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To me it seems that airport has on purpose so much runaways and space as mentioned, likely being a prime mover when it comes to logistics and personnel(military and civilian) when things heat up, one of the main bases of operation or hub it seems.


mrtn, nice catch on the C's response in plural about "Denver airports" - I hadn't noticed that before. That's a clue to pursue. There are a number of military bases around Denver - probably a dozen could be seen as general "airports". A few years before I found this forum I had two unusual experiences at the Denver airport. The first instance was in '04 when my bosses passport disappeared from his pocket while he was in the men's room during a layover. Another Canadian found it quite a distance from the men's room and turned it in, so he made the flight, but I remember feeling there was something going on. But I couldn't put my finger on it. The airline staff was emphatic in recommending a specific hotel he should stay in until the issue was resolved - which I though was weird considering we had 90 min until boarding. The second time was in '08 (another layover) and my girlfriend had a violent migraine (she travels by air quite a bit and this never happens to her) to the point where she wasn't sure if she could get on another plane that day. She also felt really disoriented by the architecture in the building itself. Looking back on it, it seems like there's something in that airport that might want people to stay - or at least be vulnerable.

As a kid, I got to travel to Pueblo Colorado and my dad took me to see Weisbrod Aircraft Museum. At that time (the late 70's) a large part of the collection was essentially a boneyard of dozens of WWII military planes disintegrating in the desert. You could actually climb on them like a jungle gym without supervision. My dad insisted I go into the B-29 as it was the largest plane there. For something so big, I remember thinking how cramped and hard to move through it was. I doubt kids are allowed to do that anymore.

Whether it's the protective defences of the mountains, some window area, or just the right place for the U.S. military logistics, Colorado is a place they're invested in. There is other excellent info on other threads in this forum regarding the Dulce base in New Mexico which overlaps into Colorado at the Archuleta Mesa.


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had a violent migraine She also felt really disoriented
The Denver Published on Sep 12, 2016
A wife and mother died as she drove a bus into a structure at DIA.
Published on Feb 16, 2017 **** Warning: This video may contain material that is not suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. The video shows a vehicle driving into the path of an oncoming commuter train. ****
A man killed in a train collision early Tuesday may have intentionally driven his van in front of the speeding University of Colorado A-Line train en route to Denver International Airport, police said.

Fifty-six people were aboard the train at the time. Four were injured in the crash, including one person who was taken to the hospital. The collision happened at 3:49 a.m. at Chambers and Smith roads. (Measure distance Click on the map to add to your path Total distance: 15.10 km (9.38 mi)

“When he sees the train he slowly rolled out in front of the train,” said Chris Amsler, spokesman for the Aurora Police Department. “We are investigating whether the collision was an intentional act.”:rolleyes:

However, there had been timing issues with the crossing. In fact, a police officer was stationed at the crossing to help warn motorists in case something went wrong. You can read the full news story here:


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Published on May 2, 2018

Published on Mar 11, 2018
The Grand Hall (DIA)
Underground Construction SF California

A History of BART: The Project Begins
A History of BART: The Project Begins |

BART construction officially began on June 19, 1964, with President Lyndon Johnson presiding over the ground-breaking ceremonies for the 4.4-mile Diablo Test Track between Concord and Walnut Creek in Contra Costa County. The test track, completed ten months later, was used to develop and evaluate sophisticated new design concepts for BART's transit car and automatic train control system.
In charge of construction management, overall design of system facilities, equipment and monitoring of BART's major contractors, were the District's General Engineering consultants, Parsons-Brinkerhoff-Tudor-Bechtel, or most commonly known as "PB-T-B"; a joint venture enterprise formed to manage all technical, as well as construction aspects of the BART project. PB-T-B was comprised of three well known engineering consultant firms: Parsons-Brinckerhoff-Quade & Douglas, of New York (who had done the original BART transportation plan); Tudor Engineering Company, of San Francisco; and Bechtel Corporation, of San Francisco.

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) - Megastructures

Caldecott Tunnel
Oct 18, 2011

Hey how about the musical soundtrack..... :shock:
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A recent and interesting development involving the Caldecott Tunnel
37.8548°N 122.2166°W
SF Bay Area Published on May 9, 2018 (Agitate Individual nuts out)

The Vike Factor: UFO Has Diamond Shaped Metallic Body And Edges Are Glowing Orange/Red Seen Between Oakland And Berkeley California (Graphic And Map)
Reported Saturday, July 7, 2012
Event Date: May 6, 2012 Time: 8:50 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

1 and 2 Going East Bound Hy 24 Oakland California Side, Above Grizzly Peek. Many Telecommunication Stands on this Peek. And Adjoining Ridge lines.

Art Deco Architecture | United States of America

New Caldecott Tunnel Opens | San Francisco History | Guidelines Newsletter

Celebrating the 75th birthday of the Broadway Low Level (Caldecott) Tunnel and the 109th birthday of its predecessor – West County

1 rescued after car goes down embankment in East San Jose
Wednesday, April 11, 2018 EAST SAN JOSE, Calif. Video :shock:
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Opening of SF subway station delayed after wrong track laid down
May 10, 2018 Video / 00:33
The opening of a San Francisco subway station that's under construction could be delayed again for months because the contractor installed 3.2 miles of the wrong track.SFMTA officials confirmed crews used standard strength steel instead of high strength steel. SFMTA officials said it's not a safety issue and wrote a letter to the contractor last month, ordering them to replace it.

The station may not open in December 2019 as planned.
RELATED: Subway station taking shape below streets of San Francisco's Chinatown
Wednesday, April 04, 2018 Video / 01:47
A small handful of reporters joined San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell as he toured the underground cave that's soon to become the
Chinatown Central Subway station.

A small handful of reporters joined San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell as he toured the underground cave that's soon to become the Chinatown Central Subway station.

Boarding an elevator cage dangling from a crane, the group descended more than 100 feet below street level, through a column resembling a mineshaft -- because that's essentially what it is. Unlike the other two underground stations in this second phase of Muni's Third Street light rail line, contractors say the Chinatown station will be the first in the U.S. to be built entirely underground -- instead of being dug as an open trench, then covered up.

The main open space -- called the "platform cavern" -- is 54 feet wide, and 42 feet high. Mayor Mark Farrell saw it for the first time, with reporters in tow.



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Direct flight from Denver to Tokyo bolsters international business in Colorado
7:32 PM, Jun 15, 2018 Video / 01:51
Airport celebrates 5 years of nonstop service

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- Colorado is on the map as a destination for international business thanks in part to a direct flight from Denver to Tokyo. The nonstop service started five years ago and is being credited with helping expand business opportunities in Japan and Asia.

"The Japanese have always been committed to innovation and they have a lot of pockets of companies where they have set up research and development entities here simply because they love the Colorado area," said Antoinette Gawin, Executive Vice President of Global Commercial for Terumo BCT.

Terumo BCT's global headquarters is located in Lakewood, Colo. but the company does business all over the world. Gawin takes the nonstop flight to Tokyo about six to seven times a year.

"And we have a manufacturing facility as an example behind our building here that is integrated with manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, in Japan, in other parts of the world, in Europe and that global footprint matters," said Gawin.

The company is known as a pioneer in blood technology, making equipment that helps collect and separate blood. Their products are often used to treat rare diseases. Gawin says the flight allows further innovation and collaboration.

In 2017, Japan ranked as Colorado's 4th-largest export market for merchandise goods. The country supports more than 7,000 jobs by being on of the largest investors in the state.

"United’s service to Tokyo raised awareness of Denver in the fastest growing region of the world, and has expanded our economy through increased trade, foreign investment and visitation," said Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.



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Just saw this on twitter, thanks to being liked by a friend who is an avowed anti-conspiracy theorist:

Went ahead and saved the images (note: it's infuriatingly complex to save multiple images from a tweet. Helps to add "mobile" to the url):

For a Cass original that went viral back in the day, this sure has reached another level of meta-mainstream!

Hello H2O

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What a strange site. And they cover just about every conspiracy going. And deny every one. (I love the tin foil hat on a cat at the end.)

Reminds me of the saying, "Don't believe anything, until it has been officially denied."


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Okay, here's what happened I think: Denver Airport comes up with great renovation project to increase shopping and the like (an airport's true business model these days). Airport does tender for ad agencies to "sell" the resulting inconvenience and inform the public. Agency googles around and finds conspiracy theories. Some guy brings up the idea to do something with this - because these days, with all the information overload, you need to go to extremes to get some attention. (Recently, a big company tweeted that if the tweet gets X retweets, they will delete their facebook page! Worked like a charm...) So they ran with it, designed these posters and landing page and what not. And of course, they also used the opportunity to "debunk" all these crazy conspiracy theorists...
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