Dreaming in a Totalitarian Society


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I'm glad this topic has been revived as I was mulling the last couple of weeks over whether my altered dream pattern was worth any mention at all.

Since the start of this year (or thereabouts) I'm dreaming differently than ever before. I had to notice that as most dreams are of a definite type and recurring as well.

One type of dream has me trying to get home from some place else. I know where I am and I know the way home but no matter what I try I encounter ever changing obstacles which impede my progress. These obstacles vary, like bridges over canals that have been displaced, canals themselves that are no longer where they should be, neighborhood lay-outs that aren't what they used to be, road signs that guide you in a wrong direction, and on and on. Not to mention the various persons I encounter as I go along, bringing about every and any type of distraction you could ever imagine. I never reach my destination in those dreams. Sometimes, I'm also confronted with what I would call 'moving panels or scenery' - as in a maze where the lay-out is constantly changing. One of the Harry Potter movies has such a maze IIRC (I think is was goblet of fire).

Another type of dream consists of endless discussions and debates about difficult and intricate matters with multiple layers of substance and incorporating many pitfalls, some due to ambiguity of language or double entendre and the like (green language?). These debates resemble the discussions we had during my student years, especially within the student movement of those times (sixties and seventies). They never reach any tangible result or definite conclusion (unlike in my student days), and are deeply dissatisfying and sometimes exhausting. It's like a kaleidoscope of revolving arguments in always new arrangements without any real progress in understanding.

A third type is more family minded (as in extended family) where all sorts of people I usually never think about, pop up in rather twisted family gatherings like funerals, marriages, birth day parties, holiday settings, and so on. This type of dream has the most 'old' persons in them - deceased, emigrated, out of touch, never heard of in a long time, and that sort of thing. These dreams are somewhat scary as I am present in them but unrecognized by the others, as if incognito or disguised. Invisible even, perhaps. The general mood is a calmly despair and most situations are quite stationary as if I'm in a wax museum or something.

All dreams have a firm backbone structure which changes very little but the details are so varied from one to the other that it takes quite some (dream)time to recognize which type I'm in at that particular moment. It's only in looking back (hindsight) or by having an overview that I'm able to determine definitely which type it was/is.

My two cents. FWIW.


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I've had some creepy dreams too. I had one where a winged creature was standing at my window and had a message, though the dream didn't scare me once I woke up, I just thought it was weird and I think it was the night when I couldn't sleep and then got sick in the morning. And another where I chased a creature away from children (to protect the children).


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I had a bad dream lately which seems to be about abandonment and having to fend for myself. It's been recurrent over the years but I hadn't had it for a while: I'm alone in my house and I'm trying to turn on the lights, but I can't - the lights don't work, or I'm unable to switch them on. I'm looking for help, but there's no one. And there's always the feeling of some vague, ominous presence but I always manage to wake myself up before the presence manifests itself. It's a common dream for a lot of people and might mean that I've been processing stuff and trying to gain some insights about myself. I've related this to the reading of romance novels.
I've also met a couple of old school friends and ex bfs in recent dreams. Actually, it's been almost every night now, for maybe 1 or 2 weeks.


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I had a disturbing dream last week that stood out to me because I haven't been remembering many of my dreams lately. I think it was set in a redwood forest in the mountains, maybe in a cabin. I was with people I didn't recognize from my waking life, which is something that often happens in my dreams. I came across a child or a young woman lying face down on the floor and when I reached down and tapped them on the shoulder they rolled over and I was shocked to see a gray and evil looking face with yellow cat or snake eyes with slits and pointy teeth grinning up at me. In the dream I thought this person was demonically possessed and I set my will to expel the demon and began repeating "I cast you out" over and over again, until I woke myself up saying it out loud! I felt quite disturbed when I woke up and lay awake for a while before I fell back to sleep.


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I've been having dreems of people from the past lately as well, mostly childhood friends from school. I don't even know how they look like now in reality but the dreams could be an extrapolation of their apperance. The dreams are mostly short conversations about how they are doing with the feeling of being the last time talking to them. A farewell of some sort.


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I've been having dreems of people from the past lately as well, mostly childhood friends from school. I don't even know how they look like now in reality but the dreams could be an extrapolation of their apperance. The dreams are mostly short conversations about how they are doing with the feeling of being the last time talking to them. A farewell of some sort.

Same here! I recently had dreams of People from the past who I haven’t even spoke with since years ago, some of them like yours from school or high school times others dreams with people from past relationships, that was certainly weird.
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Having recently moved to a better house, in a much better location, both my partner and I had dreams of family members (that have passed away) being in this new house with us. And we both had the impression that it was a powerful wink at our choice of new location. We had to fight to break our lease and move in the dead of winter, and it feels like we had a lot of help for this to happen!


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I had a disturbing nightmare a couple of weeks ago. I'm playing frisbee at a party or gathering in the garden of some nondescript suburban house. One recognizable person is Luke Radowski of We Are Change 9/11 documentary fame. Anyway, the mood changes from festive to total dread when some giant, creepy bird-like flying machines appear in the sky. It sparks complete chaos in the house. I try to escape (even though I know it's futile because those machines are going to slaughter everyone, War of the Worlds style) through a side alley and run into a man who's turning mad and doing something abominable to another attendee. I don't actually see what he's doing because I force myself awake.


It's been many years since I had such a dreadful 'alien invasion' dream.


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It appears that dreaming about people from the past may be a theme across a few of our dreams. Anyone else been dreaming of people from the past?
Last night I dreamt of a childhood friend from school. We hugged and she seemed genuinely happy to see me as well (her and I went to the same immersion school and pretty much grew up together but started to grow apart after going to different high schools.

Before I went to bed last night, I read a couple of the recent posts in this thread..namely Laura's post about dreaming of people from the past, so that likely contributed to why I dreamt what I did. I woke up feeling off this morning too as I reflected on the dream. Think I was missing that friendship and other loved ones from the past..missing how simple things use to seem in general when I was young. Experiencing nostalgia for the past it seems.

I haven't actually been remembering my dreams much lately either, but I do remember this one from last night pretty well.


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I've also had several dreams about meeting with old friends. I had one really interesting one about a girl who passed away shortly after high school. She and I had a bit of history with one another, though we weren't terribly close. But her passing away was really tragic. She'd led a very tough life but always had a smile for everyone and a big heart.

In the dream I met back up with her, wow, about 17 years since she'd passed away. We went on a date and talked about everything that had happened after high school. I told her that, in some ways, I was glad that she didn't have to be here during all of this, to see all of this. It was nice to have that kind of closure.

I've had several dreams like that, catching up with people who I haven't seen for years. In one case another old friend had similar dreams and reached out to talk. I've also had several dreams about dark entities but they have been relatively rare. I'm grateful that they haven't plagued my dreams with their nonsense.


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Lately I've had some weird dreams as well though I can't remember them well. One dream, a nightmare actually I've had a couple of weeks ago was related to my little brother to whom happened something very bad in the dream to the point that I remembered myself screaming and partially waking up immediately. That nightmare haunted me for days afterwards.

Yesterday instead I've had a dream where I was flying on an airplane with some colleagues from work, we were heading to Bruxelles for an event, a concert probably that in itself is weird since i'm not into concert attending stuff, the thing is that when we've landed there was no way to attend the concert because we have not made the covid pcr test so they weren't willing to allow us to attend the concert. It so happens that I've lost my colleagues in Bruxelles and didn't know how to get back home. Unfortunately I don't remember what happened afterwards.

Also in the last months I've had some dreams related to people from my past whom I saw last more than 11 years ago.

From now on will try to ask the DCM to help me remember my dreams thus tracking them, who knows maybe there will be something Interesting in them to report here. I get the feeling that lately there are some changes in the air so to say, won't hurt to pay more attention left and right and see if/what will pop-up.

P.S. a couple of days ago I've dropped my dream stone on the floor accidentally a couple of times, a pretty small piece fell apart that had me worried a little. I really hope I didn't damaged it though. It's strange since usually I'm trying to be careful with my crystals, but still I've managed to damage the dream stone. :-(


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I hardly ever remember my dreams, but I have been thinking about my sleep pattern lately, because it has changed: less sleep, tired.

So, I speculate it is from the daylight savings time, combined with the lengthening daylight hours. And spring has a energizing effect for me, so it makes going back to sleep hard once I awake.

Maybe that influences dreams too. Spring enlivening the urge to do things, and making dreams more active.


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I've had strange dreams as of late too, also rather periodic waking moments during the night, and even my dog has been having intense dreams as he wakes up barking in the middle of the night.

The last one I recall was a few weeks ago, I was part of a mission that was trying trying to deliver a message to a group of people, but was unable to do so because I was being chased by the government, and all I could do was hide, I met someone along the process who was very good at fighting and had special beams she could shoot from her arms, we noticed that the other had that one thing we each needed to make it. So we went on a mission to break into a prison by hiding then fighting, hiding then fighting, the message was delivered and then I woke up.

I do wonder if this might be more of a global event and what we're all experiencing is us picking up something environmental. And I was reminded of the following session where the Bell Witch was discussed and how the state of the Earth created the conditions for some of these phenomena to become more perceptible. And it occurs to me that right now, we're in the middle of such a state of stress not only geologically, but also socially.

That time was also the time of great wars over Europe, Napoleon and such, most of America was in their own wars of independence, a lot was changing in the world then as it is now.

And now that I think about it, I wonder if there's a connection for the regency novels we're reading, being somewhat placed in that time period, if there might be some meaning to it, or if it's pure coincidence.

Q: (L) Well, if they're 4th density window fallers, that suggests that there was a window that had opened up for them to fall through - right?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I asked Niall to check on any possible geological or any other kind of events at the time. What were the results? The New Madrid Earthquake was when?

(Niall) 1811 or 1812. Then there was a cholera outbreak in the Bell Witch region in the 1820s and again in the 1830s.

(L) What about the comets you mentioned?

(Niall) There were three comets, two of which were called Great Comets: 1830 and 1831. Another one might have been seen in 1825.

(L) So, it doesn't really look like anything is necessarily connected. What was the impetus for the opening of the window?

A: The Earth was still settling and did so for many years after. This creates good EM conditions for breaching of the curtain. In this case there were also some astral elements piggybacked on the faller phenomenon.

Q: (L) So when you say, "astral elements"...

(Joe) Hang on... I think the earthquake happened...

(L) When was the eruption of Krakatoa?

(Pierre) I think it was 1813?

(L) So Krakatoa I think was in 1818 or something? You gonna go check? There was possibly a lot going on then!

A: Indeed. The Earth was in stress!
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