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If I get it right, from his CT theory if humans would switch to low carb diets that is maintaining ketosis, plus activate this "Ancient pathway" thru coldness and possibly adding this mysterious Factor X to equation, all of this will result in optimal functioning of human biochemistry, which means more health without "neolithic diseases" and possible significant prolongation of human lifespan.

To prove that this formula works we should monitor condition of our telomeres which, if above is applied, would at least slow down shortening due living in "warm adapted" mod or would even grow back.

Considering today's lab testing technology, it would be relatively easy to systematically check for telomere status and judge Kruse's theory.

I don't have any scientific background and wouldn't know if telomere testing is only way to verify his claims but surely would give credit to or discard his claims and I guess that we wouldn't have to wait long to see if this "Ancient pathway" activation is scientifically valid theory.
Hi all,

I am following this topic for a while now, and have a question. I have read the monster side from Dr. Kruse and tried to put all the things together ( not so easy, cause of his writing style and english isn´t my first language ….)

In reference to the CT ( cold adaption) I think I have missed an important point, or have the wrong understanding cause of his writing style.

The way the body adapts to the cold, is the cronic stimulus of the cold receptors and thereupon the change of the metabolism ( simply speaking ?) the whole cold adaption thing is a mystery to me, to cold adapt in the short light cycle makes sense to me, but cold adaption in long light cycle ?

When I took a cold shower ( in the morning) ore an ice bath and the rest of the day I have to deal with 28° C or more, how does this fit together ? is the relative short cold stimulus enough to fully cold adapt, when the environment says … hey it´s summer ?, most of the day there is a warm stimulus , I wonder if this could also lead to an mismatch. In his blog he often refers to the seasons….. don´t eat banana´s in winter etc. but the season thing seems to doesn´t apply for cold adaption in the summer months, maybe it isn´t good for my metabolism to cold adapt in summer and better wait for the winter ?

When I understand the material the right way, we should switch from the light cyle to temperature as stimulus, but the stimulation time seems too short for me, when I live in a warm environment.

Normally I have no problem to understand material in englisch, but this stuff is total exhausting :headbash:

I think there are great benefits of cold showers, cryotherapy etc. and maybe this pathway really does exist, but at the moment I am not able
to get an right understanding of the topic… Maybe I must work harder on my englisch…..or wait of Factor X

He really is getting a lot of attention and maybe his ideas aren´t so far fetched, but the way he is presenting himself and his writing style let him appear absolute unprofessional.

I also follow the discussions about his person and his blog and are very interested to see what there turned out to be….. Current there is a discussion of his material on the marks daily apple website ( There are also some interesting posts about cold on marks webside)


Just checked up on this thread today and saw the drama. Oh, the drama! :D

Yes, Jack has his quirks, but one has to get past a "Christian gloss" to read Mouravieff. I admit my eyes glaze over when reading the technical details, but I perk up when he gets to the big picture like "this is why children are getting adult diseases earlier blahblah factor X!!!!!"

Yes, Jack does not "own" CT. A non-issue, because knowledge cannot be copyrighted, only sought.

So Jack was on an NFL forum and argued with people. Football fans have done worse things.

Jack revealing Factor X in his upcoming book. Tried-and-true marketing strategy. Man needs money to eat.

The "FB hack" is weird though.

And this is a fair question:
SeekinTruth said:
Yeah, there's that -- having a full time neurosurgery practice -- and the amount of material that accumulated on his site in such a short time somehow doesn't add up as he's the only one writing the material. He also answers almost all comments, goes on social networking sites, presents at conferences, does interviews, etc. How does he manage all this by himself?
Wonder where he gets the time. Maybe he's just a quick worker. *shivers at the thought of COINTELPRO ghostwriting team*

Hormesis is part of Jack's Quilt, and he wrote this:
[quote author=http://jackkruse.com/the-evolution-of-the-leptin-rx/#comment-27028]This paper showed that swimming in cold water consistently reduced uric acid levels, while decreasing oxidative stress by increasing reduced glutathione lowering oxidized glutathione levels. The mechanism of cold thermogenesis is felt to be a hormetic effect to reduce intracellular stress. It appears this is an inducible stressor to the cell to improve cellular longevity by hormetic stress. This also helps explain why cold improves immunity and decreases aging too.[/quote]
But he applies hormesis to things like exercise, cytokines, cortisol. He treats cold as a pathway in its own right. Maybe winter is a macroscale "hormesis" to heal summer's damage? (Fractals!) Just wiseacre-ing.
Hey, guys, could you help me to understand this moment in the The Cold Thermogenesis Protocol

The higher protein/fat intake you have, the slower you will adapt to cold. The more carbs your have in diet (LR), the easier you will find it to adapt to cold. If you have a history of smoking, dipping, cigar use you will not cold adapt well. If you are dehydrated (booze/wine) you will not cold adapt fast either.

as I understand it has to be on the contrary...Where the key?

And what is the adaptation to cold? What's good?: start to shiver earlier or later while i take cold bath? Shiver after cold bath more or less time?
For example i take cold bath for week, when i began doing this i was intensively shivered in 2-3 minutes and 20-30 minutes after, now i lightly shivering in the bath from 4-5 minutes ans lightly shiver after tratment...Unfortunately i don't know the accurate water's temperature but i assume that it's abou 10-12 C...

Also, in the last session Laura mentioned:

It's kind of like the infrared saunas: the clue to how well you are receiving the benefits is how quickly you start sweating. So, I think in the cold therapy, how quickly you start shivering is the indicator. That shiver response is activating some stuff in the body. Am I right about that? That's my theory.

So. i'm confused..
Or someone opened an account under his name ... If you try to find Roger Waters FB page, you'll have to wade through dozens of fake accounts.
If that was the case it would require quite a twisted, but organised person.
Good article thanks for posting! If nothing else it opens my mind to think of something in a different way. The relationship between natures normal patterns and the life we live today was bought together. It totally has me thinking about diabetes in a different way other than the main stream text book stuff programed in my head. Also maybe I should consider those things in connection with other subjects of interest particularly health.

Open up the can of worms!

Connect the dots!
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