea is the same as far as the basic physics. So UFO's use sentient "Chi" power? :-) So Star Trek is actually correct in the physics here when Picard says "Engage" and the Enterprise goes into warp and no one bats an eyelash. Remember Paul Hill is writing the above before Alcubierre came out with his warp drive where the occupants of the Star Ship are in "free float" on a local inertial timelike geodesic even though the effective global motion relative to distant asymptotic observers is superluminal. The UFO propellantless "thrust" reaction-force field opposing d'Alembert's "inertia force". p. 146 The d'Alembertian "inertia force" is equal in magnitude, but opposite in direction, to the "thrust reaction- force" that is the UFO's mass multiplied by its acceleration. In other words, the UFO/Starship is using a (post?)quantum geometrodynamic controllable force field that is repulsive rather than attractive. This repulsion is due to a small-scale ultra- large "cosmological constant" that is manipulated at the nano-meter level IMHO. We have a new application of Galileo's principle, and Einstein's equivalence principle, here. The inhomogeneous tidal forces that are dangerous to the occupants and structural integrity of the UFO are kept small over the scale of the vehicle. Since this thrust is geometrodynamic, though repulsive, all the atoms feel it equally within the safe range where the tidal forces are biologically insignificant. All matter feels the thrust in the same way exactly the same as when a feather and an iron ball fall with the same acceleration in the vacuum on the surface of the Moon as shown in the Apollo 14 Mission.

On Feb 1, 2006, at 8:06 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Kim wrote the article in 1999 Here is Part 1http://www.qedcorp.com/pcr/pcr/ufo.html

I will look for Part 2

On Feb 1, 2006, at 7:58 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

NO YOU GENIUS! Kim wrote the article where I state all those ideas almost in the same words YEARS BEFORE 2001. The damn article exists. Richard Boylan copied the stuff from that article and my jillions of other writings on the WEB since 1993. That's where Boylan garbled the story about me seeing the alien craft that Jim Angleton fed back to me in 2001. I told Angleton it was not a true story. Boylan still tells that garbled story! Any competent historian can go through the record and find the real truth here. All these things you attribute to Einstein in 1952 are plagiarized by Richard Boylan from my writings from ~ 1996 on all over the WEB. You still don't understand that the magazine article was quoting me and it was published years BEFORE 2001 in the 90's. Also the article is still on my website by Kim and has been widely cited for many years even before 2001.

On Feb 1, 2006, at 7:49 PM, Figaro wrote:

Those notes came from Jim Angleton in 2001 and you brushed them off. If they got into a magazine then they weren't exactly brushed off....I have the rest here which nobody will see.....

Rmc Jack Sarfatti wrote:

All those ideas are plagiarized from the article by Kim Burrafato on my work that he did for UFO magazine more than 5 years ago. How long ago Kim? Also that info about me has been on WEB a long time. Hell Eric Davis knows the truth on that. He was in touch with Kim at the time.

On Feb 1, 2006, at 7:10 PM, Figaro wrote:

As Einstein supposedly said in 1952

Einstein expanded.......The fuselage of the craft was more liken to a high temperature super-conductor to which the occupants do not feel the g forces at high accelerations or sharp turns.

On Feb 1, 2006, at 7:34 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Einstein did not say that. I did! It is almost verbatim from my book Destiny Matrix.

On Feb 1, 2006, at 7:10 PM, Figaro wrote:
There is a direct correlation to mind-linkage via headband and hand-panels. There is an exotic field surrounding the vehicle. The hull had super-conducting properties.

On Feb 1, 2006, at 7:34 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:
No, I wrote that also in late 90's. Richard Boylan took all that from my writings.

On Feb 1, 2006, at 7:10 PM, Figaro wrote:
This goes onto to talk about Electron Pairs. It does not talk about Cooper Pairs which was first published mentioned in 1957. Hal Puthoff and I agree that this is one big redeeming quality. This excerpt also agrees with what the LANL source said in 2003 and is in the EfD book....Einstein called it contributions to the Cosmological Constant.....

On Feb 1, 2006, at 7:34 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:
If Einstein really did write that in 1952, then I am like Einstein because it is a fact that I wrote those things without reading any alleged secret Einstein papers. Everyone knows those are my ideas - they are certainly in the above book from 2002 in the Library of Congress.

Jack Sarfatti wrote:
On Feb 1, 2006, at 4:35 PM, Ufoguy11@aol.com wrote:

Just a quick comment about taking three years to understand Jack's writing. Too bad it was not initially understood because you would have not wasted those three years and, who knows, you could have made an earlier contribution (assuming one was to be made...).
Sorry but us in the sciences have got to learn to readily communicate if we are to make an impact...


Jack Sarfatti wrote:
Ron did not waste three years, he learned some basic physics that he did not know before. What I am doing is very original. No one else has my idea in its fullness.

My idea:

1. Einstein's gravity emerges from the coherent phase of the inflation vacuum field.

2. The residual zero point energy density forms both the dark energy and the dark matter at different scales of the the pocket universe we are stuck inside of.

3. Since negative zero point pressure creates a universally repulsive anti-gravity field, that is the key to the metric engineering of the advanced extra-terrestrials in their flying saucers.

4. Probably any on physics is how to phase-lock into the vacuum to achieve the superior flight capability we see in the flying saucers.

5. I also have a theory of how our inner consciousness works and we know from Colonel Corso and the recent Skinwalker book of Kelleher & Knapp as well as other UFO reports, that telepathy is important in the ET technology.
Having seen that Bill Ryan was on Sarfatti's list, I asked Ark to search his folders to find out when Ryan appeared there. Seems that his first appearance as a recipient was on Dec 14, 2005 in the following exchange, from which I have snipped the endless CC list:

To: caryn anscomb
From: Jack Sarfatti
Date sent: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 11:10:06 -0800
Subject: [Sarfatti_Physics_Seminars] Re: Bill Hamilton's CrackPot Website
Send reply to: Sarfatti_Physics_Seminars@yahoogroups.com

All that glitters is not gold. The pictures are great. The physics is cargo cult bad and bogus. Better than Lloyd Pye's last night on C2C however. Hamilton is not a physicist and it shows.

On Dec 14, 2005, at 10:52 AM, caryn anscomb wrote:

> http://www.astrosciences.info/Spacetravel.htm
About a week later, there was a Sarfatti post that specifically mentioned the Serpo website. The exchange is really fascinating, but since everything that comes from Jack’s list is such a formatting mess, I’ll have to spend some time sorting it out so it will be coherent. Next post.
"Project SERPO" story: HOAX

It all started with this post to the Sarfatti list made, apparently, by Caryn Anscomb, who was re-posting a huge post that she must have received from Victor Martinez. Jack Sarfatti makes a couple of comments in the text that I have placed in bold:

On Dec 22, 2005, at 1:22 AM, caryn anscomb wrote:

Just in. Description of the interior of the Eben craft – mention of the propulsion system. Side-effects crew experienced whist in transit etc. Have a look and see what you think!


*Victor Martinez <victorgm@webtv.net <mailto:victorgm@webtv.net/* wrote:

From: victorgm@webtv.net <mailto:victorgm@webtv.net (Victor Martinez)
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 23:32:18 -0800
Subject: SERPO Xmas Special:Journal entries, Code Names, alien ED device & more

– – – A MUST READ! – – –


EDITOR's NOTE: "Anonymous" has just come out with yet another brand NEW posting which addresses the MANY REASONABLE questions that many on this list had on the alien homeworld of SERPO that 12 Americans were sent to which consisted of 10 (ten) men and two (2) women.

I ask you to keep an OPEN MIND on his startling, new revelations where -- the main thrust of his message is that -- the "laws" of physics on Earth do NOT universally apply throughout the cosmos.

Sarfatti Comments: That's a load of pseudo-science crap. Thumbs down from every physicist in the world who will see this as a hoax to make people even more stupid than most of them already are. Sorry folks that simply will not do and will antagonize every scientist on this planet into rejecting the whole SERPO thing as a obvious scam of some kind.

Think OUTside of the box people!

Sarfatti Comments: Martinez is an idiot and if whoever is perpetuating this hoax wants to make sure it fails they picked the right idiot.

NEW READERS: Only the most recent and second to the most recent postings will be displayed here + the ORIGINAL posting by "Anonymous" which lays the groundwork for all his future transmissions. To view postings #2 #3 #4 #5 #6, #7 and #8, go to:


or contact Web site Administrator Bill Ryan at:






[ ] = Moderator's comments/insertions

EBE = Extraterrestrial Biological Entity: NO!

ETE: Extraterrestrial Entity: YES!

[ Official terminology used by the U. S. Government ]

SERPO spelled backwards = OPRES: "Office-Of-Primary Responsibility for Extraterrestrial Security" = Defense Intelligence Agency



QUESTION: If our Team Members had their identities "sheep dipped," how did they refer to one another as?

ANONYMOUS: Each Team Member was NOT identified by name. Once the final 16 were selected, (remember, we had four {4} alternates), each Team Member got a number (three digit).

From that point on, they were identified by number ONLY. Even each Team Member identified the others by their three-digit number. They were NEVER to use their real names. Once they left planet Earth and traveled on to SERPO, they gave each other nicknames.

For example, the Team Commander was identified as, "Skipper," the medical officers were identified as "Doc-1" and "Doc-2," the pilots were identified as, "Sky-King" and "Flash-Gordon." Even though it wouldn't make any difference if they used their real names on SERPO, they were disciplined enough to continue either using the nicknames or the three-digit numbers. ------------------------------------------ THE TEAM COMMANDER's JOURNAL ENTRIES,... A MUST READ!

VICTOR: I hope you didn't lose hope and faith in me; I needed to take a break during the holidays as I'm sure you did! I have been coordinating this very complex subject matter with various people in the USG intell community.

Additionally, I and the rest of the DIA-6 are feverishly working on the photographs. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Attached for your UFO Thread List are just four (4) pages of the Team Commander's diary. The diary contains a large number of pages, all hand written. It took me several days to prepare the attached four (4) pages from the diary.

This is the actual, VERBATIM DIARY of the Team Commander. It was started the morning of the departure. There were code names for control personnel and three-digit numbers for each Team Member [addressed above]. There are other codes and abbreviations for certain things, which is not explained.

I've typed the EXACT words, phrases and abbreviations. Nothing has been changed. And likewise, I will ask YOU to NOT alter, change, correct any of the text here as you often do with mine to make it grammatically correct (you make me feel like I was an English major like you!) This includes your use of CAPS to emphasize things I've written; I ask you to NOT do this with these journal entries, Victor.


We are ready. Hard to think we finally made it. Team is motivated and calm. Final briefing by MTC and MTB. Cargo packed in EBE craft. Might have some problems with guns. Will be talking to the MVC. 899 and 203 will have overall charge of weapons. No sync system or we don't know about them. Everything moving smoothly. 700 and 754 will give each member final check before boarding.

OK, we loaded everything and it fits. But we have to transfer all of it to the bigger ship once we get to rendevous point. Really excited about this. No reservations by anyone. MTC asked all members to make final decision. The team all said go. We go. Interior of Ebe craft is big. There are three levels, this is different than the one we trained on. I think that was a scout craft, this one is a shuttle craft.

We stored the cargo in lower level. We will sit in the center level and the crew will sit in the upper level. Strange looking walls. They seem to be dimensional. There are three stations, four of us will sit in each station. No seats just benches. We wouldn't fit in those small crew seats.

The MVC says we don't need anything special, no O2 or helmets. Don't know what to do with them. OK, final checks. MTC gave us final words. One pray said. We board the Ebe craft. 475 really nervous. 700 will watch him. The hatch is closed. No windows. We can't see out. Everyone is seated in their respective seats on the bench. No retention harnesses. OK, well, bar across us.

The craft is starting engine, or what they call energy thrusters.

Sarfatti Comments: This is garbage.

Seems like we are moving but nothing happening inside. Still able to write this. Really dizzy now. 102 sitting next to me and he is faint. Something feels really funny. Have to rewrite this because I can't think straight. DAY 1 – Entry 2

We made it to the rendevous craft. We don't know where we are, but it seemed like we all fainted or was really confused during this trip. According to my wrist watch, it took about six hours. Or maybe more. We left at 1325 and it is 1939. But not sure of the day. We flew into the big ship. We are standing in a bay or something.

There are many EBES helping us. They seem to understand we are confused. The cargo was off loaded in one big move. The platform containing the cargo was moved without unloading the individual cargo. This ship looks like the inside of a real big building. The ceiling is about 100 feet high in this area of the ship.

OK, we are being moved into another part of the ship. OK, we moved to another room or area. What a big ship. I just can't describe how big this is. It took us about 15 minutes to walk to our area. Seems like it is something special for us. The chairs are bigger. But there are only 10 of them. OK, I guess 203 and myself will sit in different location above these seats.

We are moved by some sort of elevator, but I can't understand how it worked. Everyone his hungry. We have our backpacks containing some C-rats and I guess we eat now. But must ask the MVC. I can't find him and we can't communicate with the two EBEs here.

They seem to be real nice. 420 will try to use his language skills. Almost funny. Sounds like a screaming match. We just used sign language indicating we want to eat. One of the EBE brought us a container with something it. Doesn't look good but I think it is their food. Looks like mush or oatmeal. 899 will taste it. Well, 899 said it tastes like paper. Think we will all stick to C-rats.

Sarfatti Comments: More trite garbage. Bad SF writing. So far my advice to WH is ignore this nonsense.
I’ve snipped the rest of the SERPO post to Sarfatti’s list because it is just the same stuff on the Serpo website. Now, to some of the responses to this from the Sarfatti list people:

Jack Sarfatti said:
Worthless tripe from Martinez.
From: Figaro
To: Jack Sarfatti
Subject: Re: Worthless junk from Victor Martinez THUMBS DOWN
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 16:16:17 -0500

*Hey Jack, this is now twice that I've agreed with you, must be setting new records. What concerns me is this type of what I call true/false will destroy the core story completely and totally. We just can't lay back and wait to all the data comes in. By that time there may be no story to talk about!! .........Robert C
Bill Hamilton wrote:


Now I am being compelled to agree with Jack too. BTW, do you know any mechanics that can fix my "energy thrusters" on my saucer?

Bill Hamilton
AstroScience Research Network
On Dec 22, 2005, at 2:19 PM, Figaro wrote:

Thrusters? You're old fashion, Saucers don't use thrusters!.
From: Jack Sarfatti
Date: December 22, 2005 2:57:33 PM PST
To: Figaro
<snipped endless CC list>


OK there is subtle distinction.

Ordinary rockets & jets eject matter the saucers do not.

The real distinction is between timelike geodesic vs timelike non- geodesic.

The former is "weightless," i.e. no g-force and no time dilation.

The latter pulls g-force and there is time dilation.

Jets and rockets are both timelike non-geodesic - pulling g-force - obviously.

Both James Woodward and Hal Puthoff have proposed different PROPELLANTLESS schemes that are timelike non-geodesic. That is they will pull g-force and have time dilation even though they would not eject propellant. Same applies to Jim Corums "EM stress propulsion."

P = MV

dP/dt = M(dV/dt) + V(dM/dt)

Woodward wants his dM/dt to come from "Mach's Principle".

Puthoff wants his dM/dt to come somehow from changing speed of light in vacuum, i.e. changing what he calls K in c' = c/K. (maybe it's K^1/2 I don't remember, too lazy to look at the paper as this is a non-essential detail, but essential idea is same) Without critiquing either model, the key thing is that both Woodward and
Puthoff need a dM/dt =/= 0 to get their differing versions of propellantless propulsion without any real mass ejected from their respective gedankenships. For a closed system, total momentum P is conserved, therefore for both the Puthoff & Woodward schemes

dP/dt = dP/dt = M(dV/dt) + V(dM/dt) = 0

So that

M(dV/dt) = - V(dM/dt)

Without ejection of propellant.

Both Puthoff & Woodward have "Thrust without thrust".

Puthoff uses

M = E/c'^2 ~ KE/c^2

dM/dt ~ dK/dt

I think is what he is trying to do?

My point however, is that in both their schemes the crew would need g-suits to do what we see the saucers do, e.g. practically instant U-turns at a jillion MPH.

OK TRUE WARP DRIVE like Alcubierre's is WEIGHTLESS i.e. no g-force, no time dilation.

What Woodward and Puthoff are selling IS NOT REAL BEER! It's not FOSTERS!

What I call "metric engineering" is timelike geodesic. No g-force. No time dilation. No M. M cancels out of the universal timelike geodesic equation of motion of the saucer.

We control the shape of the timelike geodesic of the ship FROM the ship by modulating the phase of the vacuum in the fuselage of the ship.
And ya'll can see that having immediately discarded Victor Martinez, Bill Ryan and Serpo, Jack was off and running again until the result was the first post I included here that tipped me off the Bill Ryan was on the Sarfatti list. And now we see why. What's her face sent a post from Martinez with Ryan's email, and Jack just tacked them onto the list as he is wont to do. After all, the larger the audience, the better the Theatrical Physicist likes things...
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