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A Dutch parent received the following e-mail from her son's school:

Dear parents, guardians,

In October 2021 we hope to go on a cultural trip with your son/daughter. The figures regarding the number of infections with the delta variant are currently rising again in Europe. Italy and Greece are therefore taking measures. It is increasingly difficult for people who have not been vaccinated to enter the country. The rules are also stricter for unvaccinated people when visiting restaurants and museums, for example.

During the trip there is unfortunately no possibility to have students take a PCR test on a regular basis. There is also a chance that a PCR test or rapid antigen test will no longer be accepted as an admission ticket. Countries can also shorten the time between testing and result to such an extent that this is not an option in practice.

We therefore urge you to have your son/daughter vaccinated. Of course it is your right to make your own assessment.

It will become clear after the holiday whether the trip can continue. We hope to clarify this for you and your son/daughter as soon as possible.

So they're urging parents to have their children vaccinated, because of logistics... The parent was shocked, because the school is giving medical advice, and on top of that it's based on non-medical reasons. She tweets that she showed the e-mail to her son, and without giving her own opinion, her son's reaction was: "Well, then I'm not going" (referring to the trip). Smart kid! She also writes that she suspects that the unvaccinated children will probably not be allowed to go on this trip. I think it's likely the trip/such trips won't happen at all, as there'll probably be another lockdown during that time.

At least 800 people got vaccinated with phony coronavirus shots sold by a group of scammers in Uganda. Authorities said the “vaccine” consisted “more of water than anything else,” and advised victims to get a legit (and free) jab.

The scammers were busted in late June, with documents seized from the group showing that at least 812 people received the fake Covid-19 shot. The group operated in the country’s capital, Kampala, and included at least two nurses and a man posing as a medical doctor. While the nurses were arrested, the ‘doctor’ slipped away and remains on the run.

The phony doctor targeted several companies, persuading them to get their employees ‘vaccinated’ and charging between $28 and $56 per shot.

The seized vials remotely resembled AstraZeneca vaccines manufactured by India’s Serum Institute. Ugandan authorities had sent several vials to India for checking, with the Institute confirming it never produced them or supplied the dubious jabs to the country, the head of the Health Monitoring Unit within the Ugandan presidency, Dr. Warren Naamara, has said.

With the ‘vaccines’ proven fake, there was a brief suspense as to what the scam victims were actually injected with. Luckily, upon completing their analysis of the phony shots seized from the group, the authorities suggested it was harmless.

While the people affected by the scheme have not been poisoned or otherwise harmed by the scammers, they still should go and get a legit coronavirus shot in state-run inoculation facilities, the monitoring unit’s head stressed.

“All persons… who were vaccinated at a fee, especially within the premises of work by the suspect still at large are advised to get a free Covid-19 jab at the Ministry of Health approved vaccination centers,” Naamara said.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Uganda registered some 90,000 cases of coronavirus with more than 2,400 people succumbing to the disease. Given very modest testing figures, however, it’s been suggested that the real situation on the ground might be significantly worse.

The vaccination process in Uganda has been extremely slow, hampered by insufficient deliveries of shots from the UN-run vaccine-sharing COVAX program, designed for poorer countries. The sloppy process has caused massive lines at vaccination centers, creating fertile grounds for scammers to prey on those wishing to get vaccinated faster.

Fifty years of the “freedom of association” decision https://conseil-constitutionnel.fr/actualites/les
By virtue of Law n ° 90-602 of 12/7/1990 relating to the protection of people against discrimination because of their state of health and their disability, if the Council of State or the Constitutional Council validates Macron's announcements then we are no longer in a republic.

From Babylon by the bay. Free-kin lemmings.

So, we are told that this virus is an airborn virus and can travel up to 30ft? Yet the photo above from Vancover Airport shows two lines that are clearly less than 30ft apart? Yeah, cos that makes sense.........

Victor Pigeon

The Force is Strong With This One
We have a thread on Clif High. It's 43 pages long. It starts out on a fairly positive note, but this being a research forum, things start to look a bit differently as you read on. We did find quite a bit of what he predicted did not come to pass. Along with the fact that he started taking advice from some dubious character. That's not noted until the next to last page, though.

Oh, I'm aware of the flaws. In the beginning of the covid thing he almost lost the plot. Somewhat embarrassing, but he came around. I think he got genuinely scared. It can happen. So, you always have to assess the information — as with everything.

I enjoy the process and his reasoning, even if I don't always come to the same conclusion. And I always seem to find a new kernel of unexplored truth in his smalltalk. Don't forget the entertainment value. We need that so badly these days.

Nevertheless, I agree with Laura that the collected bot data would be useful to have published raw, so it could be openly discussed. Information wants to be free. The more brains, the merrier.

I'm not a big fan of definite predictions, anyway. They mostly fail. However, looking at potentiality and put that info through an intelligent analysis can yield much more than a specific prediction. The universe it far too clever to let us ruin the surprise.


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Translated: Google Translate

The Rockefeller Foundation will allocate US $ 13.5 million to “build confidence towards vaccination against Covid-19” and “counteract misinformation”​

The Rockefeller Foundation announced through a statement that it will allocate $ 13.5 million to “strengthen Covid-19 response efforts in the US, Africa, India and Latin America to counter misinformation and misinformation. in health: confusing, inaccurate and harmful information that spreads at an unprecedented speed and scale and threatens the health and well-being of communities around the world ”.


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A few days back front page. Can’t be made much clearer - a call to war by alleged newspaper on people that haven’t or don’t want this alleged vaccine injected into them.

Is it really a newspaper if it doesn’t report news? Likewise, is it a COVID-19 vaccine if it doesn’t stop you getting COVID-19?


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Victor Pigeon

The Force is Strong With This One
A few days back front page. Can’t be made much clearer - a call to war by alleged newspaper on people that haven’t or don’t want this alleged vaccine injected into them.

Is it really a newspaper if it doesn’t report news? Likewise, is it a COVID-19 vaccine if it doesn’t stop you getting COVID-19?
Most wars are prepared in and by the media. Seems like this one will be a civil war — unvaccinated against the rest of society. Seems like a lost battle, unless you consider their troops will drop like flies, as we progress into the flu season.


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Most wars are prepared in and by the media. Seems like this one will be a civil war — unvaccinated against the rest of society. Seems like a lost battle, unless you consider their troops will drop like flies, as we progress into the flu season.
And it will be the fault of the unvaccinated who will be more and more ostracized by the same media. They are playing on thin ice... for the time being!


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The downwards spiral has started and it's accelerating:
COVID-19: Tesco, Sainsbury's, and Co-op experience shortages as 'pingdemic' concerns grow
Supermarkets have admitted they are suffering stock shortages as concerns grow about the impact of the so-called "pingdemic".
The "pingdemic" - which has seen more than one million people forced to isolate in the last two weeks on record, including 618,903, the highest yet, in the week to 14 July - has been causing growing problems across UK businesses over the past week.

In some cases, the issues are being exacerbated by lorry driver shortages.
• The British Retail Consortium said it was "increasing pressure on retailers' ability to maintain opening hours and keep shelves stocked"

• BP said it had experienced fuel supply issues at some of its UK petrol stations and closed "a handful of sites" temporarily due to lack of diesel and unleaded fuels

• Sky News revealed a shortage of patio gas cylinders - used for barbecues - caused by high demand combined with supply issues and worsened by the pingdemic

• Trade body UK Hospitality said about a fifth of workers in the pubs, hotels and restaurants sector were self-isolating

Greene King said it had to close 33 pubs while Wetherspoons said in a few cases some had to open a couple of hours later than normal and another pub chain, Young's, said hundreds of its workers were off

• AA chief executive Jakob Pfaudler emailed customers to apologise to those who "may have had a longer wait than usual" because call centres had been "impacted by the recent surge in the Delta variant"

• Manufacturing body Make UK said about a fifth of factory workers were off

• Car maker Vauxhall reduced the number of shifts at its Luton plant from three to two

• Hundreds of workers were off self-isolating at Britain's biggest car plant in Sunderland

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars said the situation had pushed it to a "critical point" which might mean it having to halve production

• Marks & Spencer chief executive Steve Rowe said the number of staff isolating meant the chain might have to reduce opening hours

• Tim Morris, the chief executive of UK Major Ports Group, said a number of big port operators had reported 10% of their staff being work

• The British Meat Processors' Association has said it was also facing shortages and that if the situation deteriorated further some production lines might have to be shut down altogether

• Long queues were seen at Heathrow last week after security staff were told to self-isolate
and the most important message is:
He added: "We are urging people to avoid stockpiling and to shop responsibly - the industry is working hard to resolve the issue and panic buying will only increase pressure on retail workers who have worked tirelessly to feed the nation throughout the pandemic."
So, stop stockpiling, install the covid app so that you can be "pinged" on time to save lives, and keep doing your fantastic job leaving your track and trace details everywhere you go. Welcome to pingdemic phase of this farce.


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A little point of the situation about the organization of the resistance against the sanitary pass, in France.

According to what I noticed, people started to gather in associations and various groups but from my point of view, i.e I may miss something, there are like 3 main groups forming:

- The Patriot: political party created in 2017 by Mr. Florian Philippot, a former executive of the "Rassemblement National (RN)" (ex-Front National (FN)). The RN is the main political party after Macron's one in terms of electors and is categorized as far-right.

Mr. Philippot is especially followed by people and media since last winter when he started to defend treatments and hardly fight against lockdown and other liberticide measures. His main political line stands against the European Commission, for the "Frexit" and the sovereignty of France. He is now well known for his positions against the pandemic novel, the vaccination mandatory, and the sanitary pass.

His Youtube channel recently passed over 200k members and the protests he uses to organize each Saturday since the last November starts to gather more and more people. nevertheless, this point recently caused a rift in the resistance and I'll come back on it later in this post. (YT Channel)

- Mr. Fabrice Di Vizio: a lawyer specialist in public healthcare. He has been working in this domain for many years and knows the game pretty well. He owns his law firm in France but also in the USA, and soon in Portugal. Most People in France know him as the lawyer of Pr. Didier Raoult (the famous epidemiologist who stood for hydroxychloroquine against the government and fought against the public tactic based on fear).

Mr. Di Vizio, participated several times in a famous TV-show ("Touche pas à mon poste" aka TPMP) to defend his point of view concerning the covid crisis and try to bring out some material that most people ignore, voluntary or not.
He has now a YT channel with more and more members (>130k) where he gives information and invites various people (politics, scientists, etc.) to talk and debate about the covid and healthcare.

He recently accepted to be The Patriots referent for law matters but, from a common agreement with Philippot, he stays neutral by not having a membership card of this party. He participated in one of the recent big protests in Paris with Philippot.
He's now working on the sanitary pass in order to make it canceled or at least modified. He also gets a file ready concerning the vaccination mandatory for healthcare employees and the vaccination program for young people.
(YT Channel)

- La Une TV: A new initiative launched by Mr. Richard Boutry, a former and well-considered journalist in France-Soir (an old newspaper which made its own YT channel whose line is different from mainstream media since they try to keep certain objectivity). He's well known to be engaged for the truth concerning the pandemic story. His notoriety grew up with his positions against liberticide measures and the covid vaccination.

This new organization is about gathering many people from different professional sectors who fight against the covid measures now symbolized by the vaccination mandatory for certain workers and the sanitary pass.

A few days ago, there was their 1rst live meeting on zoom to present their project and introduce themselves individually. There were 44 people whose scientists, doctors, artists, YouTubers, healthcare employees, Psychologists, economists, etc. (Christian Perrone, Alexandra Henrion-Claude, Francis Lalanne, Pierre Jovanovic, Marcel 4-4-2, Jean-Jacques Crèvecœur, etc. see the list on the official web site).
It's a pretty good and huge association on the paper since there are numerous and many members are famous in France and followed by the "resistants".
(Official Web site)

- What I think: They are all useful in this fight and it seems to me that they're honest about that, i.e they do it for good reasons.
BUT, egos are egos, let's not forget that we live in an STS reality... I mean that with such different people, you have different personalities and various reasons for potential issues...

For example, Florian Philippot organized a protest on the 17th of July to react after Macron's announcement concerning the sanitary pass. But he was not the only one to ask people to go down on the streets. A few others did the same and many famous people, now in the "La Une TV" organization were here and walked beside Philippot. Problem is that Philippot acted and talked as if he was the one who gathered the 150k persons on Paris this day. Of course, many people didn't like this political speech which is considered as a political upturn.

Another example, Richar Boutry invited Fabrice Di Vizio to his new organization and many people were waiting for him to join them but according to Mr. Boutry, he declined the invitation because of a lack of time. This move didn't please some participants who think that he might be more interested in his recent notoriety, maybe a taste for money... Maybe that instead of judging each other, they should rather talk, ask for explanations, and discussing common goals....

Although it's good to see these 3 groups working hard against this kind of tyranny, I think that it could be better to work as one and gather all forces under the same banner. Unfortunately, and as usual, it's always hard to combine forces even if we say that "alone we go faster, but together we go further"... In a sense, we are aware that this kind of thing is well-known and used by psychopaths and the "system" for their own protection...

Nevertheless, resistance is on the way, even if they don't work as one, they are part of something pretty interesting. For those who can wait for the vaccination, the general advice is to wait a bit more since a good surprise could come after all from all these groups and others that might already exist or appear later on the stage.

Most of all, I think that people shouldn't judge anyone, just learn, gather and share information, make your own opinion, and stay alert.
Let's never forget that "knowledge protects, ignorance exposes to danger"...

My 2 cents...

Thanks for reading.

Un petit point de la situation sur l'organisation de la résistance contre le pass sanitaire, en France.

D'après ce que j'ai pu constater, les gens ont commencé à se rassembler en associations et groupes divers mais de mon point de vue, c'est-à-dire que je peux rater quelque chose, il y a comme 3 groupes principaux qui se forment :

- Les Patriotes : parti politique créé en 2017 par Monsieur Florian Philippot, un ancien cadre du Rassemblement National (RN) (ex-Front National (FN)). Le RN est le principal parti politique après celui de Macron en termes d'électeurs et est catégorisé d'extrême-droite.

M. Philippot est particulièrement suivi par la population et les médias depuis l'hiver dernier, lorsqu'il a commencé à défendre les traitements et à lutter contre le confinement et d'autres mesures liberticides. Sa principale ligne politique est contre la Commission européenne, pour le "Frexit" et la souveraineté de la France. Il est désormais connu pour ses positions contre le roman pandémique, l'obligation vaccinale et le passeport sanitaire.

Sa chaîne Youtube a récemment dépassé les 200k membres et les manifestations qu'il organise chaque samedi depuis novembre dernier commencent à rassembler de plus en plus de monde. Néanmoins, ce point a récemment causé une fracture dans la résistance et j'y reviendrai plus tard dans ce post.

(Chaîne YT)

- M. Fabrice Di Vizio : un avocat spécialiste de la santé publique. Il travaille dans ce domaine depuis de nombreuses années et connaît assez bien le domaine et ses enjeux. Il possède son cabinet d'avocats en France mais aussi aux Etats-Unis, et bientôt au Portugal. La plupart des Français le connaissent comme l'avocat du Pr. Didier Raoult (le célèbre épidémiologiste qui a défendu l'hydroxychloroquine contre le gouvernement et s'est battu contre la tactique publique basée sur la peur).

M. Di Vizio, a participé plusieurs fois à une célèbre émission de télévision ("Touche pas à mon poste" aka TPMP) pour défendre son point de vue concernant la crise du covid et essayer de faire ressortir certains éléments que la plupart des gens ignorent, volontairement ou non.

Il a maintenant une chaîne YT avec de plus en plus de membres (>130k) où il donne des informations et invite diverses personnes (politiques, scientifiques, etc.) à parler et débattre du covid et des soins de santé.

Il a récemment accepté d'être le référent des Patriotes pour les questions de droit mais, d'un commun accord avec Philippot, il reste neutre en n'ayant pas de carte de membre de ce parti. Il a participé à l'une des grandes manifestations récentes à Paris avec Philippot.
Il travaille actuellement sur le passeport sanitaire afin de le faire annuler ou du moins le modifier. Il prépare également un dossier concernant la vaccination obligatoire pour les employés de la santé et le programme de vaccination pour les jeunes.

(Chaîne YT)

- La Une TV : Une nouvelle initiative lancée par M. Richard Boutry, un ancien journaliste très apprécié de France-Soir (un ancien journal qui a créé sa propre chaîne YT dont la ligne est différente de celle des grands médias puisqu'ils essaient de garder une certaine objectivité). Il est connu pour être engagé dans la recherche de la vérité sur la pandémie. Sa notoriété a grandi avec ses positions contre les mesures liberticides et la vaccination contre covid.

Cette nouvelle organisation a pour but de rassembler de nombreuses personnes de différents secteurs professionnels qui luttent contre les mesures covid désormais symbolisées par la vaccination obligatoire de certains travailleurs et le pass sanitaire.

Il y a quelques jours a eu lieu leur première réunion en direct sur Zoom pour présenter leur projet et se présenter individuellement. Il y avait 44 personnes dont des scientifiques, médecins, artistes, YouTubers, employés de santé, Psychologues, économistes, etc. (Christian Perrone, Alexandra Henrion-Claude, Francis Lalanne, Pierre Jovanovic, Marcel 4-4-2, Jean-Jacques Crèvecœur, etc. voir la liste sur le site officiel).

C'est plutôt une bonne et grande association sur le papier puisqu'ils sont nombreux et que beaucoup de membres sont célèbres en France et suivis par les "résistants".

(Site web officiel)

- Mon avis : Ils sont tous utiles dans ce combat et il me semble qu'ils sont honnêtes à ce sujet, c'est-à-dire qu'ils le font pour de bonnes raisons.

MAIS, les egos sont les egos, n'oublions pas que nous vivons dans une réalité STS... Je veux dire qu'avec des personnes aussi différentes, vous avez des personnalités différentes et des raisons diverses pour des problèmes potentiels...

Par exemple, Florian Philippot a organisé une manifestation le 17 juillet pour réagir après l'annonce de Macron concernant le passeport sanitaire. Mais il n'était pas le seul à demander aux gens de descendre dans la rue. Quelques autres ont fait de même et de nombreuses personnes célèbres, maintenant dans l'organisation de "La Une TV" étaient là et ont marché aux côtés de Philippot. Le problème est que Philippot a agi et parlé comme si c'était lui qui avait rassemblé les 150 000 personnes à Paris ce jour-là. Bien sûr, beaucoup de gens n'ont pas apprécié son discours politique qu'ils associent à une reprise politique.

Un autre exemple, Richar Boutry a invité Fabrice Di Vizio dans sa nouvelle organisation et beaucoup de personnes attendaient qu'il les rejoigne mais selon M. Boutry, il a décliné l'invitation par manque de temps. Cette décision n'a pas plu à de nombreux participants dont certains pensent qu'il est peut-être plus intéressé par sa nouvelle notoriété, voire un certain goût pour l'argent...

Même s'il est bon de voir ces 3 groupes travailler dur contre ce genre de tyrannie, je pense qu'il serait préférable de travailler comme un seul et même groupe et de rassembler toutes les forces sous une même bannière. Malheureusement, et comme d'habitude, il est toujours difficile de combiner les forces, même si l'on dit que "seul on va plus vite, mais ensemble on va plus loin"... Dans un sens, nous sommes conscients que ce genre de choses est bien connu et utilisé par les psychopathes et le "système" pour leur propre protection...

Néanmoins, la résistance est en marche, même s'ils ne fonctionnent pas comme un seul homme, ils font partie de quelque chose d'assez intéressant. Pour ceux qui peuvent attendre la vaccination, le princpal conseil est d'attendre encore un peu car une bonne surprise pourrait venir après tout de tous ces groupes et d'autres qui pourraient déjà exister ou apparaître plus tard sur la scène.

Par-dessus tout, je pense que les gens ne devraient pas juger qui que ce soit, mais simplement apprendre, rassembler et partager des informations, se faire sa propre opinion et rester vigilant.

N'oublions jamais que "la connaissance protège, l'ignorance expose au danger"...

Merci pour votre lecture.

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