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Just saw this on twitter, thanks to being liked by a friend who is an avowed anti-conspiracy theorist:

Published on Sep 5, 2018

Denver has plans to expand the space inside Jeppesen devoted to TSA lines. Time through security was one area where the airport scored poorly. Photo: George Rose/Getty Images

Nov. 14, 2018 9:00 a.m. ET
Denver International Airport opened in 1995 as perhaps the most hated airport in America. It was isolated on the prairie, miles from the middle of town. It was more than $2 billion over budget.

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If it wasn't for the recent Sunspot Observatory closed due to security issue thread and these last posts I would not really have reviewed the DIA events and this whole thread.

I started looking for some recent pictures and admittedly just got carried away with the DIA websites' photo collection.

Here are some links if anyone wants to see what the airport looks like now since this thread started:

In Peace and Harmony with Nature

Permanent Collection

The avant-garde taste in art displayed at the airport reminds me of the "spirit cooking" parties given by the infamous “artist” Marina Abramovic.

There is something just "off" about the amount of money and energy being put into the U.S.'s largest airport.

The "underground" tunnels make me think that Elon Musk is leading the way to accepting going underground in a more serious way (maybe comet dust avoidance?).

The Boring Company: Free Rides To The Public!

The boring machines have been around for years and now they are bringing them out as super new technology. Something sounds fishy to me.

I do think there may be a base near Denver and that may be why all the activity just keeps on going and going there.

Session 4 November 1995:
Q: (SV) How many other times during direct channeling was wrong information given? (L) A lot of the other information is unverifiable. (J) How much of this is unverifiable? (L) Well, that's what I'm saying. When there's a point such as that... (T) Well, when they shut down the southwest and declare martial law and keep everybody out, then we'll know that there's some truth to it. (J) Is there a base in the "Show Me" state? They'll have a great time! (T) Is there a base near Denver?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Let's think about the Scallion map of the future continent. The "Cities of Enlightenment" that are on his map. There's one in Denver, there's one near Albuquerque, there's one near Tallahassee... (L) Doing the direct channeling is so excruciatingly boring.

A: We only suggested it for complex issues.

Also I think there may be other areas and cites to think about too:

Session 12 July 1997:
Q: So, they did not fall through a mine shaft into a city of gold in the Panamint Mountains?

A: The area around Death Valley does have many underground mysterious mysteries, but many have heard the legends.

Q: Okay. Just a general legend being repeated and embellished. I thought so. Now, I noticed when looking at the map that there is a place called "China Lake Naval Weapons Center" right next to Death Valley. I mean, aside from the fact that it is a NAVAL station nowhere near water, is this connected in anyway to these underground bases or cities?

A: In a circuitous way.

Q: I also notice that Edwards Air Force Base is a little to the South of there, and my guess is that these bases are connected to this underground tunnel system, these underground bases or cities. Am I going in the right direction?

A: Draw a line on the map to connect Death Valley, Edwards, and the Antelope Valley. Then connect with Mount Shasta, Mount Rainier, Back to Las Vegas, on to Sedona, over to the Archuleta Mesa, then on up to the Denver Airport.

Q: Well, speaking of the Denver Airport, Chloe may be going there soon because Samantha NOW has cancer to top off her lifetime of ongoing miseries. So, Chloe may be going out there. So, she will be close. Any comments?

A: Then have Chloe go to that airport, observe carefully, then report back her findings. Very important, because the murals there are directly connected to what you are studying carefully right now. Superclues to be found there, which can point to monstrous future plans of 4th density STS and much, much more. Be wary if Chloe resists the idea... This means something! Obviously it is not a hardship for her. But strongly suggest you keep your findings to within the group!

There is much to be said and many other references to be considered about the "underground" activities mentioned by the Cs but I think it is not a bad idea to keep an eye on the Denver area.

Of course they are trying to appear above board on the GREAT HALL PROJECT nothing to see down/under there.

Another article from the news link c.a. posted was DIA concession closures begin as Great Hall Project ramps up

An interesting "timeline" for the project mentioned in the video in that article was:


Let's not forget that lovely blue horse that is still there not far from a new hotel and even in the snow (horses/horseheads can be clues) :



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Another interesting thing about DIA is its road-link Peña Boulevard named after the former Denver Mayor Federico Peña .
Peña can mean cliff or rock or boulder in Spanish, which is interesting given Denver's location shunted right up against the sudden rising escarpment of the Rocky Mountains are at its most dramatic in stark contrast to the lowland plains of the Midwest in particular between Colorado Springs and Boulder of which Denver sits between.
Peña can also mean "pain" or "penalty" or "sorrow". There appears be a two-fold meaning there given the symbolic representation of the DIA murals.
I find most interesting the actual road lay of Pena Boulevard. See diagram and photo taken from air in the snow highlighting the black road better.
To me, it looks very much like a representation of entwined twin serpents facing each other like a caduceus (where Pena Boulevard 'splits' to become the East and West Terminal roads), or of a single snake that of a hooded cobra facing frontal, outwardly, ready to strike!... An appropriately aggressive symbol of the Lizzies.

I also think the tents forming the main Jefferson Terminal Building look much like of spinal column when looking along its flank length-ways, and with the new rail-transit building coming up into the Jefferson building, immediately to the south end, makes for what looks a sacral vertebra with coccyx?

denver3.jpg Spinal1113.jpg

Also to note is the length at 11.1 miles precisely Peña Boulevard - Wikipedia which probably has a gematria numeric significance.


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What the hell ?! So weird !

It looks like someone is controling him from a distance and talking to you. I can't believe it's totally automatic when you listen to him.

I tried to get more information about it but nobody seems to know. They simply write what you can see on the video but no one seems to ask the right questions : how it works ? what is the real purpose ?

It looks like there is a camera just below the gargoyle, you can guess it on some images. This camera could exist to record the videos and/or to detect mouvements and read/study individual behaviors and in the same time allow the robot to react according to the people's attitude.

Anyway, I think that this whole conspiracy embracing campaign from DEN (take a look to the Den files) is pretty smart . The bigger, the better...

It could be the best way to make a diversion while they do really bad things around there... It is so... cointelpro :halo:


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It could be the best way to make a diversion while they do really bad things around there... It is so... cointelpro :halo:

It's like hiding things in plain sight and saying "nothing to see here just move along" or as a one song says "don't worry be happy".

It seemed like a lot of effort just to make fun of the conspiracy aspect of the airport. It seemed like there was a live responder to field the reactions of the passersby.


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It seemed like a lot of effort just to make fun of the conspiracy aspect of the airport. It seemed like there was a live responder to field the reactions of the passersby.

I completely agree with the fact it looks like someone is really talking to the passersby. In this case, anyway, the reaction of the Gargoyle is pretty incredible, so natural, and the eyes....


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Well, this is so darn cute it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy....:-P
I was looking for what PR firm is handling the DIA (correct this time) and found this! A good PR firm is a must these days.

International Airport Celebrates Fourth Annual‘Puppy Bowl’ DENVER –Feb. 1, 2019–Passengers and visitors to Denver International Airport (DEN) had front row seats to one of the airport’s most “popular” events, the fourth annual ‘Puppy Bowl.’ This year’s event brought together eight adoptable puppies and two adoptable adult dogs from the Dumb Friends League, all of which had a chance to play and spread joy and cheer among passengers.“DEN’s annual Puppy Bowl has become a popular event at DEN for sports fans, dog lovers and our passengers,” said DEN CEO Kim Day, “It not only gives us an opportunity to highlight our Canine Airport Therapy Squad(CATS) and our pet-friendly facilities, but it also brings joy to our passengers and hopefully a loving home for some adorable puppies.”Pets featured at the DEN Puppy Bowl will be available for adoption the following day or following week, depending on their age, at the Petco Adoption Center in Denver on a first-come, first-serve basis. Interested adopters can visit DDFL.orgor call (303) 751-5772 for more information.

I may need to go the Denver Airport before to long and thought I'd look for the gargoyle and ask a few questions. Nothing to conspiratorial of course. I think I'll tell him he needs to get up and fly around, snatch a suitcase or someones sandwich... THAT would be impressive!


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I may need to go the Denver Airport before to long and thought I'd look for the gargoyle and ask a few questions. Nothing to conspiratorial of course. I think I'll tell him he needs to get up and fly around, snatch a suitcase or someones sandwich... THAT would be impressive!

Maybe you can give us your impressions afterwards. It would be interesting to hear from a forum member things that stand out.

Puppy Bowl article said:
Denver International Airport is the fifth-busiest airport in the United States. With more than 61 million passengers traveling through the airport each year, DEN is one of the busiest airline hubs in the world’s largest aviation market. DEN is the primary economic engine for the state of Colorado, generating more than $26 billion for the region annually.


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Things have been happening at DIA, since 1995...................:whistle:

Denver International Airport and Roswell International Air Center Become Supernatural Sister Airports
DENVER –April 26, 2019 –Today, Denver International Airport (DEN) and Roswell International Air Center officially signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) becoming sister airports, a formal process to share industry best practices. In addition to working together to promote business, commerce, trade and tourism, the new sister airports also plan to share their (extraterrestrial-combat), plans, including air service growth and development.

Since DEN opened in 1995, there have been endless rumors and theories. People have said there are underground tunnels that lead to secret meeting facilities for the world’s elite. Some believe DEN is connected to the new world order and the Freemasons. Some even say that DEN is home to a colony of lizard people. DEN has chosen to lean into the theories and take them head on.

Roswell, N.M., has also had several rumors take flight, including extraterrestrial visits, UFO sightings and government coverups. The city has embraced the rumors and is a top travel destination for alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. :rolleyes:

"It’s a great day when two airports as
universally important as Denver International Airport and Roswell International Air Center can partner together in this manner,” said Roswell International Air Center Director Scott Stark. “I would say the sky is the limit. But, is it really?

Roswell International Air Center Manager/Deputy Director Mark Bleth said he is “so proud
to have signed the sister airport agreement with Denver International Airport. This strategic relationship will bring benefit to the citizens of Roswell through added tourism and potential new air service to Denver.”

DEN and Roswell are connected through an official sister airport MOU as well as their sibling mustang sculptures, DEN Mustang and Roswell Mustang. Both Mustangs were created by the same artist and were separated at birth. Many believe they can communicate across states with their fiery red eyes.

Denver International Airport (DEN) to Roswell International Air Center
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