Civil War in Ukraine: Western Empire vs Russia

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This is from an interview with Anatoly Wasserman that was made by Olga Ryabinina in February 2012. It relates to what is going on now: fra said:
February 20, 2012

The viewpoint of the wise man

Anatoly Wasserman:

The legendary scholar - about why it is beneficial for the US to destabilize the situation in Russia
[...] said:
- Should we expect a new wave of protest rallies or is it going to dissipate? Is the opposition preparing any surprises?

-After the presidential elections of March 4 the protest activity will increase. I am not ruling out, that during that period, a high profile crime may take place - something like the murder on October 7, 2006 of the journalist Anna Stepanovna Mazepa, better known under her husband's name "Politkovskaya". She was killed on Putin's birthday, in order to "congratulate" him this way. Today there are many people in the opposition movement, who could provide a very good advertising for the anti-state movement. If I was, for example, Boris Nemtsov, I would try to a either leave Russia a few days before the elections, or ask for asylum in one of the Russian prisons. Better to spend a few days behind bars, then to end up in a grave.. Today there are a lot of people, for whom Nemtsov is much more usefull dead, then alive...

February 20, 2012

Kristina Rus:

Three years later Vasserman's words became prophetic....Not a few days before elections, but 1.5 days before the "Russian Maidan," cleverly named "Spring" on March 1st, which is the first day of spring in Russia.

And you can say what you wish about the argument that it was Putin who killed him, the logic of the events makes that argument highly suspicious.

The historical timing of the murder, when Russia was finally winning the stand-off in Novorossia, left Russia's opponents the only option to change the situation - to attempt a change of the Russian leadership from the inside (like they haven't tried that before). After two defeats in Ukraine, a military failure and a sorry state of the Ukrainian army became apparent. The US and Europe are no longer monolith in their position, as they shift further apart and with each passing day it is more and more difficult to hide Kiev's crimes, lies and terror in Donbass and Ukraine. Thus Russia is beginning to make victories in the information war where it matters - in Europe. As Ukrainian stand-off is turning into a diplomatic phase along with a looming economic apocalypse in Ukraine (which is the only thing that Ukraine beat Russia at), it is becoming more and more difficult for the Kiev junta to stay afloat.

What is left for Russia's opponents? It is to blow up the situation in Russia from the inside. If one wanted to radicalize and polarize Russian society, naturally blaming Putin for a murder of a top opposition leader is a logical step.

Is this attempt doomed to fail? Considering Putin's sky high approval rating, this could be just one step in a series of steps, or an attempt to turn the tide, which in the long run, whether before or after 2018 could allow to "hope" for desired results.

Even if Russia's enemies keep failing, are we to believe they will stop trying? I think not.

We should not forget that this is a long game for all the players involved, and the United States will not retreat without a fight, and it is not willing to loose to "some former Russian KGB operative."

PS Are we really to believe that Putin would kill his high profile opponents on his own birthday or at the front of his own Kremlin? The timing and locations of these murders much better fir a scenario of a sinister greeting to Putin from someone else...
[... and after the comment of Kristina is another section of the interview in Yandex translation]
Instability is the main export commodity of America
"You never questioned part of the West, and primarily the United States, organizing rallies, protests in Russia. Why?

- United States of America long ago have only one export commodity, and volatility. Already half a century they spend more than they earn. This is achieved by the fact that their overconsumption pay for others. Financial schemes that provide payment, tried a lot. Now remained the same: to create in people the belief that in any other place except the United States of America, money is at risk and may disappear. To maintain this illusion, it is necessary to create conflicts and failures around the world, that the money flowed from everywhere in America. Therefore, regardless of the personal relations of Barack Obama to Putin and despite the fact that many Western companies working on the Russian market, America has no choice but to destabilize the situation in our country. [...]

The majority of protesters, in your opinion, has long betrayed the interests of Russia and wish her collapse?

- Far from it. Most of the participants of protest rallies sincerely wish their country for good, act for the good against the bad. However, they are wrong. We all know where the road leads, paved with good intentions...
No matter how Nemtsov died it will be used.
Siberia said:
Are we on the same page now?
If it's so important to you:) And yes, I see more or less what you have in mind.

About the trace of Israel. I have to admit that from time to time in media it keeps popping up. It is disturbing... Although I don't have any poof to backup my words, as I understand here it is not necessary because the issue was already covered.
Caught On Tape: The Moment Boris Nemtsov Was Assassinated

- the following clip suggests this was anything but an ad hoc shooting...

Published on Feb 28, 2015

This surveillance footage features the assassination of Boris Nemtsov. The fatal shots were fired at 23:31:14, when Boris and Anna were screened by a WSV. The murderer can be seen getting into a car and fleeing the crime scene a few seconds later.

The narrator suggests, as Nemtsov and his companion are walking along the road, a garbage truck (or cleaning vehicle) is behind them. When the garbage truck comes alongside the couple, it slows down, then moves ahead, then stops... and another man leaves the vehicle and jumps in a following car, which speeds away with tires smoking...

As Ukraineatwar blog concludes,

The video seems to be real, because the location EXACTLY fits the know murder spot. It does not seem likely that such a video could have been prepared in advance.

The murder EXACTLY takes place when the cleaning vehicle passes by. It is absolutely unclear where the assassin come from. Nobody can be seen walking towards or behind Nemtsov and his companion. Neither can somebody be seen walking to that specific spot to wait for them.

Therefore it seems very likely that the cleaning vehicle has something to do with it and the assassin could have traveled with the vehicle.

Since Nemtsov was shot from behind and the cleaning vehicle already caught up with them when the murder took place, it does not seem likely that the assassin traveled on the passenger seat next to the driver. He had to open and close the door and that may have drawn their attention. It seems likely that he had traveled on the back of the car. He could easily jump on and off and could also estimate if there were other people to close to them to do the operation at all at that moment.

Using a cleaning vehicle gives a lot of advantage: you can drive slowly, draw no attention, wait if necessary and thus pick exactly the right moment (with no other people nearby).

It does seem like the assassin had been following the couple already when he jumped on the vehicle. They may have crossed the road where the cleaning car was waiting. After seeing them pass by, it started entering the bridge. When they passed the assassin, he jumped on. In this way they could be sure that they had the right person AND they could pick the right moment without running to catch them up.

All the getaway car had to do was to wait until the cleaning vehicle got on the bridge, see the hit man jumped on and then get to follow from a distance to slowly catch up.

It all does look like a REALLY WELL orchestrated operation.

Totally weird is that there is no traffic at all behind them. Such a moment is very hard to pick, especially when you can see that there are many cars before the assassination moment. Right after the car picks up the assassin, new cars start arriving again. This indicates there had been some 'orchestration' here too. Either traffic lights had been red on all fronts or traffic had been halted in another way.
Zee Ley said:
Siberia said:
Are we on the same page now?
If it's so important to you:) And yes, I see more or less what you have in mind.

Strange response. You either agree or disagree, there is no need to please anyone with your answer.

We may have different views about the details, but by now, after the overwhelming amount of evidence collected here, it sounds like noise or even sabotage when someone who didn't contribute to this process comes and tries to reinterprete the basic state of affairs. OSIT

Edit: corrected the quote
Article on Fort Russ that argues that Nemtsov was a agent working for the Kremlin and therefore assasinated.

Was Nemtsov killed because his cover of a Kremlin asset was blown?
Re: The War against Putin; Russian opposition leader, shot dead in central

Siberia said:
I agree with the Saker that it's yet another MH17 against Putin which is even stronger than Politkovskaya and Litvinenko combined (in terms of ponerizing people's minds).

I agree too. As Stephen Lendman writes in his article, "Nemtsov was a Western financed self-serving opportunist. His killing has all the earmarks of a US-staged false flag. Cui bono remains most important. Clearly Putin had nothing to gain. Rogue US elements have lots to benefit from trying to destabilize Russia."

Here is the article: _

Nemtsov Murder: Anti-Putin False Flag!
by Stephen Lendman

Overnight Friday, opposition politician/Putin antagonist Boris Nemtsov was shot and killed in central Moscow.

Tass said he was "shot dead (by) four shots from a handgun from a car passing by him..."

He was RPR-Parnas party co-chair, a Yaroslavi Oblast regional parliament member, and Solidarnost co-founder/co-chair - modeled after CIA-financed anti-communist Lech Walesa's Polish Solidarnosc.

In the 1990s, he held various government posts - including first deputy prime minister and deputy prime minister under Boris Yeltsin.

He served in Russia's lower house State Duma and upper house Federation Council. He ignored clear US responsibility for Ukrainian crisis conditions. He lied calling Donbass "Vladimir Putin's war."

Before Washington's coup, he said "(w)e support Ukraine's course toward European integration...By supporting Ukraine, we support ourselves."

Along with Aleksey Navalny, Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Ryzhkov, and other Putin opponents, he had close Western ties.

He got State Department funding through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). It wages war on democracy worldwide.

It advances US interests. Its board of directors includes a rogue's gallery of neocon extremists.

In 2009, Nemtsov and Kasparov met personally with Obama. They discussed anti-Putin tactics - regime change by any other name.

Nemtsov's killing was strategically timed - ahead of Sunday's Vesna (Russian Spring anti-government) opposition march.

I'll now be a Nemtsov memorial rally - turning an anti-Putin/pro-Western opportunist/convenient stooge into an unjustifiable martyr.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said "Putin has stressed that this brutal murder has all (the) signs of a contract murder and is extremely provocative."

"The president has expressed his deep condolences to the family of tragically deceased Nemtsov."

Serial-killer/unindicted war criminal Obama "condemn(ed) (his) brutal murder."

He ludicrously called him "a tireless advocate for his country, seeking for his fellow Russian citizens the rights to which all people are entitled."

"I admired Nemtsov's courageous dedication to the struggle against corruption in Russia and appreciated his willingness to share his candid views with me when we met in Moscow in 2009."

"(T)he Russian people...have lost one of the most dedicated and eloquent defenders of their rights."

John Kerry made similar duplicitous comments. Mikhail Gorbachev called his killing "an attempt to complicate the situation in the country, even to destabilize it by ratcheting up tensions between the government and the opposition."

Nemtsov was a Western financed self-serving opportunist. His killing has all the earmarks of a US-staged false flag. Cui bono remains most important.

Clearly Putin had nothing to gain. Rogue US elements have lots to benefit from trying to destabilize Russia.

If Putin wanted Nemtsov dead, it's inconceivable he'd order a Mafia-style contract killing. An "unfortunate" plane or car crash would have been more likely.

Perhaps cleverly poisoning him the way Obama murdered Chavez and Sharon killed Arafat.

Gunning him down in central Moscow automatically rules out Kremlin involvement.

His demise has all the earmarks of a CIA-staged false flag. Expect no evidence whatever surfacing suggesting Putin's involvement.

Nemtsov's martyrdom is much more valuable to Washington than using him alive as an impotent opposition figure.

Despite challenging economic conditions, Putin's approval rating exceeds 85%. Nemtsov's party has less than 5%. He was no popular favorite. Most Russians disliked him.

Expect his hyped martyrdom to be fully exploited in the West. Does Washington plan more political assassinations to heighten the Nemtsov effect?

Expect Sunday's march to be nothing more than another US failed attempt to enlist anti-Putin support.

Russians aren't stupid. They know how Washington operates. How it vilifies their government. How neocon lunatics in charge are capable of anything.

They know Washington bears full responsibility for Ukrainian crisis conditions. How Putin goes all-out trying to resolve them diplomatically.

Obama wants war, not peace. He wants destabilizing regime change in Russia - perhaps by nuclear war if other methods fail.

Killing Nemtsov changes nothing. Expect Western anti-Putin propaganda to fall flat after a few days of suggesting his involvement.

The New York Times practically accused him of murder calling Nemtsov's killing "the highest-profile assassination in Russia during (his) tenure."

His death occurred "just days before he was to lead (an anti-Putin) rally to protest the war in Ukraine."

The Times absurdly claimed "doors are now closing on the vision of a pluralistic political system of the type (Nemtsov) said he wanted for Russia."

It quoted discredited (on corruption charges) Putin opposition figure Gennady Gudkov saying "(t)hey have started to kill 'enemies of the people.' Mr. Nemtsov is dead. Who is next?"

The Times called him a "dashing, handsome young politician..often touted as an heir apparent to (Boris) Yeltsin."

Neocon Washington Post editors called his murder "another dark sign for Russia."

They flat-out lied saying he "was a courageous Russian politician who never gave up on the dream that the country could make the transition from dictatorship to liberal democracy."

They tried turning a nobody into a political icon. Ludicrously claiming he "be(came) one of the most enduring political figures of the post-Soviet era."

Disgracefully saying "he was by no means the first Putin opponent to be murdered in brazen fashion." Practically accusing Putin of ordering his killing.

Claiming he's "unwilling to tolerate opposition of any kind." Ignoring his overwhelming popularity. His opposition does a good job of rendering itself irrelevant.

Neocon Wall Street Journal editors proved true to form. They outrageously said "(i)n the gangster state that is Vladimir Putin's Russia, we may never learn who shot Boris Nemtsov in Moscow late Friday night."

They absurdly claimed "he might have steered Russia toward a decent future had he been given a chance."

"Instead, he was fated to become a courageous voice for democracy and human rights who risked his life to alert an indifferent West to the dangers of doing business with the man in the Kremlin."

Journal and like-minded editorials and commentaries repeated one Big Lie after another. Irresponsible Putin bashing substitutes for honest reporting and analysis.

Nemtsov's killing is Washington's latest attempt to destabilize Russia. It's part of its longstanding regime change strategy.

It bears repeating. Russians are too smart to fall for thinly veiled US schemes.

Their overwhelming support for Putin shows flat rejection of what Washington neocons have in mind for their country.
Jeremy F Kreuz said:
Article on Fort Russ that argues that Nemtsov was a agent working for the Kremlin and therefore assasinated.

Was Nemtsov killed because his cover of a Kremlin asset was blown?

Another article on Fort Russ - Russian bloggers analyze Nemtsov's murder: "The picture of a corpse on the background of the Kremlin"

Second bloggers comment:


Wikipedia knew about the murder an hour early: (snap shot of web entry)

And this - 8th comment down from top:


Two minutes before

The first report of the murder appeared in wikipedia (UTC time?) at 21:38 with Rostov IP. This was the first and last post from that IP.

TASS reported it at 00:40

First Twitter report was by Yashin at 00:27,_%D0%91%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%B8%D1%81_%D0%95%D1%84%D0%B8%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%87&oldid=68908797,_%D0%91%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%B8%D1%81_%D0%95%D1%84%D0%B8%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%87&offset=20150227214734&action=history
Jeremy F Kreuz said:
Article on Fort Russ that argues that Nemtsov was a agent working for the Kremlin and therefore assasinated.

Was Nemtsov killed because his cover of a Kremlin asset was blown?

That's an interesting hypothesis and possible IMO. It's likely that the Kremlin would have tried and perhaps succeeded in infiltrating the phony Us-backed opposition. If Nemtsov was a double agent working for the Kremlin inside this phony opposition, this is a good reason for some CIA-linked operatives to assassinate him to both remove a double agent and demonize Putin.
Lada Ray put up an interesting post just before Nemtsov's killing. She can be a little love-n-light flaky, but she also says some interesting things about moves being made in Ukraine in the background.

Plan to Destabilize Russia Failed; Kiev Regime Funnels Resources Into Nazi Western Ukraine and Sells off Strategic Food Reserves

Feb 28

Posted by Lada Ray

My predictions about Ukraine are developing exactly as expected (details in PREDICTIONS and articles linked on the Predictions page). In 2013-14, while Russia was looking the other way during the Sochi Olympics, the US/West planned to destabilize Russia via Ukraine. The plan included the takeover of the geopolitically super-important Crimea, turning it into the oversized US/NATO base and kicking out the Russian Black Sea fleet. It also included the takeover of the entire Ukraine, culminating in the creation of anti-Russia on Russian borders. US was planning to destabilize and subsequently destroy Russia with the hands of the Russian-speaking, but thoroughly brainwashed Ukrainians – and make no mistake, Ukrainians are in fact Russians (more: FREE Earth Shift Report 2: Ukraine, Russia and Falsified History).

Despite long-term and careful planning, despite $5 bln spent by the US to ‘subvert Ukraine’ as admitted by Victoria Nuland, all the above plans have failed utterly. The Kiev junta is afraid, mortally afraid. Many junta participants have already left the country, including oligarch Kolomoysky, who’s in Switzerland since last year; Zaporozhie elites, most of whom are in London; families of Poroshenko and many other top-tier Kiev politicians and oligarchs.

The end is nearing; maidan-3 is expected any moment; the total collapse of the country is underway. The process I have been predicting since early 2014 is gaining momentum.

Plan B is being executed by the Kiev junta together with their Western handlers. The questions are: What is this Plan B and can it succeed?

Thanks to readers Paul and Nemo for providing great links and quotes!

Paul Plane, Host of the Plane Truth Show on Time Monk Radio, says: “Not saying it is true, but I have read statements that the Kiev regime is basically trying to funnel as much spending as possible to Galicia. Galicia will, one imagines, either become independent or join Poland, so it makes sense to put all the problems and debts on Kiev and all the assets in Lvov. A bit from a Pravda article. In an interview with the prime minister of the breakaway Carpathian republic of Ruthenia Pyotr Getsko, the following was said:

“It is clear that the truce will be thwarted very soon. There are prerequisites that have already been recognized officially that Kiev is no longer the center of all investment in Ukraine. According to statistic reports, in the second half of 2014 the main flow of investment has moved to three regions of western Ukraine – Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions. Therefore, statements from Klimkin and company do not mean anything. I think that they have already received an order, so they are wimping out Ukraine.

“Slowly but surely, Kiev is losing its role by moving capitals to those regions. In the Galician regions, the volume of construction and investments has been growing lately. The rest of Ukraine pales in comparison at this point. This is their vector. They work for Galicia now in an attempt to hang all the debts on the rest of Ukraine. Therefore, the Kiev government that has never become a legitimate government does not negotiate. Those, who created Maidan 1 and Maidan 2 escape from Kiev. Families of the top administration of Ukraine escape from the country as well.

“Poland is preparing for the integration of its former land – three Galician regions. The bottom line is that the trend is already visible. The plan to shatter Russia has failed, and the USA may decide to continue applying some of Maidan-related technologies, as well as Ukrainian nationalists in other countries of Eastern Europe.

“All these battalions, including Aidar and Azov, may go to Europe after Ukraine. Those people know what bloodshed is, they have learned to kill, loot and rape. They will not stop in Lviv, so they will go further to Europe via Poland or through Hungary, Slovakia.

“There will be a war in Europe, rather than in Russia. As for Russia, Putin has made all preventive decisions necessary.”

Nemo says: “Lada, you predicted a new revolution in Ukraine this coming spring… Well, the reason for it might just have materialised. Ukrainian strategic food reserves are empty – stolen or squandered. The following article, translated to English describes the situation. The link to the Russian source is in the translation. Ukraine’s Strategic Food Reserve…Runs Out Of Food So this is well the answer to the “What’s Next?” part your article’s title.”

Both comments are from my recent article: New Predictions: Gazprom Gears Up for Gas Shut-off to Ukraine. What’s Next?

Lada says:

What both Paul and Nemo are saying is true. Since last summer, I’ve been hearing rumors and eyewitness reports, regarding some of the strategic grain reserves and other valuable goods being transferred to Galicia (Galichina) in western Ukraine, the hotbed and birth place of ukro-nazism. Construction materials and assets are being ripped off East and South and moved to Galichina.

It was in the three oblasts of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil (Lvov, Ivano-Frankovsk and Ternopol), where the dreaded WWII SS Division Galichina and others had been formed.
These SS divisions were headed by ideologues of ukro-nazism Bandera and Shukhevich; they were responsible for executions and torture of hundreds of thousands of Russians, Ukrainians, Jews and Poles.

People throughout Ukraine have been observing huge grain trains moving to western Ukraine. Same goes for other strategic food reserves. However, the grain reserve is the most important food reserve Ukraine always must store in abundance. Bread is the main staple in Ukraine, same as in Russia (proving once again Ukrainians being the same culture as Russians).

Second half of the strategic grain reserve was quietly sold abroad to raise emergency cash. As I said in above-referenced article, Ukraine has been bankrupt since last year; however, via different corruption schemes, through Western loans and civil war, they had been hiding this fact. One of the ways to conceal a bankruptcy was to perform a fire sale of anything they could still sell.

Among other things, this also concerned the gold reserve that was shipped off to the US last summer, including the priceless Scythian gold collection (search my FT posts and YT video on that). This also includes the national Ukraine foreign currency reserve that was partially spent on weapons to fight Donbass, as well as on overpriced heating coal from S. Africa and to repay Gazprom. The rest was stolen by politicians and oligarchs.

When they couldn’t sell anything else after severing ties with Russia and destroying the country’s economy, they tapped into the unthinkable – the strategic food reserves. First, they removed these reserves from the areas where the ‘undesirables’ lived – the south and east of the country. Then, they stripped the center and north as well.

The only place where nothing was removed and where more was added was Galicia.

The above is consistent with what Poroshenko, this ukro-nazi lite, said recently. He has said that the hard-core ukro-nazi Galicia is where the ‘cream of the nation resides’ and that it is the title region and core population of Ukraine. In fact, the culture, mentality and even language of Galichina are very different from the rest of Ukraine. Some Ukrainians consider it practically a foreign country.

In addition to shipping food reserves to Galicia, witnesses also report that grain reserves were brought by trainload to the ports of Mariupol for Eastern Ukraine and Odessa, for Southern Ukraine, and shipped off via Black Sea to unknown destinations.

For a while I’ve also been warning that Poland is trying to chop off as big of a chunk of Ukraine as possible, while everyone in the West is distracted by the civil war and busy vilifying Russia, and Russia is busy fending off the attacks. I also mentioned that, more quietly, Romania is trying to do the same with Chernovtsi (also in western Ukraine), and part, or all, of Odessa oblast. Hungary, even more quietly, has designs on Zakarpatie (Transcarpathia).


In New Predictions: Gazprom Gears Up for Gas Shut-off to Ukraine. What’s Next?, we already discussed that Ukraine economy unfortunately will be destroyed and it will have to be rebuilt from scratch later, when normalcy returns to this territory. This also concerns the strategic food reserves, staggering debt, and the fact that the population is getting more destitute by the day. Since Ukrainians refused to pay attention for the past 23 years, the awakening has to happen the hard way.

Those who stole Ukraine’s resources are already either in London, New York or Geneva (such as Kolomoysky), or have their planes on the standby. On the other hand, Galicia ukro-nazis and armed thugs are looting what hasn’t been stolen by the oligarchs and politicians, dragging everything they can to Lvov, Ternopol and Ivan-Frankovsk. And yes, they are also investing heavily in Galichina, while saddling the rest of the country with debt. They hope it’ll work, but it won’t. After all this is over, there will be investigations and international tribunal, as a result of which, Galicia will most likely have to pay reparations.

Let me remind my readers that these three oblasts are historically the least productive and poorest agricultural areas of Ukraine. The most developed, educated, productive and hard-working areas are Donbass, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhie, and Dnepropetrovsk – the same areas that want to be with Russia and are against Kiev junta and ukro-nazis. Galicia, as all of western Ukraine, Kiev and agricultural central Ukraine, always lived off the productive and developed East and South.

Looting these parts in order to enrich Galicia is done in order to weaken further the pro-Russian parts and to make it more lucrative for Poland and Romania to later take over western Ukraine.

But is this scenario really possible? Can Poland and Romania succeed in chopping off parts of Ukraine?

Here are my predictions and thoughts:

I usually say that there are times when the energy flowing into the future is clearly defined and the future is fully formed. Then my predictions have a hight confidence factor. However, there are times when the future is still in a flux. In such cases I usually see the best scenario, which I will suggest, or 2 or more possible scenarios.

In this case prediction for Romania is easy. The answer for Odessa and any part of Odessa oblast – absolutely not, Romania won’t succeed in trying to annex it. I can say will full confidence that Russia will never allow that to happen.

My readers will remember that I said in the beginning of 2014 – well before the Crimean referendum was even planned – that Russia would never allow Crimea to fall into the hands of the Ukraine nazis and Americans. Sure enough – this is what happened.

I say with equal confidence that Romania will never get any part of Odessa region. If not Odessa proper, they are at least trying to get their hands of the strategic port of Izmail, located in the southern-most portion of the huge Odessa oblast. Izmail, which was once a Turkish port and fortress, controls the exit from the internationally important river Danube (Dunai) into the Black Sea. Izmail and a large chunk of southern Odessa oblast is secluded and only connected by 2 bridges to mainland. It is also far from Russia. But it is very close to Romania. Geographically, it is easy for Romania to take it over, however, politically it’s impossible. There is absolutely no way Russia will allow Romania to have such asset. Interestingly enough, Germany and France won’t allow it either – see more on that below.

As to Chernovtsi in western Ukraine, the same answer – absolutely not. Romania won’t get it either. Chernovtsi oblast was part of reparations Romania had to pay to the USSR after WWII for siding with Hitler and occupying Odessa and other parts of the country.

Will Poland be able to annex Galicia? I can tell you that US would love for them to do so.

This is a bit more complicated and depends on certain circumstances, one of them being that after the junta and ukro-nazis are chased out of Ukraine (remember my prediction time frame: it will happen between 2016-18), Russians and Ukrainians may actually decide they don’t want to deal with Galicia and ukro-nazis. They may decide to lock them in the aforementioned three oblasts, redraw the border by the river Prut and let Poland deal with them. In that case, Poland may just get its wish, but will certainly regret it, per above quote from Peotr Getsko. He is absolutely correct in suggesting that all these armed ukro-nazi thugs will invade Europe, Poland being first in line.

On the other hand, Western EU – mainly, Germany and France – will not like Poland getting any land from Ukraine (and forget Romania). This is a bad precedent for the EU, flying in the face of any WWII border agreements. It’s a dangerous path, leading to mayhem and potential war in Europe. This is something Europeans, especially Germans, are mortally afraid of.

The likelihood of about 98-99% is that Germany, France and Russia will make the decision on borders and attribution of Western Ukraine jointly. This will signify a further rift between US and EU.

Therefore, EU (read Germany, France, Austria and Hungary) together with Russia, and possibly Belarus and Kazakhstan, may decide to put joint peacekeeping forces in western Ukraine, creating a sequestered protectorate in order to suppress the ukro-nazis there. This is a rather likely scenario for the next 5 to 10 years. But the situation will be malleable at best.

About Russins and Zakarpatie (Transcarpathia): Getsko represents ethnic Russins (local for ‘Russians’), called ‘Ruthenians’ in English. The name of Russins was deliberately latinized in Western languages so it would sound as a separate from Russians ethnicity, thus attempting to sever ties with the mother culture. I always use the correct name ‘Russins’.

Ethnic Russins, who were Orthodox, had been forcefully converted into Catholicism in 18-20th centuries, when they were under Austria-Hungary empire’s rule. Since they resisted, concentration camps were built for them and a quiet genocide of the core Carpathian population was executed.

Transcarpathia is mainly populated with Russins and Hungarians. It is firmly united against Galichina Bandera ukro-nazis, who also killed a lot of them. There is a possibility of a referendum to break away, but what these shrewd and sly people don’t want is a Donbass-like war. They will wait for the Kiev junta to weaken sufficiently, and preferably, for the Donbass self-defence tanks to enter Kiev, if you know what I mean. Alternatively, Transcarpathia will wait for uprisings in Odessa, Kharkov and Zaporozhie, and only then will they seize their opportunity to declare independence.

Transcarpathia doesn’t want to be a part of Ukraine. Most population wouldn’t mind being with Russia, but they are too remote and cut off from Russia by Galicia. Russins say that when their people need to escape to Russia from the Ukraine mobilization, they have to go through Slovakia and/or Hungary, in order to bypass the ukro-nazis in Galicia.

Transcarpathia has a border with Hungary, and many locals want to join it. I wrote about that at one point in 2014. I do think it’s a good idea. Joining Hungary may make sense for Zakarpatie, as long as the people’s referendum decides so.

My prediction is that the ultimate decision as to what happens to various parts of western Ukraine will be made in Moscow.


Poland is the most anti-Russian of all the former Soviet bloc countries. Adding the Azov virus to the mix could really ramp up the potential for violence there. That would scare Germany to death. The Polish border is where it all kicked off the last time. It could be one more way to keep the EU in line.
This incident is being reported, as happening the same night of Nemtsov's killing, on Feb. 27:

Yanukovych's ally Chechetov commits suicide under house arrest

Mykhailo Chechetov, former deputy head of the Party of Regions parliament faction in the time of the president Viktor Yanukovych, killed himself jumping out of the window of his apartment at 17 floor in Kyiv on the night of Feb. 27.

Chechetov was under home arrest and wore an electronic bracelet as he was charged with violating his authority during the vote for the so-called “dictator laws" passed on Jan. 16, 2014 that were widely limiting civil freedoms.

Chechetov's wife, who was present in the apartment, called the police. The police reports say she woke up around 1 a.m. and went looking for her husband in the apartment. She found a suicide note in the study.

Lawmaker Anton Herashchenko, adviser at the Interior Ministry, cited the suicide note on his Facebook page. According to him, the note said, "I have no moral strength to live anymore. I'm leaving. I think it will be better for everyone. Thank you all for support."

Chechetov jumped out of the window from the 17th floor of his two-level apartment at Mishugi Street in the left-bank part of Kyiv.

Herashchenko said that based on the testimonies of Chechetov's wife and other people, who saw the politician on that day, Chechetov had a serious depression.

Chechetov, 61, became known in previous parliament for gesturing the lawmakers of Party of Regions, giving signs on behalf of the party bosses on how the members should vote. In December 2010 the journalists boycotted Chechetov, accusing him in openly lying to them.

In 2004 Chechetov, who then headed the State Property Fund, organized the privatization of Kryvorizhstal, Ukraine's largest steel company, to the oligarchs Viktor Pinchuk, a son-in-law of then-president Leonid Kuchma, and Rinat Akhmetov. But in 2005 the new country's authorities called the deal illegal and after re-privatization the plant was sold to Indian businessman Lakshmi Mittal for the six times higher price.

Herashchenko reported that Prosecutor General's Office was about to charge Chechetov with more crimes.

He added that despite the testimony of Chechetov's wife and a note proving the suicide, the police followed the regular procedure and still opened a criminal probe on preliminary murder to check all the possible versions of his death.

“There's only one question – if Chechetov was brought to suicide by the threats during meeting or by phone from the people, against whom he could give testimonies," Herashchenko wrote.

Regarding Ukrainian strategic food reserves

Ukrainian Minister Warns Citizens against Panic amid Food Shortages

KIEV, March 2 (TASS) - Ukraine’s agrarian policy minister Alexey Pavlenko has asked citizens not to panic amid food shortages in the country and blamed speculators for the current crisis.

"We have enough foodstuffs. As for crops, for example, we have 5.2 million tons now while the domestic consumption is 2.1 million tons. We have enough buckwheat. We have an excessive production of sugar, estimated at almost 700,000 tons, or more than the consumers need," Pavlenko said.

"In my opinion, the situation comes due to panic and speculative activities," Pavlenko told the country’s TV channels.

According to Pavlenko, the shop workers fail to prepack buckwheat and flour due to an increased demand, while some retail chains take advantage of the situation.

Ukraine’s media reports earlier said the collapse of the hryvnia and the growing prices on the country’s consumer market have led to panic buying of food, medicines and household appliances.

The shops limit the sales warning customers that they can buy no more than 2 packages of buckwheat, 3-5 kilograms of flour, 3-5 kilograms of sugar and 2 bottles of sunflower oil.

The same situation is observed in Lviv and Chernovtsy (in western Ukraine), Nikolayev (in the country’s south) and Dnipropetrovsk (eastern Ukraine), according to regional media reports.

"People are buying sacks of flour and sugar, and there is also shortage of crops and sunflower oil," the reports say.

The hryvnia has dropped to below 27 per dollar, the lowest level in the past five years, raising fears of a possible default. Last week, people held a rally in Kiev dubbed the "financial Maidan" demanding the resignation of Ukraine’s National Bank Governor Valeria Gontareva and her first deputy Alexander Pisarchuk.

The only place where nothing was removed and where more was added was Galicia.

Galician Separatists Seek Independence from Ukraine, EU Membership - "Galician autonomy" activists hint at secession

The European Galician Assembly has become more active in Lvov. It is known for its advocacy of separatism. Activists of the organization held a conference, at which the City Mayor Andriy Sadovyi and former economic development Minister Pavel Sheremet were among the guests.

The Galician Assembly consists of local intellectuals who have never concealed their separatist views (they recently registered the Ukrainian Galician party). The head of organisation Vladimir Pavliv became famous as a "Galician autonomist" even before the war. In his view, a change in the format of the administrative-territorial status is not far off.

"I am interested in autonomy for Western Ukraine or Galicia, and what happens beyond Zbruch, I don't care about," – he confessed two years ago. "The integrity of Ukraine for me is less important than the well-being of Galicia".

Another leader of the Galician Assembly writer Taras Prohasko called Donbass – "a gangrene for the Ukrainian State." However, today the Galician separatists do not publicly express their support for the secession of the Western region, and the purpose of the organization is officially referred to as the development of Galicia and integration into Europe. However, activists of the Assembly hinted that they wouldn't mind getting into the EU without Ukraine.

We need to unite, at least three areas — Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk." The goal of our Organization is to return Galicia to Europe, because this is an area which is most ready for European integration," said Pavliv at the recent opening of Ternopil affiliate. He also didn't mind joining the initiative of Transcarpathian region and Bukovina.

Expert Taras Gliwinskiy believes that the Galician party is betting on local elections: "The chip will be the promise of EU membership, and if the economy will collapse because of the war in the East, the question of secession will rise".
First indication of possible suspects in the Nemtsov murder - Chechyans fighting in Ukraine (on the junta side) - with possible implication of Secret Service of the Ukraine (and thus the US?)
Jeremy F Kreuz said:
First indication of possible suspects in the Nemtsov murder - Chechyans fighting in Ukraine (on the junta side) - with possible implication of Secret Service of the Ukraine (and thus the US?)

Chechnyans fighting in Ukraine is enough to implicate the U.S. (if they were indeed responsible for Nemtsov murder) - since they were probably sent there after being trained by the U.S.

America’s Chechen Proxy Fighters: The Big Picture Everyone Has Missed
update from Colonel Cassad

1. The withdrawal of forces has purely fictitious nature on the junta side. The enemy pulls back heavy weapons from the positions on camera and then returns them to the backup positions. The OSCE observers essentially serve as spectators who record the fake withdrawal even though no actual pull back of heavy weapons happens. In the coming days there will be a more detailed article with factual evidence on this topic. Besides the fake withdrawal of heavy weapons, additional redeployment of vehicles towards the front is noted. A multi-kilometer column of tanks passed through the Konstantinovka district towards Donetsk. About 30 tanks are being prepared for deployment at the front near Kurakhovo, personnel and materiel are accumulated in the area of Krasnogorovka, the reinforcement of the group of the enemy in the Volnovakha district continues, the appearance of "Buk" SAM complexes was noted to the south-west of Donetsk. Overall, the enemy is using the process of heavy weapons withdrawal to regroup its forces and accumulate the reserves for the possibility of resuming high-intensity military action. Naturally, this activity of the enemy is not a secret for the NAF military command.

2. The border of the RF with the DPR and the LPR remains open, as it was said before — our humanitarian personnel pass it quite easily. Cars with the wounded NAF fighters who are headed for treatment into Russia also pass. Meanwhile, the fight against "extraneous" cargo has intensified. So the talk of closing the border is not true. The control over the passing cargo became more stringent, this is certainly true, so in the observable future the humanitarian shipments may most likely require permits and strict observance of the demands of the RF law with respect to cargo transshipment through the border. The humanitarian free-for-all of the summer of 2014 is clearly ending and systemic regimentation awaits the processes of transshipping humanitarian cargo. Regarding volunteers, they continue to come and they are allowed to pass, but this is no longer a trip to "somewhere" but typically a trip to concrete units where people are put on the roster. Unlike in the LPR, in the DPR the armed units that are not included in the roster are banned, so situations where a volunteer could come into Donetsk and select a unit for himself to join will disappear completely in the medium term. In the LPR, due to more internal laxity, such situation will continue.

3. Mobilization measures associated with the accumulation of food activated on the south-east of Ukraine. The amount of bread made in bakeries of the south-east region increased significantly. Apparently, the enemy is accumulating food for the spring-summer campaign. Accumulation of the stocks of fuel and lubricants is performed in the area of Artyomovsk, Izyum, Volnovakha. Our sources point out certain problems due to the lack of fuel trucks and construction machinery. There are very few specialized vehicles of military type and a significant part of vehicles that were mobilized from the civilian economy was lost during prior engagements. Such materiel is abandoned first during retreat, so there is a serious lack of it starting from autumn.

4. In the coming months we may expect serious filtration with the goal of uncovering people who committed crimes and abused power in the interest of personal gain in security structures of the DPR in addition to the continuing fight against organized crime and various offenses committed by the military. There is understanding among the republican leadership that by condoning such facts, against which there are often complaints from the local residents, one may obtain genuine discontent in the end, which will be directed at the central authorities in addition to the local officials and security personnel. Overall, this will be another stage of the campaign of establishing order in the DPR, which continues since September and already allowed to significantly reduce the crime level, even though it still remains quite high. Elements of Makhnovism still occur, but now this is more of a fight against organized crime, which takes advantage of the weakness of the state.

From a local source - . Minister of Justice and Minister of energy of DPR would have been detained. I cannot find confirmation of that by another source.

Maknovism - from Wikipedia

Makhnovism refers to various related political and economic theories elaborated by Ukrainian anarchist revolutionary leader Nestor Makhno, and by other theorists (Peter Arshinov etc.) who claim to be carrying on Makhno's work. During Makhno's lifetime Makhnovism was anarchist, and opposed the state and political parties, as well as bureaucracy, and favoured highly decentralized communes run by peasants and workers. Makhnovism builds upon and elaborates the ideas of Peter Kropotkin, and serves as the philosophical basis for anarchist communism. It is also the philosophical basis for Makhno's contribution to platformism.

In early 1918, the new Bolshevik government in Russia signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk making peace with the Central Powers, but ceding large amounts of territory to them, including Ukraine. Partisan units were formed that waged guerrilla war against the Germans and Austrians. Nestor Makhno was one of the main organizers of these partisan groups, who united into the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine (RPAU), also called the Black Army (because they fought under the anarchist black flag) and "Makhnovists" or "Makhnovshchina". The RPAU also battled against the Whites, the Reds and anti-semitic pogromists. In areas where the RPAU drove out opposing armies, there were villagers (and workers) who sought to abolish capitalism and the state through organizing themselves into village assemblies, communes and councils. Land and factories were expropriated and workers' self-management implemented. The economy the Makhnovists in Ukraine implemented was based on free exchange between rural and urban communities.
Jeremy F Kreuz said:
Nemtsov was killed on the 27th of february

from wikipedia for that day

1933 – Reichstag fire: Germany's parliament building in Berlin, the Reichstag, is set on fire, apparently by the Communists.
the murder has also eerie resemblances with how WW1 started:

The immediate trigger for war was the 28 June 1914 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, by Yugoslav nationalist Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo. This set off a diplomatic crisis when Austria-Hungary delivered an ultimatum to the Kingdom of Serbia,[10][11] and entangled international alliances formed over the previous decades were invoked. Within weeks, the major powers were at war and the conflict soon spread around the world.

I accidentally found a very interesting comment. Often there are similarities, even with a long historical events as if everything is done for some very long written instructions.
Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister of Russia and the failed "successor" of Boris Yeltsin, was killed in Moscow near "English farmstead" (English Court in Moscow). At the moment of death beside him was a girl with "Ukraine". Already part of the public blames the death Nemtsov Russian President Putin blames, part of the audience - "Ukrainian extremists" who choose this way to "shake the Russian boat." England nobody accuses.

In 1882 in Moscow, at the hotel "England" died under strange circumstances Infantry General Mikhail Skobelev (1.5 years before his death Skobelev brilliantly took the British built the fortress of Geok-Tepe). At the moment of death beside him was a girl from Germany. Part of the audience accused of murdering Skobeleva Germany, part - Alexander III, who feared Skobeleva allegedly as a future "usurper" and "Russian Bonaparte." British in connection with the murder Skobeleva no one mentioned.
And, maybe, something the British were the people who organized the murder Skobeleva and Nemtsov, and as the "British black label" made by "The British Compound" and the hotel "England"?

Indeed, "The British farmstead" (English embassy house) is relatively close to the Great Moscow River bridge outside the Kremlin walls on the street Varvarka, 4. Historians believe that the British farmstead - one of the first English settlement in the country, so remote from the UK itself. Information about it is only in Russian and German languages have in Wikipedia.

This is what is written in the English Wikipedia about Skobelev death:
In the last years of his life, Skobelev engaged actively in politics, supporting the ideas of Russian nationalism and militant Pan-Slavism.[4] He has also been credited as one of the earliest promoters of the concept "Russia for Russians".[5] At the beginning of 1882, he made speeches in Paris and in Moscow, predicting a desperate strife between Slavs and Germans.[6] He was at once recalled to St Petersburg. He was staying at a Moscow hotel, on his way to his estate, when he died suddenly of a heart attack on 7 July 1882.[7] In Russia he was a very popular man at the time of his death, and not surprisingly, his death aroused suspicion among many. After all, he was a relatively young (38) and vigorous man. Skobelev's early death deprived Russia of a great military leader.[8] This became especially evident during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–05. The Russian commanding generals in that war were men of Skobelev's generation, but none of them had his military genius or charisma.

But what is written in Russian Wikipedia (translation google):
After dinner, the evening Skobelev went to the hotel "England", which is on the corner of Stoleshnikov lane and Petrovka. Here lived the girls of easy virtue, including Charlotte Altenroz (according to other sources it was called Eleanor, Wanda Rose). This cocotte unknown origin, came seemingly from Austria-Hungary and speaks German, occupied the ground floor of a luxury hotel and was known all over Moscow.

Late at night, Charlotte ran to the janitor and said that she had died suddenly in the room officer. In late Skobeleva immediately identified. Police arrived calmed residents, crossing the body Skobeleva the hotel "Dussault" in which he was staying.

Around the tragedy in the Moscow hotel grew a tangle of legends and rumors.
Most are inclined to believe that "Skobelev was killed" and that "white general" fell victim to the German hatred. The presence at his death "German prostitute" gave these rumors seemed more credibility. This opinion was expressed even more definitely: are persons who are able to participate in the crime, as if directed by Bismarck ...
There were also rumors that Skobelev was planning to arrest the king and get him to sign the constitution, and for this reason he was allegedly poisoned by police agents.
About the Ukrainian forces pretending to pull back heavy weapons, and also preparing for another Spring offensive, it's no surprise. But the outcome will most probably be the same - they'll get crushed by NAF. Also there's so much going wrong all over former Ukraine, that a complete collapse could come any time....
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