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I had one tonight as well, very weird, he was meeting some important guys down some street. I was close to some cars and I saw people in one of the cars preparing to take him out. Someone (don't remember was it a man or just a voice) was with me and I was like, they will shoot him, and he told me "yes, they will shoot but you just wait and you will see what happens next", with the flavor of don't worry. When he showed up, a shooter I saw also came out of the car then when P. disappeared, the shooter also disappeared. The very second Putin was visible again, a guy came out of the car, took the aim and shot him with a sniper rifle I think and P. dropped down because the shooter managed to aim. Unfortunately, after that we ran away and I don't remember any sort of consequences of all this being "discussed", but I somehow felt he was okay, although he fell down like a dead person due to the shot.


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Not long ago I read an article (in Russian) about two Russian women (citizens of Sochi), who were accused of high treason after sending SMS messages (that described movement of the Russian troops) to their acquaintances in Georgia right before the conflict in Southern Osetia in 2008. It was clear that the author of the article was in opposition to the Russian government, or perhaps Putin, but it did look like she still tried to describe the events as objective as possible. And actually from the description it was clear that these women were used by both sides, both by the Georgian sources and the Russian FSB. And that they weren't really spies, but simply naive. And that it was pretty clear to the Russian persecutors, but they still decided to lock them up.

Later on they were pardoned by Putin. And it reminds me of what transpired during the recent press conference with Putin, where he talked about various faction in FSB, and how there is a rampant corruption there, and how hard it is to eradicate. Margarita Simonyan (head of RT) talked about the same, and how in many cases Putin doesn't know what is going on until he is being told about it.

Anyways, despite the grave injustice both women refused to talk ill about Putin, and said that they always respected him and are sure that he didn't know what was going on. More so...and here comes the part that is actually relevant to this thread... ;) both of them separately talked about dreams they had while being incarcerated. One of them described that she was really desperate and had no idea how she found herself in the position of traitor, and had no idea how she was going to defend herself and what to do. She prayed for help, and then she had a dream. She was in the cell, and then the door opened and Putin was standing there and giving her his hand, while saying "let's go". The other woman also said that she had a dream with him, where he was helping her.

It could be a coincidence, or perhaps their higher self sending them a message. But then it also made me wonder if Putin, or at least his "soul signature" became much more than of a "mere mortal".


A Disturbance in the Force
I had a dream featuring Lavrov and Putin
yesterday. It isn't my first dream about Putin but this dream was shorter and easier to describe.
In the dream I could see them as almost as superhuman beings, both were watching after something coming their way. Then I saw Lavrov watching an enormous ship sinking into the sea. I didn't saw how he could have done so but I've got the feeling that it was because of him that the ship was sinking.
I don't remember more than that. I woke up in awed of the spirit of these great men and that the ship may represent something they prevented from happening.
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