Not sure I agree with you here Color. Or maybe I misunderstand. Certainly if the opportunity for Ketone Cop to physically relocate out of her "hellish" situation to a safer place with more like-minded people, she should jump on it, imo. Being stuck where we are is atm a mental exercise only. Here in the Smokey-land anyway.

I hear from acquaintances that Idaho could a very good choice, alignment-wise. :v:

Thanks for the support, cholas! I am very seriously thinking of going ahead and applying for early retirement, and selling all I can to try to make it through until my lease expires in July. I have enough stuff worth some money I can probably do that, but I will have nothing to fall back on afterwards. However, the way the world seems to be going, I think I need to only worry about these next few months and then act from there. I have even planned out exactly what to pack and how much I can fit in my car if I need to leave in a hurry.

BTW, I'm a "he", not a "she". I know it's hard to gauge gender when we hide behind our avatars and monikers; they sort of act as our own "masks" and I am clueless as to the gender of a lot of people here personally. I guess it doesn't matter and it's not worth the time; I mean, there's like at least 58 of them now!!

Its worth remebering why 'the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it' mantra of old is so true not just an empty Nazi slogan .

Its worth remembering that this is based on a solid-neuro science understanding that telling lies is stressful for humans. We are all capable of small ones and even large-small ones - they are a survival mechanism - and they are to some degree manageable in the darkness of our minds. But very, very few humans can begin to comprehend the BIG LIE because they know physiologically that even large-small ones into big medium ones are hellish difficult to maintain so how could you ever get to a level 6 or 7 let alone LEVEL 10 - such a place would be incomprehensible, utterly shaming, just too damn stressful to think of sustaining.

Its worth just remembering this is why the vast majority of humans - including authoritarian types - can only go so far with their lies before they face their own dismantling. So essentially most humans cannot comprehend that anyone could tell and promote a BIG, GROSS, BRAZEN WORLD CHANGING LIE and be able to live with themselves. This is an unconscious belief that most do not even know they have.

That is why they cannot believe it is possible when it happens - because they themselves couldn't comprehend trying to get away with something so dangerous, life-threatening and (they think) impossible to maintain.

Its worth remembering that all power systems are built on the pyramid model whereby:

(1) the further up you go, the more you know, the more you have to accept, the more you have to bend and corrupt your humanity, the narrower the bottleneck becomes - all this to gain 'power/status'
(2) that each level of the pyramid is based on a need-to-know basis and that those above 'know' more, hold more power and 'know what they are doing and are to be obeyed
(3) that each person in the pyramid only rises up if they prove they are suitable in personality type to the next level - and are suitable to join the club
(4) You get promoted to the level of your incompetence where you just flounder and hope to get away with it, taking away your capacity to think beyond your own game of hide and seek.
(5). Or you get promoted to your nature of anti-social nature and your ability to channel, manage and maintain it for the good of you and other pathological types..

If we think about what is going on, the BIG LIE therefore only has to exist right at the top of the pyramid - and indeed from the famous icon - it can effectively be separate from the rest of the pyramid but still 'manage' the host below through its own control of the apex which has an entirely secret set of values and rules but whose influence, weight and power, filters down to set the tone and being of all levels... pathology from above.... without anyone in the body of the pyramid knowing this is what is happening. Its just 'felt' as a pressure, a tone, a prescriptive set of practices that must be adhered to but only in terms of each level of the pyramids 'awareness'.

In these terms most of the people making this COVID machine function don't know that its fraud (or mostly or all fraud), they don't know what its real function is, they don't know that they are making something happen that will in effect destroy their lives as well. They just respond in line with the rules of this game and keep going as instructed.

The pathology of this is hidden to most eyes. The belief in what they do is driven by confirmation by the system that they have invested their lives in. Many of them may suspect something is not quite right, but for many reasons, continue to pour all their energy in to sustaining its purpose.

The bigger the lie, the more people believe it... the code that keeps everyone in the pyramid heading in the same direction... towards the cliff at which point X% of the pyramid will be detached and 'perish' as being no longer useful. But it will have fulfilled its purpose of those tiny number of puppet masters at the top. And as they fall, they will have no idea how it happened or how they made it all possible... without ever even knowing who or what they are.

That's a pretty good summary of the control system Michael, and it explains how we have such a large number of "Karens" and COVIDiots today - and how we got to this period in history where everything is so backwards. For those who are born into this system, especially those here in the states who had to experience "Common Core" in grade school and Marxist instruction in colleges, the lies form the basis of their identity, and that is done intentionally in order to bind them to "the system" and set them against those who learned the "truth" before their schools were hijacked. It's a guaranteed way to sow discord and division between generations. Only those lucky enough to have parents and relatives who learned differently and who truly engage with them have a chance to set them straight; and that challenge is greatly exacerbated by the rise of the digital age of control.

I wonder though if this extreme level of dystopia and disconnection and division is the setting required to "grow a soul"? Those born into this world, if they do not come to personally realize that the matrix around them is designed to trap and destroy them, remain unable to progress forward from lifetime to lifetime. By choosing to side with psychopathic authorities, they choose to be ruled; thus, they remain tied to them - until and unless they have a "crystallizing" event that shocks them to wakefulness, and from there, begin to take charge of their own life and try to search out objective truth. Is it this searching for objective truth that is the catalyst for graduating to "4D"? And is whether they choose to side with authority having thus gained full knowledge of the evil being done, or whether they choose to resist and share what they have learned to help others escape, what determines who becomes "4D STS" vs. "4D STO"?

When it comes to this COVID hoax, I see some people where I work ask questions about the inconsistencies that we all notice here on this forum, but when they are met with ultimatums from above to "mask up or you can't work" dictates they willingly submit and conform. Maybe they still question inside, but those I talked with about this earlier no longer even make eye contact with me. It's like they have let their souls be subsumed by the need to earn a living, and to conform to those around them. It's like a willful submission to the "BORG" mindset. This choice can't bode well for not only this life, but their future ones.

There are also a lot of people I know who have been obviously damaged by vaccines or GMO foods etc. who will refuse to listen to those sharing information about how they can damage you, and then they continue to get vaccinated and eat those foods even when it becomes painfully obvious that doing so is making things worse. Then they go to see doctors who give them pills to supposedly solve those issues, only to cause even worse problems, but they never make the connection - either because they can't see it, or they are not willing to admit that what they had learned was wrong. Once again, it comes down to taking responsibility for your own condition and doing your own research to escape the matrix. And I think that once that decision is made, and acted upon, then you become ready for the "next level" of reality.

So I can see that even as messed up as this reality is, and how anyone with any level of sanity would want to escape it and help others to see the lies, it's probably the point and is what "separates the wheat from the chaff". And I feel very lucky indeed to be sharing this with a buncha peeps who see a lot of the same things. Now we just need to find that nail file and break our way out of here (or shank if you're a male)...


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The 's' word here is a tricky one, a key-word of the technocrats and AGW crowd, according to Patrick Wood who discussed its genesis word-use between Rockefeller and the Technocrats from Canada back in the 50's - think it was said in the Mercola interview here. It is a tricky one indeed, and is hard to argue against in its main use; contrast is everything. Sustainable food, environment, cities/development, population growth and economics say different things to different people. Kent's role in this may speak volumes.

People like Kent have filled the 'sustainable' office slots that opened up in governments and corporations a good twenty years ago or more, and a lot has been going on under its title in offices, as agreed upon by certain people (wink and a nod between them). Some use it benovolently. However it is a word to pay attention to - how it is used, as are those who hold those sustainable positions and the fruits they offer when evoking its use.

I think the implications of the word sustainable go way back and that the definition of the word being used is close to correct, but who and what is included for consideration with regards to sustainability is the question - who and what are supported by that sustainability. From the 1863 Lieber Code, foundational document of The Hague Convention for the Customs of Warfare on Land:

Art. 10.
Martial Law affects chiefly the police and collection of public revenue and taxes, whether imposed by the expelled government or by the invader, and refers mainly to the support and efficiency of the army, its safety, and the safety of its operations.

Art. 38.
Private property, unless forfeited by crimes or by offenses of the owner, can be seized only by way of military necessity, for the support or other benefit of the army or of the United States.

If the owner has not fled, the commanding officer will cause receipts to be given, which may serve the spoliated owner to obtain indemnity.

Art. 72.
Money and other valuables on the person of a prisoner, such as watches or jewelry, as well as extra clothing, are regarded by the American Army as the private property of the prisoner, and the appropriation of such valuables or money is considered dishonorable, and is prohibited. Nevertheless, if large sums are found upon the persons of prisoners, or in their possession, they shall be taken from them, and the surplus, after providing for their own support, appropriated for the use of the army, under the direction of the commander, unless otherwise ordered by the government. Nor can prisoners claim, as private property, large sums found and captured in their train, although they have been placed in the private luggage of the prisoners.

So I reckon that in their use of the word sustainable, they mean sustainable for the elite and their goals, but to hell with the rest of us.

Edited to add: Australian bureaucrats and MSM are repeating that protestors and those that break guidelines and measures implemented are 'selfish and stupid'. That's a powerful reversive blockade (also maybe projective identification) that seems to be keeping their supporters in tow at the moment and growing their animosity towards anyone that is speaking out.
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I guess many of you have noticed this, but two German researchers (a couple) Karina Reiss Ph.D. and Sucharit Bhakdi MD have published a book called 'Corona, False Alarm'. At least according to Del Bigtree at Highwire it's very good, well researched and easy to read. It was first published in German some time ago, but now the English translation is available as a Kindle version, and on October 2nd it will be published as a paperback.

Link to Kindle version:


The Kindle version is already doing quite good on the charts. I'm 100% sure that in a day or two, the minions will start to slander the authors, ridicule the content, you know, the usual tactics...

Second wave plan confirmed.


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The Kindle version is already doing quite good on the charts. I'm 100% sure that in a day or two, the minions will start to slander the authors, ridicule the content, you know, the usual tactics...

In the Del Bigtree interview, Sucharit Bhakdi MD has already said that he was not welcome anymore at the University.

Here's the link for that part of the video:

And from the book:

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Yep! This looks like what "they" all want for all of us around the world. Victoria is the testing ground, or practice ground to work out all of the little kinks. This is Totalitarianism.
I think that even there is more that we can count and sum to that.

I see it as a possible plan: the first lockdown was the creation of ground. Ground for the upcoming war, probably war, in any way it will go, they surely they will heat up the public to the max, in order to achieve as more of possible in their own interest.

And the third thing is real pandemic and comets. When people were dying because viruses will be not cosmic viruses, it will be a biological terrorist attack. If something will have happened in the sky or fall on the Earth, it will be a bomb, etc. Always to claim that it is a human's job, not cosmic changes.


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Fear porn from Democracy Now! And the trolls in California.

Trump vs. Masks: Attacks on CDC, Doctors & Scientists Undermine a "Pillar of Pandemic Control"
Sep 18, 2020 / 22:38
As the official United States death toll from COVID-19 approaches 200,000 people, we speak with infectious disease expert Dr. Monica Gandhi, (of San Francisco), who says President Trump's refusal to promote face masks has made the pandemic much worse. "Masks are a pillar of pandemic control. They are incredibly important," says Dr. Gandhi, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, as well as a division head at San Francisco General Hospital. "There is no country in the world right now that has been fighting masks like this, especially at the presidential level. If we could have started mask wearing, consistent mask wearing, at the beginning, we would have averted deaths and cases."

by Tyler Durden Sat, 09/19/2020 - 07:35

As Israel's second nationwide mandatory lockdown went into effect on Friday, hundreds took the streets in Tel Aviv to protest what citizens complain is unnecessary government overreach which will only harm businesses while achieving little positive effect.

Israel's Health ministry cited a recent spike in COVID-19 cases in making the argument last week that a new national lockdown is warranted; however, government ministers concerned about the devastating impact on small businesses as well as freedom of worship clashed with factions pushing the new lockdown.

The entire country has been declared a 'hot zone' and the lockdown took effect by Friday afternoon, just before the the start of Rosh Hashanah, the two day festive celebration marking the Jewish New Year.

It comes as new infections have risen 5,000 on some days, bringing the country to over 175,000 cases including 1,160 deaths

The mainstay of the protests began Thursday night:
Hundreds of Israelis protested in Tel Aviv late Thursday against a second nationwide lockdown to combat Israel’s surging coronavirus outbreak.

“The economy is in free-fall, people are losing their jobs, they’re depressed,” said Yael, one of between 300 and 400 demonstrators at Habima Square.

Protest groups in downtown Tel Aviv decried that it was all a ploy of Prime Minister Netanyahu, designed to ensure his personal political survival by continuing to sell fear, especially as he's still facing serious corruption charges.

“The shutdown is in order to turn us into submissive, suppressed sheep,” one protester told Russia's RT. She argued that ultimately the new measures are “to try to break us down.”


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We know pathocrats hate being mocked, so these music videos are great ones to share around!

A couple of recent videos:



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Global Uprising Underway
After six months of intermittent or in some cases near-continuous lockdowns, many have reached their limit and uprisings are finally emerging around the world. The last week of August 2020 saw gatherings of tens of thousands of individuals in Berlin,1 London2 and Dublin,3 protesting stay-at-home orders, business closures, mask and vaccine mandates and Bill Gates’ dictatorial grip on public health matters.

In the U.S., a protest took place August 30, 2020, in Boston, Massachusetts, against a new student flu vaccination mandate, and in Virginia, protesters gathered September 2 in opposition of unconstitutional COVID-19 mandates.

These are just a few of the many demonstrations that have taken place in recent weeks around the world, as people are starting to realize their human rights are being stripped away over a virus with a lethality on par with that of seasonal influenza and other pandemic viruses, none of which was responded to with a global shutdown of economies and forced quarantining of healthy individuals.
There's lots more in this article. Unfortunately it starts with a scamdemic propaganda video by Sky News, although that may possibly be a rotating video spot.
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