Countdown to an official and open contact with ETs ???


Thanks starsailor----appreciate the warm heart.X
I think there could be a new forum subject title dedicated to a support group for bad mood days!!
Hello there,I am Joe's partner and I have just read the 'external consideration' article over Joe's shoulder.I have been snoozing on the sofa trying to sleep off a cold,while he has been tip tapping away on the laptop)

I did not realise this was part of a conversation with you guy's and I realised that it was something I am very aware of and that Joe is not.Then he humbly told me he had been lightly told off and has been sent the info as a gentle lesson.

I would like to thank you Starsailor for being so gentle and inciteful,if you knew Joe in real life,you would realise that you have just given him the most excellent point in the right direction,he is a lovely chap,but definatly could learn skills in external consideration.

many thanks.c.
joejoeba said:
I was just responding to the belief that we will see a large group of UFO's over the next few months.
I was merely offering the suggestion that
1. They are allready here
2.(to all aliens) Instead of coming in a craft, why not project your intentions to us all in our dreams!
How about adding: Something that has been created by any one of a number of governments to look like a bunch of UFO's that could be seen as "invading" planet Earth. I do not put anything past the pathocracy that runs this world.
joejoeba said:
Can't be that more complicated than inter galatical choo chooing.
I have to admit, this line is funny as hell. For many reasons including its penetrating insight.

Inexplicably, I laughed to the depth of my being for a whole 5 minutes. Maybe it's the absurdity of it all.

Has anyone else ever noticed how absolutely liberating, in the sense that there are no other voices, no little 'I's present, for a fleeting moment, when deep laughter is experienced? There definitely seems to be some kind of "expansive wave", light, ephemeral energy released, and it is intoxicating yet without attachment, and invariably, caution is thrown to the winds, barriers fall like they were never solid. There's a clarity in the moment.

You know, a lot of things have been written about humour and attempts have been made to describe it in mechanical ways. I'm starting to think that the "reaction" depends on the inherent make up and specific to the individual, but it might actually be a 'B' influence. You can really tell when somebody is laughing from the deep as opposed to "polite", personality, social laughing.

It might take me a while to NOT think about "choo-choo!" when coming across any mention of Aliens travelling from far away to "visit".

If any one would create a object to get into and hover without commercial gain, they'd have to be aliens, or methodists.

The pwb are essentially both to me in my rural little box it may seem.

The clock is ticking as told by humans.......To official and open contact????

To what gain?
I have been thinking about whether doubt is a narrow minded state.
"Maybe It's the absurdity of it all" that makes me question the seemilngly intangible. Questioning using the abstract I feel does need to call on humour to sift out and decipher the available truths.

It's a amazing sense of freedom to laugh and when mechanically presented, a joke isn't funny. so in agreement wholeheartedly to Azur, it is specific to the delivery, or thus the individual.---hence if not appreciated, trying to amuse is selfish and is part of bullying. It has to be shared!!

I did a clowning course and the first lesson was to stand up in front of the class and make everyone laugh. Very difficult indeed.

If the ETs are building up to saying Hello without fear of our fear, maybe they did pick up the frequencies of 'the long dark teatime of the soul' and are going to use something more intelligent than hovering to spark our minds and spurn our acceptance.
If the ETs are allready here.....the CIA or majestic squad must be doing a clowning course somewhere in the mountains!!!
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