Just been thinking, it has now been over two years since the inception of the Cassiopaea Forum Ambassador's. As such, there is great diversity of posts in the Forum and unbelievably unique attention by Mods, Super Mods etc., who are always fantastic at helping. The Ambassadors though, have done extremely important work at helping people, and I've seen each grow during these last few years in confidence and discernment - so a tip of the hat to y'all for doing what you do. I think it was brilliant for Laura and the crew to envision this help, and you have each and all answered the call. Congratulations! :flowers:
Windmill knight said:
casper said:
Am I good notice that Konstantin became the new ambassador? :)

Among others, yes. ;)

Yes, I noticed that too!

Congratulations to all the new Ambassadors and Super Moderators! It's great to see you growing and your help is very much appreciated!

:clap: :thup: :cheer: :wizard:
Eboard10 said:
Was about to say the same.

I really like the new title. It seems like it isn't based on the number of posts but rather on the actual contribution of these members to the forums, quality-wise.

A big congrats to all Ambassadors. :clap:

I agree and my gratitude to them. :love:
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