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She is complete fake and that is proovable, she was discluosed instantly, by German real freedomfighters.
Thank you for pointing it out. It is difficult to navigate the jungle. The following would be a scam then also, as it is the same person involved, although the idea of independent testing was not all bad and although the concept of frequent nose testing of children is a monstrosity. Truth mixed with lies.
The channel had another video:
Covid Test für Kinder.. WAS IST DA DRAUF/DRINN ?? Untersuchungen zeigen erschreckendes !!! In English it means: "Covid test for children .. WHAT'S ON IT / INSIDE? Investigations show terrible things!" A German couple had sent sample Covid test sticks for testing in Switzerland. The sticks were of the kind that children are asked to put into their nose to check if their Covid health allows them to go to school. The test came back and showed the presence/traces of two compounds that are poisonous.
What the German couple will work to find out is, if it is safe for children to do the tests daily, for a long time, as is happening now, considering the presence of the following two compounds, ethylene oxide and 2-chloroethanol:
All that can be verified using the papers I worte about in this post is then that graphene and graphene oxide compounds have unusual properties that can be both harmful and helpful depending on the situation, purpose and application.


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I can't agree with you here. What do we know for sure? It is an employee of the pathology department of the University Hospital in Munich. The video is real, the location is verifiably real. The Uniklinik itself has confirmed the incident and called her an "employee", therefore the entire video is correct. The entire statements are comprehensible except for the PCR test. I have not found any messages about this so far. The indication that there are 3 corona cases in the entire pathology cannot be proven for outsiders, but it coincides with my information from the health care system. The tattoos on the body do not necessarily give an indication of a momentary attitude. The young woman seems to be very freedom-oriented, defensible and courageous. Meanwhile, there is a new video of another nurse from the same university hospital with similar content. I think it is extremely important that someone now has the courage and goes public with such information. Very many are waiting in the wings and needed someone to make a start. The consequences are sufficiently known to those affected and with these publications they have also made the decision to no longer be part of the system. Believe me - we are all very strongly networked on Telegram - even in the resistance. Especially the people in the healthcare system will not bend. Big things are started in small ways and the various groups include doctors, nurses, therapists, hospital administrators, etc. Healthcare is predominantly women - many can afford to leave as they are cared for by their husbands. When these small cogs are gone, the big wheel automatically stops.
Yes, everything you stated is true. But think again, did she said anything new, did she disclouse anything, not known yet, no. Did she knew, she will be discarged and prosecuted, I guess, if not menthally ill, yes. Did she made good self promotion, yes. As I wrote in answer to Tauriel, really have no time or energy to waist on this thread anymore. Sorry and my deep respect, for all of you in Germany, who are being surpressed, threathend and endagered, by your own system and PTBs, as well as from your own people, who still belief in that same system and his narrative.
True sadistical psychopatic elation emotions from Canada PM, Justin Trudeau in his speach, about vaccinating children. The same behavioral patterns, one can also see by "performances" of dr. "F(r)au(d)cy and the lunatic (hells)Gates, when speaking of jabbing the most vulnerable ones, children. Their narrative is full of enthusiasm and excitement, like when small kids are expecting candies or Santa Claus with presents. No concern or worries to be shown. It is unbelievable, how people, parents and relatives doesn't see and recognise the signals.

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A German is the greatest enemy of the Germans - Elimination of the Nuremberg Code.

On The Heels of Austria and Germany Locking Down The Unvaccinated, EU Leader Calls For Throwing Out Nuremberg Code In Favor of Forced Vaccinating All Dissenters

In addition, an intelligent and biting commentary by Dr. Jordan B Peterson

German chancellor in retread, dr. Angela Merkel shockes Germany at her official retread "parade", where her speciall wish was to hear a song from Kurt Demmler, regime loyal poet of formal East Germany-DDR . He was convicted twice, third time, he was accused, he made suicide, hang himself in prison cell - sounds familliar, remember Eppstein - for sexual child abuse in over 200 times! It is just ...
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El video esta en español quizas alguien pueda traducirlo, aqui nos explica el exCEO de pfizer lo que nos espera.


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Now Austria's Finance Minister Blümel has also resigned.

Seems significant that Austria's chancellor and finance minister resign as they're holding talks with Iran in Vienna over release of blackmail info.

The 40-year-old commented on the reasons for the resignation in a Facebook video. “The professional year was particularly challenging and intense, not only professionally and politically, but also for my family,” said Blümel. Apart from death threats, which had increasingly afflicted him, the resignation of Sebastian Kurz was the “final impetus” to turn his back on politics. “It was a great honor for me.”


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German chancellor in retread, dr. Angela Merkel shockes Germany at her official retread "parade", where her speciall wish was to hear a song from Kurt Demmler, regime loyal poet of formal East Germany-DDR . He was convicted twice, third time, he was accused, he made suicide, hang himself in prison cell - sounds familliar, remember Eppstein - for sexual child abuse in over 200 times! It is just ...
thank you for the video. I found it quite interesting to watch the shadow of the conductor. Looks very strange . . .


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URGENTE !!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
¡¡¡Se revela el verdadero motivo de la presión internacional para implementar el GREEN PASS con la farsa de Omicron !!!
💉💉💉¡Que se apresuren a terminar el stock de vacunas antes de que caduquen !!! 💉💉💉💉 ¡

Las aprobaciones condicionales son válidas por un año y pueden renovarse anualmente. Todas las vacunas COVID-19 aprobadas en la UE y, por lo tanto, en Alemania han recibido aprobación condicional (al 23 de abril de 2021). Las aprobaciones vencerán en diciembre de 2021 y enero de 2022. Dado que ningún fabricante de las vacunas aprobadas condicionalmente ha presentado una nueva solicitud, las vacunas ya no se pueden utilizar a partir de diciembre de 2021 / enero de 2022; deben ser destruidos. De ahí la presión masiva sobre los no vacunados previamente y la campaña por la vacunación injustificada e ilegal de niños y adolescentes. ¿Por qué los fabricantes no han solicitado más aprobación para las vacunas aprobadas condicionalmente que se utilizan actualmente? ¡Porque probablemente no obtendrán más aprobación (condicional) debido a los innumerables efectos secundarios y el alto número de muertes! https: //ec.europa. eu / health / documents / community-register / html / index_en.htm En este sitio web, las vacunas COVID-19 se enumeran en la parte superior de la lista. Estos enlaces directos lo llevarán al sitio web de EMA. Aquí puede leer qué vacuna se aprobó y cuándo. Los efectos secundarios indicados por los fabricantes también se pueden leer aquí. Por ejemplo, Moderna - aprobación condicional: 06.01.2021, BioNTech - aprobación condicional: 21.12.2020, AstraZeneca - aprobación condicional: 29.01.2021. En BioNTech, el período de doce meses significaría que este producto ya no se podrá utilizar a partir del 22 de diciembre de 2021. No veo en el sitio web de la EMA que haya una nueva aprobación condicional para esta vacuna. Con este tema, me sorprende particularmente que muy buenos periodistas de investigación no aborden este tema tan importante. Ésa es también la razón por la que Spahn y Wieler "hacen girar el volante". Ninguna de las vacunas aprobadas condicionalmente se puede utilizar después del período de aprobación (12 meses a partir de la fecha de aprobación). Así que entregue rápidamente un millón de dosis de vacuna aquí y ejerza una enorme presión sobre su propia población. Porque todo lo que aún está en stock debe destruirse después de que haya expirado el período de aprobación.


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DENIED: Sixth Circuit Refuses OSHA's Request To Transfer Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit To D.C.

“Translation: The government wanted to transfer the case to a possibly more favorable court (Washington D.C.). OSHA also tried to slow walk it. The court said no.”



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Just found this on Telegram : an extract from a japanese anim of 2007 named Vexille.
A thread was posted about in 2012 by Metrist but no discussion following.
It's 2m long and +1 in the "anticipating movies" bag

Another subject which is a recommandation I received directly, if you have to be tested he recommended the following :
- Bring your own cotton stem (most important)
- if possible, not a standard one of+/- 8cm but a bit longer
- Avoid the noise and do it in the throat

Except if you face a nazi they won't refuse, what they want is a sample from you.
Note if you have only short cotton stem, prepare it before, for instance take a spoon, fix firmly the cotton stem using sticky paper and you are ready ! :-P


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I had a sneaky suspicion that in 2020 Trump did not have full control of his presidential powers. The man had good instincts regarding this Plan-demic but his best effort to "do the right things" was simply derailed by others who must have had incredible protection to do such a thing to a siting President. Here we have some details,

The wording "bad move" I would take with a grain of salt. ;-)
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