Biden-Harris Administration: The Empire Strikes Back


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I'm voting mostly for propaganda with a measure of fear thrown in, as the "masses" are getting angry and they're worried (perhaps only at an unconscious level, for after all, history repeats and they know this but their hubris rules). I'll speculate and say, the new "terrorists" are being set up and the WH is manning "defenses" as the next false flag is being planned. I say this after listening to the latest from Dan Bongino and he gives a warning for the American people. Failure after failure for the Biden regimen to pass legislature to enforce their authoritarian decrees has made them desperate and so they'll double down and use force to achieve their objectives. Jack boot thuggery next....

The C's have said, things will become very chaotic in our realm shortly. Perhaps for the US this is coming soon, ..

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This brief segment on Tucker Carlson last night, pleading for reason in the current push to start a war with Russia, has triggered apoplexy in Washington, DC, with NeoCons and WarDems accusing the Fox host and commentator Clint Ehrlich of treason.


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Any guesses as to where would be a good place to start a pilot program?

As I discussed the other day, these crazy prices for fertilizer are going to make it impossible for many U.S. farmers to profitably plant crops this year.

That means that a lot less food is going to be grown.

On the other side of the world, the North Korean government is asking their citizens to start creating “homemade” fertilizer from their own waste

State-run media has also been encouraging people to make “homemade” manure, The Daily Beast reported. A source in North Hamgyong Province told Daily NK that residents had started “producing fertilizer from human waste” after authorities launched a 10-day drive to increase production.

Perhaps U.S. citizens should give this a try, because a lot of us are certainly full of crap.

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