Civil War in Ukraine: Western Empire vs Russia


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A Ukrainian lawmaker was found shot dead in his office on Saturday, the deputy interior minister Anton Gerashchenko said.

Ukrainian lawmaker found shot dead in his office

“The body of lawmaker Valerii Davydenko was found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head,”
Gerashchenko wrote in a Facebook post, adding that police and prosecutors would investigate all possible reasons behind the death.

The body was found in the toilet of Davydenko’s office.

From May 2013 to March 2014, Davydenko was Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. He ran as an independent in last year’s parliamentary election.

Ukrainian MP Valeriy Davydenko found dead in own office's restroom
Photo from UNIAN

Photo from UNIAN

The body of Ukrainian Member of Parliament Valeriy Davydenko was found in the restroom of his office in Kyiv on Saturday, May 23.

He sustained a gunshot wound to the head, says Deputy Minister for Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

The handgun was found lying by the body.

The CSI team are working at the scene, Gerashchenko wrote on Facebook. Police and prosecutors are set to work out all possible versions of the deadly incident.

The main version so far is suicide, a source in police has told However, the version of a murder staged as suicide is also on the table.

UPDATE: Kyiv Police in a press statement clarified that the incident is being investigated under Part 1 Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (premeditated murder).

Davydenko had first made it to the Verkhovna Rada in the 2014 snap elections in a majoritarian constituency as part of Zastup Organization.

In 2019, he succeeded in the election campaign as a non-partisan nominee in District 208 (Chernihiv region). In December 6, 2019, he joined the Dovira parliamentary group. He was a member of the Rada Committee on Economic Development.


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On Sunday (5-24) a rally was held in Kyiv by a group calling themselves the Resistance to Surrender Movement. I sense this rally was organized by "outside influences", reminiscent of the activities against Yanukovych - to force him out of Office because "he dared" to have communication with Russia. The list "of demands" this group is actively promoting, is to foster anger against Zelensky and pressure him to step aside. There have been several instances where there has been Prisoner exchanges between Ukraine and Russia but other then that - this Movement wants Zelensky to have "no contact" with Russia. This Movement might be tied in with Biden (who has secrets to hide) and the forthcoming U.S. Presidential election in November? Several investigations are on-going involving Biden and his Son, Hunter and money laundering.

Protesters gather in Kyiv, demanding Zelensky stop surrender to Russia (Photos)
A rally dubbed "Ukraine will resist" was held in Kyiv on Sunday, May 24, as part of the No Surrender initiative; protesters demanded that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky "stop the policy of surrender to Russia.

They called on Zelensky to end the creeping usurpation of power / Photo from UNIAN

They called on Zelensky to "end the creeping usurpation of power" / Photo from UNIAN

Participants in the event were holding national flags, however, one could see the flags of such parties and public organizations as the National Corps, Demokratychna Sokyra ("Democratic Axe"), Prava Sprava (the "Right Thing"), and there were several red and black flags, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

Ending the policy of surrender to Russia was one of the main demands of the rally.

"Negotiations with Moscow could only concern the issues that the invader should leave the occupied territories as soon as possible without any conditions and compensate for the damage done to Ukraine," they emphasized.

Also, protesters demanded that Zelensky release "groundlessly detained Maidan activists, military and civil volunteers and put an end to the political persecution of patriots."

"[Viktor] Medvedchuk, [Andriy] Portnov, and other traitors rather than Ukrainian patriots should be in prison," they said.

In addition, protesters demanded that the Ukrainian language should not be undervalued and the language law should be observed. They urged the president to continue the decommunization policy rather than "bring Russian and Soviet symbols back to life."

Other requirements included calls to "stop sabotage of Euro-Atlantic integration and resume Ukraine's rapprochement with NATO and the EU; remove oligarchs from government; immediately dismiss Andriy Yermak from the post of the head of the Presidential Office and other "senior collaborators and corrupt officials."

They also demanded that relatives, people who previously worked on Zelensky's comedy program 'Studio Kvartal 95,' and ex-president Viktor Yanukovych's "minions" should not be appointed to high government posts.

"All appointments should be the result of honest, transparent competitions, explicit Russia advocates should be expelled from the Servant of the People parliamentary faction," says the list of the protesters' demands.

In addition, they called on Zelensky to "end the creeping usurpation of power and systematic violations of the Constitution."

The people who gathered on Kyiv's Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) said that "Zelensky was confidently moving along the path of surrender, lies and betrayal. He stubbornly follows the path of Yanukovych. This guarantees him the inglorious and early termination of powers."

The rally was organized by the Resistance to Surrender Movement, which called on Ukrainians to come to Kyiv's Independence Square and to local administrations in other district and regional centers on May 24 to express disagreement with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky's policy.

About 500 people took part in the event.
10 photos of rally
Protesters gather in Kyiv, demanding Zelensky stop surrender to Russia (Photos)

Ukraine keeps in place ban on mass events, set to return to issue by June 22
25 May 2020 - This leaves the country's show industry and related businesses struggling,

Entire police unit disbanded in Kyiv region after two cops arrested on rape, assault charges
Two policemen of the Kaharlyk police unit in Kyiv region were put into custody after a local woman pressed rape and assault charges against them, which also led to the disbanding of the entire unit by National Police leadership.

On May 24, a woman, 26, reported to a hospital in Kaharlyk, stating that she had been beaten up and raped at a police station and that the policemen were involved.

The investigation was immediately launched by the National Police's internal security department. Preliminary checks revealed evidence confirming the report filed by the woman who had earlier been brought to the Kaharlyk station to be interviewed in a theft case.

The policemen implicated in committing the crime have been put into custody. Further probe was entrusted to the State Bureau of Investigation, in line with jurisdiction.

Chairman of the National Police, Ihor Klymenko, fired the two policemen, removed the Kaharlyk unit's chiefs, and decided to disband the entire unit, appointing snap qualification assessment of all personnel.

Ukraine's National Police creates secret department instead of liquidated economic one – AntAC
The new unit is the Department for the protection of public and state interests.

Ukrainian workers start returning to Poland as lockdown eases
CHERNYAKHIV, Ukraine - The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the flow of migrants including in Poland, where 1-2 million Ukrainians help plug labour shortages in industries such as construction and farming.

Workers have their temperatures taken at Kiev’s Boryspil airport before departure, and are issued masks. On arrival, they are put in quarantine for two weeks in hostels or rented apartments provided by the employment agency that recruited them, Gremi Personal.

For Ukraine, such workers have been a valuable source of foreign exchange. Ukrainians earned $12.9 billion in remittances last year, or 7.8% of economic output. But that source of income dried up in March, when tens of thousands of workers streamed home before both countries shut their borders.

Lockdown measures in Ukraine are expected to push the country into a sharp recession, with many businesses either shut or operating with restrictions.


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YouTube разблокировал фильм российского военкора о штурме Донецкого аэропорта (ВИДЕО)
27.05.2020 - 10:14
Видео на русском, однако можно настроить субтитры.

YouTube unblocked the film of the Russian military commander about the assault on Donetsk airport (VIDEO)
27.05.2020 - 10:14
YouTube has unblocked the film of Russian military correspondent Semyon Pegov about the storming of the Donetsk airport. We will remind, yesterday the administration of the video hosting withdrew the documentary "call sign "Donetsk" " from access two hours after the premiere.

The formal reason for such an illegal step was chosen by the streamlined wording "violation of the terms of use of hosting".

After that, outraged viewers of the WarGonzo channel came to the Google office in Moscow and the YouTube administration had to back down.

"YouTube unblocked the film after the attack of WarGonzo subscribers on the Google office in Moscow.

Now the movie is available again on our YouTube channel, and this is certainly a small victory for the audience.

We will remind, activists on the eve threw smoke bombs at the Russian headquarters of the Corporation in the capital on Balchug street-with demands to unblock the film about the Donbass, as well as the channels News Front and Anna News.

The actions of WarGonzo subscribers had a certain effect, at least, the administrators returned the film "call sign "Donetsk"" to the video hosting, however, imposing a number of restrictions on it.

Note that this is not the final victory — we are waiting for a similar reaction in relation to colleagues from the NF and AN. In the meantime, we recommend that you urgently watch a movie before something else happens to it.

The WG team will soon also post the material on other sites — in case the film is blocked again for any reason, " the WarGonzo team said in a statement.

The video is in Russian, but you can adjust the subtitles.


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ООН: Более 80% жертв артобстрелов на Донбассе — мирные жители ДНР и ЛНР
27.05.2020 - 15:48

«Душили, били током» — жуткий доклад ООН о пытках пленных на Донбассе сотрудниками СБУ
27.05.2020 - 19:00

«Мы не будем вести разговоры» — Кулеба рассказал, что ждёт власти ДНР и ЛНР, если Украина получит контроль над границей (ВИДЕО)
27.05.2020 - 20:26

UN: more than 80% of the victims of shelling in the Donbass — civilians of the DPR and LPR
27.05.2020 - 15:48
In 2019, 105 civilians became victims of shelling in the Donbas (we are talking about the dead and injured), 81% of them are residents of the DPR and LPR.

This is evidenced by data published in the UN report on human rights in Ukraine.

In 2019, 27 civilians were killed and 140 were injured in the Donbass region as a result of military operations. This is 40% less than a year earlier (at that time there were 55 dead and 226 injured). As a result, last year's figures were the lowest for the entire period of the conflict.

Despite the promises of Ukrainian President Zelensky to stop the attacks in the Donbass, they continue. Of the 167 dead and wounded, 105 are victims of shelling.

And who is firing at whom, eloquently seen from the UN report.

"85 of them (five dead and 80 injured; 81%) were recorded in the territory controlled by the self — proclaimed republics, 18 (three dead and 15 injured; 17.1%) — in the territory controlled by the government of Ukraine, and two (both injured) — in the gray zone," the report says.

Thus, 81% of civilians affected by artillery live in the DPR and LPR.
ООН: Более 80% жертв артобстрелов на Донбассе — мирные жители ДНР и ЛНР

"Strangled, electrocuted" - a terrible UN report on the torture of prisoners in the Donbass by the SBU
27.05.2020 - 19:00
The UN published a detailed report on the state of human rights in Ukraine for the period from November 16, 2019 to February 15, 2020.

That is, during the period when Ukraine was fully led by President Vladimir Zelensky. With the arrival of the new government, as can be seen from the report, the situation with violence in the Donbass has not changed. UN inspectors cite facts of torture by the SBU and hint that some law enforcement officers are not hindered by laws.

At the same time, Zelensky recently proposed to consider a bill on the reform of the structure, one of the points of which is proposed to give the SBU extraordinary powers in terms of law enforcement status and pre-trial investigation.

The Ukrainian edition of "Vesti. ua " analyzed the report and explained why, after the facts published by the UN, the SBU needs to be reformed, but not in the way that the authorities suggest.

Torture and kidnappings of the SBU
The report cites the facts of torture of persons held in Ukraine who were being prepared for exchange with the LDPR. Thus, 57 of the 75 detainees reported that they were subjected to torture and ill-treatment, mainly by SBU officers. The security forces used violent methods to get a confession or intimidate the prisoners.

They said that all the methods of torture were very cruel: people were beaten, strangled, electrocuted, stripped naked, not allowed to eat, drink, sleep, use the toilet. Psychological methods were also used — the security forces simulated execution, threatened further torture, sexual violence, and death.

Several interviewees said they were denied access to a lawyer until they made "confessions" and were forced to sign documents that testified against them. At least 32 people had access to a lawyer only after the first interview, and in 11 of these 32 cases, confessions were made before meeting with a lawyer.

The report also indicates that in the fall of 2019, a person who wanted to get to Ukraine from non-controlled territories under the program "You are waiting at home" (it is aimed at members of armed groups) was kidnapped by unknown people. In October, he contacted the SBU, which assured him that he was free to return to Ukraine from Russia without any consequences if he was willing to cooperate.

However, as soon as he passed through the KPVV "Marinka" on October 3, 2019, he was immediately kidnapped by unknown people, because his last name is listed on "Peacekeeper".

He was taken to an unknown facility near Mariupol, where he was handcuffed to a railing all night. He was punched in the stomach and threatened until he confessed to being a member of an armed group. He was held for several more days, and on October 8, he was taken to the sievierodonets SBU Department, where he was interrogated without a lawyer present.

On October 10, the Severodonetsk court decided to take him into custody for 60 days. On October 25, the Prosecutor told him that he could not use the SBU program and the only way to get out was to sign a plea agreement with subsequent consent to the"exchange".

On December 4, two SBU employees tried to force him to agree to participate in the"simultaneous release". He refused and was released on December 11, 2019, when his detention expired. That is, instead of an anonymous program for the protection of rights, a person who voluntarily decided to come to Ukraine had to endure torture, violence and threats.

SBU does not leave its own?
According to the data presented in the report, the crimes committed by the SBU officers are not in a hurry to investigate. The case of a security official who killed a man in Avdiivka in March 2017 is not being properly investigated. SBU employees who testified against the accused refused to further testify against him. The case dragged on for two years.

In September 2019, a panel of judges was appointed in this case, but in January 2020, the entire panel recused itself due to questionable reasons. This was the second composition of the court to recuse itself. At the same time, the accused was not in jail all the time and even continued to serve.

"The failure of the authorities to provide an immediate trial violates the rights of the victim's relatives to an effective remedy and to be tried without undue delay," the report said.

Lawyer, co-founder of the "Institute of Peace" Yevgeny Khrabrov told Vesti. ua that according to the facts presented in the UN monitoring report, they should open a case and find out who is involved in these crimes.

"The case and investigation should be, this is article 214-official notification of a crime. The head of the SBU, Ivan Bakanov, must personally open a case and enter it into the register of criminal proceedings. The SBU must inform who is specifically suspected of committing a crime, issue a memo to victims about their rights, and interrogate witnesses," the human rights defender said.

According to him, due to a conflict of interests, the case may be redirected to other structures-the state security service or the GPU.

However, according to Khrabrov, the case, even if it is initiated, is unlikely to be given a go, so as not to discredit the authority of the structure's employees. In addition, he pointed out that not all lawyers will agree to take up such cases and protect the rights of detainees due to possible pressure from the authorities.

"I have a faint hope that they will investigate the facts that were presented in the UN monitoring… I don't know a lawyer who would take up this case and go against the SBU. Human rights defenders who take such cases are satisfied with difficulties. For example, they simply delete lawyers from the register, " Khrabrov said.

He claims that the monopolization of the legal profession, which has been observed recently, "closes access to justice".

Unlimited power of the SBU?
President Vladimir Zelensky has been talking for a long time about the need for systemic reform of the SBU. This is required by the EU, NATO and partner countries. As the head of the structure Bakanov says, the adoption of the law "will create a basis for systemic changes in the SBU and bring it closer to the best examples of the world's special services."

However, political scientists and experts say that the reform can actually increase the tasks, functions and powers of the structure, reduce human rights and partially relieve employees of the structure from declaring.

Judging by the latest version of the bill, the SBU wants to return to the model of 1992. Then the structure operated according to the patterns of the Soviet KGB. The main activity of the Service will again be law enforcement. If the law is still adopted, it will mean that the SBU and the Ministry of internal Affairs will be engaged in approximately the same thing. The SBU will have more powers.

The EU Advisory mission pointed out this problem. They called the emergency powers of the SBU, especially in terms of law enforcement status and pre-trial investigation, one of the key issues for discussion. This, according to experts, opens up new opportunities for abuse. This law gives the SBU the right to appropriate almost any criminal case that is being investigated by another law enforcement Agency.

Separately, experts highlight a dubious proposal in the bill on controlling the" morality and spirituality " of society. The draft law calls national security objects "spiritual, moral and ethical, cultural, historical, intellectual and material values". How exactly this protection of morals will be implemented is not specified in the document.

Given the facts about violence and torture by SBU employees, the reform of the structure should not consist in these changes, but in clearing and reviewing the powers of the structure's employees.

Marina Yakovenko, Ukraine
«Душили, били током» — жуткий доклад ООН о пытках пленных на Донбассе сотрудниками СБУ

"We will not have conversations" — Kuleba told what awaits the authorities of the DPR and LPR, if Ukraine gets control of the border (VIDEO)
27.05.2020 - 20:26
The administrative system Of the republics of Donbass will cease to exist in the conditions when Russian troops will be "withdrawn" from the territory of Donbass, and Ukraine will get control over the border.

This was stated by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.

"We will not have conversations with them, so they do not have any prospects in the future system of settlement of the Donbass. If there is security, there is a system of withdrawal of troops, and border control is restored, then, in fact, where does this occupation administration belong… The answer is- nowhere, " Kuleba said.

As for the "plan B" for the Donbas, which Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky promised to go to if the situation cannot be resolved within a year within the framework of the Minsk agreements, according to Kuleba, the Ukrainian authorities would not like to apply it.

However, the foreign Minister did not comment on what this plan provides.
«Мы не будем вести разговоры», — Кулеба рассказал, что ждёт власти ДНР и ЛНР, если Украина получит контроль над границей (ВИДЕО)


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One woman that has been active since many years, and it gained speed after the Maidan event is on FB found under: Viktoriya Shylova or Виктория Шилова Антивойна or on Youtube "Antiwar" has been demonetised by Youtube within the last week (155,000 subscribers). She thinks it is because she has been critical of what the US Democratic party is doing and what it has done for Ukraine. But I'm also wondering if it had anything to do with her rants lately about vaccination and Covid-19 scam. In some respects, the differences between East and West are becoming less.

Since 2014 I have been aware that Viktoriya Shylova has some doubtful features, as a translation of one short article with her biography also brings out. Perhaps thanks to those elements she has been able to survive - in a chaotic environment - and so far get away with giving a perspective on the situation to quite a number of people. Had she been a man, I guess she would have been gone a long time ago, but she is a housewife with several children.


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"We will not have conversations" — Kuleba told what awaits the authorities of the DPR and LPR, if Ukraine gets control of the border (VIDEO)
27.05.2020 - 20:26
As for the "plan B" for the Donbas, which Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky promised to go to if the situation cannot be resolved within a year within the framework of the Minsk agreements, according to Kuleba, the Ukrainian authorities would not like to apply it.

However, the foreign Minister did not comment on what this plan provides.

Not sure either, however a quick search finds CBC News bringing up plan B in November 2019. The article is written by Murray Brewster, who is known for his Russophobia and sometimes refered to as a "Senior Defence Writer for CBC" - speaking on subjects like the past Syrian war et cetera (he has toned it down here somewhat other than playing the Russian Crimean 'annexation' card), wherein he said:

Asking Canada to take part a peacekeeping mission in war-torn, separatist-minded eastern districts of Ukraine would be "Plan B" for the recently elected government of President Volodymyr Zelensky, the country's deputy foreign minister said Thursday.

Back then, Brewster adds it was a Poroshenko government idea, which of course the Canadian PM Freeland Trudeau was informed of.

The idea of a United Nations-organized, Canadian-led peacekeeping mission was initially posed when former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko was still in power. The idea was discussed with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Murray ends up discussing the Liberal party being somewhat "circumspect" with jumping into a plan B, if asked (right). However, the opposite side of the coin (hard to tell the difference) had seen the Conservative party during the election saying that plan B was a "platform promise" for the boys and girls in the Canadian military 'Peacekeeping' business. Should say, the Canadian men and women tasked as peacekeepers would probably try and do a good job - they are professionals, however upper management is a little biased, so that's a problem, especially as in the past they trained something like 800 of the Ukrainian police (perhaps similar to the Phoenix Program), which might account for the above UN related headline '"Strangled, electrocuted" - a terrible UN report on the torture of prisoners in the Donbass by the SBU'? Don't know.

So, if it comes down to a plan B beyond this covid-keeping business, the conservatives will probably demand the liberals do just that, and the liberals will, of course, do just that, because in fact they have always been all in when it comes to Ukraine. How 'in' are they? They are so far in even to the point of helping to pay for the erection of statues of Roman Shukhevych in Canada's own backyard. Apparently Israel never says anything, nor do Canadians, which is somewhat baffling since so many are always on about the fascist in the White House oval office? Odd times indeed.

Anyway, perhaps there will be a new PM in Canada (any guess) by the time plan B in Ukraine rolls around, unless plan A works or there is a plan C.

Speaking of Israel, was checking out some of Murray's other work on Ukraine/Russia to add here and came across something he wrote that caught the attention of 'HonestReporting Canada' that prompts "fairness and accuracy in Canadian media coverage of Israel" wherein Murray was under their lens for his written work on saving the White Helmets in Syria. That is not good, as he did this without proper credit due for Israel's "leading role and brave humanitarian efforts in the daring rescue of hundreds of individuals associated with Syria’s White Helmets." They set him straight, thank god, after contacting Senior CBC staff who must have dressed him down somewhat. I digress here, as this last part should be in the White Helmets thread, yet thought to mention it since Murray, as said, is a Senior Defence Writer for CBC and obviously can get things wrong. ;-)


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Неожиданная слава: Бельгийский театр использовал драки в Раде для рекламы нового сезона (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)
03.06.2020 - 20:11

Вот уж действительно прославились! То, что я запостил об этом в этой ветке, говорит о том, что бельгийский театр меня интересует гораздо меньше, чем происходящее на Украине. Однако к этому театру тоже есть парочка вопросов. Рекламная тема как минимум странная. Если нужна была драка в парламенте, то прошлись бы по азиатам, там с регулярностью происходят гораздо более эпичные побоища, если нужна была жуть на Украине, то это Донбасс все последние 6 лет, ну или сожжение людей а Одесском "доме профсоюзов". А так ни то ни се получилось. Да еще, наверно, не учли, что персонажи сидящие в Украинской Раде жадные и хитрые, еще чего доброго свою долю с театра потребуют.

Unexpected fame: the Belgian theater used fights in the Rada to advertise the new season (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
03.06.2020 - 20:11
The Belgian Royal Opera house La Monnaie uses photos and videos of scuffles of people's deputies in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in advertising its new season.
The relevant materials are posted on the theater's website.

So, in the center of Brussels hung a large number of posters for the new season 2020-2021 in La Monnaie, which fight the Deputy from "Freedom" Igor Miroshnichenko with members of the Communist party in the summer of 2014. The ad image also has a caption-Once Upon Now ("Once upon a time").

In addition, the theater used video of fights in the Ukrainian Parliament for its promo videos. The video shows the" taking out " of the then Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in December 2015 by the Deputy from the BPP Oleg Barna, as well as throwing eggs at the speaker Vladimir Litvin in 2010.

On the website of the Belgian theater in one of the posters of the season, another photo taken in the VRU is used.

The theater also provided an explanation for its campaign, noting that humanity has entered a new decade, which may be marked by political and social instability in the world.

"We cannot turn our backs on the pressing problems facing modern society," the season's synopsis says.

Неожиданная слава: Бельгийский театр использовал драки в Раде для рекламы нового сезона (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

That's really became famous! The fact that I posted about it in this thread shows that I am much less interested in the Belgian theater than what is happening in Ukraine. However, to this theater also has a couple of questions. The advertising theme is at least strange. If you needed a fight in the Parliament, then you would go through the Asians, there are much more epic carnage there with regularity, if you needed a horror in Ukraine, it is the Donbass for the last 6 years, or the burning of people in the Odessa "house of trade unions". And in this form it turned out neither this, nor that. By the way, they probably did not take into account that the characters sitting in the Ukrainian Parliament are greedy and cunning, and they will probably demand their share from the theater.;-)


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In the Crimea, TASS reports that 'FSB thwarts terror attack at marketplace in Crimean capital' arresting five Russian's, who apparently were to use improvised explosives in a market. The five were said to be aligned with "Ukrainian radical forces".

The security forces seized improvised explosive devices, weapons, ammunition and communications means with information on the crimes being plotted. Work is underway to identify the detainees’ possible accomplices, the FSB press office said.


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«Полная задница», — Зеленский честно описал ситуацию на Украине (ВИДЕО)
11.06.2020 - 18:36

"Full ass" — Zelensky honestly described the situation in Ukraine (VIDEO)
11.06.2020 - 18:36
The interview of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky "on wheels" with a journalist of one of the Ukrainian publications turned out to be interesting. Everyone found out about his strange idea to get infected with the coronavirus. In a peculiar way, the journalist and the President of nezalezhnaya also discussed the situation in the country.

When asked by a journalist about what Zelensky saw during the year of the presidency and how he can assess the situation in the country, the answer was unusually brief and succinct.

"First of all, you see that almost everything has been destroyed..." the head of state said.

"Simply put, in the country of the "ass"? " - decided to clarify the correspondent.

«Full. Full! " - clarified the definition of the President of Ukraine.
«Полная задница», — Зеленский честно описал ситуацию на Украине (ВИДЕО)


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Переговоры Порошенко с Байденом: новая порция информации для международного скандала
22.06.2020 - 18:46

Poroshenko's talks with Biden: a new batch of information for an international scandal
22.06.2020 - 18:46
Today, people's Deputy Andrey Derkach published new films of Biden and Poroshenko.

The new audio of the conversation between the us Vice President and the President of Ukraine revolves around the same topics — trading sovereignty in exchange for an IMF loan, Biden's direct lobbying of certain Ukrainian officials, and Poroshenko's immediate readiness to follow all instructions. And at the same time, his requests to influence ex-Prime Minister Yatsenyuk.

Peter Alexeyevich accompanies the salute with mawkish flattery, each time at the beginning of the conversation assuring Biden that he is glad to hear his voice, and once even calling the Vice President his "guardian angel".

KOBOLEV, Yatsenyuk, Onishchenko, Groysman
So, a brief analysis of the most revealing moments of the "films" published today.

Protection Of KOBOLEV. Confirmed rumors that the" young team "of reformers" Naftogaz — - proteges of the United States. Biden directly demands from Poroshenko to protect Andrey KOBOLEV from" attacks " of the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and to save him from dismissal (the Cabinet is authorized to do this).

Along the way, it turns out that the "overseer" of the company personally from Biden is a member of its Supervisory Board, Amos Hochstein.

Poroshenko promised that nobody will touch KOBOLEV and his deputies and promised to call them to themselves and understand the problem.

After the demonstration of the film, MP Derkach said that Biden controlled "Naftogaz" to earn money on the pseudo-reverse of Russian gas. When it was bought from Slovaks with a mark-up of 50 dollars per thousand cubic meters.

Blackmail in favor of the IMF. The subject of a loan from the Fund is raised in the films repeatedly. Biden directly demands from Poroshenko that the Rada vote for "11 major changes plus energy tariffs", and he in response will lobby the Congress for guarantees of a billion dollars for Ukraine.

What exactly should be done with tariffs - it was clear from previous audio recordings, where Poroshenko was happy to report that the tariffs were inflated not by 70%, as required by the IMF, but by 100%.

The second episode is Biden's demand to put pressure on Groysman, who wanted to adjust the terms of the IMF. The Vice-President rather harshly told Poroshenko that none of these conditions can be withdrawn, the requirements must be met without discussion. Poroshenko promised to talk to Groysman and call him to the Bank.

It is interesting that Pyotr Alekseevich tried to" divorce " Biden at the signing ceremony of the agreement with the IMF before all the conditions are met-directly saying that the Fund will be able to issue money when it wants, but the signing will show a signal of support for Ukraine.

"Looking" in the Prosecutor General's office. On past recordings, Poroshenko asked the Americans to send an adviser from the United States to the new Prosecutor General Lutsenko.

And on this recording, Biden says that the" looker " was found-though without specifying who he will be.

The fight against Onishchenko. Poroshenko was so nervous about the fugitive MP Alexander Onishchenko, who published dirt on the President, that he asked for Biden's help.

He thanked the Deputy Prime Minister that he connected the CIA and talked to the FBI, so that they did not pay attention to the statements of the Ukrainian people's Deputy.

At the same time, the former President described the revelations of Poroshenko's corruption by Onishchenko as "the implementation of the Russian scenario to destabilize the situation in Ukraine", which was able to "stop" Ukrainian intelligence together with the CIA. And the latter was connected by Biden, judging by the conversation.

This indicates that the American official was directly involved in the fight against Poroshenko's political opponents.

In addition, it turns out that Ukrainian intelligence also worked against Onishchenko, fulfilling orders from Poroshenko.

By the way, it was then headed by Valery Kondratyuk (his name is mentioned in the conversation). And he heads it now. Already under Zelenskiy. Whether it has changed its approach to political tasks and who sets it these tasks is an open question.

Yatsenyuk, Avakov and Minsk-2. On the tape from October 2016, Poroshenko asks Biden that Yatsenyuk influence Avakov, with whom the President has big problems. Secondly, to ask Yatsenyuk to persuade the popular front to vote for the budget and laws necessary for the implementation of Minsk-2.

In General, the role of the us Vice President, through whom the country's top officials "communicate", is extremely interesting.

Another conversation between Biden and Poroshenko about Yatsenyuk from February 11, 2016. That is, when there were active conversations about the imminent resignation of Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. Biden transmits to Poroshenko Yatsenyuk's concern that after his resignation, he may become a person involved in criminal cases.

Poroshenko readily assured that he does not intend to touch Yatsenyuk.

Bezviz in exchange for PrivatBank. It is interesting that, apparently, it was Biden who lobbied for Ukraine on the issue of visa-free regime with the European Union.

In one of the conversations, the Vice President mentions bezviz as the result of the successful nationalization of Privat. Recall that the Bank began to pass into state ownership at the end of 2016, and the visa-free regime with the EU was launched on July 11, 2017.

By the way, this shows a very strong degree of influence of the Americans on the EU policy towards Ukraine. At least in the days of Biden and Obama.

What are the consequences for Poroshenko?
The new films gave a lot of information to the piggy Bank for the case of state treason of Poroshenko, which was opened By the office of the Prosecutor General after the publication of the first batch of records.

However, nothing has been heard about the investigation since then.

The RRG activity appears only for a completely different, opposite thing — about illegal tapping of Biden and Poroshenko, calling, by the way, questioning the very Derkach (he stated it during the briefing).

Also a complete tailspin in the creation of the Temporary investigative Commission, which stated "public servants".

As reported by "Country" one of the initiators of the people's Deputy Oleksandr Kachur, yet not moving.

"I was asking questions to David Arakhamiya. He said that Sergey Demchenko is dealing with this issue. They conducted an analysis so that there would be no international issues, so that it would only concern domestic issues. To avoid an international scandal. To date, we have not registered a resolution on the VSC. I have asked several times about this, but there are no specifics. I don't know why they haven't registered it yet, the leadership of the faction is dealing with this issue," Kachura said.

In other words, the authorities are clearly trying to slow things down. Apparently, fearing a harsh reaction from the us Democrats, who, through the media close to them, have already declared the inadmissibility of "influencing the presidential campaign in America."

Victoria Venk, Ukraine
Переговоры Порошенко с Байденом: новая порция информации для международного скандала


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Готовы к наступлению: Командование ВСУ напугано российскими войсками возле украинских границ
03.07.2020 - 0:00

Сами себя пугают прямо как их хозяева в США, только те под эти пугалки свои денежки тратят, а эти будут клянчить по всему миру, чтоб помогли несчастным, кто чем может, в неравной схватке с ужасным "мордором". Но в данной ситуации это и хорошо- меньше будет дурацких планов по "реинтеграции" Крыма и Донбасса силовым путем.

Ready to attack: the AFU Command is scared by Russian troops near the Ukrainian borders
03.07.2020 - 0:00
As of July 2, Russia has created three powerful military groups near the Ukrainian border. They are able to suddenly conduct offensive actions on the territory of Ukraine without additional mobilization.
This was stated by the head of the Main Department of international cooperation and verification of the armed forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Leonid Golopatyuk, during an online session of the OSCE security cooperation Forum.
According to the data provided by Ukrainian intelligence, 28 Russian battalion-tactical groups are deployed along the state border of Ukraine. Currently, the formation of three new groups is being completed — two armies and an army corps, which are planning to become fully operational during 2020-2021.In the ground component in the Western strategic direction, the 20th combined arms army has been created, which is armed with Iskander operational and tactical missile systems. In the South-Western strategic direction, the 8th combined arms strike army has been created, which provides for the creation of Iskander missile brigades.
The group of troops for the invasion, according to the General, can number about 87 thousand troops, 1,100 tanks, 2,600 armored combat vehicles, 1,100 artillery systems, 360 multiple launch rocket systems, 18 operational and tactical missile systems.
The air component of the Russian forces continues to be re-equipped with modern and modernized samples of aviation equipment (su-30SM, su-35S, su-34, su-25sm3, MiG-31k with a hypersonic complex "Dagger" and helicopters of various modifications).
In total, about 330 combat aircraft and 230 helicopters are based at base airfields near the Ukrainian border.

Готовы к наступлению: Командование ВСУ напугано российскими войсками возле украинских границ

They scare themselves just like their owners in the United States, only they spend their money under these scarecrows, and these will beg all over the world, who can do what they can, to help the poor in an unequal battle with the terrible "Mordor". But in this situation, this is a good thing - there will be fewer stupid plans to" reintegrate " the Crimea and Donbass by force.


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А вот и результаты выклянчивания. Грузин вооружали и обучали и чем это кончилось? Как бы и этих фашистов не пришлось бы утихомиривать.

Стали известны планы США о передаче Украине вооружений
02.07.2020 - 20:57

And here are just the results of begging. Georgians were armed and trained by the same ones and how did it end? Russia would not have had to pacify and these fascists.

The us plans to transfer weapons to Ukraine became known
02.07.2020 - 20:57
The US announced plans to transfer weapons and military equipment to Kiev for a total of about 600 million dollars, said Russia's permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich.
According to him, the OSCE special Monitoring mission in Ukraine (SMM) records new civilian casualties and destruction as a result of shelling in the Donbas.
"In these circumstances, the US, Canada, the UK and a number of EU countries continue to train, supply weapons and actually incite the Ukrainian army to further violence against the Donbass.
The Ministry of defense of Canada has already announced the preparation for the arrival in the Lviv region of 90 military instructors from the fourth canadian division from the military base in Petavava, Ontario. After them, 50 more soldiers are planned to be sent with the same goals.
The British military training program "Orbital" has been extended for three years, " Lukashevich said at a meeting of the OSCE post-Council.
The diplomat noted that, according to the us Embassy in Ukraine, on June 16, the us authorities handed over another military cargo to the APU, including radios, ammunition and warheads for missile systems in the amount of 60 million dollars.
"In the current draft budget of the Pentagon for 2021, Ukraine is proposed to allocate another $ 250 million in military allocations, half of which is expected to be used to ensure the supply of weapons.
In June, Washington announced far-reaching plans to transfer weapons and military equipment, including naval equipment, totaling about $ 600 million.
In addition, the United States continue the construction of a naval command post in Ochakovo the Nikolaev area", — said the permanent representative.

Стали известны планы США о передаче Украине вооружений


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На Донбассе проведут референдум за присоединение к России

На мой взгляд слишком смелое заявление. Я согласен с тем, что де-факто Донбасс уже является частью РФ и скорее всего, почти что наверняка там проведут референдум и вероятно это случится до конца года, однако я сильно сомневаюсь, что формальное вступление Донбасса в состав России произойдет до конца года. Деструктивные процессы, которые идут на Украине должны углубиться и дать более ощутимые результаты. Для России идеальным было бы, если бы западные регионы Украины активизировали свои устремления на отделение от Украины и присоединение к Польше, Венгрии.

"Будет много потерь": командование ВМС Украины анонсировало военный поход на Крым

In the Donbass will hold a referendum for joining Russia
Russia will include the Donbass in its composition by the end of this year.

The first Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people's Republic (DPR), Alexander Borodai, announced the entry of the Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics into the Russian Federation. This may happen before the end of this year, and Borodai stressed that de facto, the Donbass is already under the sovereignty of Russia, it remains only to bring the legal factors back to normal.

"I am sure that in a relatively short time, the republics of Donbass will no longer become a de facto part of the Russian Federation-they are already a de facto part of the Russian Federation, and will become so de jure," Alexander Borodai said during the Congress of the Russian Rodina party in St. Petersburg.

Given the fact that the annexation of Crimea to Russia took place against the background of a referendum, experts believe that a popular vote will also be held in the Donbas, and, given the fact that the "annexation" should happen soon, experts believe that this issue may be resolved before the end of this year.

The Kremlin has not yet made any official comments on this, however, taking into account the fact that this is probably the only way to prevent the development of the conflict on the territory of Ukraine, Moscow may well take such a step.
На Донбассе проведут референдум за присоединение к России

In my opinion, this statement is too bold. I agree that the de facto Donbass is already part of the Russian Federation and most likely, almost certainly, there will be a referendum and probably it will happen before the end of the year, but I strongly doubt that the formal accession of the Donbass to Russia will happen before the end of the year. The destructive processes that are taking place in Ukraine should deepen and give more tangible results. For Russia, it would be ideal if the Western regions of Ukraine stepped up their aspirations to secede from Ukraine and join Poland and Hungary.

"There will be a lot of losses": the command of the Ukrainian Navy announced a military campaign to the Crimea
The commander of the battle fleet, rear Admiral Alex Neiipp announced a military campaign in the Crimea.

The command of the Ukrainian Navy said that it plans to launch a military campaign to the Crimea to liberate the Peninsula from Russia, promising "a lot of losses" in the course of such a clash. In fact, we are talking about a direct threat to the sovereignty of Russia, however, analysts believe that this is just another provocation, since the last decisive campaign to the Crimean bridge ended with the loss of three warships for Ukraine.

"The naval forces of Ukraine (Navy) are preparing for full-scale combat operations with Russia. This was reported by the commander of the battle fleet, rear Admiral Alex Neiipp in interview to the newspaper "Duma". According to the commander-in-chief, Ukraine intends to "return" Crimea, and is also preparing for war with Russia. "There will be many losses and our soldiers and civilians," said Neiipp. According to him, in Kiev, the Russian army is expected to attack the Kherson region in order to let the Dnieper water into the Crimea, " RIA Novosti reports.

Such aggressive actions on the part of Ukraine will definitely not remain unresponsive on the part of Russia, which significantly exceeds its combat fleet capabilities of the Ukrainian Navy, and therefore, any threats from Kiev are unacceptable even for Ukraine itself.
"Будет много потерь": командование ВМС Украины анонсировало военный поход на Крым
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Спецагент США за спиной Зеленского: «Водитель Байдена» рулит Украиной (ВИДЕО)
09.07.2020 - 6:00

Могут убить всю Украину: США тратят миллиарды на создание оружия массового поражения в «Незалежной» (ДОКУМЕНТ)
09.07.2020 - 3:23

Special agent of the United States behind Zelensky: "The driver of Biden's" steers Ukraine (VIDEO)
09.07.2020 - 6:00
In Ukraine, another scandal is breaking out related to the external management of the country by the United States.

"Investigative journalist Vladimir Boyko claims that President Zelensky appointed Valery Kondratyuk, Biden's personal driver, as the head of the foreign intelligence Service in June 2020. This nickname among subordinates in the SVR Kondratyuk received because of the fact that us Vice President Joe Biden during visits to Ukraine demanded to call Kondratyuk as a driver for a trip to the airport"Boryspil".

Since Kondratyuk is almost an official agent of American intelligence in Ukraine, he and Biden had a lot to talk about in a protected limousine.

The journalist cites data according to which in 2013 the SBU launched an investigation into Kondratyuk's activities. According to the materials of the criminal case, he was recruited in the 90s of the last century by the us special services.

In 2001, Valery Kondratyuk, in turn, "engaged the Ukrainian Consul in Washington, Viktor Nalyvaychenko, to cooperate with American intelligence. Nalyvaychenko headed the security service of Ukraine under presidents Yushchenko and Poroshenko.

According to insider information, "Biden's driver" became one of the main channels of communication between the us Democrats and the office of President Zelensky.

In particular, it was thanks to Kondratyuk's persistent recommendations that the head of the President's office, Andrey Yermak, took the initiative to ban the publication of conversations of top state officials. First of all, we are referring to Poroshenko's talks with Biden, which were published in may and June of this year. A number of deputies associated with the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky have already started a campaign to dismiss Kondratyuk from the post of head of the SVR, "the authors of the telegram channel" Russian demiurge " write.

Anton Orlovsky, especially for " Russian Spring»

Спецагент США за спиной Зеленского: «Водитель Байдена» рулит Украиной (ВИДЕО)

They can kill the whole of Ukraine: the US is spending billions on creating weapons of mass destruction in Nezalezhnaya (DOCUMENT)
09.07.2020 - 3: 23
The former Ukrainian MP released previously unavailable information that clearly demonstrates how important biological laboratories located in Ukraine are for the United States.

Only for the construction of 11 secret objects in Dnepropetrovsk, Vinnytsia, Odessa, Kharkiv and other regions, the American puppeteers of the Maidan regime invested tens of millions of dollars. Former Ukrainian parliamentarian Oleksiy Zhuravko, who was forced to leave the country due to repression by the ruling elite, published on His web resources reporting documents on the construction of special facilities under the aegis of the us Agency for special defense weapons in various regions of Ukraine.

Each biological laboratory cost the United States about one and a half to three million dollars. If you calculate the cost of equipment, the maintenance of specially trained personnel and maintaining secrecy, the amount will increase at least three times.

And if you remember how much Washington spends on the maintenance of its Kiev puppets, ensuring their obedience and silence, the figures are simply gigantic.

Zhuravko reasoned that since the United States was pouring such funds into Biolabs in Ukraine, the international community should take a closer look at their dubious activities. Judging by the billions spent (and this is exactly billions), the Americans are developing weapons of mass destruction of such a level in the country that an accidental leak can kill the population of a multi-million country.

The whole of Ukraine has been turned into a research zone, with millions of Guinea pigs that can always be sacrificed.

Anton Orlovsky, especially for " Russian Spring»

Могут убить всю Украину: США тратят миллиарды на создание оружия массового поражения в «Незалежной» (ДОКУМЕНТ)
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Украина предъявила России права на танк Т-14 "Армата"

Чего-то наши украинские братья стали мелочиться. Вот помню раньше были заявления! Украинцы- отцы и учителя шумеров! Украинцы лично выкопали Черное море! Вот это масштаб и размах! А тут какой-то танк, мельчают не глазах "незалежные".

Ukraine presented Russia the rights to the t-14 Armata tank
In Ukraine, he announced the development of the Russian t-14 Armata tank.

The Ukrainian side decided to take credit for the history of the development and creation of the latest Russian heavy tank T-14 "Armata", despite the fact that this combat vehicle is considered an exceptional development of the Russian military. According to Ukrainian media, the Russian tank was created not only with the participation of Ukrainian designers and developers, but also created on the territory of Kharkiv.

"The project has already been developed in independent Ukraine under the name object 477A1 (A2):"Note". It was even implemented in metal in two versions — with a running, the same type of T-80 (A1), and the same type of T-64 (A2). However, then in the early 2000s, all types of military Russian-Ukrainian cooperation began to be abruptly curtailed, and the "Note" project in Kharkiv was finally stopped by Ukrainian "effective managers". There is almost no information about it in open sources today. It seems that Russian designers continued to develop the topic, resulting in the 2017 year there was a platform "Armata" and the t-14 tank, but it is clear that they are both a direct continuation of the Object 477A1 "Note", the author does not take — he has no direct confirmation of this, "- this is reported by the information publication " Ukraine.<url>", publishing the corresponding article under the title "Project " 450". How the idea of the t-14 Armata tank was born in Kharkiv."

Experts call such arguments unfounded and note that they have nothing to do with reality, believing that this is just another speculation.

"Today, there is nothing similar to the Russian "Armata"in the world. This combat vehicle was developed almost from scratch, and therefore statements that the development of the t-14 Armata prototype began in Ukraine do not make any sense," the specialist said.

Украина предъявила России права на танк Т-14 "Армата"

For some reason, our Ukrainian brothers have become peddling. I remember earlier there was a statement! Ukrainians are the fathers and teachers of the Sumerians! Ukrainians personally dug up the Black sea! That's the scale and scope! And then some tank. "Nezalezhnye" are shrinking before our eyes.
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