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a bit back:
An Italian man who wanted a Covid vaccination certificate without getting the jab turned up for his vaccine with a fake arm, officials say.
The man, in his 50s, arrived for his shot with a silicone mould covering his real arm, hoping it would go unnoticed.
The nurse told local media that when she had rolled up his sleeve, she found the skin "rubbery and cold" and the pigment "too light".
After being discovered, the man tried to persuade the nurse to turn a blind eye, la Repubblica reported. But instead she reported him to the police for fraud.


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An Italian man who wanted a Covid vaccination certificate without getting the jab turned up for his vaccine with a fake arm, officials say.

LOL, this makes me happy. Not that he got in trouble, but just at the sheer chutzpah. We've been joking about doing this for ages.. not actually trying to get away with it but just as an absurd visualisation, based on one of the most oft-quoted moments from a TV sitcom in our house:
(Father Ted)


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As of December 21, the province of Buenos Aires will implement the sanitary pass.

It will be for massive events and provincial and private activities and procedures in closed places. It must be presented by those over 13 years old.
Following the announcement of the arrival of the Omicron variant of coronvirus, Axel Kicillof and Nicolás Kreplak announced that as from December 21 in the province of Buenos Aires, persons over 13 years of age will have to present the "Free Pass with Vaccine" to attend mass events but also to carry out cultural, sports, religious and recreational activities in closed places. The same obligation will apply for public procedures before provincial and governmental organizations and for private persons in closed places. Likewise, workers who attend to the public, in public or private entities, are also covered by the measure.

"It follows the experience of many countries: France, Italy, Israel, New York City, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Spain and here in Argentina similar measures have been taken in Tucumán and Salta", explained Kicillof.

According to the governor, the health pass can be presented with the application Vacunate PBA, Mi Argentina, the physical card and the health booklet.



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Ok guys, this is heavy. A public official in my country made the following comment on facebook. A few seconds later he deleted it. I went and corroborated the account and indeed the account is official and verified. I can't guess / determine if it was hacked or not, but there is what he wrote.

I put them in context. It is an exchange in a thread posted by a page on facebook. The thread criticizes the political decision of the sanitary passport that will be applied on December 21st in the Province of Buenos Aires.

The writer is none other than the current Minister of Security of Argentina.

Translated text:

Traditional vaccines have nothing to do with this one, which is a new technology that is only now being tested on humans, like you and your kids. If you think they should test it, tell us and leave in peace those of us who don't think so. And anyway, what they are asking you is something else, how far does it go for all of us to give it to each other? To militarization? To camps for the unvaccinated? How far are you and the governor willing to go?


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At about timestamp 31:30...The thing with the pfizer guy's neck (moving all weird, frog-like) and Biden and Fauci looking clearly like they're wearing masks over their whole head...what the!? Could it be an artifact of 'deep fake' generated footage? Or..... straight up David Icke style business?


I was kind of writing this off as "woo woo" but maybe we are seeing something at least a bit unusual and I could not discount these individuals to be suspect in their alliances and intentions as highly questionable. With that said I think Max Egan may be one of those souls with sound and best intentions such as STO. That is yet to be seen and "open" but maybe this could be one form of identifying our sense of "conduit". Not necessarily having a group "conduit" but a "mosaic" of impressions from those seeking to provide information to give to anyone able to "receive" information that is true. I think there is something very noticeable happening to the necks of these guys and it is kind of strange.
Living in germany I can tell you that that guy is totally off the hooks. Since the Corona hysteria started he became well know for his radical ideas for "combating" the Virus. To this day he is pushing the most extreme ideas and is now seriously considered a good candidate to become the next health minister of germany "because of his good deeds" during Corona. It's about the worst thing that could happen to germany, actually:

...aaaand he's become Germany's next health minister. God help us. It really is a script.

You can check any youtube video about his appointment as health minister, and 95% of comments are of people being devastated by the news. Even Lauterbach's ex-wife referred to him as a total nutcase. He's the guy who shouted the loudest for extreme measures and mandatory vax on TV leading all the way up to his nomination. No surprise he got it, even though the German government and commentators made it seem unlikely for him to become health minister up until the last minute.
All in all, we now have a "Gruselkabinett", an all time low in terms of who has taken up each post in the upcoming German government. They're the laughing stock of the world before they've even begun their reign. They're getting super desperate to push dimwits and psychopaths into each position of power. But you gotta wonder what's ahead of us now.


Official SOS from Australia

Australia is asking for help! They continue to fight, but they no longer have the ability to make a difference. They need the support of the World to be heard and helped. The army and police there have completely suppressed the unsatisfied New World Order already established in Australia.
The video first shows Australia as she was: free and beautiful. The second half of the video is about what has become of her. The woman in the video is begging for help, as it's obvious they can't do it by themselves.
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I'd say this is a must view video. The data in it was presented before but I must admit I did not catch on. And that is the reason I am not a professor :lol:

The peak excess mortality seen in the UK for the "unvaccinated" AT THE TIME THE VACCINATION CAMPAIGN STARTED is very logically explained. When I first saw the graph some days ago I was confused but failed to dig more.

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