Delores Delaney's story

Well the truth is, I've been told constantly that you know better than me, that I'm some sort of STS something or other when you don't know me 😅😅 these are assumptions. Communication here is limited and that's just how it is, I've tried to explain as best I can in words. And if I didn't get it across well, that's my failing, but I am learning and not gonna beat myself up either.
. I just shared a story, and believeeee it's not been easy. Especially here where so many have been responding in this way.
I don't know you either and have said this several times.
I'm just sharing my thoughts, as others do. If you don't agree that's fine, then why try to make me come round to your way of thinking?? Just let us differ. That's okay too. We are what we are, and you are what you are. Fine.
But when someone else may be hurt then this is different. The thing that upset me was the fact that we were blocked with out explanation. It genuinely was upsetting.

Block us if you like, it's your forum and your choice. But at least be honest and explain so there is no misunderstanding on anyone's part. If we 'know' then it's not going to cause as much hurt, this is simple common sense, and understanding. Or don't have personal messaging at all, I don't know, I really don't.

Also, each situation is subjective and considering the subject matter, yes this IS unempathic. There is the specific situation here, which is very relevant in this case, no one here seems to care about this!!!
I found it a great help to communicate about this personal situation, which is difficult to do in front of many people. . And this too is understandable. We were helping each other. It's natural for humans to want to connect, maybe it might be negative some times, then let it be. I've learned from this many a time and many years of personal suffering have brought me good wisdom. When you try to control this perception and people, it can maybe stop us from learning our lessons, therefore hindering an opportunity for growth. Again this is just my opinion.

I've also said thank you, as all of your comments are valid, and we can all learn from each other.
It is hard to communicate in person let alone here just via a screen! So all of us have our own subjective perspective! Including me of course! This is unfortunately how it is. So How can we help it? Voices would help and possibly sharing videos, if people wish, which was why I suggested it.
It's just an idea! I'm no more valid than anyone, I'm just expressing my opinion, not forcing it on anyone. It is your choice to read and respond. It's so easy to make assumptions about each other here and anywhere. I'm sure if we were in a room together this would be a different and better interaction.

Again thank you.


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I was beginning to wonder as you are up to 11 pages, and judging by your last response, you haven't learned anything from all the advice given you.

It is interesting what does get your attention.
I find it staggering level of "Subconscious selection and substitution" and that makes me wonder "Who is running the show". Normally people pause when asked and reflect. But that seems to be not the case here. How many times we read this word salad - few hundred or thousand times?

Word STO is used liberally in this thread. We all resonated to the C's use of STS/STO words - a way of explaining complex set of observations. But what real problem is, we seems to have no clue what is meant by "Self" despite every born child, generation after generation asked the same question "Who am I", "where did i came from". When we ourselves don't know who the "Self" is, which "OTHER" one rendering their "Service to"?

If changing the "world for good" is so simple as uttering what comes to mind, World would have become Heaven ( Whatever may be once definition of it is) long time ago and we wouldn't be discussing this. What ever DD is posting is to help people( No body is asked here anyway) with the messages, whoever sending the messages doesn't seem to be good enough to send proper messages either for the stated goal. May be, they succeed in DD serving them in the name of STO, which is typical of it.

Here are some quotes from G's book about dangers in the path mentioned in other thread by @kenlee (very old thread).

(Excerpted from the Chapter "When speaking on different subjects')

[...] in order to do you must know; but to know you must find out how to know. We cannot find this out by ourselves.
for giving, one first needs to have some thing. If we are ignorant, what are we giving? That's why Self-knowledge is important

Besides self-knowledge, there is another aspect of the search —self-development. Let us see how things stand there. It is clear that a man left to his own devices cannot wring out of his little finger the knowledge of how to develop and, still less, exactly what to develop in himself. Gradually, by meeting people who are searching, by talking to them and by reading relevant books, a man becomes drawn into the sphere of questions concerning self-development.

But what may he meet here? First of all an abyss of the most unpardonable charlatanism, based entirely on the greed for making money by hoaxing gullible people who are seeking a way out of their spiritual impotence. But before a man learns to divide the wheat from the tares, a long time must elapse and perhaps the urge itself to find the truth will flicker and go out in him, or will become morbidly perverted and his blunted flair may lead him into such a labyrinth that the path out of it, figuratively speaking, will lead straight to the devil. If a man succeeds in getting out of this first swamp, he may fall into a new quagmire of pseudo-knowledge. In that case truth will be served up in such an indigestible and vague form that it produces the impression of a pathological delirium. He will be shown ways and means of developing hidden powers and ca- pacities which he is promised, if he is persistent, will without much trouble give him power and domain over everything, including animate creatures, inert matter and the elements. All these systems, based on a variety of theories, are extraordinarily alluring, no doubt precisely because of their vagueness. They have a particular attraction for the half-educated, those who are half-instructed in positivist knowledge.
But there is one important thing the study of such theories does not give; it does not engender objectivity in questions of knowledge, less so even than science. Indeed it tends to blur a man's brain and to diminish his capacity for reasoning and thinking soundly, and leads him toward psychopathy. This is the effect of such theories on the half-educated who take them for authentic revelation. But their effect is not very different on scientists themselves, who may have been affected, however slightly, by the poison of discontent with existing things. Our thinking machine possesses the capacity to be convinced of anything you like, provided it is repeatedly and persistently influenced in the required direction. A thing that may appear absurd to start with will in the end become rationalized, provided it is repeated sufficiently often and with sufficient con- viction. And, just as one type will repeat ready-made words which have stuck in his mind, so a second type will find intri- cate proofs and paradoxes to explain what he says. But both are equally to be pitied. All these theories offer assertions which, like dogmas, usually cannot be verified. Or in any case they cannot be verified by the means available to us.
[...] It is indeed lucky if a man escapes from this morass more or less intact. Unfortunately very many of those who are engaged in the development of spiritual powers and capacities end their career in a lunatic asylum or ruin their health and psyche to such a degree, that they become complete invalids, unable to adapt to life.

[...] As their hopes of attaining the qualities they counted on begin to dwindle, it is easy for them to fall into intentional charlatanism.Crumbs of truth are scattered everywhere; and those who know and understand can see and marvel how close people live to the truth, yet how blind they are and powerless to penetrate it. But in searching for it, it is far better not to venture at all into the dark labyrinths of human stupidity and ignorance than to go there alone. For without the guidance and explanations of someone who knows, a man at every step, without noticing it, may suffer a strain, a dislocation of his machine, after which he would have to spend a great deal more on its repair than he spent damaging it.


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So I've been blocked from messaging Angelburst. She was my FRIEND and I LOVE her! She was helping me! And she was so much happier to be in touch with me also! She was helping and advising me about how to manage the situation about mum being locked down in a nursing home, who has not seen anyone for MONTHS! Whatever the reasons for this, it is VERY UPSETTING! She really helped to heal the pain and we talked about how to get mum out of the home so she can live with us, this time with professional care and support. From this came a beautiful song. I don't have her contact details, the messaging on the forum was my only way of contacting her.

This behaviour lacks empathy, love understanding, and most of all, CONSCIENCE. Whatever your reasons, WHOever did this. How can this be? Here is supposed to be those who defend, protect, help people, understand them.
This behaviour is antithetical to the C's teaching. Do you KNOW me? All you see is a glimpse in words on a screen. Understanding and knowing each other is hard sometimes even in person. So many assumptions from this, therefore there is hippocracy. You DON'T know me.
I hold no anger towards you, I'm just upset.

How do you think Angelburst feels when I can't reply and "ignore" her???!!!! At least be honest and open and explain to us the reasons for blocking us from contacting each other so that we both know! Fine then, that's your choice. I don't even know if she can still message me!

The truth is your behaviour does not match your teachings. Whatever your reasons, but really I just don't know. Even if you don't agree with my ideas, it is baffling

I still love your works, always will, they have saved many, and myself. Thank you for this, eternally.
Maybe some of you are unwell. I don't know. I always wish you the best, and pray for you to have health and happiness always.
But you are forgetting that we are human.

This is so way off being STO. Which is about open-mindedness, non assumptions, KNOWING, kindness, empathy, knowledge, Love, light... YES actually. Divine unconditional love. Truth. Courage. Optimism, Positivity, gratitude. grace. honesty, dignity. Love CARING UNDERSTANDING. Altruism, humility, wisdom, faith.
I certainly do not have the monopoly of knowledge, and by the same token, neither do you.
"No one is perfect. So put in your mind that you do not have the monopoly of knowledge So learn to understand those around around you and give them credit."
"Do not rely solely on the differences which separate you from each other, it is rather wise to watch his strength with great attention." 853.
I say this to myself every day as its not easy to keep an open mind. And because it is true! And I'm very grateful and humbled to be in contact with these VERITIES. I realise too that I don't know you and I have alot to learn! I've tried to explain this too.

So, we can change. As the STO brings have taught me. We can choose to be honest with ourselves and others and be a positive example. When we sew the good things around us, we only reap good things.

Like opening of hearts and minds, humour, knowledge, joy, happiness, optimistism, truth, positivity, Co operation, diplomacy mediation, harmony, karma, introspection, courage, benevolence, creativity, gratitude, divine unconditional love= light= Knowledge. perseverance, determination, Faith, trust, empathy, service, duty, honour, peace.

This I pray you have, all.
All the best
DD Z 💚
Do you realize Dolores Delaney that you say this :curse: covered with this 😍 , what is that 💩


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Do you know what, people here have given so much time and energy to Delores Delaney. I had to check if this thread had been moved to the baked noodle section yet.
Wtf does that mean?
How do you think Angelburst feels when I can't reply and "ignore" her???!!!!
Probably relieved but it has been mentioned by the moderator's that you can contact each other through other media.
The truth is your behaviour does not match your teachings.
Projection you have no respect for the forum and the members here.
I still love your works, always will, they have saved many, and myself. Thank you for this, eternally.
Yet you have not listened to one iota of advice you have received on your thread here. Unbelievable!
Maybe some of you are unwell.
I recommend you seek help from a professional. I don't think anyone here are qualified to assist you.
So, we can change. As the STO brings have taught me. We can choose to be honest with ourselves and others and be a positive example. When we sew the good things around us, we only reap good things.
Delores you have demonstrated with your responses to members here that you have no intention of listening to anyone or to change.
It appears that even after repeated warnings of the dangers involved with your thought processes you continue to spout drivel about your STO guardians that help you. Your not honest with yourself or others and your in the wrong place at present. :wrongbar:
I do sincerely hope you can overcome the problems your going through. At first you may have to realise that maybe everything you know is false.

I think enough time has being spent with you. imo your a complete drain of energy and your probably unconsciously feeding on others here.


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I think that this forum is not meant for the private stage. Of course, personal matters will be addressed and help will be offered. However, if all advice is ignored, which serves for personal growth, there is also a certain disrespect for the members and moderators. Only through strict forum rules and monitoring of posts can this forum provide invaluable service to all members at this uniquely high level of knowledge and understanding, especially in these difficult times
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