Civil War in Ukraine: Western Empire vs Russia


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@youlik, as you often use both Russian and English, when you write posts, and considering the forum is in English, here is something to consider:

Thorbiorn, Personally, I think you are nit-picking and your "self-importance" and "Authoritarian" attitude is surfacing?

Youlik, first Posted in his own native language ... and then provided an English translation. What's the problem?

It affords the reader - two options. If they are Russian, they can read it in their native language and then check if the translation to English corresponds. It also gives those, who are not Russian or speak the language fluently, an opportunity to get acquainted with the language.
Same applies to other non-English languages.

For example:

Данный пост посвящен теме дипломатического самовыражения и примерам последствий отказа от этого в современной Украине.

5 Советы по вежливому и дипломатическому языку

В этом блоге мы научим вас 5 способам быть вежливыми и дипломатичными в своем выступлении.

Если вы слишком прямолинейны, когда говорите, вы можете натолкнуться на агрессию, и это может отпугнуть людей.


This post deals with the the topic of expressing oneself diplomatically and examples of the consequences of not doing so in the present day Ukraine.

5 Tips for Polite and Diplomatic Language

In this blog we are going to teach you 5 ways to be polite and diplomatic in your speaking.

If you're too direct when you speak you can come across as aggressive and this might put people off.


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Thorbiorn, Personally, I think you are nit-picking and your "self-importance" and "Authoritarian" attitude is surfacing?

Youlik, first Posted in his own native language ... and then provided an English translation. What's the problem?

It affords the reader - two options. If they are Russian, they can read it in their native language and then check if the translation to English corresponds. It also gives those, who are not Russian or speak the language fluently, an opportunity to get acquainted with the language.
Same applies to other non-English languages.
For a a few weeks, I have been thinking on the issues of translating and writing in English for forum members who rely more on their own language than on English. That is what got me caught in this issue, because there is also an issue of format.

What you say is that it would have been more diplomatic not to write. All in all, it seems this instance including your comments offer useful material for the continued work as well as the work within the work. Let's see how it turns out.


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For a a few weeks, I have been thinking on the issues of translating and writing in English for forum members who rely more on their own language than on English. That is what got me caught in this issue, because there is also an issue of format.

In the statement above, including the bolded type, that you have used to rationalize your actions and prompting "to correct" Youlik in the way he Posted, even though it was followed up by an English translation, elicits an "Authoritarian" attitude?

And what is this all about ... "thinking on the issues of translating and writing in English for forum members who rely more on their own language than on English"? Am I detecting a few shades of "self-importance" in your dialect? Wouldn't "mutual cooperation" be a better "learning tool" to better benefit learning on both sides?

As for the issue of format, we consciously "think" in our own native language - first. Any translation into another language is - secondary.

Youlik, first wrote in his native language - followed up - by an English translation. Absolutely nothing wrong with that format! It also alerts the reader, that the Poster is multi-lingual and had to take an extra step to conform to the language used in this Forum. Therefore, the Poster "is doing the Work" because language is not a barrier.

What you say is that it would have been more diplomatic not to write.

Might want to replace the word "diplomatic' with something more realistic in this formal exchange - such as "more tolerant" or "more compassionate"?

All in all, it seems this instance including your comments offer useful material for the continued work as well as the work within the work. Let's see how it turns out.

Word salad. Circular thinking.


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Позвольте вставить и мои 5 копеек.
Во первых я хочу сказать, что отчетливо понимаю, что причина этого обсуждения это моя необразованность. Действительно я владею английским языком совсем не так, как мне бы хотелось. За это я прошу меня простить, однако эта проблема тянет за собой другую. Пользуясь машинным переводом, я давно обратил внимание, что слепо полагаться на него, в адекватной передаче смысла, не приходится. Зачастую нюансы смысла при таком переводе теряются, реже бывает, что смысл прямо инвертируется при переводе некоторых конструкций русского языка (двойное отрицание и пр.). Все это часто заставляет меня переводить по 2-3 раза, править и переписывать для того чтоб добиться адекватной передачи смысла. Именно отсюда вытекает необходимость оставлять русское написание. Проводя эту работу, я банально не уверен в результате. Очень хочется, чтобы поняли правильно.
Затем немного хочется сказать о том, что и почему я публикую и пишу и чего я не пишу. В основном я публикую статьи с русскоязычных сайтов, когда мне кажется, что это не будет доступно англоязычной аудитории другими путями, реже пишу свое отношение к опубликованному. По основным темам форума пока не высказываюсь ибо считаю себя не достаточно опытным. Там я пока читатель.
Теперь о форме подачи. Из-за необходимости переводить туда-сюда по несколько раз, мне удобнее делать так как я это делал раньше, т.е. сначала оригинал а потом перевод. Однако понимая, что делаю я это для людей, было бы естественным делать так как людям удобнее воспринимать. Исходя из этого и учитывая вышеописанные ограничения (необходимость оставить русское написание), я мог бы, конечно, поменять местами оригинал и перевод и спрятать оригинал под спойлер, хоть мне лично это и кажется несколько чудным.
Ну и напоследок. Я весьма благодарен всем за реакцию на то, что я делаю. Приятно думать, что это оказалось кому-то полезным или интересным.
Пока писал, тут целая дискуссия образовалась.
Youlik, first wrote in his native language - followed up - by an English translation. Absolutely nothing wrong with that format! It also alerts the reader, that the Poster is multi-lingual and had to take an extra step to conform to the language used in this Forum. Therefore, the Poster "is doing the Work" because language is not a barrier.
Вот это соображение мне кажется очень важным, ибо правильное понимание все же поважнее удобства будет.

Let me insert my 5 kopecks.

First of all, I want to say that I clearly understand that the reason for this discussion is my lack of education. In fact, I don't speak English as well as I would like. For this, I apologize, but this problem leads to another. Using machine translation, I have long noticed that it is not necessary to blindly rely on it for an adequate transfer of meaning. Often the nuances of meaning are lost in this translation, and it is less common for the meaning to be directly inverted when translating certain constructions of the Russian language (double negation, etc.). All this often forces me to translate 2-3 times, edit and rewrite in order to achieve an adequate transfer of meaning. This is why it is necessary to leave the Russian spelling. When I do this work, I am not sure of the result. I really want them to understand correctly.

Then I want to say a little bit about what and why I publish and write and what I don't write. I mostly publish articles from Russian-language sites when it seems to me that it will not be available to the English-speaking audience in other ways, and I rarely write my attitude to what has been published. On the main topics of the forum, I do not speak out yet because I consider myself not experienced enough. I'm still a reader there.

Now about the submission form. Because of the need to translate back and forth several times, it is more convenient for me to do as I did before, i.e. first the original and then the translation. However, understanding that I do this for people, it would be natural to do so as people are more comfortable to perceive. Based on this and given the above restrictions (the need to leave the Russian spelling), I could, of course, swap the original and translation and hide the original under the spoiler, although I personally think it is somewhat strange.

And finally. I am very grateful to everyone for their reaction to what I am doing. It's nice to think that it turned out to be useful or interesting to someone.

While I was writing, there was a whole discussion.

Youlik, first wrote in his native language - followed up - by an English translation. Absolutely nothing wrong with that format! It also alerts the reader, that the Poster is multi-lingual and had to take an extra step to conform to the language used in this Forum. Therefore, the Poster "is doing the Work" because language is not a barrier.

This consideration seems to me very important, because the correct understanding is still more important than convenience.


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Киев начинает «АТО» в Черкассах? В мятежный город направили нацгвардию (ВИДЕО)
04.05.2020 - 0:00

Инициаторы выхода Одессы из состава Украины пригрозили режиму оружием (ВИДЕО)
04.05.2020 - 6:30

«Историческая бомба»: Украина на картах XV–XIX вв. (ФОТО)
04.05.2020 - 7:00


Kiev starts "ATO" in Cherkasy? The national guard was sent to the rebel city (VIDEO)

04.05.2020 - 0:00
Trucks with soldiers of the national guard "patrol" the streets of Cherkasy. This was announced by the chief municipal inspector of the city Council Stanislav Kolomiets, posting the corresponding video.

"The Central government is scared and is doing stupid things," the official wrote.

He said that in the afternoon he published an appeal to people to come tomorrow under the GU NP in the Cherkasy region, where the interrogation of mayor Anatoly Bondarenko was to take place, but after its publication, the interrogation was postponed indefinitely.

"A few more hours passed, and in the evening the national guard equipment appeared on the streets of Cherkasy, completely Packed with fighters. I noticed one of these trucks near my house and asked what was the reason for this unprecedented increase? They said they were patrolling.

Hey! I have been in Cherkasy for 7 months and Krazami my area is not patrolled!" - wrote Kolomiets.

As previously reported by Russian Spring, Cherkassy mayor Anatoly Bondarenko warned Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that the city would resist in case of prosecution for the decision to ease the quarantine. He noted that he expected the head of state to treat everyone equally, including the same-party businessmen who violate the requirements of the quarantine.

The authorities of Cherkasy allowed to stop the quarantine in the city from may 1. The police opened criminal proceedings on the fact that the Executive Committee of the Cherkasy city Council decided to relax the quarantine restrictions. The leadership of Cherkasy was called to the police on may 4 to give evidence.

Ukrainian interior Minister Arsen Avakov threatened the mayor of Cherkasy with a harsh response to the decision of the city Executive Committee to weaken the quarantine, and President Zelensky said that the city government of Cherkasy should be held responsible for the decision to ease the quarantine before the deadline set by the state.
Киев начинает «АТО» в Черкассах? В мятежный город направили нацгвардию (ВИДЕО)

Initiators of the exit of Odessa from Ukraine threatened the regime with weapons (VIDEO)
04.05.2020 - 6:30
Because of the possible withdrawal of Odessa from Ukraine, the country risks getting involved in a new armed conflict. Then the Donbass will not be the only sore spot that needs to be urgently covered with a plaster.

As reported by "Russian Spring", on the channel of the military correspondent Semyon Pegov there was a video where several men in masks report about violent struggle for the exit of Odessa from Ukraine.

They called themselves "a group of the Free city of Odessa" and threatened supporters of the current Ukrainian regime with weapons. The men warned anyone who tried to stop them that they would react to such actions as harshly as possible.

In addition, members of the group claimed responsibility for several actions on may 2. For the paint poured at the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow — "performance", symbolizing, in their opinion, the blood of those who died on may 2, 2014 in the House of trade unions from the "hands of Russia". And for a stretched banner in Odessa in memory of the victims of Ukrainian nationalists.

The group itself calls itself apolitical, but will fight for the autonomy of Odessa in all possible ways, including violence.

"Free city of Odessa" resembles in its structure "Right sector"*, but has not yet shown itself, as they say, "in all its glory".

The Odessa authorities, and personally Zelensky, should pay attention to the group that really represents a threat to the integrity of the Ukrainian state. It is unlikely that Ukraine needs another Donbass, only in the South of the country.
Инициаторы выхода Одессы из состава Украины пригрозили режиму оружием (ВИДЕО)

"Historical bomb": Ukraine on maps of the XV-XIX centuries. (PHOTO)
04.05.2020 - 7:00
Ukraine is an ancient and original state with a thousand-year history? The ancestors of modern Ukrainians were an ancient and powerful tribe of proto-Ukrainians? Only a miracle saved Europe and the whole world from Ukrainian expansion because of the "zrada of damned Muscovites"?

If you have ever heard these fantastic nonsense, then you will be interested in the material that is set out below… And we will start with quotes about the "Ukrainian question" of those scientists and political figures who saw the creation of the "German Ukraine" of 1917-1918.:

""Ukrainian idea" is a giant step backward, a retreat from the Russian culture to the Turkic or berendeyka barbarism".

Quote from Andrey Storozhenko (born 1857-died not earlier than 1926), Russian scientist, public and political figure.

"Ukrainian nationalism in Russia was quite different from, say, Czech, Polish or Finnish, nothing more than a fad, the antics of several dozen petty-bourgeois intellectuals, without any roots in the economy, politics or spiritual sphere of the country, without any historical tradition, because Ukraine has never been a nation or a state, without any national culture, except for the reactionary romantic poems of Shevchenko.

Literally, as if one fine morning the inhabitants of "Vaterkante" , following Fritz Reuter, would like to form a new low German nation and establish an independent state! And this ridiculous joke of several University professors and students was artificially inflated by Lenin and his comrades into a political factor by their doctrinaire agitation for the “right to self-determination"..."and so on," said Rosa Luxemburg (born 1872 — died 1919), a German philosopher, economist, publicist, and politician.

Below, and to further illustrate the process of Ukrainization of the inhabitants of modern Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk (former Stanislav), Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa and many other cities of the former Russian Empire, we present a map of Russia of the XVII century, as well as a map of Poland of the XVIII century. The main thing to pay attention to is the absence of even "geographical Ukraine" on these maps»:

1. Russia: the map was made by Philip kluver (Philippus Cluverius, also Kluwer, Cluwer or Cluvier), 1661. This map shows: Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Tartary, Karelia, Moldova, Prussia and none of the " Ukraine»;

2. Poland: the map was made by John Gibson (John Gibson), 1758. This map shows: Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Turkey, and Hungary. Directly on the territory of Poland are located such administrative units as Greater and Lesser Poland, Prussia, Samogothia, Lithuania, Polesie, Volhynia, Podolia and even Chervonaya Rus (centered in Lviv) and no "Ukraine".
«Историческая бомба»: Украина на картах XV–XIX вв. (ФОТО)


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Let me insert my 5 kopecks.

Appreciate you efforts, youlik, as you have provided information not accessible to many English speakers. Also, I don't mind seeing translations as it helps me to sometimes look at words in both and figure them out - as lost as I am with Russian :whistle:, although wish it was not so.

From reading your 5 kopecks, you communicate very well, imo, so keep on keeping on. One of the thing that does get brought up is how to best manage text in dual languages, and if you did not notice there is the button above that looks like this:
and the neat trick shown by others was to put the translation into "spoiler" like this:

Благодарим вас за усилия, юлик, поскольку вы предоставили информацию, недоступную для многих носителей английского языка Кроме того, я не против видеть переводы, так как это помогает мне иногда смотреть на слова в обоих словах и выяснять их - так же, как и я с русским языком: whistle:, хотя хотелось бы, чтобы это было не так.

Читая свои 5 копеек, вы очень хорошо общаетесь, иммо, так что продолжайте. Одна из вещей, которая действительно возникает, это то, как лучше всего управлять текстом на двух языках, и если вы не заметили, есть кнопка выше, которая выглядит так:
Таким образом, вместо использования кнопки «цитата» для ввода текста на русском или английском языке, попробуйте использовать кнопку «Спойлер», чтобы сделать то же самое. Это делает страницу менее загроможденной, в то же время предоставляя оригинальный ценный переведенный текст, обдумывается.

So, instead of using the 'quote' button to capture either Russian or English text, try using the 'Spoiler' button to do the same. It makes the page less cluttered while still providing the original valuable translated text, goes the thinking.


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Chairman of the Russian State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky noted that "just like its overseas sponsors, Kiev seeks to shift responsibility to others and justify its crime of omission"

Kiev continues to shield those responsible for Odessa tragedy - Russian lawmaker

MOSCOW, May 3, 2020 - The Ukrainian authorities continue to shield radical nationalists by making allegations about Russia’s unwillingness to figure out the causes of the 2014 Odessa Trade Union House tragedy, Chairman of the Russian State Duma (the lower house of parliament) Foreign Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky told reporters on Sunday.

"The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s allegations that Russia is unwilling to figure out the causes of the Odessa tragedy are cynical. Russia has been calling for an impartial investigation of the Odessa tragedy but no investigation results have been announced yet," he pointed out.

Slutsky added that "just like its overseas sponsors, Kiev seeks to shift responsibility to others and justify its crime of omission." "Ukraine is making such statements in order to shield Nazis who carried out a massacre in the Trade Union House on May 2, 2014," he said.

The senior Russian lawmaker emphasized that under President Pyotr Poroshenko, Kiev sought to delay the investigation with the tacit consent of its Western sponsors. "President Zelensky’s team has failed to make significant efforts to find out the truth. And now, six years after the tragic events, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is trying to put the blame on Russia," Slutsky noted.

On May 2, 2014, Ukrainian radical nationalists, including members of the Pravy Sektor organization (or Right Sector, outlawed in Russia) set fire to the Trade Union House in the city of Odessa, where protesters against Ukraine's coup had found refuge. According to official estimates, the clashes killed 48 people, most of whom lost their lives in the Trade Union House tragedy, while 240 more people were reported to be injured in the inferno and its aftermath.

Ukraine's government extends quarantine until May 22
Photo from UNIAN

04 May 2020 - At the same time, a number of restrictions will be lifted from May 11.

Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers has extended the coronavirus-related quarantine in the country until May 22.

The relevant decision was made at a special meeting on May 4.

At the same time, a number of restrictions will be lifted from May 11. In particular, parks, squares, recreation areas, beauty salons, hairdressers and barber shops, cafes and restaurants with outdoor tables will reopen.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers on March 11 imposed a nationwide quarantine, which was later extended until April 24, and then until May 11.

Ukraine's flagship enters Black Sea for firing drills (Video)
The the 404-foot-long frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy / Photo from UNIAN

The 404-foot-long frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy / Photo from UNIAN

04 May 2020 - The flagship of the Ukrainian fleet, the 404-foot-long frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy, has entered the Black Sea to close an area for firing drills and carry out a number of combat training tasks.

"The crew had challenging tasks amid firing from an AK-100 [100mm] naval cannon and destroying the imaginary enemy from the AK-630, a 30mm automatic ship-based gun used against airborne targets, with which the personnel have successfully coped," the press service of the Ukrainian Navy said on Facebook on May 3.

"For the first time in several years, the vessel conducted drills with the use of the PK-16 chaff decoy launching system to jam guided anti-ship missiles," it said.

Published on May 3, 2020 (1:32 min.)


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[SPOILER"]="Опять дикая Украина. Вот примерно таким образом учат любить свою Родину. Отмечу, что в ролике те, кто находится за кадром, называют девушку животным и я также хочу отметить, что все участники этой позорной акции общаются на русском языке, а не на "незалежной мове". Неонацисты поставили 14-летнюю девочку на колени и заставили ее облить себя зеленой водой в Запорожье (видео) 06.05.2020 - 8:29 В последний день апреля в украинском сегменте социальных сетей набрало популярность видео, на котором подростки срывают украинский флаг в Запорожье. 14-летнюю девочку, снимавшую эти кадры, нашли запорожские неонацисты и линчевали ее. Ребенка подвергли унижениям, заставили облить себя зеленой краской и встать на колени. Украинская милиция уже открыла уголовное производство по факту срыва флага. Никаких действий против националистов, которые издевались над 14-летним ребенком, предпринято не было. Они отвели мальчиков, которые срывали флаг, в полицейский участок, и девочку пригласили туда вместе с матерью".

Wild Ukraine again. That's about how there learn to love your Homeland. I note that in the video, those who are behind the scenes, call the girl an animal and I also want to note that all participants in this shameful action communicate in Russian, and not in " nezalezhnaya mova"

Neo-Nazis brought a 14-year-old girl to her knees and forced her to pour green water on herself in Zaporozhye (VIDEO)
06.05.2020 - 8:29
On the last day of April, a video of teenagers tearing down the Ukrainian flag in Zaporozhye gained popularity in the Ukrainian segment of social networks.

The 14-year-old girl who shot these images was found by Zaporozhye neo-Nazis and lynched her. The child was subjected to humiliations, forced to pour green paint on himself and get on his knees.

The Ukrainian police have already opened criminal proceedings on the fact of breaking the flag. No action was taken against the nationalists who abused a 14-year-old child. They took the boys who were tearing down the flag to the police station, and the girl was invited there with her mother.
Неонацисты поставили на колени и заставили облиться зелёнкой 14-летнюю девочку в Запорожье (ВИДЕО)


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Зрада: МВФ отказался от программы расширенного финансирования Украины
07.05.2020 - 19:40

Венгрия готовится забрать Закарпатье, вербуя военных и местных жителей (+ВИДЕО)
Новость обновляется
07.05.2020 - 18:52

«Мы же не Украина», — в США вновь унижают «незалежную» (ФОТО)
06.05.2020 - 8:54

Zrada: the IMF rejected the program of expanded funding for Ukraine
07.05.2020 - 19:40
Ukraine and the international monetary Fund held talks where the parties rejected the previously agreed three-year extended eff funding program. They are now switching to an 18-month stand-by credit program.

This was announced at a briefing on may 7 by the representative of the IMF, Jerry rice.

"The talks have switched to an 18-month stand-by," rice said briefly, explaining that the shift in focus came as a result of"unprecedented uncertainty surrounding the economic and financial Outlook and the need to focus political priorities on immediate containment and stabilization."

Since 1952, stand-by credit has been provided to IMF member countries for certain purposes agreed with the Fund on the basis of stand-by agreements. At the same time, the Bank reserves the agreed amount by the deadline, and the client uses it in parts or in full, depending on the needs for credit.
Зрада: МВФ отказался от программы расширенного финансирования Украины

Hungary is preparing to take Transcarpathia, recruiting military and local residents (+VIDEO)
The news is updated
07.05.2020 - 18:52
Having directed forces to the genocide of the civilian population of Eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian leadership does not notice its problems in the West.

The Hungarian leadership is systematically taking measures to create a platform for Transcarpathian secession from the "nezalezhnaya".

We remind that Transcarpathia is home to more than 150 thousand ethnic Hungarians and annually Hungary transfers 300 million hryvnia to support Hungarian culture and education in the region.

In addition, there is an open reorientation of the population of Transcarpathia to Hungary.

Residents of Ukraine are issued Hungarian passports under a simplified procedure, which allows them to work abroad and receive a European pension, Zakarpattia lands are purchased, business support is provided and humanitarian assistance is provided.

As part of assistance in the fight against Covid-19 in April, 17 hospitals in the region received artificial ventilation devices, more than 100 thousand masks, protective suits, glasses and disinfectants worth more than 20 million hryvnia.

This month, the 128th brigade, stationed in Transcarpathia, received medical supplies, personal protective equipment and disinfection.

From our sources in the 128th brigade it became known that the command of the compound is also not deprived of the attention of influential persons in Hungary. The former commander of the brigade Korostelev had a close relationship with the business elite of Hungary, which monthly passed for him and his close officers monetary remuneration totaling more than 500 thousand hryvnia.

The new brigade commander Goncharuk, who previously held the position of chief of staff of the unit, took over the corruption baton from Korostelev.

Thus, the Hungarian side, in the event of a change in the political situation, will have significant support among the population of Transcarpathia and military personnel serving in the region, when deciding on the withdrawal of Transcarpathia from Ukraine.
Венгрия готовится забрать Закарпатье, вербуя военных и местных жителей (+ВИДЕО)

"We're not the Ukraine" — in the US once again humiliated "nezalezhnaya" (PHOTO)
06.05.2020 - 8:54
So, Ukraine is becoming a household name in the United States and not in a positive sense at all.

So, in response to Donald trump's tweet that rich States should not provide financial assistance to poorer States, using coronavirus as the reason, Microsoft Research economist David Rothschild indignantly said: "We are not Ukraine!"

Below, Rothschild reminded Trump that only new York (state-approx. RV) sends $ 22 billion annually to the Federal budget: "remind Me why we are "United"at all?!»

Another reason for the mentioning of "independence" may be a hint of the Ukraine-gate, which almost led to the impeachment of trump. Democrats are sure that trump blackmailed Ukraine, well, and now he is trying to blackmail the governors of democratic States in the same way. Rothschild is sure that trump will not succeed, because the state of new York is not Ukraine.

"What a capacious word "Ukraine", a synonym for a full ass. But worldwide fame", - already laugh in the Network.

"No, well, what? Mentioned, so he knows that there is such a Ukraine on the map, and this is Peremoga."

"There is no zrada without Peremogi. But the name of the Ukrainian Village becomes famous. SUGS!"

"N-Yes, the whole world is really with "nenka". Who would have thought that in the United States "Ukraine" will become a household word in a negative context."

«Мы же не Украина», — в США вновь унижают «незалежную» (ФОТО)


Jedi Council Member
В ООН заметили происходящий ужас на Донбассе и выступили с призывом
08.05.2020 - 19:20

От себя хотел добавить, что хоть что-то стали замечать. Пора бы уже, шесть лет ведь уже длится этот кошмар.

The UN has noticed the horror of what is happening in the Donbass and appealed
08.05.2020 - 19:20
In the Donbas, the number of civilian victims is growing, all cases on the territory of the republics of Donbass. This was stated today by the head of the UN human rights Monitoring mission in Ukraine.

All parties involved in the fighting in the "Donetsk and Luhansk regions" must make the protection of civilians an absolute priority, said Matilda Bogner, chair of the UN human rights Monitoring mission in Ukraine, noting a sharp increase in the number of civilian casualties in early may.

"Most of all, my appeal is directed to the leadership Of the operation of the joint forces of the Armed forces of Ukraine, since all new cases of civilian deaths or injuries recorded by the Mission in may took place in the territory controlled by the self-proclaimed "republics".

In the absence of a lasting ceasefire, it is also critical that the parties do not deploy their positions, weapons and military personnel in residential areas," Bogner said, according to a press release from the UN human rights Monitoring mission in Ukraine published on Friday.

It is noted that in the first six days of may alone, the Mission recorded 11 new civilian deaths or injuries (one dead and six injured as a result of artillery and light weapons and small arms fire, one injured as a result of a mine incident, and one dead and two injured as a result of handling explosive remnants of war).

This number includes the incidents in Zolotoye (LPR) on may 2 and Alexandrovka (DPR) on may 4, when four girls (one born in 2010 and three born in 2013) were injured as a result of artillery and light weapons attacks.

"On may 7, we received a report of eight new cases of civilian injuries as a result of artillery and light weapons attacks in Golubovsky (Luhansk region) and Sakhanka (Donetsk region), controlled by the self-proclaimed "republics". It is reported that among the victims-a girl and a boy born in 2006. Our Mission is working to verify these reports.

If confirmed, the number of civilian deaths or injuries in the first week of may will reach nineteen and will be the highest weekly figure for the past two years, " Bogner said.

The Mission added that if these eight new cases are confirmed, the total number of civilian casualties for the period from 1 January to 7 may 2020 will reach 65 (nine dead and 56 injured), which will exceed by more than a third the number of victims for the same period in 2019 (ten dead and 38 injured).

"These figures will reverse the positive trend towards a reduction in new civilian deaths or injuries that we have seen recently," explained the head of the UN human rights Monitoring mission in Ukraine.

She also expressed special concern about the fact that among the wounded are many children. If two new cases of child injuries in Sakhanka are confirmed, the total number of cases of child injuries for the period from January 1 to may 7, 2020 will reach ten (all in the territory controlled by the Republics): six girls and three boys were injured as a result of the shelling, and one boy was injured as a result of handling explosive remnants of war.

"It is important that the next meeting of the Trilateral contact group pay due attention to the situation… Civilians are not targets, and the responsibility for observing this principle lies not only with the military, but also with politicians! " - concluded Bogner.
В ООН заметили происходящий ужас на Донбассе и выступили с призывом

From myself I wanted to add that at least something they began to notice. It's about time, because this nightmare has been going on for six years.


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«Добавьте на бланк эмблему Вермахта»: Зачем ивано-франковской полиции понадобился список евреев
11.05.2020 - 0:30

Как говорится- тут и добавить нечего. Обреченные идиоты.

"Add the Wehrmacht emblem to the form": Why did the Ivano-Frankivsk police need a list of Jews
11.05.2020 - 0:30
In Ivano-Frankivsk another scandal on ethnic grounds.

No sooner had the topic of forced eviction from the city of Roma living there cooled down, than the police again distinguished themselves. She asked the Jewish community for a list of its members — without even explaining why.

In social networks began to write that the last time the "list of Jews" was required here during the Nazi occupation. The publication "Country" understood the history.

What happened in Kolomyia
The police of Ivano-Frankivsk region requested from the Jewish community of the city of Kolomyia a list of its members with mobile phones. And also offered to point to students of Jewish nationality, students in higher education institutions in Kolomyia.

The police letter, dated back to February, was published on may 10 by the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky. At the time of publication of the material, the police did not deny it.

It says that the information is requested by the Department of strategic investigations of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional police, which is also engaged in " the fight against transnational and ethnic organized groups and criminal organizations."

That is, the letter contains a "subtle" hint that the Jews are an ethnic criminal organization.

The head of the local Jewish community, Yakov Zalishchiker, told the police that this information can only be provided in criminal cases. Although nothing was said about them in the appeal of law enforcement officers. This is the main scandal of the situation.

In fact, the police illegally collect personal data of people based on ethnicity, and they do it openly — with official requests.

"First, a veteran of the SS Galicia was buried with honors." Social media reaction
"It is interesting that in 1941, the Nazis and the Ukrainian auxiliary police also demanded to provide a list of all Jews," — drew Parallels with the history of the scandalous letter published by Eduard Dolinsky.

"First they sent out the Roma," writes Olesya Medvedva, a journalist from Strana, Recalling the statement of the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ruslan Marcinkiv, who called for the eviction of Roma people from the city.

"What are you surprised at, I'm sorry?

First, the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk with honors buried a veteran of the SS division "Galichina", standing surrounded by characters disguised as SS men.

Then the local police chief requested a list of local Jews.

And what, I'm sorry, should a police chief do in such a situation, if not demand a list of Jews?

What did you expect from them, eh? " - writes MP Max Buzhansky.

"Do you happen to have anything mixed up there? On the form, add that you are an auxiliary police and the emblem of the Wehrmacht. Well, it will not be superfluous to change the personnel in the appropriate form. Doomed idiots, " says lawyer Andrey Portnov.

Victoria Venk
«Добавьте на бланк эмблему Вермахта»: Зачем ивано-франковской полиции понадобился список евреев

As they say - there is nothing to add. Doomed idiots.


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Новые переговорщики Киева отличились на первом же заседании Минской контактной группы
13.05.2020 - 16:58

Kiev's new negotiators distinguished themselves at the first meeting of the Minsk contact group
13.05.2020 - 16:58
Representatives of Ukraine at a meeting of participants of the working subgroup on humanitarian issues of the Contact group held today via videoconference declared their unwillingness to discuss the issue of opening new checkpoints on the line of contact. This was announced by the representative of the LPR in the subgroup, the head of the working group on the exchange of prisoners of war of the LPR Olga Kobtseva.

The meeting of the humanitarian subgroup was attended by new negotiators appointed on may 5 by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Namely, the official representative of Ukraine in the gumpodgroup, Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Galina Tretyakova and the Deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation at the talks in Minsk, Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Alexander Merezhko.

"The issue that was considered as part of the agenda is the opening of additional checkpoints.

The representative of Ukraine, Ms. Tretyakova, said: "I propose to remove this issue from the agenda, because we are not prepared," Kobtseva informed.

"Here Ukraine actually disrupted the discussion of this issue, it is not that it disrupted, but it officially publicly admitted that they are not ready to discuss this issue," - said the representative of the LPR.

Новые переговорщики Киева отличились на первом же заседании Минской контактной группы


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Тайны и ресурсы Украины уже получил враг...
16.05.2020 - 6:30

Биолаборатории США продолжают пугать Украину вирусами — Зеленский сбежал в кусты
16.05.2020 - 5:30

Secrets and resources of Ukraine have already been received by the enemy...
16.05.2020 - 6: 30
Ukrainians no longer belong to themselves.

The main state-owned enterprises of Ukraine are fully controlled by foreign institutions that have created them for surveillance and control. In this country, in fact, there is no such thing as a "state secret".

Foreigners know much more about Ukrainians, about the Ukrainian economy, industry, and so on, than they do.

For example, the same "Ukroboronprom" is headed by a Lithuanian, and the defense industry is in the hands of you know who. According to lawyer Elena Lukash, each MP considers it his duty to go to a specific Embassy to convey important information and once again remind them of their loyalty.

"We have created entire institutions to monitor the economy and government — such as the National anti-corruption Bureau, the SAB, the Supreme anti-corruption court, the NASC, and so on."

The woman added that none of the Ukrainians really knows what is happening in the country. Not with Finance, not with businesses, not with anything else. Ukrainians do not know, but foreigners more than.

Zelensky at the same time successfully sells the country to the West. Ukraine will gradually lose its subjectivity and sooner or later will turn only into a de jure sovereign state. At the same time, some already call the current President of Ukraine the worst in the entire history of the country, and how many hopes there were for him at the very beginning.

"Zelensky has proved in a year that he can become, if not the last President of an independent Ukraine, then, in any case, the worst."

However, this attitude to Zelensky is understandable — he never fulfilled any of his election promises. Ukraine "did not rise", but, on the contrary, fell into even greater decline. Or is this just a joke for a former comedian?

Alina Kuzmina, especially for " Russian Spring»
Тайны и ресурсы Украины уже получил враг...

Us biolaboratories continue to scare Ukraine with viruses-Zelensky escaped into the bushes
16.05.2020 - 5:30
Not so long ago, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Renat Kuzmin raised a whole wave of panic in Ukraine because of the revealed fact of the functioning of American bacteriological laboratories in Nezalezhnaya. Of course, a request was sent to the presidential administration to clarify the situation.

However, Mr. "I'm not a sucker" quickly disappeared into the bushes, saying that this is not within his competence. And this is despite the fact that the US Embassy confirmed the presence of its "death laboratories".

At first, Zelensky remained silent for two weeks, and then the head of the President's Office made a statement that the issues of functioning of bacteriological laboratories are not within the competence of the President.

This once again confirms the fact that Ukraine has long belonged to everyone except the Ukrainians themselves.

Zelensky probably forgot about the Constitution and the rights of citizens, which, according to one of the articles, he must protect, as well as ensure national security.

And it's funny that the President can ban the Russian "dangerous" resource "Odnoklassniki", or teach his people to wash their hands before eating, but to consider the legality of conducting experiments with dangerous viruses suddenly became not his business.

It is not surprising that respect and trust in the President of Ukraine fell below the plinth, because he not only surrendered national interests, hiding behind populism and show, but also put his nation at risk of becoming Guinea pigs in a dangerous viral war.

Ewa lisowska, specially for the "Russian Spring»
Биолаборатории США продолжают пугать Украину вирусами — Зеленский сбежал в кусты


Jedi Council Member
«Давайте вернём Львов в Польшу...» — на Западной Украине делают интересные заявления
16.05.2020 - 16:00

Украинцы — прародители евреев и европейцев, а белорусы — не славяне: неожиданные «открытия» в украинском учебнике
17.05.2020 - 11:20

"Let's return Lviv to Poland... — - interesting statements are being made in Western Ukraine
16.05.2020 - 16:00
The representative of the LPR in the political group of the Minsk KTG Rodion Miroshnik commented on publications in the Ukrainian media about the Lviv volleyball club with rather scandalous headlines "Let's return Lviv to Poland at least in volleyball".

This statement came from the mouth of the ex-coach of the team, and publications in "nezalezhnaya" without embarrassment used a bright phrase.

"Ukrainian escape not only the workers, but whole sports clubs. Lviv volleyball club "the Bark-Kazani" filed an application to participate in the Polish championship season-2020/21.

Former team coach Jan Suh said in this regard, and this is published by the Ukrainian Agency UNIAN: "This is a strong team with a great hall that can accommodate more than two thousand spectators. Let's bring Lviv back to Poland at least in volleyball“"

Now tell us how Poland supports and strengthens the integrity of Ukraine and cares about its prosperity. I am more than sure that this figure will not be charged with encroaching on the "territorial integrity of Ukraine", this is not a post about the Donbass to write in the network, for which Ukraine gives real terms, " Miroshnik wrote in his telegram channel.
«Давайте вернём Львов в Польшу...» — на Западной Украине делают интересные заявления

Ukrainians are the progenitors of Jews and Europeans, and Belarusians are not Slavs: unexpected "discoveries" in the Ukrainian textbook
17.05.2020 - 11:20
Recommended by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, the geography textbook for grade 8 students authored by P. Maslyak and S. Kapirulina States that Belarusians are not Slavs, and the French and Jews could have come to their lands from Ukrainian Galicia.

"...spread East and West, North and South. The ancient language of the Indians, Sanskrit, is close to the Ukrainian language. And the geographical names of Western and southern countries and peoples, such as Galatea, Galilean, France (Gaul), Galicia in Spain or Portugal (Porto-Gaul), probably indicate that the ancestors of modern French, Spaniards, Portuguese, Jews and Turks could have come to these lands from the Ukrainian Galicia", — said on 271 pages.

The geography textbook says that Belarusians and Jews came from Ukraine.

No less strange is the position of the authors of the textbook about the ethnicity of Belarusians, who were excluded from the Slavic peoples. Russians and Bulgarians also disappeared from there.

"Slavic-speaking Russians are of Ugro-Finnish origin, and the Bulgarians closest to them in language are of Turkic origin. Linguistically, the Belarusians and poles closest to the Ukrainians also have different genetic origins. Poles are Slavic, and Belarusians are Baltic, " the authors say.

Украинцы — прародители евреев и европейцев, а белорусы — не славяне: неожиданные «открытия» в украинском учебнике


Jedi Council Member
Как Байден Украиной управлял: Полный текст скандальных переговоров Порошенко с хозяевами (ВИДЕО)
20.05.2020 - 3:30

How Biden managed Ukraine: Full text of Poroshenko's scandalous negotiations with the hosts (VIDEO)
20.05.2020 - 3:30
On may 19, a loud scandal broke out in Ukraine. Non-factional MP Andriy Derkach published recordings of telephone conversations between President Petro Poroshenko and the curator of Ukraine in the United States — Vice President Joe Biden. As well as Obama-era Secretary of state John Kerry.

Records show that Ukraine is under tight external control from the Americans, who control many key issues-from the removal of the objectionable Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin to the appointment of a new one — Yuriy Lutsenko.

The US is also actively involved in coordinating candidates for the post of Prime Minister of the country, "fits in" for loyal members of the Kambin and directly manages the processes related to the country's banking system.

From the " Poroshenko-Biden tapes "it becomes obvious that there is an institution of" watchers " from the United States in key departments of the country — for example, in the Prosecutor General's office.

It is also interesting that Obama's Deputy personally supervised the issue so that utility rates for Ukrainians would increase. And Poroshenko joyfully reported that he even exceeded this plan.

The very tone of the Ukrainian President on the recordings is extremely eloquent — every communication with Biden is more like a subordinate's report to his superiors.

The us Vice President asks questions, and the Ukrainian leader gives detailed answers. This is clearly not a dialogue of equals — although Biden's status is formally lower than Poroshenko's.

The edition of "Country" is published transcripts of all conversations.

Conversation between John Kerry and Petro Poroshenko on December 3, 2015
Kerry: in Addition to what Vice President Biden said, I would like to encourage you to consider a solution to the problem of changing attorney General Shokin, because, in my opinion, he blocked the process of clearing the attorney General's office.

I know that Vice-President full-time is concerned this reason. So it would be good if we could find a solution before the Vice President arrives. If possible, we need to take the necessary measures to move in this direction.

Conversation between Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko February 16, 2016
Biden: Hello, can you hear me, Peter?

Poroshenko: Yes, it is better now.

Biden: I am as well. I'm sorry, you said something about me missing everything.

Poroshenko: Yes. First of all, I am very happy to hear from you. I really appreciate that you took the time to have this conversation even now, while you're in Minnesota. I dream of being in Minnesota with you one day.

Biden (laughs): I'd rather be in Chicago than in Minnesota.

Poroshenko: third, I have good and bad news. I'll start with the good ones.

Biden: All Right.

Poroshenko: Joe, I have good news for you.

Yesterday, in particular, it was the day before yesterday, I met with the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin. Despite the absence of any allegations of corruption and data regarding any wrongdoing, I specifically asked him to resign.

At the end of our meeting, despite the support in the Parliament, he promised to submit his resignation to me, showing his state position. And an hour ago, he brought in his written resignation.

Biden: Great.

Poroshenko: This is the second step in fulfilling the obligations I have assumed.

Biden: I agree.

Conversation between Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko on March 22, 2016
Biden: Hello, Mr. President! This Is Joe Biden. How are you?

Poroshenko: Very good, really. It is a great pleasure for me to hear your voice every time.

Biden: All Right. We need to keep in touch. I remain open to you (film breaks…) In the case that you will have a new government and a new attorney General, I will be ready for the public signing of the pledge of one billion dollars. However, if you still have a need, as you guessed, to meet the requirements of the IMF, and more.

Again, I am not suggesting, and I do not want you to think, that we are imposing a course of action on you. However, a final decision will not be made until the IMF's requirements are met.

Poroshenko: very strong motivation. One of the possible candidates for this position was the leader of my faction Lutsenko, who is a public person. but if you think that a politically motivated person is not quite suitable, in your opinion, I will withdraw my offer.

No one knows what I'm going to offer Lutsenko. In this situation, I will exclude all politically motivated candidates from this process.

Biden: Look, after we finish this conversation, let me get my team together and discuss what we just talked about. I agree with you that there is an urgency in this matter.

Conversation between Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko may 13, 2016
Biden: Mr. President, this is Joe Biden. How are you?

Poroshenko: Very good. As always, when I hear your voice (the recording is interrupted…) Look, what are we doing now? I believe that over the past three weeks we have shown really significant progress in the area of reforms. We voted for 100% tariffs, despite the fact that the IMF expected only 75%. We have launched a reform of state-owned enterprises. We have launched a reform regarding the cost of medicines, removing all obstacles.

Biden: I agree.

Conversation between Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko may 13, 2016
Biden: Mr. President, this is Joe Biden. How are you?

Poroshenko: Very good. As always when I hear your voice. Thank you for calling.

Biden: You work very well. We congratulate you on your election as the new Prosecutor General. I know there are a lot of things that need to be done. But I think it's very good. I understand your work with the Parliament in the coming days on the adoption of additional laws required by the IMF. But please accept my congratulations on the election of a new Prosecutor General. It will be critical for him to work quickly to repair the damage that Shokin has caused.

I am a man of my word, and now that a new attorney General has been appointed, we can move further towards signing a one-billion-dollar loan agreement. And I don't know how you want to do it.

I can't come to Kiev in the near future, I mean in the next month or two. You can sign it with our Ambassador. Or you can come here and we'll sign the agreement. Or, if you want, we can invite Groysman here, and I'll talk to him later today. We don't invite him here for this purpose, but it's up to you when and how you want to do it.

Poroshenko: First of all, thank you for your words of support. Believe me, it was a difficult challenge and hard work. The factions of MS Tymoshenko and Mr Lyashko tried to prevent this.

Therefore, we did not just vote for the new Prosecutor General, but also for what took a short period of time, one day, for making changes to the law. By the way, this year we introduced a new structure of the state customs center, including the General inspection, as we agreed with you.

Then I urgently invited Lutsenko and said that he should contact your Embassy. I will be happy if he has a specific person either from Washington or from another country.

We have here, I do not remember his name, an American Prosecutor of Ukrainian origin, he is a little old. I sent Jeffrey to his name. He is ready to come and be an assistant and adviser.

This will be a good experience for the American system, and he can be a trusted person in the new Prosecutor's office system. I believe that now is the best time to do this. And if he is ready to come and cooperate, from the very first step, the very first minute of the new Prosecutor General's activity — this is exactly what I am aiming for.

Biden: Give me a chance to contact the justice Department, I'll get his name and find out who he is. Because it is clearly in our best interest to provide professional assistance as soon as possible to set the right course. I'll make a note of it, check it out after we talk, and let you know what I can do.

Poroshenko: of Course, thank you very much, this is what I was aiming for. Next, I want to thank you for what you have given me your word. Urgently after we change the legislation and I appoint a new Prosecutor General, and it will be Yuriy Lutsenko, as we agreed at our meeting last week in Washington, and when this happens, we will be able to get this loan.

Conversation between Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko February 18, 2016
Poroshenko: As I expected, the Fatherland and Samopal withdrew from the coalition. And there are less than 226 votes left in the coalition, so we don't have a majority.

I personally, together with the Prime Minister, invited Lyashko's Radical party to join the majority, so that we could formally retain our rights. But we have no formal power in Parliament or support in society.

Biden: So, if I understand correctly, the resolution of no confidence in the government did not pass, and you blocked it? Arsen still remains. But then there was a vote for the reform package that the government proposed, and 247 votes were against. So in terms of moving forward and additional reforms that you have to implement, you don't have a majority in the Parliament, you don't have a coalition for that, right? Is that what you're talking about?

Poroshenko: No, not really. First, the Parliament had to evaluate the work of the government, and it gave an unsatisfactory assessment to the Cabinet of Ministers. This was the first event. It does not mean an urgent resignation of the government, it is just a political assessment of its actions.

Then, when the resolution of no confidence was put to the vote, I organized in such a way that there were not enough votes in my faction and in other factions. The Prime Minister also had a hand in this, of course, but I personally blocked the government's resignation because I promised you that.

But now that two of the four factions have left the coalition, we do not have a majority in the Parliament.

Conversation between Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko on February 19, 2019
Biden: good afternoon, Mr. President!

Poroshenko: I am Glad to hear geoplin Vice-President!

Biden: I love you too. By the way, you have the second anniversary of The revolution of dignity on Monday. Don't forget, I count on you as the founding father of modern Ukraine.

Poroshenko: Thank You, Joe. I think this message is very important. I want to be more precise. We have no doubt that reforms must be implemented intensively.
However, we need to implement reforms in such a way that people have confidence in them. Because if people don't trust the reforms, they can't be implemented. This is the first thing.

Second, Joe, we don't have a majority in Parliament. This is the key thing. You can count on it.

Biden: Do you have a majority with the Radical party?

Poroshenko: I have in my party (my faction) 136 members of Parliament, 16 of whom are ready to write applications to leave the coalition. He has 81 deputies, because together it is 201 votes and we are missing more than 20 votes. Whether Lyashko joins us or not, we will not physically have a majority.

Biden: In this case, how did you promote the reforms before?

Poroshenko: I'm sorry, please repeat.

Biden: How did you advance the reforms regarding the IMF until this week?

Poroshenko: I personally asked those factions that are leaving the coalition, I mean self-Help and Batkivshchyna, I specifically held meetings with them, where they brought the message to my attention:

"Thanks to our trust in you, Mr. President, we have voted for the adoption of a number of laws regarding the IMF, visa-free regime and the fight against corruption, but we will not vote just because of the personality of the Prime Minister."

This is their message. So I am glad that we are strong, brave and happy enough to make such changes right now.

But we need to conduct intensive negotiations in order to determine a way to bring the factions back into the coalition. But to show that everything is good, I am happy and we have a majority in the Parliament is not true.

We can invite other political parties, but they only communicate in the language of political corruption. And after Maidan, I hate the idea of buying votes.

Conversation between Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko on March 22, 2016
Biden: I know that you are working hard for this, but I would like to know about your plans for the new government. I heard, in my team, that the government can be headed by Groysman, the speaker of the Parliament, and also that recently, I am not sure about a specific date, but recently on the Facebook page Yaresko noted that she is ready to be Prime Minister and head a government of technocrats. And I know that in any case, you need 226 votes. Tell me what's going on, if you can?

Poroshenko: My key priority was to avoid early elections. The new or restored coalition should be Pro-European and reform-oriented.

Samopomich received my proposal for a government of technocrats led by Yaresko and joining the coalition. Because the reason for the political crisis is that three factions (Samopomich, Batkivshchyna and Lyashko) left the coalition and the Prime Minister and I remained in the minority. I invited self-help And suggested that they either support Yaresko or suggest their leader as the new Prime Minister.

They took time to reflect and a few days later noted that they were only ready to start negotiations on a possible coalition. But we are not ready to be members of the coalition. Only vote for that.

I told them that this is not possible under our Constitution. They must personally sign their membership in the coalition. But even for this, they put forward three conditions.

The first is the change or resignation of the Prosecutor General, which I have already said took place — I sent a letter about his resignation to the Parliament. He is now in Parliament and this must take place urgently. The second is a change in the CEC. I said I don't understand why the CEC is a coalition issue if there are no elections planned. But well, I am ready to change the composition of the CEC. But third — they said they wanted to change the election law. To which I replied negatively, since I am categorically against early parliamentary elections, noting:

"Changes in the electoral legislation will encourage you and Tymoshenko to hold early parliamentary elections, which is completely unacceptable to me."

They said that without changing the election law, they would not even start a discussion about coalition membership. Without self-Help, with the refusal of Tymoshenko and Lyashko, we do not have 226 votes to support Yaresko.

As far as I understand, our partners and our American friends have a significant influence on the leaders of self-Help, and I asked Pavel to call Tory and contact the Ambassador, for a possible increase in pressure and support for the candidacy of Yaresko Samopomschya.

Two hours later, right after Yaresko's Facebook post, I called Sadovoi again. Unfortunately, he went to Europe for the weekend and said that he was not ready to support Jaresko or give another positive response. And in this situation, when our partners from the United States gave self-Help grants, they received significant financial support… In this situation, I open up the idea of continuing such uncertainty. Now Yatsenyuk is in the Administration building and we are starting negotiations regarding other candidates.

That is, if self-Help returns, we are ready to support Yaresko. But in the absence of self-Help, we are discussing the discussion of Groysman's candidacy. You must remember Groysman, during your famous and excellent speech in Parliament, you communicated with him.

Biden: Yes, I remember.

Conversation between Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko may 13, 2016
Poroshenko: Now I must and I believe that we can trust each other, the party of Arseny together with me. They voted with us for the new Prosecutor General, the new government, the IMF package, and I hope that we have a significant level of support. Unfortunately, this is completely insufficient. This is almost a majority in Parliament. Those who go to the United States, "Samopomich", Tymoshenko and Lyashko, who does not go there for various reasons against it. These are just dirty political tricks.

This is exactly what I am asking Jeffrey: "Please don't give self-Help grants, don't give them money, because this is not funding an opposition party, but funding an absolutely irresponsible political leader who is doing very bad things for the future of my country, for Ukraine, and for security and stability.

That is why I think, first of all, I am very happy with the signals they received in Washington. They were quite powerful and convincing.

Biden: Yes.

Poroshenko: I Think it would be good if you continued to put pressure on Samopomich. Because in relation to Tymoshenko and Lyashko it is hopeless.

On "self-Help" because you support them. In this situation, this may have a positive result, because without "self-Help" we can not even expect a positive result with regard to changes in the Constitution.

Biden: All Right. Agreed. Listen. I…

Poroshenko: This will not be possible. If I can count on themselves in search of votes for the law, the electoral law, I will be able to find these voices. Without self-Help, I can't find the votes to change the Constitution. It's very simple.

Biden: All Right. We will do our best to search for votes.

Conversation between Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko February 11, 2016
Biden: Mr. President, my friend! Are you feeling all right?

Poroshenko: I always feel good when I talk to you, Mr. Vice President. My dear friend!


I understand this document was prepared by your Minister of economy, whose name I am unlikely to pronounce, my apologies…

Poroshenko: Yes, this is Abromavichus, I learned this name in three months of his work in the government…

Biden: I understand that this document of his was signed by other members of the Cabinet, didn't it?

Poroshenko: No, no. I don't know about this document, I don't know about its signing by other members of the government, but Abromavicius ' statement was very dangerous and brought a serious crisis, no doubt. And now we are in a very difficult situation. In my opinion, I did not say this publicly, this step was extremely irresponsible.

But it happened. And I immediately met with him after his statement and said:

"Look, you represent me, the President, in the government. I invited you to the country and supported you all the time. I left that to violation of current legislation, security services, so that you are not afraid of anything. I was the one who insisted on supporting all your initiatives. I gave you Ukrainian citizenship and you still have my full support.

Conversation between Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko on November 16, 2016
Biden: Let me ask you one thing before I forget. PrivatBank. I understand that the head of the NBU requires to determine a certain date when to start the process of changes. I was told, and I share this position, that it will not decide on a date until it agrees with you. And I said that we should go back to defining the date, and that I would talk to you about that date. Because something is coming that I wouldn't want to happen.

I do not want trump to be in a position where it seems he will be ready to circumvent our policy, where the financial system may collapse and where he will be going to block the allocation of money to Ukraine. This is what it will look like until it comes to dealing with complex unfamiliar details.

So anything that can be done to put pressure on PrivatBank to close in order to get the next tranche from the IMF, I would respectfully recommend it as critical to your economy and physical security.

I know it's difficult. Kolomoisky is a pain in the ass and a problem for everyone, but it's really critical that you deal with it now. And everything will be fine. I just want you to call the head of the NBU and support her. Let her know that you are with her when she sets a date and goes ahead.

Poroshenko: It is very important what I have heard from you. I think that on November 22, Tuesday, I will receive the final Ernst & Young report on verification. And we agreed that I, the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister, the head of the NBU. I also invited Arseny and other security officers…
We should meet and decide on a date. The only reason why after November 22, when I will have an audit report, is the vote in the Parliament, where Kolomoisky has a significant number of members.

The Prime Minister asked me to vote on the budget first and then start the process. This is confidential information, but…

Biden: I'll keep it a secret...
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