Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Sleeping properly?

Martina said:
Hello! I didn't read everything that you wrote and I usualy do before I reply , but I don' have enough time right now... I just wanted to say that I have such a terrible job that I have a nightshifts and I don't have enough time to sleep afternoon, so I don't know how to recover. I'm exhausted, the worse thing is there is no other job avaible at the moment where I live. Help.

Hello Martina! Could i ask if you have a completely black room in which you sleep? I currently do nightshifts aswell, so i understand how terrible it does make you feel. I havnt yet found a correct way to recover until the weekend, so i just sort of drift through my week of nights as easily as possible. But the darker the room, the better the quality of sleep... Especially when its light outside!!

Have you tried any supplementation to aid your sleep? Possibly melatonin or 5htp?

When you get some more time, giving a little bit more information will help people give you some advice :).
I used to work steady night shift too.
The key thing is to sleep right after you finish work and get home in the morning!

The times when I went out and did things during the day, to sleep in the afternoon, I felt horrible, even if I got 7+ hours sleep.
Hi all. I found a video, but a french one and which is much complex to follow as it requires medical knowledge to fully understand it.
My first wonder was "where could I post this information on the forum ?" In the french section ? This would limit its views on the forum, thus I searched for the keyword "sleep" in the subjects of sub-thread in this section (Diet & Health) of the forum, and found this thread which was one of the most discussed one in regard to the "sleep" subject. Last answer is dated from 2015, so this is kinda an excavation of post I'm doing here :shock:
But I hope this could be worth it.

It's a video of 2016 from Professor Fourtillan, who just recently made the news here in France as he was locked up in a psychiatric hospital during a few days and, hopefully, due to a lot people reacting, he was released. Just because of this information/fact, it may be even more interresting to follow what he found in the medical domain.

I would have hard time to summarize the content of this 36m video, sorry for this, all I can add is the english traduction of the text added below the video (in the spoiler below), and I invite anyone who understand french and have medical knowledge to have a look on what he says here, it's in regard to the sleep, the role of the pineal gland, what he discovered, the treatment he found (and explains) and also its results. This may be interresting for some here, and this could eventually lead to further discussions on this important subject we all spend from 1/3 to 1/4 of our live doing it (sleeeeeep 😴 ), dunno, but felt it was worth it to post this here :whistle:;-D

Here's the link :

Ma'am, sir,

We are unable, for the time being, to provide individual answers to the many, many questions we are asked. We regret this. In the expectation of an adequate organization, we are sending you a standard answer which covers the essential part of the questions we have been asked so far.

Valentonine (VLT) and 6-Methoxy-Harmalan (6-MH)
will be available in Q4 2017

Thank you for your donations, the purchase of the book and the brochure ("The pineal gland and the sleep-wake system"). Therapeutic Applications") and your encouragement.

They will help us to finance, independently, the development of the galenic forms of the patches, in order to make them available to patients as soon as possible. You will be kept regularly informed of the situation by consulting the Josefa Fund website.

As for the 2-tank patches (delivering 100 micrograms of 6-Methoxy-Harmalan, 6-MH, and 400 micrograms of Valentonine, VLT, for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, and 50 micrograms of 6-MH and 200 micrograms of VLT for sleep disorders and nervous breakdowns), they will be available in 2017 (4th quarter), as indicated at the bottom of the home page of the Josefa Fund website.

Melatonin capsules dosed at 3 mg can be purchased on the Internet, at a price of approximately €25 for 180 capsules (1 capsule dosed at 3 mg taken at bedtime in the evening, to protect the neurons).

On a practical level, the determination of melatonin in blood plasma, taken from 1am onwards, which will allow us to evaluate the secretion of the 3 hormones (MLT, 6-MH, and VLT) by the pineal gland, will take a little more time, as we have to implement the melatonin marker determination method (using a coupling method of mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography, described in our patents) in medical analysis laboratories around the world. However, this delay will not delay the availability of the patches in 2017.

All the information and explanations concerning the discovery of the hormones of the Sleep-Wake System and its therapeutic applications are given in the book and brochure entitled "The pineal gland and the Sleep-Wake System. Therapeutic Applications", available at Amazon.

By September 2017, 10 Letters from Pr Henri Joyeux accompanied by 5 videos co-signed by Pr Jean-Bernard Fourtillan and Henri Joyeux, will have been published. They are dedicated to the therapeutic applications resulting from the discovery of the sleep-wake system:
- Alzheimer's disease (Letter n°138),
- Parkinson's disease (Letter n°139),
- The virtual interviews of Jean-Bernard Fourtillan by Aloïs Alzheimer and James Parkinson (Letters n° 142 and 144),
- Sleep disorders (Letter n° 147),
- Nervous breakdowns (Letter n° 150),
- All benzodiazepines and related drugs are narcotics (Letter N°154)
- Psychosis
- Potential therapeutic applications in perspective.
For more information, and to follow the progress of these new drugs, we recommend that you regularly consult the Josefa Fund's recent publications.

Thank you for your confidence,

Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, Pr Henri Joyeux and their team

Post scriptum

What can be done to improve sleep and mental function in patients with Alzheimer's disease, pending the availability of VLT and 6-MH patches (expected in Q4 2017)?

The 2-tank patches, applied at bedtime and removed in the morning upon awakening, which will deliver 100 micrograms of 6-MH and 400 micrograms of VLT, over an 8-hour period, will not be available, for patients with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, before the 4th quarter 2017.

In the interim, these patients may benefit from the administration of Clomipramine (Anafranil® and generics), at a dose of one 10 mg tablet, at night at bedtime.
Neuropsychiatrists have found over many years that Clomipramine improves sleep and cognition in elderly and Alzheimer's patients.
This therapeutic effect can be explained by the fact that this major antidepressant, the leader of IRNs (Noradrenaline Reuptake Inhibitors), induces a noradrenergic stimulation of pinealocytes (cell units of the pineal gland), which results in an increase in the pineal gland's production of the 3 hormones (MLT, 6-MH and VLT); and thus improves sleep, alertness, and cognition.

References: "The pineal gland and the sleep-wake system. Therapeutic Applications" by Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan. Book (page 155) and Brochure (page 46).

Military Method for Falling Asleep in Two Minutes​

Story at a glance:
  • An estimated 70 million American adults have a sleep disorder, the most common of which is insomnia — the inability to fall asleep, or waking up one or more times during the night
  • Even if you’re doing everything else right, if you’re not sleeping enough, or not sleeping well, many of the benefits of your healthy lifestyle will be lost
  • Middle-aged men who sleep five hours or less per night have twice the risk of having a major cardiovascular event compared to men who sleep at least seven to eight hours per night
  • A sleep-induction method developed by the U.S. military claims to have a 96% success rate after six weeks of consistent implementation. The method centers around preparing your mind and body for sleep by deeply relaxing for about two minutes
  • There’s evidence showing EMF exposure reduces melatonin production just like blue light from cellphones, tablets and computers do, making it particularly important to eliminate EMFs in your bedroom


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Je m'endors facilement et seulement en répétant en silence la prière de l'âme de Laura...
Et si je me réveille, je recommence la même prière de l'âme de Laura, sommeil de bonne qualité garantie de 6/7h par nuit...

I fall asleep easily and only by silently repeating Laura's soul prayer...And if I wake up, I repeat the same prayer for Laura's soul, good quality sleep guaranteed for 6/7 hours per night...
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