Children of Men

Children of Men - Extremely Good Film

Watched it recently. Engrossing at first, but ultimately interest tapered off and I was left thinking it wasn't very good -- neither in an informative way nor an entertaining way. Just my opinion.
Children of Men - Extremely Good Film

I just saw this movie. I completely agree with Deckard, Hkoehli and most other's take on it. It left a very strong impression on me, not more than V, but in a different way -- I was really shaken by its totally realistic portrayal of a fascist society, it was so believable it was even very painful to watch certain scenes -- like the shootings during the uprising in the camp, filmed very closely like a war reporter and not in a hollywoodian "aesthetic" fashion. I really identified with the characters and shed some tears several times. I also agree with Deckard's comparison with V : clearly, I found C of M more disturbing because far more realistic than V, and thus more likely to awaken people to certain realities, whereas V's atmosphere of "superhero / spectacular movie" makes it less believable, less likely to awaken people, and yes, in a way it kind of misses its target.
What has also been pointed out here, and I also agree, is the non black or white aspect, showing the ponerization of governement AND resistance, thus revealing there is actually no resistance in the sense of "organised political/activist movement" (or if there is, they get killed : ie Julian's murder and Theo's death at the end).
FWIW, when I saw the Matrix in 1999, I didn't get it at all (I even fell asleep during the movie, which is quite ironic:)). Had I seen V at the same period, I would not have got it either. I consider myself as an average person, and as an average person, films like C of M impress me more. Another reason could also be that its touch is more European, just like Pan's Labyrinth (though the directors are Mexican), less special effects (their frequent use in many American movies can be irritating sometimes), less slick, and much rougher, which I like in European / other countries' movies (Irish movies for ex).
So, I second others and very much recommend this movie.
Children of Men - Extremely Good Film

Children of men comes true again!

Illegal immigrants will be rounded-up by roaming prison vans

Prison vans are to cruise the streets of Britain searching for illegal - immigrants.

The "mobile detention centres" will aim to catch recently arrived foreigners as they emerge from peoplesmuggling lorries.

Immigration officers will hold the suspects inside the vans until background checks are performed.

If they are found to be here illegally, they will be taken by police to a major detention centre in Oakington, Cambridgeshire, before being repatriated.
Re: Children of Men - Extremely Good Film

I enjoyed this movie but it raises questions for me. Chiefly, all the "good guys" die or their life is kind of hopeless in the end. It is the same comment I have for the "Batman, Dark Knight". From the point of view of the general public why would you be a good guy when the reward is death or a hard life? It is almost like saying,"Do not wake and see reality because it is all too hard and scary. Sure this bad stuff happens but look what will happen to you if you fight it. Just go back to sleep".

Sott has shown me the value of objectively seeing the world but it is a daily struggle for me. Some days it all seems too hard and I feel like I want to stop trying to wake up. There are a number of personal things I remember each day which keep me going. I will share one of these. I do not know why this one sticks in my mind more than others but it just crossed a line. It was the blockading of Iraq many years ago which resulted in the deaths of many innocents due to lack of basic life necessities such as medicines etc. My country Australia supported this and I am ashamed.
Re: Children of Men - Extremely Good Film

I watched this film last night and it left a lasting impression. I think one of the things that touched me most was that the imagery so vividly represents our current world in Iraq and the green zone, Gaza and Israel, and our soon to be life everywhere else. The baby seemed to have symbolized the world's conscience...gone absent for so long. Sott reminds me of that single baby in the world, truly a beacon of light.
Re: Children of Men - Extremely Good Film

Hello aaron r,

Sott has shown me the value of objectively seeing the world but it is a daily struggle for me. Some days it all seems too hard and I feel like I want to stop trying to wake up. There are a number of personal things I remember each day which keep me going. I will share one of these. I do not know why this one sticks in my mind more than others but it just crossed a line. It was the blockading of Iraq many years ago which resulted in the deaths of many innocents due to lack of basic life necessities such as medicines etc. My country Australia supported this and I am ashamed.

There are many things that happen in this world that sicken me, and this event is one of them. The list is endless, where would you like to start? The one thing you stated that hit me was your being ashamed of your country. I don't think anyone should feel shame for what their country has done! To do so, would mean that you personally had a hand in the decisions made and the actions taken.

This is far from the truth (IMO), as we all basically have no say in such things. This world is controlled by the Powers to Be, and regardless of which country you reside in, they do what they do, with no thought or emotion about what they want to accomplish. The sleeping masses and their programming allow this to happen, day in and day out.

I don't mean to imply that this blockade is not important, or lessen the horrible results. I am trying to say how your programmed 'spirit' for a country, your country, is a waste of time. All nations are part of the PTB control system, and they have and will always utilize there control, to create conflicts, riots, hatred, war, and blockades, to stir up the masses, and keep them in control in this play on their emotions. This is all about keeping you and everyone tied into the programs that keep all asleep.

It is not about what country you live in, but about what you can learn about this world, one that is totally 3D STS.


Hi Puck,

Movie is indeed shockingly revealing, makes you think how much of Orvel's truth is in side this movie.
I just saw this movie today... Very strong and hard. The scenes of war remind me what surely happened in Libya and is happening right now in Syria. The concentrations camps are a view of our future, as humanity maybe. Really, it is a good movie that gives you sadness and a vitriolic look of what can come very soon. And at the same time seeing this baby some thoughts came to my mind: how life is infinitely sacred and how war is a sacrilege of life. How children are important and how bad we treat them as bad as we treat life herself. And also how our future is fragile, like this little baby.

The movie is based, surprisingly, on a novel of PD James. Here is a link of a description of the movie...
Seen this movie afew years back, and it completely left my mind. Re watched it recently, and it shocked me how powerful this film is. I think the severity of the situation is portrayed very well and keeps to the story throughout.
Very great idea on how the world can go downhill so easily. Nice look at how immigration could turn out in our darkest hours!
Children of men: the power of cinema that is a mirror about us and our reality

For me "Children of Men" by Alfonso Cuarón is one of the best movies that talks about our reality, now. It is not the first time I named this movie that made a very strong impression on me. It is a very strong movie, and very hard. Humbly I advice to see it for those who did not see it, yet. It is for me a master piece.

Today I found this short analysis of the movie, including a look about our present, and how art in the movie makes us understand what is happening now, in our present. Surely I will look again for the forth time this movie, based on a book by a P.D. James book.

Here is the short analysis, very well done.

I love cinema when it touch me , in my core and help me to understand the sufferance of humanity, of others, my brothers and sisters, my human family. This movie gives us a very sharp vision of a distant future that is maybe already here.
This film really is brilliant. The first time i watched it was not long after it had been released. So i watched it more for a film to watch. Ofcourse now after reading Sott daily, and increasing my knowledge about our world. Rewatching this film becomes a new movie. Really enjoy the messages and the parallels I'm seeing with it's themes and the way the world is today.

Also the cinematography is so good. Those long shots have a way of captivating and pulling you in.

Overall this movie has considerably jumped up to the top of my best films list. And i also watched the don't ignore the background clip.

Really powerful stuff and i enjoyed the symbolistic marriage of the old and new images and their representations.
I saw a really neat orthodox Christian take which ties in also with some Paleochristian themes about Christ Caesar on the Facebook group Jonathan Pageau set up for symbolic commentary on reality:
Hello. So i finished watching this 2006 movie Children of Men and i couldnt help myself not to make a post about it in here cause i saw some obvious symbolical patterns after watching Pageau for 1.5 years now. The movie happens in the near future where something has happened that made women infertile in the world. UK has became one of the few last standing goverments and refugees from all around the world have started flooding in to live a better life because of the chaos and it has turnt UK in a police/fashist state. The world has split into a form of duality of "Citizens" and "fugees" or refugees. It has experienced a type of fall out of Eden and losing Life. This made it split into Tyrrany and chaos. Good and evil. The main plot comes when one refugee, which are form of "impure race" becomes pregnant. Now the others around her instead of looking it as a miracle that will heal the world, want to use the baby to bring a form of an Uprising, to unite the multyplicity against the tyranny of the state and take it down. They are like the guys who say that Christ is a socialist and made political statements not seeing the fullness of the meaning of this pregnancy as a symbol of new beggining. I noticed that the baby represents Christ where when he asked her who is the father the pregnant woman answered jokingly "i am a virgin" and started laughing. There was a scene where the police was fighting with the rebels but when they saw the baby they all stopped being in awe of the miracle and didnt attack each other. I couldnt not see that its Christ making peace between the 2 opposites within himself symbolized in the Church as the bread and wine. Also they had to point it out few times that the baby is a girl and not a boy. Maybe because it came from bellow, from the rebels instead from above so that was a small inversion. In the end the main role guy who saved them took the mother and the baby on a boat to safety, showing that he has been shot, finding out the baby will be named after him right before he dies showing a way a triumph over death with death. This is just a bit that i catched out of it but if someone else from this group sees it i think can find some more because the symbolism in this film was really agressive. It showed a fall into duality like Adam and Eve, the miracle conception, beating death with death, fall and restoration etc and its a good movie overall.

In addition to the above other things I noticed were the name of the rebel group was The Fishes. Government hands out rations to people (Bread and Circuses) which include suicide kits (Man cannot live on bread alone). So each faction has one side of the miracle, but no generative power to multiply them to actually feed everyone.

Most interesting was Son of Man becomes Children of Men. So amid the chaos of the world degenerating (as it would be seen in the political context of 2006) into the state of what some these days call Anarcho-Tyranny there is the hope of a new template for the human race emerging. The daughter was named after the protagonist who sacrificed himself for the ideal that rejected both political factions, which is quite similar to how Paul imparted a Davidic descent for Jesus/Caesar in spite of not actually being a genetic descendent of David (manufactured from his sperm similar to the Zoroastrian messiah to be born in the future coming from Zarathustra’s heavenly sperm bank as noted in Laura’s book From Mark to Paul). Thus the new world that was born to reboot the old was done not in accordance with any fleshly succession but was based on the spirit of an ideal that rejected the fleshly dichotomies that we’re splitting the world apart. The decline in fertility in the west, both literally (poisons and materialistic culture reducing family formation) and metaphorically (as utilizing the creativity of a chemical sexuality to actualize a new realities and give birth to new artistic and philanthropic and entrepreneurial endeavours) has its devastating consequences put on full display to see for all.

Since Laura identified the Billionaire Banker Series as an “encrypted channel” for spirit to communicate unsavoury parts of reality, I’ve been on the lookout for others in books and movies. This one stood neck and shoulders above others as a candidate. Despite superficially being “pro-refugee” (which in terms of grasping the crux of the matter is on par with the irrelevant statement “Jesus was Jewish”), a film like this wouldn’t be made today. Maybe the closest would be “Joker,” but that is a completely different praxis from Children of Men.

If you haven’t seen this movie I could not recommend it more highly.
I have seen this film several times, it is a masterpiece. And the more the years go by, the more it is actual, and the more we know what is going on, the more we are aware of what is going on, of what is likely to happen, the more this film becomes valuable. The more we are able to feel compassion for the characters, they are so much like us: their pain, their struggle. Especially their pain of living in a world like ours.

A must-see! If you have already seen it. To see if you don't know it. This is a story about us, we like it or not.
This is an interview posted on UK Column, it the first part of a 3 part interview It's also available on Ytube.

On 10 May 2022, UK Column’s Brian Gerrish, David Scott and Alex Thomson had the privilege of interviewing Sheikh Imran Hosein at length during his British speaking tour.

Sheikh Imran Hosein resides on Trinidad in the Caribbean and has developed a substantial worldwide following of Muslims—and latterly of non-Muslims—for his striking Qur’anic scholarship, his eirenic stance towards adherents of other religions, his passion for critical thinking, and his geopolitical and economic insights.

The remarkable conclusions that the Sheikh has attained arise from the combination of his scholarly tradition, which is informed by the work of Indian intellectuals in the late British Raj period such as Sir Muhammad Iqbal, and his secular studies, which have encompassed philosophy and international relations.

His audience increasingly overlaps with that of UK Column, due to our shared areas of concern, which are discussed in a relaxed and friendly manner in this interview.

In this first of the three parts of the interview to be released, Alex Thomson takes the lead and discusses with the Sheikh the pursuit of truth in religion and the proper bounds of traditional teachings when set against Scripture.

One of the many revelations I found astounding in this discourse is the revelation by Brian Gerrish. The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Wellbury, (religious leader of the Anglican Church in the UK, and also the UK Queen is the spiritual head of the Anglican church for the people of the UK). And as the heir apparent, Prince Charles would take the throne, and his views regarding the so called "Green Revolution" are most apparent in the MSM today.

Starts around the 20 min mark, although the whole interview is a much watch IMO, so many revelations unfolded.

That the Archbishop of Canterbury has worked with International bankers to set a fund for the "Green Agenda" with his banking friends is 17 trillion dollars. I believe a similar set of funding is ongoing in the Vatican. So it begs the question from me, where does all this money come from, and where is it going?

If this is the first part, can't wait for parts 2 & 3 and what other revelations that are waiting to be discovered.
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Strange, the thought crossed my mind after viewing the video I posted from UK Colum the Latin phrase, of which I have no knowledge was, opus operatum, came into my mind, looked up, tho9ught I was loosing my mind. I thought the definition according the English translation was interesting, watching this video again

en opus operatum; The work wrought. And this from the word sense dictionary, which I thought was also interesting


From another Latin website, am I being cherry picking, I don't know, but seems to relate to reality. that is my thought

opus operatum (English)​

Origin & history​



opus operatum

  1. Literally "the work wrought," a Latin phrase used to denote the spiritual effect in the performance of a religious rite which accrues from the virtue inherent in it, or by grace imparted to it, irrespective of the administrator.

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