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Costa Rica's New Government Overturns Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate,
Launches Investigation Into Pfizer Contract

Costa Rica's New Government Overturns Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate, Launches
Investigation Into Pfizer Contract

Posted on August 9, 2022 by Nick Corbishley
We could end up in jail if we disclose details of the former
government's contract with Pfizer, says the country's Health Minister.

The recently elected President of Costa Rica Rodrigo Chaves last week
announced the end of compulsory vaccination against COVID-19. Speaking
alongside his health minister, Joselyn Chacón, Chaves said that not only
are the vaccines no longer mandatory; any action taken against anyone
who does not want to get vaccinated will be in violation of the law.
Chaves also called for unvaccinated workers who had lost their jobs to
be reinstated and announced the launch of an investigation into the
vaccine contracts the previous government signed with Pfizer-BioNTech.

Costa Rica: A Pioneer of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

Costa Rica was the first country in Central America to implement a
COVID-19 vaccine mandate. That was in September 2021, when Chaves'
predecessor, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, was holding the reins. In November
2021, Costa Rica became the first country in the world to mandate
Covid-19 vaccines for minors, with all children 5 and older obligated by
law to get vaccinated, barring medical exemptions. It was a hugely
controversial decision that, as in the US and other countries,
represented a line in the sand for many parents.

The mandate meant that a child could get vaccinated even if their
parents did not consent, said Roman Macaya Hayes, then-director of Costa
Rica's Social Security Institute. Macaya Hayes is now under
investigation by the Deputy Prosecutor's Office of the 1st Judicial
Circuit of San José for alleged prevarication. So too is Daniel Salas,
the former Minister of Health who now works in the US with the Pan
American Health Organization (PAHO), as well as six members of the
National Vaccination and Epidemiology Commission (CNVE), two of whom
purportedly participated in decisions regarding COVID-19 immunization
even though their appointments to the CNVE had expired.

That alone is enough to invalidate the acts agreed upon by the CNVE,
says President Chaves. His government will also investigate the former
Alvarado government's massive purchase of COVID-19 vaccines in April
2022, even as the vaccination campaign was losing steam.

We are going to investigate why it is they bought so many vaccines when
the data available showed the market was already saturated, Chaves said
in his weekly press conference last week. Millions of dollars' worth of
vaccines were purchased at a time that the vaccination rate was already
waning. I have no idea how much money was squandered on vaccines that
are not going to be used and are going to expire.

Of course, Chaves, a right-wing populist and former World
Bank-economist, could be doing all of this just to score political
points against his predecessor. However, given his predecessor, Carlos
Alvarado Quesada, was already a political corpse on leaving government
with an approval rating of just 18%, while Chaves has an approval rating
of 70% following his first two and a half months in office, it is unlikely.

Costa Rica's health minister, Joselyn Chacón, said she could not divulge
any of the details of the Pfizer contract due to secrecy clauses
embedded deep within the contract. She also alleged that Beatriz Solís
Worsfold, the daughter of former President of Costa Rica Luis Guillermo
Solís (2014-18) and a corporate lawyer with Pfizer since 2018, was
instrumental in drawing up the contract: If we release details of the
contract we could end up in jail because we would be violating a
contract drawn up by the daughter of former president Luis Guillermo Solís.

Pfizer has denied the allegations. In remarks to Costa Rican
fact-checking website Doble Check, the company said that Solís
Worsfold's responsibilities do not include participation in the
negotiation processes with the government of Costa Rica or with any
other government for the purchase of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against
COVID-19. Pfizer added that the negotiation processes for the
distribution of COVID-19 vaccines are conducted by the company's local,
regional and global teams, and that these processes are broadly similar
throughout the region and at a global level.

Pfizer's Sordid Vaccine Sales Practices

Those processes have also been highly controversial wherever they have
been deployed. In Latin America the company was accused of holding the
governments of even the largest countries to ransom, as I noted in a
previous article (Pfizer's Sordid Vaccine Sales Practices in Latin
America Could Be a Big Boon for China and Russia):

It is a time-honoured custom of business that manufacturers provide
certain basic guarantees to prospective buyers about their product's
quality and safety. But U.S. pharma giant Pfizer wants to turn this on
its head as it sells its experimental mRNA vaccine to desperate
governments around the world. For Pfizer, it's the buyer not the
seller that should provide all of the guarantees. And that includes
countries putting up sovereign assets, such as federal bank reserves,
embassy buildings military bases and even glaciers, as insurance against
the cost of any future legal cases involving Pfizer BioNTech's vaccine,
reports the Bureau of International Journalism (TBIJ):

Officials from Argentina and the other Latin American country, which
cannot be named as it has signed a confidentiality agreement with
Pfizer, said the company's negotiators demanded additional indemnity
against any civil claims citizens might file if they experienced adverse
effects after being inoculated. In Argentina and Brazil, Pfizer asked
for sovereign assets to be put up as collateral for any future legal costs.

One official who was present in the unnamed country's negotiations
described Pfizer's demands as high-level bullying and said the
government felt like it was being held to ransom in order to access
life-saving vaccines.

Campaigners are already warning of a vaccine apartheid in which rich
Western countries may be inoculated years before poorer regions. Now,
legal experts have raised concerns that Pfizer's demands amount to an
abuse of power.

According to Professor Lawrence Gostin, director of the World Health
Organization's Collaborating Center on National and Global Health Law,
what Pfizer appears to want is total immunity from all forms of liability:

[T]he company would not be held liable for rare adverse effects or for
its own acts of negligence, fraud or malice. This includes those linked
to company practices say, if Pfizer sent the wrong vaccine or made
errors during manufacturing.

Some liability protection is warranted, but certainly not for fraud,
gross negligence, mismanagement, failure to follow good manufacturing
practices. Companies have no right to ask for indemnity for these things.

At the time of that article's publication (March 2021), governments of
countries both large and small were desperate to get their hands on
enough vaccines for their population, and as such were willing to kowtow
to almost every demand from Pfizer to get their hands on what was then
being marketed as the most effective vaccine against COVID. Now, many of
those same governments have vast stockpiles of unused Pfizer-BioNTech
vaccines in their possession, and those vaccines have proven to be not
nearly as effective or as safe as initially claimed.

In the interim, more information has seeped out about Pfizer's vaccine
contracts, allowing journalists and researchers to piece together a more
(but far from) complete picture of the company's sordid negotiating
practices. In October 2021, Public Citizen released a report revealing
that Pfizer:

Reserves the Right to Silence Governments. Brazil's contract with Pfizer
included an additional term that Public Citizen had not seen in other
Latin American agreements. The Brazilian government is essentially
prohibited from making any public announcement concerning the
existence, subject matter or terms of [the] Agreement or discussing its
relationship with Pfizer without the prior written consent of the
company. Just like that, Pfizer was able to silence the government of
Latin America's biggest country. In most other contracts the
non-disclosure agreement applies to both parties.

Controls donations. The Brazilian government is also prohibited from
accepting donations of Pfizer vaccines from other countries without
Pfizer's prior authorization. It is also barred from donating,
distributing, exporting, or otherwise transporting the vaccine outside
Brazil again, without Pfizer's permission. Contravention of this
clause would be considered an uncurable material breach of Brazil's
agreement with Pfizer, allowing the US pharmaceutical to immediately
terminate the agreement. Upon termination, Brazil would be required to
pay the full price for any remaining contracted doses.

Secures IP Waivers for Itself. Despite Pfizer's strident defence of
intellectual property at least when said property is its own the
vaccine contracts its has signed with governments shift responsibility
for any intellectual property infringement that Pfizer might commit to
the government purchasers. As such, the contracts affect allow Pfizer to
use anyone's intellectual property it pleases largely without consequence.

Can take any and all disputes to arbitration. No great surprise here.
Public Citizen cites the UK as an example. In the event of a contractual
dispute between Downing Street and Pfizer, a secret panel not a
national court is empowered to make the final decision. The
arbitration is conducted under the Rules of Arbitration of the
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Both parties are required to
keep everything secret. The Albania draft contract and Brazil, Chile,
Colombia, Dominican Republic and Peru agreements require the governments
to go even further, with contractual disputes subject to ICC arbitration
applying New York law.

Can seize state assets. In the case of Brazil, Chile and Colombia, the
government expressly and irrevocably waives any right of immunity which
either it or its assets may have or acquire in the future to enforce
any arbitration award (emphasis added). For Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and
the Dominican Republic, this includes immunity against precautionary
seizure of any of its assets.

Calls the shots on key decisions. Colombia's contract with Pfizer
includes a gem of a clause stipulating that the Colombian government
must demonstrate, in a manner satisfactory to Suppliers, that Suppliers
and their affiliates will have adequate protection, as determined in
Suppliers' sole discretion (emphasis added by Public Citizen) from
liability claims. In other words, if suppliers fail to supply the goods
requested by the time agreed in the contract, Colombia's government has
agreed that it will have no means of recourse.

Given the contractual conditions outlined above, it is hard to imagine
any country in Latin America let alone one as tiny and as dependent on
the US as Costa Rica managing to overturn or override any of the
clauses in their contract with Pfizer. As Public Citizen notes at the
end of its report, Pfizer's ability to control key decisions reflects
the power imbalance in vaccine negotiations. Under the vast majority of
contracts, Pfizer's interests come first.

Indeed, just a month ago a judge in Uruguay presiding over a case
brought by parents opposing the vaccination of children over the age of
five demanded that the Government present to him all documentation on
the terms and conditions of its contract for Pfizer BioNTech's COVID-19
vaccines as well as the full biochemical composition of the vaccine.
When the government refused to comply, the judge suspended the
vaccination of all children under 13. The government quickly appealed
and within a couple of weeks Uruguay's court of appeal overturned the
judge's decision.

Back in Costa Rica, the Chaves government's rescission of the vaccine
mandates faces a wall of resistance from Costa Rica's public health
authorities. According to the Costa Rican daily La Nación, the country's
Social Security Fund (CRSS) insists that the vaccine mandates remain in
force, arguing that the Chaves government's decree overturning the
previous government's mandates was merely a petition', a request' or
a plea', that does not imply an obligation or imperative to act
accordingly on the part of the body that holds said competence.

The CRSS has also provided jurisprudence from the Constitutional Court
supporting the mandatory nature of the vaccine as a public health
measure. As such, at least for the moment, public sector employees fired
for refusing the vaccine will not be reinstated in their positions.


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It's Over: CDC Says People Exposed To COVID No Longer Need To Quarantine
LOL! So America is done with covid (at least until the next elections) while on the other side of the workl we have germany where:

Karl Lauterbach (German Health Minister) caught lying about his "vaccine" status while simultaneously encouraging that which he has managed to avoid? Maybe!

This guy is insane and utterly possessed by Covidian Ideology. He would happily inject this stuff by the gallon every day.

...and the newest info from occupied Germany is:

Germany to Introduce ‘China-Style’ Colour-Coded Vaccine Status App​

August 11, 2022 by LiveNewsAmerica

Plans to introduce a colour-coded vaccination status app in Germany that will afford privileges to those who recently received a the jab or booster shot have been criticised as an assault on freedom and akin to schemes in Communist China.

In a move to supposedly prepare for another wave of the Wuhan virus in the Autumn, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach — who after getting four jabs himself, is currently in quarantine with Covid — has put forward plans under the Infection Protection Act to introduce a colour coded smartphone application that will track the rate of vaccination of the individual.

The plan, which the Berliner Zeitung likened to a similar app in Communist China, which classifies people by a colour code based on their likelihood of having come in contact with the virus. The German app, on the other hand, will allow those who recently either received a vaccination or a booster shot to avoid the impending mask mandates that will likely apply to restaurants, sporting events, and other public events, with a colour indicating an individuals level of vaccination.

“If vaccines protective against infection are available in the Autumn, they should also bring an advantage for vaccinated people. Masks in the interior cannot be dispensed with in Autumn. An exception would be justifiable for the newly vaccinated,” the Health Minister said in a statement released from home quarantine.

Ironically, despite the goal of incentivising more people to take a coronavirus vaccine going into the winter months, Lauterbach seemingly undercut his own plan by saying that if too many people attempted to get jabbed to avoid mask-wearing, the exception may be removed.

He also questioned whether people would get boosters every three months in order to avoid the restrictions, writing on social media: “Do you seriously believe that people get vaccinated every 3 months in order to be able to go to a restaurant without a mask??????”

Lauterbach had previously argued in favour of a blanket vaccine mandate for everyone in Germany, however, was ultimately forced to backtrack from the scheme after the government rejected the draconian measure.

Nevertheless, his plans for a return to restrictions have been widely criticised in Germany, given the privacy concerns of people having to display a colour indicating their vaccine status, and also the practicalities of restaurants and other businesses being forced to apply different standards based on the colour.

The leader of the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, Tino Chrupalla described the measure as “inhuman” and mocked the “four times vaccinated” Health Minister for attempting to control others as he “sits at home with corona”.

“Colour indicates whether the citizen enjoys privileges of the vaccinated… Free citizens must not be marked!” Chrupalla said.

The chairwoman of the Berlin AfD, Kristin Brinker said that “discrimination” and “public display” of vaccination status will on serve to “further divide society instead of finding pragmatic and reasonable solutions.”

Previously, drawing grim yet inevitable comparisons to Germany’s history, citizens in the city of Saarbrücken were given coloured bands to publicly display that they had taken the jab, allowing them access to areas with mandated the vaccine.



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LOL! So America is done with covid

Umm, not quite . . . from today's Columbus Dispatch:
Ohio University’s mask mandate went into effect Monday because Athens County is listed as having a high level of transmission on the CDC’s latest COVID-19 data tracker.

They are the the first public university in Ohio to reinstate a mask mandate after colleges and universities shed their mask mandates in the spring. OU’s classes begin Aug. 22.

The university’s mask mandate will drop when the level of COVID-19 transmission in Athens County goes down to medium.


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This injection supposedly "awakens" the extinguished cancer in former and cured patients who had cancer. In addition to giving cancer to those who do not have it.
The effects of vaccination are more visible every day for people who work in the health care system. I have expanded my physio practice since August to include the position of Long covid/post vac. Diagnostics feels like a jungle that needs to be meticulously sifted through. Affected individuals actually often do not find a direct link to vaccination, as initial symptoms were not fulminant and tend to be rather blurred throughout the vaccination series including infection. What I see very often is an allergic component in the sense of histamine involvement and mast cell activation. This seems to me to be a major cause. And it is almost only women who are highly symptomatic. Heart attacks and all kinds of heart problems are overwhelmingly male. Almost all patients are ignored by their vaccinators and no longer taken seriously. A phenomenon for me are patients who are very damaged and ask me in all seriousness if it would not be better to get another vaccination.
Many of my female patients who had already beaten their cancer years ago are now affected again. Breast cancer, hotkin and colorectal cancer are increasing rapidly.
For the past 1.5 years, as an unvaccinated person, I have been the focus of hatred, incomprehension and rejection. I have been shunned like a plague vector. For me it was never a question of changing my attitude, it was rather a need to be absolutely honest as I was very aware that in a fixed time window these lies could no longer be concealed. Today something has changed - there are no more conversations or attacks about/on unvaccinated people. It's as if we had died out. But there is another change - the questioning look of people. It's kind of like: please don't talk about vaccination - it scares me because you've always shared it. Of course, you notice the high number of sick people, the greatly inflated ambulance missions. But the hot weather is a popular justification today.
My friends on the hospital front are united in reporting that our health care system is buried. One almost has the feeling that there is an announcement from the clinic management to force this pitiful state. Many wards are closed, beds locked and it is no longer possible to admit new patients. The primary care is still maintained. The hospital management has no interest in retaining employees, who are now resigning en masse. The nurses have now decided internally not to take on substitutes for colleagues, will no longer work additional shifts, and will no longer work overtime. This will be the death of the clinics for the fall.


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Umm, not quite . . . from today's Columbus Dispatch:
Why is it that Blue Counties seem to have a higher "level of transmission"? (Ohio is mostly Red, county-wise)

More believing of "testing" perhaps?

Seems to be a nationwide trend. Definitely saw the same in California. Try and visit a store in one county(blue), "masks required". Go one county over(red) and no one is wearing them.


Why is it that Blue Counties seem to have a higher "level of transmission"? (Ohio is mostly Red, county-wise)

Overwhelming, Blue is the urban/educated that love and worship government control, or info-poor poverty/dependency. The areas are also denser. It's very much a class thing, "smart" vs "dumb poor" . America is a massively classed society with barriers maintained by the "right thinking" of a moronic, zombie educated elite. This is why the more absurd an elite belief is, the more effective it is in class distinction.


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The TRUTH is outing!

Russian MIL Declares Ukraine Origin of C19! DNC Globalists Created Covid!

In addition to carrying pathogens, nearly all of the surrendered Ukrainian soldiers carried traces of a wide variety of narcotics and opioids, including Meth and Codeine.

Russia were sure to remind us of the Nazi’s usage of methamphetamines in WW2. I covered this 2 weeks ago, when the left-wing media tried to spin this reality as some sort of X-men mutant conspiracy theory. No, they are just Nazis, and historically, Nazis use drugs. Particularly as an advantage in war.

Russia goes on to cite that this methamphetamine Ukraine are using, Pervitin, was also used by US soldiers during Vietnam and Korea. It’s designed to reduce the psycho-emotional burdens of war.

However, an intended side effect is excessive aggression, which Russia alleges is one of the main factors for the Nationalist Ukrainian forces displaying “extreme cruelty” to civilians and the shelling of their own people in Donbas. Ukraine are using mind-numbing agents on their forces to make them more susceptible to carrying out heinous acts.


[...] Russia just accused the United States of creating and releasing Covid-19. But wait, there’s more.

Russia confirms the unnatural behavior of C19 proves that this virus was not only man-made, but being constantly worked on and “artificially fueled” via the introduction of different variants to different regions.

Myself and many others have been leaning towards the idea that Wuhan was not the only “origin” of the C19 outbreak. It was released at multiple labs around the world, with different specially engineered variants, designed to target the people of the region with genome specific C19 virus.

The DNC Globalists were using Ukraine as the home base for production of the virus, then shipping the genome specific viruses to labs around the world, to be released to ensure the virus infected the entire world…

According to our experts, this is evidenced by the uncharacteristic variability of the genovariants that cause different peaks in the incidence of coronaviruses, significant differences in lethality and contagiousness, uneven geographical distribution, and the unpredictable nature of the epidemic process as a whole. It appears that despite efforts to contain and isolate the disease, the pandemic is being artificially fuelled by the introduction of new variants of the virus in a particular region.
Russia goes on to directly accuse the US Agency of International Development, (USAID), of involvement of the creation of the new Covid variants. Citing that they have been studying coronavirus since 2009 (Obama), and that one of the main contractors for the project is the infamous Biden biolab company, Metabiota, the main source of biological malfeasance in Ukraine.
The implementation of the COVID-19 scenario and USAID's emergency wind-down of the Predict programme in 2019 suggest the deliberate nature of the pandemic and US involvement in its emergence.
Russia believes not only did the US create and release C19, but they did so with deliberate intentions.


Russia also notes that Labyrinth Global Health have been studying CORONAVIRUSES AND MONKEYPOX.
Thus we see a clear trend: infectious disease agents that reach the Pentagon's zone of interest are subsequently pandemic, with US pharmaceutical companies and their patrons, the leaders of the US Democratic Party, as the beneficiaries.
HOLY SHIT… Russia just said the DNC and US big pharma are intentionally causing pandemics to win elections…

Giving serious legitimacy to Anons overall thesis about C19 and 2020, and giving legitimacy to my thesis that Monkeypox is the next bioweapon released intentionally by the Deep State to attempt to steal the 2022 election with mass mail-in voting.




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This movie should be downloaded and posted on sott. And watched by everyone. Absolutely terrifying.
I started to see the documentary. Thank you, Laura. But let me tell you: my blood boils like a volcano. I have to stop every some minutes, I feel I wanted to yell, and much more that is not politically correct to say here. I feel rage and pain for all the sufferance that this folly of situation brought on the humankind. Furthermore, I would like that my dear sister, that lives in Canada, would see this documentary, but she is injected and being educated with a lot of studies and being a nurse also, she is close to this reality. So my madness grow just to think of the impossibility to reach her with this doc.

Thank you again, and sorry for my little rant.:-[


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Another encouraging sign:

Groundbreaking Ruling: Italian Court Orders Analysis of Covid 'Vaccines' to Determine if 'Harmful' (Video)

“We have asked to ascertain how mRNA vaccines work since we are dealing exclusively with mRNA vaccines here and investigating whether the enzymes in mRNA vaccines can harm our health.” – Lawyer Nicoletta Morante

For the first time in Italy, a court in Pesaro ruled that the contents of mRNA vaccines must be investigated. The decision comes after a 50-year-old man who has already contracted Covid and does not want to undergo the vaccine to work. However, despite already having Covid, the man was suspended due to his ‘non-compliance’ after refusing to take the jab.

The Pesaro court accepted the request of the man’s lawyer, Nicoletta Morante, who had asked the judge for a lab analysis of Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid “vaccine” contents and its effects on a patient who has recovered from the infection and whether it is harmful in general to people’s health. Furthermore, the lawyer is questioning how the state can apply “informed consent to a case of mandatory vaccination”:

[vid 3:38]
It seems that lawyer Nicoletta Morante has figured out that one of the more effective ways to fight against Covid oppression is to sue those who mandate the vaccine and force legal discovery when they are hauled into court. That’s the only way the contents of the mRNA “vaccine” will ever be publicly revealed, and the adverse effects of the jab will ever be forensically identified.



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At the food shop, a while ago. The cashier asks the lady behind me for news of how she is doing. She is a woman in her 70s. She says she is “recovering”. In three months 3 members of her family have died, all male, between 40 and 60 years old, all in good health. What did they die of? Heart attack. One was found dead 12 days after he lay dead in his bed. Plus a close friend of her husband's, died also yesterday in the shower, struck down by a “heart attack”. We know what causes these sudden, sudden deaths. But we can't say it, we have to keep quiet, to put up with it, to bear it in silence.

This morning I was reading an article by Ariane Bilheran which helps us to understand this situation from the perspective of the ecosystem and in fact it does not give hope but acts as a balm because we, those who see a little more clearly, are the witnesses and this notion of witness is also in a forest, in nature.

So in front of the cashier and the lady who lost 4 people in her entourage in a very short time, I said to myself: “you are a witness. Your role is to keep the memory of what happens.”

I am translating the article because it is just in French. As we say in English: enjoy!

We rightly protest against the totalitarian drift explicitly visible since the spring of 2020. This civic, moral and spiritual protest is essential, because it expresses our concern to preserve the roots, in particular Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian, of our current civilization. If we laconically define totalitarianism as the ambition of “total domination” (H. Arendt), with imperialist methods, including the monopoly of communication, the confiscation of the economy in the hands of a few , functioning with an ever-changing ideology, and control with terror, then it is quite obvious that totalitarianism was not born yesterday, nor even with the totalitarianisms of the 20th century. It is a political conception of the world, in which the human being is reduced at best to a function or an instrument, at worst to useless waste, deprived of his unpredictable states of mind, his cumbersome aspirations to freedom, of its far-fetched claims to embody moral values. It is essentially a reductionism of the individual: to a "positive" or "negative case", to a mathematical unit, apart of course from those which would correspond to it by their immeasurable and elusive dimension, namely, zero and infinity. (A. Koestler).

Humanity has never defeated totalitarianism. She is eternally, regularly, periodically, victim of it, whatever the facade decorations, the local color, the ideals brandished for the “good” of the masses, the type of sacrificial requirement required. We could point to our growing aptitude for self-destruction as a human species, and reasonably share Günther Anders' views on the subject. Now, sometimes, I adopt another perspective, from which I detect in such apprehension a sin of hubris: our proud claim to believe that we would be so powerful as to eradicate all life on earth, or again, the human race . The more I delve into the study of totalitarianism, the more I would be tempted to embrace another vision, according to which totalitarianism would be a necessary moment of our human ecosystem.

My immersion in the lush nature of the Caribbean coast of Colombia allowed me to make several observations of the functioning of nature. First of all, nature is organized into a system, that is to say that several parts coexist, and interact together, until they form a living, abundant, singing whole, which cannot be reduced to the sum of parts: ants, bees, wasps, mosquitoes, hummingbirds, eagles, earthworms, bats, various and varied plants, etc. When the system is balanced, each species has its living space, and harmony reigns. On the other hand, when too much aggression occurs, phenomena appear which weaken the whole, and make it ill. I will take an example. Every year, in my area, mango exporters fumigate the mango trees with chemicals, which always leads to the loss of beehives at the same time, and leads to an invasion of beetles. Pesticide fumigation does indeed attack flies that like mangoes. However, flies are predators of cockchafer larvae. This is how the imbalance occurs.

In this same system, there are periods. Let's sow tomatoes: we plant the seed, which then develops the plant, which will bear the fruit. Then, the plant will wither, and its waste will feed the earth again. This is where pests come in, starting a process of destruction and decay of leaves, fruits, plants, etc. which were no longer viable. If you fight to remove the parasites in your ecosystem, you will quickly realize (at least, if you are observant) that they come back stronger, more numerous, and that you will not just get rid of them! It is therefore above all a question of diverting their attention from the place where you do not want them to intervene: for example, in the context of the ants devouring a young moringa shrub, deterring them by painting the stem of the tree born with neem oil, and at the same time attract their attention elsewhere, where they will be enticed by a better meal at a lower cost.

In the ecosystem, everyone has their function. There is no "good" and "bad". But everyone must stay in their place, and above all, everyone has their function according to specific periods. Eliminating insects that serve to decompose materials in the soil would be a huge mistake: how then to fertilize the soil naturally and create a soil rich in minerals? The fumigation of the mango trees I mentioned is an equally serious fault, because on the pretext of saving the mangoes of this harvest for Westerners in search of tropical flavors, we take the risk of killing bees. However, the bees fertilize the flower, which itself will give the fruit, from which the bee will feed. Here is a cycle, where each element is necessary.

In nature, everything is communication. There are plants that get along well with each other: by making them neighbors, the system becomes virtuous. On the other hand, if you place an invasive plant next to a rather quiet plant, one will devour the territory of the other. Finally, nature is a living being, which reacts to the environment, to stress, to the lunar cycles. Pruning a tree on a full moon presents a danger of "hemorrhaging" the sap from the tree, while pruning it on a waning moon is far less traumatic for it. Cutting wounds can be wrapped in bandages or poultices, but I won't go into these technical details any further, except to say that trees obviously have sensations[1]. All living beings feel: there are permanent interactions. Did you know that trees and plants warn each other of the existence of a predator or stress through their roots[2]? Or that bees attacked by a predator organize extremely skillful labyrinthine traps, to the point of blocking the entrance to the hive?

This meticulous observation for several years of the ecosystem that surrounds me in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia made me think about totalitarianism. What if totalitarianism, this moment of radical destruction, was simply the moment when parasites come to devour what is no longer viable? I thought that would explain a lot of things. In particular, why we almost always remain in the same percentages of social psychology concerning the submission of the masses to the totalitarian system, despite the colossal amount of alternative information circulating today. The proportion between the lucid individuals, the sheep of Panurge, and the predators is always the same, at the start of the totalitarian movement. As if the mass had to be sufficiently anesthetized to allow the work of destruction. Accordingly, and I have expressed myself on this several times, there is no totalitarian system without witnesses, and there is no totalitarian system which does not spare witnesses, whereas it would have the freedom to delete them[3]. However, it is precisely these witnesses who will take over after the work of destruction, because once the waste has been transformed into compost, the seed will have to be sown and the new cycle start again. The awakening of the consciousness of individuals and the exit from the psychotic hallucination in which they are taken by believing in the ideological fiction of paranoid delirium, are progressive, but above all, proportional to the amount of destruction generated by totalitarianism.

With this grid of analysis, the totalitarian moment, which I readily associate with the "moment of the negative" according to Hegel in the dialectic of History, is quite simply the instrument of the destruction of a civilization which is not more viable. Why is it no longer viable? Simply, because it is completing its decline. For there is nothing on earth that does not obey the following cycle: birth, growth, apogee, decline, and death. Plants obey it. Animals and individuals, too. Businesses. Dynasties. And of course, civilizations.

The totalitarian moment is that of the raw death drive. Individuals regress to a psychic confusion such that "the four pillars of the house", as I try to image it, collapse: prohibition of murder, prohibition of incest, difference of generations and difference of sexes. We must understand these taboos as psychic and symbolic dikes. More than a temptation, this instinctual regression of humanity, at cyclical moments in history, would then be: a need and a necessity.

With such a perspective, the control group[4] belongs entirely to the ecosystem in its totalitarian period. He is not separate from it. He is not aloof. Its function is to ensure, like the Vestal Virgins, the preservation of the sacred fire between the old and the new. In the moment of decomposition within nature, the parasites also never eliminate all the elements that will be essential to start the new cycle again. Of course, some can be eliminated to intimidate the whole: the parasites do not allow to be prevented from carrying out their work. But the cookies are never all deleted: on the one hand, because it is impossible, on the other hand, because they have a backup function in the ecosystem.

We are at the end of a civilization in decline, which is coming to an end[5]. It takes a while, with major destructiveness, in stages. The functions of predation and parasitism carry out their work of deconstruction and decomposition, necessary for the elimination of this civilization which is dying. According to such a hypothesis, we would be used in the ecosystem for our capacities and our dispositions, a role to which we would consent simply because it emanates from who we are. Massive denial would then have a metaphysical meaning, and would be essential for the destruction to take place. The exit from denial would be proportional to the need to slow down and then stop the destruction at the collective level, because it will have been sufficient for a renewal.

"An art of living in times of disaster" (Camus)
This hypothesis is irritating, because it forces us to modify our classic conception of freedom: we would be, in short, actors in life cycles that are beyond us. But what is the use of thinking if thinking does not disturb us in our certainties and our comfort?

In the spring of 2020, very few of us were talking, and even fewer were saying: “all this is totalitarian and will last”. The continuation of the current program is the radicalization of the tensions between two movements which no longer manage to find playgrounds and common ground: order and freedom. The situation presupposes doing a lot of work of detachment, mourning, acceptance, to regain flexibility, creativity and agility. When the house collapses or burns, what are we going to and what can we save in the fire? Some objects or furniture, which seemed so important to us, are perhaps not so useful to save. On the other hand, others will appear essential to us, whereas we had always considered them as trivial. The moment of totalitarian decomposition also invites us to sort out our own inner house, to carry out internal and external purification work, and to deploy “an art of living in times of disaster”.


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The UK has become the first country to approve a dual vaccine which tackles both the original Covid virus and the newer Omicron variant.

The upgraded vaccine should be available as an autumn booster and give better protection against variants.

Moderna said it could supply doses in the next few weeks, but exactly who will get them has yet to be announced.
All over-50s and people in high-risk groups will be offered some form of booster from next month.

The original vaccines used in the pandemic were designed to train the body to fight the first form of the virus that emerged in Wuhan, in China, at the end of 2019.

The Covid virus has since mutated substantially, with a stream of new variants emerging that can dodge some of our immune defences. They have caused large surges in cases around the world.

'Sharpened tool'

Moderna's vaccine targets both the original strain and the first Omicron variant (BA.1), which emerged last winter. It is known as a bivalent vaccine as it takes aim at two forms of Covid.

The UK's Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has considered the evidence and given the vaccine approval for use in adults.

Dr June Raine, the regulator's chief executive, said: "The first generation of Covid-19 vaccines being used in the UK continue to provide important protection against the disease and save lives.

"What this bivalent vaccine gives us is a sharpened tool in our armoury to help protect us against this disease as the virus continues to evolve."

The results of experiments on 437 people showed the updated vaccine was safe and gave better immune protection against newer variants.

Levels of antibodies that were able to stick to and disable Omicron (BA.1) were higher in people given the new vaccine. Tests against more recent Omicron variants (BA.4 and BA.5), which are causing the UK's current wave, also showed higher levels of protection with the updated vaccine.

However, while there is better protection against known variants, it is uncertain what we will be facing in the coming months and exactly how well the updated vaccine will perform.

Stéphane Bancel, the chief executive officer of Moderna, said he was "delighted" the vaccine had been approved.
He said: "This represents the first authorization of an Omicron-containing bivalent vaccine, this bivalent vaccine has an important role to play in protecting people in the UK from Covid-19 as we enter the winter months."

In the UK, the following people will be offered some form of booster:

  • health and social care staff
  • everyone aged 50 and over
  • carers who are over the age of 16
  • people over five whose health puts them at greater risk, this includes pregnant women
  • people over five who share a house with somebody with a weakened immune system
Around 26 million people will be eligible for an autumn booster, Moderna says it will be able to supply 13 million doses by the end of the year
Originally those aged 50-65 were not going to be jabbed. However, the immunisation campaign has been expanded because of the fast spread of variants, uncertainty about how the virus will mutate and the expectation that we will be more social this winter than in previous years - giving the virus more chance to spread.

Moderna is not the only company updating its vaccines, Pfizer has also been developing vaccines that can target Omicron.

I suppose we should have expected it. They have no intention of letting things go, have they? Not while there is still mileage in death and harm. I am a bit confused about the reasoning though. Surely the original covid strain is no longer around in sufficient numbers to be the second arm of the bivalent injection. Considering that the majority of folk now repeatedly contracting covid and passing it on are doing so as a result of the previous vaccinations, it seems a bit of a waste of time. The CEO of Moderna must be "delighted". I expect his bank account was getting a bit sparse. Probably down to his last billion. Sadly all the relevant people who are due to receive the vaccination will be thrilled that it might prevent them getting anymore doses of covid - little do they know.
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