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A #séisme moderate magnitude 5.3 was measured near #Montélimar , in a zone of weak to moderate seismicity. It is not unusual for earthquakes to occur, but this intensity is rarely reached. Map of the earthquake > EMSC Hazard Zone Map > planseisme

A #séisme of magnitude 5.0 occurred this Monday at 11:52. The epicenter is 22 km from #Aubenas and 10 km from #Montélimar , enter #Ardèche and #Drôme , according to the RéNaSS, which has just validated the event.

An earthquake near Montélimar felt up to Lyon >>



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UPDATE on the situation. EMCS downgrade's the information. 🤔

LIVE - Strong #séisme in the southeast: 4 people injured including a serious "It was intense, everyone is a little stunned" The testimony of a resident of Teil on #La26>
SECOUSSE - A magnitude 5.4 earthquake was recorded Monday, November 11, in the region of Montelimar, Monday, November 11. According to a report made by the prefectures concerned, four people were injured, one seriously.

A "strong" earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale was recorded in the region of Montélimar, in the department of Ardèche, this Monday, November 11, at 11:52. Its epicenter is located 10 kilometers from the Drôme city and its depth has been measured at 10 kilometers.

The shock was felt until Lyon and Grenoble. The cities of Montpellier, Avignon, Saint-Etienne and Marseille have also felt the earth tremble, says for its part the Euro-Mediterranean seismological center. This jolt left 3 people slightly injured following a panic attack. A fourth person was more seriously injured.

Here is the main information about the earthquake on Monday:

- The earthquake, measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale, occurred in Ardèche, "26km south-east of Privas", possibly near the Teil, at 11.52am. In metropolitan France, there had been no earthquake of this magnitude (5.4) since 22 February 2003 in Rambervillers (Vosges).

- It was felt mainly in Drôme and Ardèche. In the town of Teil (Ardeche), where the earthquake was strongly felt as told by a witness, serious damage was found. 250 people had to be relocated, according to the local branch of France Bleu.

- In Montélimar (Drôme), a 45-year-old man was seriously injured in the lower limbs after falling from a scaffolding. In Ardèche, three other people were slightly injured, following a panic attack.

- The nuclear facilities present in the region where the earthquake was felt - like the Tricastin and Cruas plants - do not show any damage, according to the Drôme prefecture. "The reactors are currently operating according to their production schedule," said EDF at 4 pm

- Have there been, or will there be, replies? "Certainly," says geophysicist Marianne Metois, in an interview to be found here. "The population must be prepared to feel them." Generally, they are of lower magnitude than the main shock.

The #TremblementDeTerre occurred at 23 KM from the #centraleNucléaire of #Cruas and 26km from #Tricastin . Given that the seismic hazard map in Rhône-Alpes is superimposed with that of nuclear power plants, can earthquakes be forbidden? Thank you.
Rather 12.5 km from the Cruas nuclear power plant and 20.5 km from Tricastin if the coordinates given by
@FranceSeisme are accurate (44 ° 31'18.1 "N; 4 ° 44'50.6" E). Good after, depending on the depth it can be different. #TremblementDeTerre



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PS : the closest nuclear plant (Cruas) from the earthquake epicenter is now closed and being checked.

But not the second closest one, which is a major nuclear plant and nuclear industry site (Tricastin).

Apparently, these two nuclear plants were designed to sustain a seismic risk of 5.2 magnitude (based on historic records and including a safety margin). Too bad : the earthquake today is registered at 5.4 magnitude... :rolleyes:
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Earthquakes increasing in Southern Cali near El Centro 11/11/2019
The Brawley Seismic Zone (BSZ), also known as the Brawley fault zone, is a predominantly extensional tectonic zone that connects the southern terminus of the San Andreas Fault with the Imperial Fault in Southern California.[1] The BSZ is named for the nearby town of Brawley in Imperial County, California, and the seismicity there is characterized by earthquake swarms. The 1940 El Centro earthquake (or 1940 Imperial Valley earthquake) occurred at 21:35 Pacific Standard Time on May 18 (05:35 UTC on May 19) in the Imperial Valley in southeastern Southern California near the international border of the United States and Mexico. It had a moment magnitude of 6.9 and a maximum perceived intensity of X (Extreme) on the Mercalli intensity scale. It was the first major earthquake to be recorded by a strong-motion seismograph located next to a fault rupture.[4] The earthquake was characterized as a typical moderate-sized destructive event with a complex energy release signature.[5] It was the strongest recorded earthquake to hit the Imperial Valley, and caused widespread damage to irrigation systems and led to the deaths of nine people.[3]
🌋 #Mayotte : newsletter #Revosima n ° 7 on the seismo-volcanic activity. Balance sheet from 16 to 31 October: 🔸 202 earthquakes located 🔸 an average of 13 #séismes per day of which 1 per day of magnitude greater than or equal to 3 highest


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5.5 Earthquake Strikes off Guatemala’s Shore - USGS
A 5.5 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Guatemala, the US Geological Survey (USGS) reported.

The quake occurred at 16:28 GMT at a depth of 60 kilometres and was measured as magnitude 5.5 on the Richter scale by the USGS and 5.4 by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC).

There is no information about victims or damages caused by the earthquake.

M 5.5 - Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge


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Thanks, @sToRmR1dR .

A tsunami alert was also issued by the Indonesia Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency.

The quake struck at a depth of 62km between the islands of Ternate and Sulawesi.

The same area was struck by a 6.9 magnitude quake in July, with an earlier quake of 6.3 magnitude hitting the island of Ternate directly in March


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For the record, many of France's Nuclear Reactors are very dated. The technology (in the industry), of the processing of the fuel elements has made many advances.

Earthquake hits France's nuclear power output
14 November 2019 13:08 CET+01:00

French electricity giant EDF on Thursday cut its forecast for nuclear energy production this year after suspending operations at an atomic plant in the south of the country following a highly unusual earthquake.

EDF took three reactors at the Cruas plant in the Ardeche region offline after Monday's earthquake, which had a magnitude of 5.4 and was felt across a vast area between the cities of Lyon and Montelimar.

The tremors were particularly felt in Teil, just 15 kilometres from the power plant.

The reactors were halted for checks, as required by the law in these circumstances, although no damage has so far been found.

EDF said as a result it was cutting its projection for nuclear energy production this year to 384-388 terawatt-hours (TWh), down from the previous forecast of 390 TWh.

The original forecast had already been cut due to stoppages at other reactors and weather conditions.

The company said in a statement it expected the Curas reactors to come back online progressively in the first two weeks of December, with the three reactors being relaunched successively on December 2, 6, and 16.

It had previously expressed hope that the restart would take place on Friday.

EDF said it hoped inspections on the site would be wrapped up within a week and the results forwarded to France's national nuclear safety body before the final all-clear is given.

"It is a purely administrative delay. It is important to get the authorisation to restart although, to my knowledge, no anomaly has been detected," said EDF's chief financial officer Xavier Girre in a conference call with analysts.

EDF's nuclear operations have endured a tricky year, with the company repeatedly rapped by the government over delays at flagship projects.

EDF's European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) reactor in Flamanville is now seven years late and massively over budget, there have also been huge cost overruns at the Hinkley Point nuclear project in Britain and the EPR reactor at Olkiluoto in Finland is running a decade behind schedule.

An official report in October chided EDF for lacking a "culture of quality".

The damage in the village is quite impressive though, for a M5. Old construction.
8:17 PM · Nov 13, 2019
Robin Lacassin @RLacassin
It's because the very shallow (few kms) earthquake source is so uncommon for natural earthquakes that the induced (better say triggered ?) event hypothesis is tentatively considered. 9:49 PM · Nov 13, 2019

After the earthquake that struck Le Teil yesterday morning, discovered considerable damage in the church of the town - collapsed ceiling, rubble that litter the ground, cracks of several centimeters in the walls. "It's a church to rebuild", regrets the priest. @LCI @TF1LeJT

Side note:
Discover your BIRTHQUAKE the most powerful earthquake on the day of your birth.


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10 seconds of loud rumble with slight vibrations. Certainly a replica of the jolt last June.

Some lines on the question of the origin of the earthquake of Teil, Ardèche, of 11/11/2019


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5.9-magnitude earthquake strikes off Indonesian coast - seismologists
16 NOV, 2019
TASS, November 16. A magnitude 5.9 earthquake has been registered on Saturday near the Indonesian coast, the European·Mediterranean Seismological Centre reports.

According to the center, the quake hit at a depth of 80 km in the Molucca Sea, with its epicenter located 171 to the east of the Sulawesi Island’s town of Manado where 452,000 people live.

There has been no reports of injuries or destruction. Authorities also have not issued a tsunami warning.


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It is now a week since last update and the pattern persist, with a stubborn consistency. This time 85.2% of all earthquakes in the last 7 days happened in the map area covering America which in numbers was 1890 out of a total of 2219. Of the earthquakes greater or equal to 4.5, only 2 out of 87 worldwide fell in the area.
Two weeks has gone by since the last update as I was away for a week, but the pattern continues despite large earthquakes elsewhere. The map area covering America had 2151 earthquakes out of 2537 in the last 7 days, amounting to 84.8%. None of the earthquakes equal or greater to 4.5 in that period happened in the map area. In other words only small releases of tension.
Earthquakes 7 days to Nov 16th.gif
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