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And the result is that now those of us who haven’t had the vaccine also appear to be in serious danger. We need to keep our immune systems in tip top condition by eating wisely and taking vitamin D supplements. And we may at some point need to keep away from those who have had the vaccine. They are, I believe, now a very real danger to the survival of the human species.

For longer than I like to think about it, I have been warning about the dangers of the covid-19 vaccines. I know that they should not really be called vaccines (although one official definition has been changed to accommodate them) but if I call them gene therapy then the people who we are trying to reach, who have been told that they are vaccines, won’t know what I’m talking about.

Almost exactly a year ago I warned that the reason that the coronavirus risk was being exaggerated was partly to set up a mandatory vaccination programme.

The covid-19 fake pandemic was created, in part, to find an excuse for the vaccines – rather than the vaccine being created as a solution to the alleged threat posed by covid-19.

I’ve been warning for months that the experimental vaccines are dangerous and produce many potentially deadly side effects. The celebrities, and many doctors, are wrong in providing reassurance. I was right to suggest that the vaccines could kill more people than covid-19.

But it now seems likely that the vaccines may be responsible for the death of hundreds of millions who have not been vaccinated.

The first problem, of course, is that these experimental vaccines have already proved to be desperately dangerous – killing many people already and producing serious adverse events in many more. The size of this particular problem can be judged by the fact that even the authorities admit that probably only 1 in 100 vaccine related deaths and serious injuries will be reported. It is impossible to estimate how many will die of allergy problems, heart trouble, strokes, neurological problems or how many will be blinded or paralysed .[...] The second problem is the immune system problem known as pathogenic priming or a cytokine storm. What happens is that the immune system of the person who has been vaccinated will be primed to respond in a very dramatic way if that individual comes into contact with the virus in the future. The result can be catastrophic and this is what I fear will happen in the autumn and during next winter. The people who had the vaccine are going to be in real trouble when they next come into contact with a coronavirus. *Their immune systems will overreact and that’s likely to be when there will be lots of deaths. [...] And this brings us to the third problem – a problem I don’t think they expected.

This problem has just been outlined by Dr Geert Vanden Bossche who is a very eminent vaccine specialist. Indeed, I was originally sceptical about what he said because Dr Bossche has previously worked with GAVI and the Gates Foundation. He is the last person in the world who could be described as being opposed to vaccination.

Dr Bossche has pointed out that the vaccines which are currently being used are the wrong weapons to use for the war against this virus infection.

Disastrously, by giving vaccines to millions we are teaching the virus how to mutate and to become stronger and more deadly. Trying to devise new vaccines for new mutations simply makes things worse because the scientists cannot possibly get ahead of the mutated viruses. And the people who have been vaccinated are now sharing mutated viruses with those around them. The mutations are becoming stronger and deadlier. [...] The bottom line is that giving the vaccines will give the virus an opportunity to become infinitely more dangerous. Every vaccinated individual has the potential to become a mass murderer because their bodies are becoming laboratories making lethal viruses. And worse still, some of the vaccinated individuals may become asymptomatic carriers – spreading lethal viruses around them. And the people who have had the vaccine won’t be able to respond to the mutations because their immune systems have been taken over by an artificial defence system, given to them by the vaccine and designed to combat the original form of the covid-19 virus. The vaccinated individuals are going to be very much at risk when the new mutations start to spread. Their bodies are permanently and exclusively geared to defend against a form of the virus which is rapidly becoming out of date.

*As you read, this will cause an autoimmune condition.


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Here is what my President said about our future:

"Virus will be with us, they will change their vaccines, in the coming years you will receive different vaccines, we will have to be vaccinated for another 5 years, and your job, life and economy depend on all that."



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*As you read, this will cause an autoimmune condition.

it is also important

that we do not loose our heads and hearts in the broad vast information spectrum that is flooding our minds. And i mean this in a sincere way. We all need our focus and strength for the time to come.



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Many of us have noticed that, very often, when negative forces put some action into effect that is intended to be very harmful, when it interacts with persons of certain frequency, or who are internally configured in the STO pattern, the negative action turns out to be of great benefit - though the sender of the energy certainly did not intend it that way!
Riding the Wave (The Wave volume 1) p.90


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Will this brave policeman's statement change anything?
I have always wanted to become a police officer. When I got the chance to do the training, I grabbed it with both hands.The training was nice, but I was disappointed that you hardly learn to communicate with the public.You are taught that violence is a last resort and you should use it as little as possible.When you ask me why I am making a statement to this committee, I unfortunately have to answer that the police force is so thoroughly unreliable that I know that any statement I make to a confidential adviser or the management will immediately lead to major problems for me. I know this because I have seen it happen to a colleague, as follows: My colleague was deployed as a member of the ME group on the Malieveld in The Hague on 14 March 2021. You have probably seen the images. Demonstrators were literally beaten up there when they were lying on the ground and not resisting. And I can tell you that most of the ME officers who were there were happy to do so.More on that later in my statement. My colleague refused to beat protesters by constantly keeping in the background. The only physical contact he made was pushing protesters off the field. The commander present saw that and made a case to the leadership. The guy was called to the mat and is no longer allowed to serve as a ME officer. Moreover, he has a big problem as an officer because he is looked down upon by all his colleagues. I am now going to tell you something that I seriously doubted I would do because the impact is huge. But I have found that I cannot do otherwise because it is a taboo within the police force and must be broken. It is also life-threatening for these colleagues, but especially for the public. I know for a fact that colleagues who have confiscated drugs are later using them themselves. Not everything, but always a small part of the amount found on a suspect so that it is not noticeable. These are mainly cocaine and amphetamine. Amphetamine is also called speed. The suspect does not know that this is happening. When he hears later how much has been found and he sees that it is less than he thought, he is of course happy, because fewer drugs found means fewer problems. Stealing drugs is a widespread phenomenon, especially in medium and large cities. It is common knowledge but literally nothing is done about it.

I've seen colleagues snorting that just before they were deployed as MEs on March 14. Speed has the property of working immediately when you snort it. Speed can cause delusions and makes people aggressive. The excessive violence that was used on that day is easier to understand because those colleagues went completely crazy. You also get tired less quickly. Anyone who looks at the images on the Malieveld with an expert eye sees that this is not normal behavior. When a citizen exhibits this behavior, people immediately think of substance abuse. When we arrest a citizen for a violent crime, they may be tested for alcohol and drugs. In many cases such a person tests positive. I think that officers who are going to be deployed in high-risk situations should be tested for drug use, because this is life-threatening. Someone who has been sniffing knows no limits. Arrested persons are kicked and beaten, even in the custody bus. I see these colleagues afterwards.They are sitting in the locker room grinding their teeth, they are sweating heavily and they are often dizzy, all symptoms of speed use. I am trained to recognize the symptoms. By the way, on March 14 was not the first time I observed it, but earlier it was based on the symptoms that I strongly suspected it but on March 14 I saw it. Surely that is different. I was so stunned and upset that I didn't say anything about it. It wouldn't matter anyway. Not even if I reported it. They don't have much use for whistle-blowers in the corps. You are completely burned out or even considered a suspect in order to keep your mouth shut. The corps is a master at keeping abuses behind closed doors. When something does leak out, it is 'an incident'. Substance abuse must be eradicated. That boy from Aruba, Mitch Henriquez, who died in The Hague in 2015 during his arrest, would still be alive if drugs had not been used. I know those colleagues. And have you heard anything about it in the press? Of course not, this is carefully kept under wraps. I now predict the following. If there is a lot of fuss following this statement, it will not be because the police leadership is concerned about substance use. They will immediately move to cast suspicion on the messenger, on you as a committee, and will categorically deny it. Think carefully about whether to post my statement because at best you will be ridiculed and suspected but it is not inconceivable that they will arrest you, because they want to disprove these stories at all costs. You may post my written statement anonymously. March 2021

Translated with (free version)


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CORONA.FILM - Prologue

View attachment 44203

Apparently there is now a movie out, made by german Oval Media, about the Plandemic. The movies are located at Odysee, because Vimeo has now erased all of Oval Media's videos [even all unrelated ones] (and essentially destroyed their income platform) thanks because of this very Corona film reportage.

CORONA.FILM - Prologue | DE

CORONA.FILM - Prologue | DE + EN subtitles

(1 hour 17 min)

Oracle Films • "The Pushback"
Video in english • 1 hour 22 min

Remember when OracleMedia published recently a video called "Corona.Film • Prologue"?. I mentioned then it was just the beginning in a series of several to come. Well, Oracle Films has come out with one, called "Pushback • The Day the World Stood Together" and I am glad, that it is in english this time (published via Odysee)

Oracle Film is behind the technical knowhow, for the Investigative Corona Committee in Berlin. The latter was founded by among others, lawyers Reiner Füllmich and Viviane Fischer)

OracleFilm writes:

"On March 20th 2021, people in over 40 countries across the world gathered in peaceful unison for a worldwide demonstration - to oppose disproportionate government measures threatening the very foundation of their rights and freedoms. This huge international effort was appallingly misrepresented and downright ignored by the mainstream media.

Produced by Oracle Films, in collaboration with CoviLeaks and independent journalists in over 40 nations – this documentary is an authentic account of what really happened on March 20th, what protestors worldwide were standing against, and why the media went to such lengths to conceal the truth.


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'Throw away your masks and burn your vaccine passport': Rand Paul

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, a practicing physician, is urging Americans to throw away their face masks and burn vaccine passports.

"The left has gone completely COVID crazy," the Kentucky Republican says in a new fundraising pitch.

"They want government-enforced shutdowns, mask mandates, school closures, forced vaccines, and now they're talking about a COVID vaccine passport. It's absolutely unconstitutional – not to mention, it's absurd."


Couldn't agree more, but the "programming"/brainwashing has done its job so well. But, some good info does hit the mark - a comment to a Del Bigtree video:
Stanford University Cardiology Division study shows Long-term practice of wearing face masks has strong potential for devastating health consequences; and does not prevent Covid-19 transmission Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis
Making its way through alternative media, but MIA in the MSM.

Meanwhile, the other Congressman challenging the Covid narrative:

VIDEO: Jim Jordan grills Dr. Fauci on when COVID restrictions will end. When Fauci refuses to answer, Maxine Waters jumps in telling Jordan, 'shut your mouth.'
During his time for questioning, Jordan repeatedly pressed the public health expert to give a concrete answer on when the Biden administration will recommend lifting coronavirus restrictions such as social distancing, mask-wearing, and avoiding crowds.

"When is the time?" the congressman asked. "When do Americans get their freedom back?"

"15 days to slow the spread turned into 1 year of lost liberty," Jordan continued.

Fauci, visibly annoyed with the line of questioning, responded, "You know, you're indicating liberty and freedom ... but I look at it as a public health measure to keep people from dying and going to the hospital."

"You don't think Americans' liberties have been threatened in the last year, Dr. Fauci?" Jordan snapped back. "They've been assaulted!"

"I don't look at this as a liberty thing, Congressman Jordan, I look at this as a public health thing," Fauci reiterated. "I disagree with you on that completely."

Similarly tense banter continued for several minutes as Jordan time and again asked simply for a "number" or some criteria with which the administration would judge the pandemic recovery. But Fauci refused to answer with any sort of specificity.

As Jordan's time of questioning drew to a close, Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn (S.C.), chair of the subcommittee, interjected with an answer, saying sarcastically that the restrictions will be lifted "when 90% of the members of Congress get vaccinated."

"You're not a doctor, Mr. Clyburn," Jordan shouted back, noting that the American people wanted to hear from Fauci on the issue, not the South Carolina congressman.

Jordan's persistence evidently set Waters off, as she jumped in to scold her Republican colleague, saying, "You need to respect the chair and shut your mouth." [😜]

Sadly, it will probably take masses of deaths from the vax to change the trajectory of this psyop.


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Remarkable testimony absent from MSM and censored on youtube - 4:53 vid from GlobalResearch:

Video: Dr. Peter McCullough: “Warp Speed Went at Full Tilt for Vaccine Development and There Was a Silencing of Any Information on Treatment.”

Dr. Peter McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, and professor of Medicine at Texas A&M University. He is an academic doctor who sees patients but is also very involved in research. He is editor of two major journals and the most published person in the field of heart and kidney research.

In the video below, Dr. McCullough appeared before the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services talking about the dropping and silencing of any information on COVID-19 treatment while Operation Warp Speed went at full tilt for vaccine development.

The page has two additional links regarding Dr. Peter McCullough with the first having the full 19:33 min testimony dated March 12, 2021:
The second dated April 8, 2021:



After seeing this video, I started to freak out a bit because I was using the N95 masks so I could be admitted into stores (to show that I am a member of the club). I also did some more searching and found more videos of the same subject. Well, this morning, I took my package of masks and my camera with my 100mm macro lens (which isn't a great choice for micro, but it did work) and tried to find some of these 'worms'. Well, I did, and took videos of them moving. I threw out all my masks. Over the next few hours I started to think about them and I ended up coming to the conclusion that these things can't be alive. I thought that it was more likely that they were just plastic fibres that were thermally sensitive. Now, I just found this video that seems to explain what they are: plastic fibres that move because they absorb moisture. I'm going to keep an open mind, though, until someone else can confirm. I apologize if this video is already posted, but I can't find anything else about these 'worms' on the forum. The masks will stay thrown away anyway because I don't need one of these fibres/worms flying into my lungs.



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I thought that it was more likely that they were just plastic fibres that were thermally sensitive. Now, I just found this video that seems to explain what they are: plastic fibres that move because they absorb moisture.

Exposure To Microplastics May Alter Cellular Function

Pollution from minuscule pieces of plastic, or microplastics, has been a growing concern for scientists, public health advocates and environmentalists as these nondegradable items have increasingly made their way into waterways and even the air we breathe.

Now, a team of Florida State University researchers is looking at what inhalation and ingestion of these tiny particles can do to humans on the cellular level. Researchers found that exposure to microplastics for only a few days caused human lung cells to slow down their metabolism and growth, change shapes, and decluster so that gaps exist in what is typically a solid sheet of cells. The findings raise questions about the long-term effects of microplastics on human health, particularly for those who already have respiratory conditions.

Their research is published in Chemical Research in Toxicology.
I read recently that these microplastics are also being generated every time synthetic clothing is dried in a dryer.


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These worms/fibers have me bamboozled too. I’m not even sure if Morgellons is something or nothing. Here are some thoughts on the subject.

I’m glad to see in the above video, that at least “someone” is trying to debunk this. We should be working with the subject from both sides, and he seems to be opened minded to whatever outcome these fiber fall into.

Why, if these fibers are just manufacturing contamination, aren’t there other contamination products also on the masks. That’s highly suspicious.

At least one space brothers/love and light group is saying that these are Morgellons fibers (they say they are on the PCR test swabs) and that we all should stay away from anyone who has been tested because they will have Morgellons with in a year and be contagious to you. (scaremongering and division)

Why hasn’t any “creditable” doctor group undertaken an examination of these. I’m mean, a real doctor, official microscope etc. Should one of us write to The Frontline Doctors? Or, Dr. Mercola?

Could it be static electricity or moister that makes them move…sure, but they really look like something alive when they move around.

If they are microplastics, i.e., just part of our normal pollution, then again, why only them, and not other pollutions like common dust particles?

Put some beef or chicken meat or broth near it and see if it seeks it out and attached itself?

If this were true, then it would be monstrous, and could be in maybe half the population of earth by now!

Going back to before covid, there was a U-tuber saying these were coming from aerial spraying and designed to be breathed in, then activated by the moisture in the lungs, I mention this as this Nano Particle’s thing isn’t new, and maybe is just being rebranded for the covid thing.

Benjamin, thank you for doing the examination, I was just about to do that myself.


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Morgoth's Review has some thoughts on the vaccine decision point. He approaches it more from a philosophical perspective - free will send defiance vs obedience - than from a purely medical viewpoint.

@SOTTREADER this echoes your thoughts in the vaccine side effects thread (which IMO were 100% on point).

13 min watch.

Edit: there seems to be a bug in the way media URLs are inserted into embedded media.
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