Behind the Headlines: Jesus never existed? Interview with Laura Knight Jadczyk!

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gdpetti said:
Maybe I misunderstood it, but wasn't that '300 years' of missing time actually a lack of any recording of events in certain areas of the planet for that designated period of time?
No, according to the Cs it is a literal addition of around 480 years. So what we think of as the year 1 AD would actually fall around 480 AD. Whether that is correct or not will require a lot more research.

And to answer lilies' question, no, the book strictly deals with the relative chronology of (roughly) the first century, without any drastic redating. That would require a whole other volume (or several). However, some alternative datings for events within this timeframe are suggested.


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Ok, I did misunderstand it. I thought this 'missing time' period was typical of post cometary collapse areas, and in this case, the Roman dark age starting in the 3rd century and not just after Caesar/Augustus(Octavius)... thanks to one of those small comet clusters Clube and Napier make mention of. If so, then unless the entire planet is affected by this cometary storm, other civilizations wouldn't have such a period of 'missing time', and would supply an extra reason for our use of their star charts etc for these time periods of civilizational collapse. My understanding was that this 'missing time' is typical of such post cometary periods, as the people that survive aren't known for writing history in their 'off time'... or none that would survive later imperial controls anyway.


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I finally listened to this show last night.

Seems the evidence of when Pilate was in Jerusalem pretty much rules out the New Testament stories as being factual. Same with the dates mentioned about when Paul was lowered in the basket to escape, etc. Ironically, the true believers would want to use some historical verification, such as Pilate actually being a real historical figure, to support the Jesus stories being true, but it has the exact opposite outcome when properly dated. I was following the Pauline timeline thread, but this show was a good refresher.


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I am astonished at how much research went into this book! Conspiracy is not the tinfoil wearing hat crowd after all, but almost always what is most typical of those that crave power & control, over others.
Thank you Laura for the truth.
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