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A planet with 4D STO influence instead of an STS regime. 3D has impure polarizations anyways. It's the environment.
The time before the Lizzy takeover was described as being in such a state.
Regarding the universe: Everything is balanced in the bigger picture, but locally, there are extremes and unbalanced conditions.


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According to Clif High in one of his latest videos, the Noack story is not true.

Go to 29.13

The entire video is also well worth watching.

Clif lays out current events for us in Trench Woo…the Maxwell trial corruption, The Flynn/Wood kerfuffle, CFO resignations, and more. Though there’s nothing in the wind about it, he says he’s waiting for the Disney CFO to come out as stepping down, a huge temporal marker.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek is stepping down as chairman of the board. Anything to do with the Maxwell trial, Twitter or child trafficking?

Interesting, I'm disappointed that Clif high's ramblings/conspiracies aren't well received. I tend to remind myself of the comments made on how what was considered conspiracy yesterday has now been actualized into our lives today. Oh well to each their own.


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I get that aborigines in Australia are being rounded up and put in 'covid camps'. I thought that aborigines could live out in the desert with a pair of flip-flops and a sharp stick. Not so with modern-day aborigines. Same with American Indians. We are all on the dole of the government no matter our racial heritage. What do we really need to survive in this world? A safe place to sleep, food, water, and a supportive social environment. wireless earbuds, movie subscriptions, computers, and a job that we need to travel to through 30 miles of ugly traffic is optional.

A question I would like to ask the C's is: Is there anywhere in this universe where a third-density planet exists that is not infected with 4th density STS opportunists?

It is also important to consider the following;

If life, the universe and everything within it can be considered a school for the soul, an opportunity to learn and grow, then conflict or times of great turmoil and the existence of darkness/evil forces are usually great moments of learning, since they can help a race advance or decline, there isn't really much growth if everything that is is peace. Now there could be certainly places where such peace and tranquility exists but that too is a cycle of learning.

Look at our current third-density planet, you have people who have been spoon fed their entire life but have a disconnect with life itself, a lack of connecting empathically with others , then on the other side you have a poor boy who has lost everything but is strongly able to connect empathically with others due to his life experiences. There are hundreds of different variaties of these kind of stories, showing us that no matter where you are or on what planet you are, what matters is who you are and what you see.


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Not only soccer players are having these "spontaneous" cardiac Issues, now the attention has turned to the fans watching the game; this happened last evening in England:

It just occurred to me that Competitive Sports have become an intriguing crucible for Truth v Lies. -Where facts hit the pavement, are pressed out of the theoretical and into Objective Reality where if you don't do your physical best, you lose.

It has highlighted for all to see in the most public manner, the inherent lies surrounding the whole "Trans" circus, (and yet, the liars persist. Amazing!). -And now, the sporting arena is highlighting the Truth v Lies with regard to the global covid vaccination drive.

At least calling out the "Safe" portion of the ubiquitous marketing claim.

Blood on the mat. The last civilized failsafe before full-on war.


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According to Clif High in one of his latest videos, the Noack story is not true.
Cliff High states he is not dead, but did not give evidence. There are other indications that he is no more. At least it appears that Anna-Carina Noack has written the last words on his/their Telegram channel, Arche Noack saying that he was born on May 3, 1964, and passed away November 26, 2021. Posted on December 1.
Screenshot 2021-12-02 224135.png

Regarding the claims about graphene, I watched a few videos in German, and this one
Graphen – Warum das Material der Zukunft auf sich warten lässt mentions at minute 6:40 the applications of graphene for medicine, including that it is extremely sharp and can cut through cells.
The following articles, I found looking for "graphene oxide cutting cells" on Google Scholar They basically confirmed that graphene oxide can cut. If one considers graphene hydroxide as a variant of graphene oxide, then the property of cutting should still be there. In other words, what Andreas Noack was saying graphene hydroxide was very close to the truth, judged from these papers.
Lu, BY., Zhu, GY., Yu, CH. et al. Functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets with unique three-in-one properties for efficient and tunable antibacterial applications. Nano Res. 14, 185–190 (2021).

Developing antibiotics-independent antibacterial agents is of great importance since antibiotic therapy faces great challenges from drug resistance. Graphene oxide (GO) is a promising agent due to its natural antibacterial mechanisms, such as sharp edge-mediated cutting effect. However, the antibacterial activity of GO is limited by its negative charge and low photothermal effect. Herein, the amino-functionalized GO nanosheets (AGO) with unique three-in-one properties were synthesized. Three essential properties (positive charge, strong photothermal effect, and natural cutting effect) were integrated into AGO. The positive charge (30 mV) rendered AGO a strong interaction force with model pathogen Streptococcus mutans (330 nN). The natural cutting effect of 100 µg·mL−1 AGO caused 27% loss of bacterial viability after incubation for 30 min. Most importantly, upon the near-infrared irradiation for just 5 min, the three-in-one properties of AGO caused 98% viability loss. In conclusion, the short irradiation period and the tunable antibacterial activity confer the three-in-one AGO a great potential for clinical use.
The next article suggests that the cutting property of GO is reduced by protein coating.
Protein corona mitigates the cytotoxicity of graphene oxide by reducing its physical interaction with cell membrane
G Duan, S Kang, X Tian, JA Garate, L Zhao, C Ge… - Nanoscale, 2015 -
… of phospholipids from the lipid bilayers and insertion/cutting into cell membranes. These
findings provide new insights into the physical interaction (and potential damage) between …
Many recent studies have shown that the way nanoparticles interact with cells and biological molecules can vary greatly in the serum-containing or serum-free culture medium. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms of how the so-called “protein corona” formed in serum medium affects nanoparticles’ biological responses are still largely unresolved. Thus, it is critical to understand how absorbed proteins on the surfaces of nanoparticles alter their biological effects. In this work, we have demonstrated with both experimental and theoretical approaches that protein BSA coating can mitigate the cytotoxicity of graphene oxide (GO) by reducing its cell membrane penetration. Our cell viability and cellular uptake experiments showed that protein corona decreased cellular uptake of GO, thus significantly mitigating the potential cytotoxicity of GO. The electron microscopy images also confirmed that protein corona reduced the cellular morphological damage by limiting GO penetration into the cell membrane. Further molecular dynamics (MD) simulations validated the experimental results and revealed that the adsorbed BSA in effect weakened the interaction between the phospholipids and graphene surface due to a reduction of the available surface area plus an unfavorable steric effect, thus significantly reducing the graphene penetration and lipid bilayer damaging. These findings provide new insights into the underlying molecular mechanism of this important graphene protein corona interaction with cell membranes, and should have implications in future development of graphene-based biomedical applications.
If the vaccines have compounds of graphene, would giving the body time to process the side effects of these substances help guard the cells of the body? This is a question for someone with detailed knowledge of the working of the human physiology.


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A question I would like to ask the C's is: Is there anywhere in this universe where a third-density planet exists that is not infected with 4th density STS opportunists?

This is just an idea but perhaps on some remote areas. Just like there are certain parts of the ocean, desert or deep in the jungle where is hard to travel for us. There is plenty of biodiversity in those parts of the planet. Maybe there is such equivalent out there, where is hard for 4d to travel/survive?
This woman working at a hospital in Germany, rants on about the staff having received a message that the staff members have to be vaccination, or present PCR test which they have to pay for themselves. She thinks, like a sensible person, that this is nuts.
She is complete fake and that is proovable, she was discluosed instantly, by German real freedomfighters.


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Austrian Finance Minister, mr. Gernot Bluemel resigns, shorzly after PM Alexander Schallenberg rewealed his arttention to step down from his post soon. All happend just in a day after Sebastian Kurz announced his retreat from politics. What is goin on? Have they both an island together, a new Eppstein island?

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