Cryogenic Chamber Therapy / Cold Adaptation


I usually do one every other day. And yeah, if you feel pain then you want to take it easy. In the middle of winter the water is so cold that you will get a stinging sensation if you go too long. The remedy is finding the right amount of hot water to mix in so that you still shiver, but don't get too cold.
Thanks for that @3DStudent. I should add that as soon as the stinging pain occurs I stop immediately and finish with warm water. But yeah, maybe I've gone in the deep end by using the coldest setting, I probably should have eased into it with a cold but not too cold mix. Still, I can't say I've noticed anything negative so far apart from the initial reaction to the cold water, so I'll keep going with it but only what my body can handle without getting 'heroic'. :-)

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I have found that switching back and forth between cold/hot at the end of a shower works even better. I first increase the water temp to as hot as I can stand it and focus the spray on the areas of pain and sensitivity. Then switch to cold and cool down the entire body then focus the spray on the areas of pain as long as possible, then switch back to hot right on the pain. The sudden change in temp has a dramatic numbing affect. I do this 3 times and end with cold. The pain is usually gone afterwards. Using this method has cleared headache, toothache from dental work, shoulder muscle strain, stiff neck and lower back pain.
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