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Another aspect of the scamdemic is the new buzz word/repercussion that's being vigorously showcased - the "supply chain":
Currently reading the Vigilant Citizen article featured on sott focus, The Hidden Symbols and Messages in Korean Psycho-Drama 'Squid Game'. Having become aware of Squid Game in the same way I became aware of the Kardashians by force of media hype, and then actively reading what it was about in the Tuesday Columbus Dispatch, how surprising to see it featured this morning on Sott. Even before reading the Sott/VC article, I had already thought how people have become so desensitized that a man raping a woman on a train only evokes cell phone recording! The other thought was of the Squid - Cthulhu as mentioned in the last session. But here's the kicker from the article:
By making resources scarce, the masses stop focusing on the rulers and start fighting each other for scraps.
And isn't that what all this supply chain business is really about.

BTW - Netflix tweeted Wednesday that “Squid Game” has become its biggest original series launch after reaching 111 million fans - since its September debut on its way to becoming Netflix’s biggest hit ever.

In searching for the above, these gems popped up:


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What is the s/he reference, @aragon? Aragon. we've been posting together for quite some time. In that sense you know me. Why the antagonism? @Woodsman said his piece, and I said mine, but my saying my piece is THE problem?

Talk about the core aims of this forum. Is fairness one of those "core aims?"

And those aren't "serious" comments you're making about me?

I agree, let's move on, as I was saying. And I suggest you lighten up as well.
I used s/he referring to Woodsman, since I wasn’t sure about Woodsman’s gender. I think you’ll lose a good learning opportunity if you just ‘move on’ and not reflect on why you get so agitated by the feedback you’ve received. I’ve experienced many heated moments during my years here, where I was close to say “I’ve had it, keep your forum!” But some little voice told me to ‘fight the predator’s mind’ and in retrospect all those moments when I at first thought that the other members were nitpicking and ‘bullying’ were actually very valuable moments for self development once I processed the feedback properly and ‘transmuted’ the heat.

Okay, I guess I got carried away ‘psychoanalysing’, but believe it or not, I’m on your side - I’m sure we all are! :flowers:


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I used s/he referring to Woodsman, since I wasn’t sure about Woodsman’s gender. I think you’ll lose a good learning opportunity if you just ‘move on’ and not reflect on why you get so agitated by the feedback you’ve received. I’ve experienced many heated moments during my years here, where I was close to say “I’ve had it, keep your forum!” But some little voice told me to ‘fight the predator’s mind’ and in retrospect all those moments when I at first thought that the other members were nitpicking and ‘bullying’ were actually very valuable moments for self development once I processed the feedback properly and ‘transmuted’ the heat.

Okay, I guess I got carried away ‘psychoanalysing’, but believe it or not, I’m on your side - I’m sure we all are! :flowers:

I'm glad you weren't questioning my gender. Otherwise, you were really throwing me with that one!

Maybe @Woodsman can weigh in. I assumed, given the "man" sandwiched in there, that Woodsman was a man.

To me, and it's not just here, but what is lost in our present culture is the art of debate. The art of debate should be brought back I think. I never formally learned it myself, but I do have a sense of what it is at its best. It's not about getting personal. And the rigors of the true art of debate are beneficial for testing the validity of our own points of view. It can show us where our perspective has strength, and where there is weakness. It's in that vein I was questioning @Woodsman's inserting "ego" into the conversation. That's just so easy to do. And I don't find it particularly enlightening.

I'm glad you say you are on my side, @aragorn. I mean, not as opposed to Woodsman. (I know what you mean, in other words.) But I was hoping someone might come half way where I am concerned -- since I seem to be the subject of much consternation! -- and so I'm glad you did... especially since I misread your gender comment. Ha!

And thanks for the little smiley peace offering (!). That's a good one.


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Well, i did not want to open a new post for this, maybe i'll do it, but it's a fast question I've been given and as it remains fully related to this scandemic I first ask it here.

I have first to make a quick "contextualisation" :

There's an ASBL here in Luxembourg named EFVV (European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance) which is connected to a worlwide network of many people up to the fundation of R. Kennedy, many scientists and benevolt people in almost all countries. I already mentionned them in some of my posts, and in one, i wrote that they are lacking resources to do all their researches (but it's not the point here).

One of these recent researches is about a test they did regarding the "bluetooth scanning" of people vaccinated, and the fact that people vaccinated visibly return and IP6 type number, something like for instance 5A:32:8F:88:1B:76 (it's hexadecimal)-you can find many video around of people having tested this. They decided to conduct a test, and the results will be presented/included in the new incoming documentary from the same author than the well known french documentary "Hold Up" released previous year, this new documentary will be named "Primum non noncere".
There's a long teaser of 11m actually released since 10 days in the french re-information; here it is :

but there's a shorter trailer released only 3 days before which is about this test done in France, here it is, it's 1m30 seconds :
... and this will also be included in the incoming reportage.

As i have a direct contact with them i asked my contact at EFVV if they finally demonstrated this fact, adding that this may not be the case for all vaccinated because this micro-technology is probaby not contained in all vials/vaccines. We were discussing this topic among my colleagues less than 2h before this post. Here's the traduction of what my contact answered :
Hi. Yes some vaccinated people do give a signal but so do some pcr tested people. So it's more complex than you think.
I'm looking to get in touch with someone who works in the field of security gate engineering. Do you know of anyone?

I answered that i can search about and thought first to come to ask here.
As we are a lot and all of us know even more people, I thought this would be possible to reach one person expert or specialist in such scanning devices that would enter in contact with them. If one here knows about, or know someone who knows this specific domain (ie: knowledge in security gates and scanning devices) and who would accept to help by sharing his knowledge then this would be great. You can contact EFVV on their email address ( ), or, this can be done here by answering but it would be better to send me a PM in order to keep a certain degree of confidentiality (supposing that the modos will encourage, in such case, to use PM ?), or i can give the direct telegram reference of the person I have in contact too (via PM).


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So despite this descriptor - “Squid Game,” a brutal Netflix survival drama about desperate adults competing in deadly children’s games for a chance to escape severe debt - it's being actively embraced and promoted by the populace. And how about that DIY genetic engineering using squid genes?! Guess the word hasn't gotten out about hydras . . . and they don't have their own Netflix series either.
Just the ads for that show creep me out, and that this horror is so popular creeps me out even more.


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I think this comment is a direct hit on what is being setup at the moment in many countries. The need to recategorize deaths in the vaccinated population (due to clot-shot effects or other ailments) as being unvaxxed. Devilishly simple when you control institutions doing the counting (Stalin had some sober words about voting and counting).
It's almost like we are in the middle of an ongoing crime scene with an ongoing coverup - both causing blowback, all happening at the same time. Hopefully, any researchers trying to get at some semblance of the truth will take a more forensic attitude during their investigations. I have some doubt that the PTB will get away unscathed with this type of obfuscation, especially when we know and see what they are doing.


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I haven't checked, but aren't we entering the most satanic period of the year? :evil:
After reading the Sott article about Alex Baldwin accidentally shooting two people on set - killing one and wounding the other - and seeing this comment -
Also forgot to mention, it is a Satanic month of celebration and the industry is Satanic. Perhaps this was their public sacrifice for the month. More to come at the end.....
- I did check.

The Origin of Satanic Holidays​

Satanic Holidays were adapted like many other holidays, from the pagan calendar year, and sourced mainly from the Satanic Bible which also used the typical pagan holiday system of recognizing the changes of season.

A traditional reference for Satanic Holidays can be found in the Satanic Bible, where LaVey describes seven different Satanic Holidays or celebrations throughout the year, three of them being major Holidays or events for Satanists.

These three major holidays for Satanists are the birthday, Walpurgisnacht and Halloween. The birthday is considered to be the most important day of the year. The Satanist celebrates the birthday as a way of glorifying the self. Satanists also celebrate Walpurgis, on April 30th as the night that LaVey created the Church of Satan. Halloween or Samhain is also celebrated as the night where the veil of the astral is at its most thin.

While the Satanic Bible focuses on the three main holidays, there are also other holidays for Satanists to celebrate and observe throughout the year. The Solstices and equinoxes are celebrated within Satanism by those that wish to include natural elements into their practices. If one wishes, they could include a demonic element to each solstice and equinox as well.

Eight Possible Holidays for Satanists:​

1. The Birthday: arguably the most important holiday in Satanism. It is because the day of your birth is special; it has allowed you to enjoy all that life has to offer and a new year on this earth gives you another opportunity to become a better person. Satanism is often seen as the path of the Self so it makes sense that one’s birthday should be a sacred moment in time.

2. Spring Equinox, 21st March: Life is awakening in spring and so during spring the moment is celebrated by recognizing a renewing of the self and the world around you. Perhaps Lucifer would be a good choice to associate with this holiday, as Lucifer (portrayed as the morning star, Venus) is seen in the east where the sun rises, and the day begins. Also, visit the SpiritualSatanist Blog to read about the Easter Ritual for Lucifer

3. Walpurgisnacht, 30th April: This holiday is associated with the creation of the Church of Satan. Founded in the late 60’s by Anton LaVey, it signified the first time a Satanic association had been publicly recognized.

4. Summer Solstice, 22nd June: When the sun is at its height and the day is longest, we have the summer solstice. We are reminded that events of the year are at their height. An association for this holiday would likely be North, and Belial, represented by the Sun, which fuels the material world around us each day.

5. Autumn Equinox, 21st September: The time of autumn is not only a time for harvest but for preparation for the winter. It is a good time to recognize the moon, West, and Lilith for its benefits for us here on earth each year. This symbolism can be understood through the cycle of the moon, and the cycle of the seasons.

6. Samhain, 31st October: Pronounced as Sow-Han, this holiday is known to many others as Halloween or all hallow’s eve. It is the moment when the ‘veil’ is lifted between the physical and the spiritual world. It is often celebrated by Satanists as one of the most fun times of year! For a history on this holiday and a Satanic Halloween Ritual visit the page How Do Satanists Celebrate Halloween? at the Spiritual Satanist Blog.

7. Winter Solstice, 22nd: During this time the earth enters a slumber and winter sets in, reminding us of the cycle of life and death that we experience all around us every day. In this we are reminded of Satan and its planetary counterpart, Saturn, and south to the earth below us, reflecting on the necessity of endings for a new beginning to occur.
8. Your Initiation: The day that you initiate into Satanism you are making a commitment to yourself. Perhaps you chose to make a pact or you commemorated it with a ritual. The timing of this act is personal and should be held sacred to you as a Satanist as a reminder of where you have been and where you may be headed.

100% Service to Self. So little wonder that people who end up having more money than they know what to do with - and are sooo bored once they realize that buying things isn't fulfilling or more importantly "fun" anymore - simply can't conceive of using their wealth to help others in any way. Instead they aspire to be "gods" with the power to wield suffering, destruction and death, but most of all, control of absolutely everything.

Can't even imagine how the SHOW is going to play out in the next few days/weeks/months. It's definitely getting more real than ever.

Natus Videre

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One of these recent researches is about a test they did regarding the "bluetooth scanning" of people vaccinated, and the fact that people vaccinated visibly return and IP6 type number, something like for instance 5A:32:8F:88:1B:76 (it's hexadecimal)-you can find many video around of people having tested this.
Humanity is walking through the door of chaos...

from the objective side:
(Perceval) Well, the last answer was, "Human activity may reflect cosmic processes." So, what's going on in term of human activity right now that we could... I mean, and once we define that, what kind of a process is that a reflection of?

A: Chaos precedes creation.

or from the subjective side:
Order out of Chaos. — motto of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry


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First published at 13:30 UTC on October 22nd, 2021

Catherine Austin Fitts: How we arrived in this mess.



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I've found a really interesting thread on Twitter that might be of interest also here on forum. I often get lost when reading Twitter threads, so copy-pasted it into article form.
The author alos runs a blog with many other interesting articles regarding how the vaccines were a bad idea from the start.


How come Prizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen etc. are using a technology that both they and the regulators know will cause unknown results?

Let's start with a thought experiment: If an engineering design flaw exists and no one measures it, can it really injure people or kill them?
Making a new vaccine is hard. Making a new vaccine that uses a new technology is even harder, because you need to prove safety. Luckily, when it comes to COVID, the vaccines have been tested and shown to be safe, right?

Well, they might have forgotten one thing...

Trying to tell your body to generate proteins is hard for many reasons. One of them is the fact that when you try to run the protein information via ribosomes which process that code and generate the protein, it can be very slow or can get stuck during the process.​

Luckily, scientists found a way to overcome this problem, by doing code substitution: instead of using the original genetic code to generate the protein, they changed the letters in the code so the code would be optimized. This is known as Codon Optimization.
Codons are three nucleotides; nucleotides are the building blocks of your DNA. Here is an example of Codon Optimization: 60% of the codons were altered, 22% of the nucleotides were altered. And yet the end result is that the
ribosomes generate the same protein!
Same? Well, not so much. In 2011 Nature Medicine magazine published an article called "Breaking the Silence". It described how codon optimization, which uses this synonymous DNA changes, can trigger disease in a number of ways.
Turns out the protein which was manufactured when codon optimization has different ways it folds and a different 3D shape, and it "could cause immunogenicity, for example, which wouldn’t be seen until late-stage clinical trials or even after approval".​

"The changed form could cause immunogenicity, for example, which wouldn’t be seen until late-stage clinical trials or even after approval."
(Chava Kimchi Sarfaty, FDA)​

This statement relates to the NORMAL approval cycle. The COVID vaccines went via an accelerated one.​

"Codon optimization can lead to alterations in protein conformation and function…. and increase immunogenicity…. some of these elements can … alter protein folding, and lead to changes in protein conformation and post-translational modifications.”
(Vincent P. Mauro)​

Protein misfolding "has been linked with neurodegeneration in Alzheimer and Parkinson disease, and many other pathologies".
"The data confirm that protein misfolding resulting in intracellular PAO accumulation is sufficient to cause cardiomyocyte death and heart failure".
So if it is so problematic, why do manufacturers use it? because "higher levels of protein expression are required for clinical trials and commercialization, and these expression levels can sometimes be obtained by using (codon optimization)" (Vincent P. Mauro, 2018).
Pfizer is the most aggressive in their genetic code optimization (as far as we know); just read the abstract from "BNT162b2 Vaccine: Possible Codons Misreading, Errors in Protein Synthesis and Alternative Splicing's Anomalies".
Do they mention it to the regulator? no. Here is Pfizer BNT162b2/Comirnaty Risk Management Plan for the EMA. Variant V8 & V9 were tested, only difference was codon optimization, V8 had elevated levels of gamma-glutamyl transferase (GTT), V9 didn't.​

So Pfizer admits codon optimization can lead to elevated GTT, and "elevated GGT is linked to increased risk to a multitude of diseases and conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome (MetS), and all-cause mortality".
And even though Pfizer admits codon optimization impacts the safety of their product, "Safety pharmacology, genotoxicity and carcinogenicity studies have not been conducted in accordance with the 2005 WHO vaccine guideline." How did they manage to avoid testing?​
The WHO 2005 document states that such tests normally not needed for the FINAL vaccine formulation. This is because in a NORMAL vaccine approval pharmacology, genotoxicity and carcinogenicity studies are done during ANIMAL STUDIES, which were practically skipped here.​
Even though EMA states: "It is important to investigate the potential for undesirable pharmacological activity in appropriate animal models and, where necessary, to incorporate particular monitoring for these activities in the toxicity studies and/or clinical studies"E81HxBOXsAIviHI.jpg
Back to sequencing: this concern was reported in 2006, published in 2007, and "breaking the silence" was published in Nature Medicine magazine in 2011, the FDA or its equivalent in Europe (EMA) STILL THEY DO NOT HAVE a guidance with regard to the genetic sequencing.
Here is Katerina Alexaki from the FDA explaining how a SINGLE synonymous mutation (mutation that doesn't impact the protein but its 3D object & folding) can result in a disease and that if you have multiple substations there is a good chance it may have an effect:

Here is again Katerina Alexaki, this time answering the question whether the regulator demand the manufacturers to test for the impact of their codon optimization. The answer is "no":

Here is a slide from a workshop given to the EMA in 2016, by FDA employee ("Immunogenicity of Biological Therapeutics Product Quality Attributes") Construct design affects product quality and "Codon optimization and protein folding" are mentioned.
The manufacturers knows about the potential risk. The regulators knows about the potential risk. Yet regulators don't test V products as gene therapy, and do not put in place codon optimization risk mitigation plan. IF YOU DON'T MEASURE RISK IT DOESN'T GO AWAY.​


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Interesting, not that I would trust anything the PTB produce nowadays in relation to covid-19. The article basically talks about molnupiravir's (is that how you spell it 🥴) mechanism of actions and how this could possibly lead to cancer risk in the long term... Oh goody! I'm sure it has got more nasty tricks up its sleeve so I wouldn't trust it.



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The future, post Covid by The World Economic Forum or what part of the pandemic lock downs would you like to see continue. Life in a smart city, nicely contained in your personal cubicle.

New occupations for all those displaced workers. The strangest thing about this video are the heads of the people are disconnected from their bodies, there's only a space there. What could it mean :nuts: :umm: ?

1. The future of work (and life) for office workers​

The pivot from office-based work to working from home (WFH) will have long-lasting effects on business and society - particularly for those who used to work in offices. Ben Pring, co-founder and head of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, envisions the office of the future as a space that serves three main functions: a showroom for clients, a research-and-development lab and a ‘party space’ for WHF staff to get together with work colleagues. In some cases, these functions will be found in the same building, but for many companies, different spaces will serve different purposes: some owned and some - like a space for regular staff socials - rented as needed.

2. The advent of ‘15 minute spaces’​

With office and home merging together - and without the commute, the water cooler and the canteen - we need ‘new’ spaces to help break up the working day. One strategy for the future of work is creating neighbourhood hubs that workers can easily get to from their homes within 15 minutes, including amenities such as restaurants, bars, a gym or an art gallery, to name a few. The expectation is that these spaces will not only provide a reprieve from work but also enable workers to build new social networks away from the office.
Cognizant’s report highlights US start-up Reef, which aims to create cities where everything people need is within a short walk or bike ride. Similarly, Saudi Arabia is building a 100-mile stretch of smart communities connected without cars, all held together by digital technologies.

3. Delivery from your ‘cloud market’​

The popularity of restaurant food deliveries skyrocketed during the lockdown, calling into question what would happen to restaurants once they could open up again.
While traditional sit-down-and-eat restaurants may face more of a challenge, others may be able to bank on the ongoing trend towards ‘experiential dining’ - eating out in unique locations, new concept kitchens or even taking in a performance during the meal.
Alongside, building on the success of restaurant food deliveries, we will soon see the rise of pop-up kitchens with no front of house or seating that rely on delivery services alone. Clayton Griffith from Cognizant Softvision predicts that these ‘ghost kitchens’ will develop into ‘cloud markets’ allowing you to mix and match dishes from a wide variety of sources and have them delivered to your home.

4. Security in a heartbeat​

Digital acceleration has also put the limelight back onto security issues. Much of the world’s move to online - whether for work or your weekly shop - involves sharing personal or business information remotely, with an ever-wider number of entities. Not only that but when people started wearing masks, facial recognition security systems were stumped.
One solution to this conundrum may be the unique pattern of your heartbeat. Developed by the Pentagon and NASA, ‘cardio ID’ devices can detect an individual’s unique cardiac signature using an infrared laser. The technology is already available for licensing, and security is only one possible use. Another application could be identifying opted-in shoppers as they enter a store, for example, to personalize their visit.

5. Digitally accelerating and adapting how children learn​

Homeschooling during the lockdown may have been a stressful experience for parents and pupils - especially for families with limited connectivity and access to digital devices. More than 1.3 billion children were shut out of their schools during the pandemic, as the chart below illustrates.
a chart showing covid's impact on education worldwide

Hybrid learning is likely to be a long-term legacy of COVID-19 after more than a billion children were locked out of school.
Image: Statista
As well as the challenges faced by some families, there were also advantages: more family time, improving children’s digital skills, allowing them to learn at their own pace and engaging them in real-life problems - including their parents’ world of work.
Cognizant’s gaze into the future sees these advantages being carried across into a hybrid learning environment, where pupils’ time is split equally between school and home learning.
The idea behind this is combining the best of both worlds - school and home - to help children become more independent and creative as well as develop their emotional intelligence.
In conclusion:
The World Economic Forum’s report Accelerating Digital Inclusion in the New Normal has pointed out important gaps in infrastructure, connectivity, access and affordability to technologies in emerging markets.
Making our world more resilient and ‘building back better’ means addressing these challenges to digital transformation comprehensively, for the whole world.

More about our new world. Shocking Glimpse Into Life After The Great Reset – World Economic Forum’s Sinister Plans (Videos)

Thought this was quite innovative.

Washing Tips From Klaus Schwab​

The recommendation of the Great Reset and now laundry pope Klaus Schwab is simple; you should not wash jeans more than once a month, sweaters once every two weeks, and pajamas once a week. The only exceptions to which citizens should be allowed are underwear, which, with Schwab’s blessing, can be washed after each use, reported Wochenblick.


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Glad you're ok @placematt !
I concur on the magnesium. Don't know about it in relation to your symptoms but have found it very very helpful with keto diet in general.

No idea if this could be anything to do with it or not, but, as it happens, earlier this week I kept experiencing what I'd describe as sensations of doom - A physical feeling in my gut and heart like something bad was about to happen. (this is not normal or usual for me, it was very noticeable. I don't know about panic attacks but it sounds similar).. It came repeatedly for a few days, I think it was Sunday through Tuesday. At the time I wondered if it could be some kind of "beaming"..

Hey @Brandon , I appreciate your response mate. It could be, honestly with all the stuff we have learnt on this forum and in Laura's books, it could be any number of things. Hyper kinetic sensate from the wave even. I guess my thinking though is that it's better to take responsibility for what happened and to observe myself than mull over ideas of it being external. Its just another way to distract me from doing the work in a way.

I guess my thinking in regards to this is well if it was beaming for instance, whats the solution? Well its still to have good psychic hygiene and knowing your machine. I would really recommend the interview on MindMatters mate i think it gives really good practical advice. I know for me that I prefer to take the responsibility and use it as a solid reminder for doing the work otherwise i think i would get caught in the same loop again. Thinking of IT being out there instead of my own ability to resolve it in here.

"We have another one", wow.. I overheard a new anti-smoking ad on TV yesterday, which said:

"Within 10 minutes of inhaling cigarette smoke, blood becomes sticky. Dangerous clots can form, increasing the risk of a catastrophic heart attack, even in a person's 40s or 30s."

Sounds like damage control.. I wonder what else they're going to start saying is causing young people to have heart attacks. :cool2:

ha, why doesn't that surprise me. By all accounts i should be having 10 - 15 catastrophic heart attacks a day.
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