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Yes. Sadly, from what I've heard from him in the past few years, Lula seems to have steered further into the left-woke-globalist agenda. Some of it is probably meant to please his left-wing voters, but it is difficult to know what the man truly thinks.
Yes that is my fear,

all over the region there have been statements by presidents calling this he "victory of democracy" which makes me suspicious right away, I do suspect foul play with votes, and they have created such a campaign against Bolsonaro that it would be easy to rig an election since "everyone hates him!"

On the other hand, there was an interesting statement made by Argentina's president Fernandez, another rather dislikable character, about the possibility that Lula back in power might mean that their interests of becoming a member of BRICS might see better odds.

Something that could be positive indeed, as a counterweight to the Western power over the region, specially with the upcoming chaos, however I am also of the mind that Lula victorious and Argentina y BRICS could work more as a Trojan horse than anything else... so perhaps we might be about to see a RICS... or an infiltrated BRICS.
Pepe Escobar has just shared this and he seems to be pro Lula, saying he fits in with the Russian/China plans. I would be interested to know what people think as there seems to be quite a lot of unrest in Brazil with him winning :-)

Here it is: as concise as possible, the latest chapter in an astonishing saga.

I sketch the immense internal challenges and jump to the lineaments of a multipolarity-infused foreign policy.

A special for Asia Times in a very special day.

Brazil is BACK.
Seems Bolsonaro still has another 2 months to run in his position. Others say they doubt a coup will happen. Good to see Russia and Belarus congratulating Lula for his win. So with Pepe's report and our guys welcoming him into the fold, that is enough for me to hope he can stay alive to fulfil all the better things for Brazil and the multipolar world!
For those keeping up with it,

There have been a lot of demonstration by Bolsonaro sympathizers who are apparently asking the military to intervene and prevent a transfer of power, and things have gotten rather bad. Warning, one of the videos is pretty graphic.

Face with this, Bolsonaro himself has come out to ask people to lift some of the blockades.

So, things aren't moving along smoothly in Brazil, and I suspect that even if Lula gets to make it to power, his won't be a very popular rule and he will face quite the opposition.
I pray Lula gets some sound advice from Putin!

Pyrrhic victory or strategic defeat? | The Vineyard of the Saker Pyrrhic victory or strategic defeat? – The Vineyard of the Saker

As important as it was to remove Bolsonaro from the country’s presidency, the truth is that Lula’s victory was not, and cannot, be read in any measure as a victory for the Left, nor for the progressive and sovereignist sectors of the country.

It’s all about consolidating a center-right coalition to get back on track the heavily deregulated economy and reestablish a certain institutional normality in the country, without however changing the rules of the game. Lula’s role in this coalition may well be limited to bringing votes and communicating with the people. A kind of Neoliberalism with a Human Face.

Indeed, some evidence of this arrangement is already available. Geraldo Alckmin and Aloísio Mercadante – who is a known fifth-columnist and right-wing asset inside the PT and does not enjoy Lula’s confidence – are leading the government transition team.

Bolsonaro may have lost the election, but he won more votes than ever, and he already has his troop of rabid lunatics occupying the streets in several locations – holding national flags and calling for military intervention, their regular trademark – and sabotaging the country’s food and fuel distribution logistics network. Bolsonaro endorsed such activities in a previous statement, then days after, he asked for moderation and avoiding blocking roads.

At the same time, what transpires behind the scenes about the formation of the new government does not inspire anything positive. For example, Simone Tebet – strongly linked to predatory agribusiness in the Mato Grosso do Sul state – conditioned her support for Lula in the second round on her appointment to the Ministry of Education. So, putting all together, we are forced to contemplate the possibility that Lula’s victory in the 2022 elections represents a mere tactical advance in a Pyrrhic War or, what seems even more likely, represents a strategic defeat for the historic labor-oriented Left, which has been replaced by wokes with their green agenda and identity politics. The Left may well end up without any representation in the new administration.
Tomorrow Wednesday, the armed forces of Brazil will report on their analysis of the election count. Bolso still has not conceded and no one knows what will happen if that report questions the result. Anyone inside Brazil questioning the election risks going to prison and this report comes on the heels of a private report issued from Argentina using existing public data that documented anomalies. This public database was then supposedly modified by the election officials.
Can't find any articles at this hour in English but the armed forces sided with the Lula win.
You can translate with next time. As I did with the one below.

Your statement would be a short conclusion, indeed. Since TSE invited the military to observe this process, it gives me the impression that it was already cooked, so to speak. TSE (Tribunal Superior Eleitoral) is the one with the last word.

Military says TSE hindered access to electoral information and points out flaws
TSE denies existence of fraud in elections, but military says system is not free from influence of 'malicious code
The Ministry of Defense presented to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) on Wednesday (9) the report of the inspection work of the electronic voting system, carried out by a team of military technicians from the Armed Forces. According to the document, the Court made it difficult to analyze the source codes of the electronic ballot boxes. In addition, the military pointed out flaws in the system's control mechanisms at the time of the vote. The TSE denies the existence of fraud (read more below).
"From the work done, I highlight two points. First, it was observed that the occurrence of access to the network during the compilation of the source code and the consequent generation of programs (binary codes) can represent a significant risk to the security of the process. Second, from the functionality tests, performed through the Integrity Test and the Pilot Project with Biometrics, it is not possible to affirm that the electronic voting system is free from the influence of any malicious code that could alter its operation," said the Minister of Defense, Paulo Sérgio Nogueira.
About the source codes, the military pointed out that "only static analyses were authorized, that is, it was impossible to execute the source codes, which resulted in not understanding the execution sequence of each part of the system, as well as the functioning of the system as a whole.
Also according to the report, "access to the SEV [electronic voting system] version control system was not authorized, which made it impossible to compare the compiled version with the inspected version. "There is no certainty that the code present in the ballot boxes is exactly what was verified," the Armed Forces said.
The military also stressed that "access was not granted to software libraries developed by third parties and referenced in the source code, limiting the understanding of the inspected system." "The restrictions on inspection in the analysis environment made it difficult to inspect a complex system that has more than 17 million lines of source code."
Nogueira requested that the electoral court attend to two requests made by the military: to conduct a technical investigation for a better understanding of what happened in the compilation of the source code and its possible effects, and to promote a detailed analysis of the binary codes that were actually executed in the electronic ballot boxes.
On the other hand, the military highlighted that "as for the inspection of the tallying, it was verified, by sampling, the conformity between the printed BU [ballot papers] and the data made available by the TSE.
TSE denies the existence of fraud

The president of the TSE, Minister Alexandre de Moraes, released a statement shortly after receiving the report. According to him, the Ministry of Defense document, as well as that of other inspection entities, "did not point out the existence of any fraud or inconsistency in the electronic ballot boxes and in the electoral process of 2022".
"The suggestions sent to improve the system will be analyzed in due course. The TSE reaffirms that the electronic ballot boxes are a source of national pride and the 2022 elections prove the effectiveness, smoothness and total transparency of the counting and tallying of the votes," said Moraes.
Transparency Commission

For this year's elections, the TSE invited the Armed Forces to be part of the Election Transparency Commission (CTE), an external collegiate with the objective of collecting suggestions to improve the electoral process. Besides the military, members of the Chamber of Deputies, the Federal Senate, the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), and public bodies and civil society participated.
Since it started working on the CTE, the Defense has made several inquiries to the TSE and raised doubts about the safety of electronic ballot boxes, despite the equipment going through several stages of preparation and inspection, both internally and externally. As shown by R7, the questions asked by the military were the first in 26 years of ballot boxes in Brazil.
If it is so, I am not surprised.

TSE decision for all internet operators in Brazil to block access to anything with reference to "Brazil was stolen". Secrecy decision too, but I had access to the material. Bizarre!

I heard something about it last week, where any mention that the election was stole in Brazil was being censored on the internet. Not surprising, anything that contradicts the official narrative can now be censored, these are just shades of what happened with covid.
HOW IT’S DONE: Over 3 Million Brazilians Protest Election Fraud – Bolsonaro to Annul the Steal
From The Gateway Pundit

Over 3 million Brazilians filled the streets on Republic Day yesterday, Nov. 15, to protest the stolen elections. The party of President Jair Bolsonaro presented its report and announced it will apply to have the election annulled since the results could not be validated.

According to Teles, over 3 million people demonstrated yesterday in Brasilía, although the capital is very difficult to reach and people often had to travel several days to get there. In Rio de Janeiro, approx. 500,000 protested in front of the old Ministry of Defense, demanding military intervention to prevent the communists from taking power.

Demonstrators complained that at least 100 of the electronic ballot boxes did not contain a single vote for Bolsonaro. 5 million votes were discarded. Allegedly, Lula won 50.9% of the vote and Bolsonaro 49.1%.

Last week, Minister of Defense Paulo Sergio Nogueira de Oliveira sent his report on possible election fraud to the radical leftist Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), which consists of diehard Lula supporters. The military’s report spoke of “relevant security risks”: “It is not possible to say the electronic voting system is free from the influence of malware that could affect its outcome,” says the report.

Only a party involved in the election can contest the result, Teles said. “The electoral court will probably refuse,” says Fernando Teles. “Then the sitting President can order a military court to decide. Then it will be a battle between the judicial system and the executive branch. The military will probably have to take to the streets. Under the Law and Order Act (GLO), the President can order the army to restore peace.”

(Article has been truncated. Embedded links were removed from article because malwarebytes warned that one site about election fraud was attempting to download spyware.)
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