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And using the official secrets act to cover their dirty policies
I am happy for anyone in the UK to correct me but I believe all British Cabinet papers are subject to the 30 year rule. Hence, it is normal for matters dicussed within the Cabinet (comprising the main secretaries/ministers of state meeting with the Prime Minister) to remain secret for this period. The Official Secrets Act (which I signed when I briefly worked for the Ministry of Agriculture as a student) applies to Civil Service documentation and is intended to prevent leaks. This does not prevent people though from making requests under the Freedom of Information Act.


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Look like a good extensive story.
He seems to be the real deal in nazi heritage..
Here is some more: http://mileswmathis.com/schwab.pdf
A very interesting article. Thanks for posting. I note that the article had nothing to say about Schwab's mother except she was born of Swiss parents. However, the American Media Intelligence article claims that she was jewish and abandoned him at a very young age to go and live in America.

Klaus and his older brother, Hans Ernst, were born to Eugen Wilhelm Schwab and Emma Gisela Tekelius Schwab (née Kilian) in Ravensburg (Mar. 30, 1938) and Karlsruhe (Oct. 13, 1927) respectively.
Hans Ernst did not disown their Jewish mother Emma like his brother Klaus has. On Dec. 09, 1938, Emma Schwab emigrated to the United States as Gisela Schwab, leaving her suckling infant Klaus, presumably forever. Was she fleeing Hitler’s Jewish persecution? Possibly. Was Klaus’ 50% Jewish blood being buried and replaced by a pure Aryan persona? Probably, especially considering his and his father’s life-long silence about her.
By contrast, wife Erika was of sturdy Aryan stock—acceptable to the Nazis. She was from Zurich, born Dec. 31, 1906.

If this is true, then his family would not be the only pro-nazi family to hide jewish links as many leading nazis had jewish forbears they wished to keep hidden from sight. It is even claimed that Hitler's mother was the illegitimate daughter of Baron Rothschild of Vienna. His grandmother was allegedly a maid to the Rothschild household.

Having your birth mother removed from you at such a tender age could, of course, help to create a very cold individual even before you add psychopathic genetics into the mix.


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Good news. It seems that, given both Texas and Florida governors are barring the use of vaccine passports (along with other pressures), the Biden Administration announced yesterday that it does not endorse the use of vaccine passports.

Of course, New York City still has its "Excelsior Pass," which is looking to be a total failure, in any event. Check this out: NY's vaccine pass is plagued with privacy failures as anyone can access someone else's health records

Yes, A.I. is taking the world by storm! Ha! They can't even design an app that vaccination recipients (who are even down for losing their own civil liberties) are able to successfully make use of. What a bunch of dopes.

Excerpt from Reclaim The Net article:

It doesn’t help that New York chose IBM and its “blockchain” platform as the backbone of Excelsior Pass just as reports in February suggested that the company’s blockchain effort was a complete financial failure, missing revenue targets by 90%, while the majority of its blockchain team is now gone.

And Excelsior Pass has poor security in place, allowing anyone to check a person’s eligibility and access their Covid-related health records through the app simply by entering their name, date of birth and ZIP code.

After this, more “relatively easily obtained information” is required to verify identity, The Dossier writes. “Even if you get some questions wrong, it appears that you can go back in and answer an unlimited amount of times until you get the right combination,” said the report.

Interesting to note, the article also mentions how the WHO is now saying it isn't recommending vaccine passports at this time given they are unsure whether the vaccine is going to prevent the spread of Covid. This also goes to what vaccine critics are saying, that the vaccine will cause a far more lethal outbreak (which is no doubt what the WHO has in mind). So, yeah (thinks the WHO), who cares about vaccine passports when massive genocide is on the horizon? (I really hope and pray that's not the case.)


But back to New York State's elitist sounding "Excelsior Pass." (My God, it sounds like American Express Platinum.) Seems it's supposed to be used for large scale events for places like Madison Square Garden, at least initially. Sites online promoting its use also mention plane travel, so one should not be fooled by the opening roll out description, which seems limited to large-scale events. But all of this has me wondering: how can a blue state like New York get away with imposing a vaccine card when their blue man in the White House isn't? How does that work exactly?

Anyway, given how poorly the Excelsior card is doing, it's somehow heartening to see that these technological geniuses have marbles for brains. Yes, the use of A.I. is posing a threat, one that is going to march on, regardless. However, as per IBM's abysmal foray into "blockchain," we have still to see how these numb nuts are going to pull off their Big Tech dystopia. It certainly won't happen overnight, or at all smoothly, it seems. And there are plenty of people concerned about civil liberties who are pushing back. So, it will be interesting to see how these things play out in the United States as events unfold.

I think another reason the Biden Administration nixed the vaccine passport idea is that they would be up against states' rights to bar such measures. It's already true that people are moving to these two states (Florida and Texas) in unprecedented numbers for just such "state's rights" reasons. If the federal government pushed for vaccine passports, which these two states (and no doubt others in the future) have barred, this will cause even more people to abandon "blue" America for the liberties offered in these red states. And while the powers that be promote "division," they may not like the idea that this form of division strengthens red state citizens, and will set an example that on-the-fence liberals are going to notice, and no doubt be influenced by.

Along these lines, Trump is asking people to boycott not just Major League Baseball, which has gone against the election reform bill passed in Georgia, but also "woke" companies, like Coca Cola. Now that's a big deal. If 75 million Americans stopped buying Coke that would really be something. Talk about sports, think of the sport of watching Coke's stock plummet! Although I don't drink Coke myself (never have), I'm considering leaving Citibank given Citigroup is also on the list -- well, for other reasons as well. Catherine Austin Fitts suggests putting one's money in local banks, and really attempting to go "local" in as many ways as possible, given what she sees as impending financial collapse (not that that wouldn't affect local banks, unless local banks could somehow hedge against the big guys, if that's even possible).

Delta is another company Trump has given the thumbs down to. There are others as well. It's quite a list, and indicates that Republicans, led by Trump, are finally using Democrat tactics to fight back. All very interesting to witness.

Some are saying Governor DeSantis of Florida, who has re-opened the state with no ill effects, and managed Covid, including protecting the elderly, quite effectively -- oh, and now is barring the use of vaccination cards -- may run for president in 2024. That's why he's under attack -- by 60 Minutes most recently, if you want to do a search. Seems they framed him by editing out crucial parts of the interview (surprise surprise).

So, things are shifting. Perhaps Trump will remain in more of an advisory position, as opposed to running again. Of course, first things first. Central to their strategy is election reform so that Republicans stand a chance in 2022; on par with election reform may be this new boycotting strategy, which is a pretty smart move, I have to say. It's flexing the economic muscle of the "excluded" 75 million Trump supporters, so let's see how it all pans out.


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I am not sure whether anyone has mentioned Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray (NONS) in the Forum before, which protects users from viruses that enter the body through the upper nasal pathways, and is being sold to the public in pharmacies in Israel, and has just been registered to begin sales in New Zealand. It has been produced by SaNOtize Research & Development Corp., (SaNOtize) a biotech company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Last week, SaNOtize and Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Surrey, UK announced results of clinical trials indicating that NONS represents a safe and effective antiviral treatment that could prevent the transmission of COVID-19, shorten its course, and reduce the severity of symptoms and damage in those already infected. The study has been submitted to a leading medical journal for review and publication.

I attach a link to an article about NONS below plus a link to a report on the UK clinical trial. The results look very promising and could form a viable alternative to vaccination. St Peters Hospital, Surrey is a local hospital from my perspective.



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Although a lot of focus has recently been placed on deaths caused by blood clots after the administration of the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine, the Pfizer vaccine is still throwing up a wide variety of fatal side effects. One of these is unexplained profuse bleeding. I understand that a 50 year old doctor recently died in the US from uncontrollable bleeding after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. The hospital where he was treated could not stop the blood loss and was not able to determine where in the body the haemorrhaging was coming from.

I mention this because a friend of mine who is a retired doctor who was in general practice for many years recently had a similar haemorrhaging experience after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. He lost a large amount of blood from his back passage. Fortunately, in his case the hospital was able to staunch the bleeding. I should add that my friend is currently in remission after having been treated for bone cancer within the last two years. He had both a colonoscopy and endoscopy procedure performed on him last week but the results revealed no cancer or any other possible causes for the bleeding. Although this does not prove that his bleeding was the result of the vaccine, the fact that it occurred so soon after receiving the vaccine must raise a question as to whether the vaccine was a major factor in causing the haemorrhaging. I wonder how many similar cases may be going under the radar?​


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He seems sufficiently incredulous, perhaps other people may question the "efficacy" of vaccines with this kind of... funny recomendations.

Level 4: Very High Level of COVID-19 in Canada
Key Information for Travelers to Canada

Travelers should avoid all travel to Canada.
Because of the current situation in Canada even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants and should avoid all travel to Canada.
If you must travel to Canada, get fully vaccinated before travel. All travelers should wear a mask, stay 6 feet from others, avoid crowds, and wash their hands.


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One brave London doctor speaks out:
Coercion and mandating medical treatments on our staff, of members of the public especially when treatments are still in the experimental phase, are firmly in the realms of a totalitarian Nazi dystopia and fall far outside of our ethical values as the guardians of health.”

I attach an article referring to a letter that Dr. K. Polyakova, a consultant in London, wrote to the British Medical Journal (BMJ), which was published on April 2nd.

I only hope more doctors will be prepared to speak out like this.


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This ruling does not look good: the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on Thursday that making children get vaccinations for common diseases is ‘necessary in democratic society’ and is in their best interests.

While the case dealt with the Czech Republic’s laws that require schoolchildren to have jabs against diseases like whooping cough, tetanus and measles, it has implications when it comes to compulsory Covid jabs.

Nicolas Hervieu, a legal expert specializing in the ECHR, said the ruling reinforces the possibility of compulsory vaccination under the current coronavirus pandemic conditions.

A panel of judges ruled 16-1 that the Czech health policy that prevented unvaccinated children from attending nurseries or schools was consistent with “the best interests” of children.

“The... measures could be regarded as being ‘necessary in a democratic society,” the court ruled.

The judges dismissed the appeal brought by six Czech nationals who were fined for failing to comply with mandatory vaccination rules or whose children were denied admission to nursery school for the same reason. The parents had claimed that the mandatory jab rules violated their human rights.

“The objective had to be to protect every child against serious diseases,” the court ruled.

It said that the need for compulsory vaccination in the Czech Republic represented the national authorities’ answer to the pressing social need to protect individual and public health against diseases and to guard against any downward trend in the rate of vaccination among children.”

The court said that while mandatory vaccinations raised sensitive issues, the value of social solidarity to protect the health of all members of society, particularly those who were especially vulnerable, required everyone to assume a minimum risk by having jabs.

Wow...they mention minimum risk by having jabs.... parallel universes indeed, my heart goes out to all those children who are completely defenseless. I can only think that on some other level they have chosen to be incarnated in these times to learn what they need to learn....
In this article Dr. Mercola draws a parallel between the coming vaccination certificates as the Purity Tests that allowed Nazi Germany to create a two-tier society and ultimately facilitated the rounding up of Jews for extermination. He says the months and years ahead will test the ethics and humanity of every single one of us as we take a stand against devolution into inhumanity....

Regarding the sort of individuals the Courts now have as Judges, as can be seen from the ECHR ruling, is the fully authoritarian moronic zombie type. In Portugal, one Judge dared to speak up against the mask mandates and ridiculous covid rules and joined a peaceful demonstration in Lisbon a few weeks ago. Now, he undergoes disciplinary measures and will probably be removed from the Bench. As the President of the Superior Council of the Judiciary puts it so arrogantly:

"People cannot understand how such a person is exercising functions", admitted António Joaquim Piçarra, in an interview with the Lusa News Agency, recalling that the Council, "as soon as it became aware of its public positions, quickly acted and opened an investigation and disciplinary process”.
"There must be greater rigor in the selection of the entrance of candidates to the judiciary", defended António Piçarra, defending the performance of psychological exams on the students of the Center for Judicial Studies (CEJ).


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Although a lot of focus has recently been placed on deaths caused by blood clots after the administration of the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine, the Pfizer vaccine is still throwing up a wide variety of fatal side effects.
It's interesting, isn't it? Side-effects from the vector vaccines are being reported in the media, but nothing on the mRNA vaccines.
On AstraZeneca:
- Holland will (for now) not vaccinate people <60 y/o with the vaccine, and give it only to 60-64 y/o.
- Germany, Italy and Spain will only vaccinate 60+ y/o with the vaccine.
- Belgium will only vaccinate 55+ y/o with the vaccine.
- UK will give people <30 y/o an alternative vaccine.

On Johnson/Janssen (also a vector vaccine): I read a mainstream article today talking about how it has the same side-effects similar to AstraZeneca and there was a case of a man whose skin was affected badly by the vaccine.

But no word on the mRNA vaccines, why? Because I think, as some of you have suspected also, they want people to start asking for the mRNA vaccines, while saying (at least in Holland) that people won't get to choose which vaccine they want. I read another article today where a female patient said that she got an appointment for the AstraZeneca vaccine, but she became afraid after reading about the reports of the side-effects and called her GP to try to convince him that she shouldn't take it. Her GP agreed and put her on a waiting list for Pfizer!! The patient was happy and hopes to get the mRNA vaccine soon...

Crazy-making times, and the psychopaths are showing their true nature more and more, probably because they think they can get away with it, and I think it's that arrogance and wishful thinking that will be their downfall. Well, one can hope!

The Russian Sputnik-V vaccine is still being reviewed by the EMA (they sure are taking their sweet time!), but hopefully it won't be long before it gets accepted in some European countries, for those of us who would have to take it to keep a job. I think it will at least be available in Italy, France, Spain and Germany (see an update here). Ideal would be of course if we could all be able to avoid taking any vaccine.

Also interesting: A group of Dutch nurses and professional caregivers have launched a website (it's in Dutch) where letters from anonymous healthcare professionals or students are posted. One nurse for example said that at her previous job she said that she isn't going to take the vaccine, and was fired. They told her the reason for firing her was because she didn't fit well in the team, which she said made no sense as they said before that they were happy with her in the team. The real reason was her refusal to take the vaccine. Luckily, she was able to find another job where they weren't discriminatory.

And here's a letter from a nurse student:

At the university we are now obliged to wear a face mask continuously. In the beginning we even had to wear a screen and a mask. I passed out during a class due to lack of oxygen because of the face mask. Partly because of this, I received a medical statement from my doctor containing an exemption from the mask.

With that medical statement I then went to my classes and was not admitted to a few classes. Professors yelled at me that I had to wear a face mask or else get out of class. I stood up for myself a few times but it was impossible. I was treated very unfairly.

Because I always refused to wear a face mask, I received an email from the team leader of my study saying I had to choose between wearing a face mask during the lessons or that I had to stop my studies.

In the end I chose to study and wear a face mask. Now I have temporarily taken a break from my studies and am not going to classes anymore. The atmosphere at my school also became increasingly grim, because my school has hired guards to enforce the corona measures. We have been brutally disassembled a number of times.

If it is the same in healthcare, I still have to think about whether I still want to go into healthcare at all. I am very doubtful whether I want to continue with this study. I also think healthcare has become a lot less attractive. So I don't know what to do anymore.

I'm honestly starting to think that the only way forward would be to work on becoming self-reliant with your own business (something online that the PTB can't close), so no one can enforce such rules that harm your health and psychological wellbeing. It certainly has got me thinking.

And I hope parents will be able to find a way to homeschool their children or find a school that is the least authoritarian. It does look pretty bleak now, but hopefully the PTB will fall apart sooner than later.
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It is a now week since I had to undergo the rapid COVID antigen test where the nurse or whatever inserted a cotton stick in my nostrils (both) and in my mouth (both sides) First was my right nostril (left as seen from the perspective of the nurse). It did not go up far, two, three cm but it felt invasive and caused more discomfort than I had expected. The funny thing was that within two days I developed a pain in one muscle in the right side of the neck, that made movement difficult and painful. It has decreased though I am still sore in the spot in my right nostril where the sample was taken. I can imagine I may have had a vulnerability in the sore spot in the right nostril, perhaps an expert in Chinese medicine could tell what organs it connects to. An acquaintance that is on the chemtrail waggon..., had heard that the testing can be a cover for vaccination and implanting by stealth. Perhaps one does not have to go that far, perhaps it was just a physiological weakness or it hit an old previous implant!? In short, it could be pretty much anything. All I can do is to keep observing what happens.

If one needs to travel or move around, one will in many cases still need to be tested. One can only resist so much. Another thought was that the COVID testing craze is actually a great option to spread viruses. Although some sampling procedures involve self-sampling, the tests I have undergone have been close up. The only thing that would get me closer to the people testing me would be to hug them. So while there is an obsession with COVID who is to say these test centres are not great places to spread and collect all the viruses, they do not test for or can't detect? While this can be interpreted as being negative one could also hold that, if one wishes the latest viruses that move around the community visiting a testing centre might not be a bad idea at all. Yes, this is a bit surprising, if not absurd, ludicrous or grotesque, but I sense a smile is not far away.
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