Éiriú-Eolas - Breathing Program


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As promised, we have put up the first part of a three part series teaching the breathing techniques recommended by the Cs:

Éiriú Eolas

As you can see below, we are working on the video portion and there will be a final audio segment.



The Eíriú-Eolas Breathing Program is now available online!!!

The set contains 1 DVD and 2 CDs.

The Limited Special Edition comes with an autographed copy of the Prayer of the Soul.

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Wow! Thank you Laura and team! :thup:

Take it easy in the heat guys, I really feel for you. :flowers: :clap:
Thank you Laura and all, and the Cs of course :D, that was really quick!!

BTW, Laura, is that you playing the harp in the intro music?

Anyone who would like to have this on CD can use the 'Burn' option in Windows Media Player. This results in a CD which can be played in a CD player, as an alternative to MP3. CDs are also easy to give to family and friends who don't have a computer. In Windows Media Player, you make a playlist of the downloaded audio tracks, then select 'Burn' from the menu at the top of the player window. Drag and drop the playlist to the 'Burn list' at the bottom right of the player window. Put a blank CD in the computer, click 'Start burn', and the software automatically converts the MP3 file to CD and writes it to the blank disc.

A CD will hold up to 74 minutes of audio.

There is probably other software that will do the same job, but Windows Media Player is the one I used.
Thanks Laura and the QFS Team! I just finished listening to the Introductory portion, and I enjoyed reading the written portion located underneath. It was extremely insightful, and It was cool that you gave a background on the reasons for the exercises and the need for proper breathing.

The description you gave of pipe breathing was easy to understand, and it was really helpful going along with you at the end of the introductory segment. I've always had trouble holding my breathing inbetween the inhale and the exhale, but I was able to do it almost effortlessly along with you, although more practice is still needed.

Thanks again. :)
Thanks Laura & team! I have just listened to the breathing exercises, and I'm quite sure, but just to make doubly sure, when you say "breath in" or "breath out" and you start counting, it's a continuous breathing in or breathing out for the duration of the counting 'till you say "hold", yes?

[quote author=Gimpy]
Take it easy in the heat guys, I really feel for you.

No, I envy them! I'm FREEZING! This is a colder Winter than usual!
Thank you Laura and everyone involved, your efforts are much appreciated.

It's interesting that you mention the vagal maneuvers and their use in patients with super-ventricular tachycardia. A few years back I went to the hospital after two nights of violent, almost non-stop, vomiting. My heart was going 200 beats per minute and one of the first things they did while trying to diagnose me was instruct me in a series of vagal maneuvers. They mentioned that often these maneuvers would snap patients out of an accelerated heart rate. Well it worked well but only for the few seconds I was engaged in doing the actual maneuver with no lasting effect. Next they put me on beta-blockers and were able to drop my beats per minute to around 160. Still not a healthy rate to be at. Eventually, (luckily right before they were going to shove a camera down my throat) the doctor on call arrived (poor guy, it was like 3AM) and determined that I had a form of super-ventricular tachycardia, which he called ectopic atrial tachycardia. This was accompanied with an irregular heart beat known as Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome, which apparently can make you drop dead instantly (woah). They gave me two options - take beta blockers for the rest of my life and still have an accelerated heart rate, or undergo a procedure called a catheter ablation. The procedure involved catheters inserted through my femoral artery and one in through the big one in my neck. They navigate through the heart, pierce the atrial wall, and burn the tissue causing the problems with radio waves. Then the SA node will kick back in as the beat regulator and all will be swell. Turns out that's exactly what I let them do and all is swell. Interesting there was no mention that I could attempt to curb it myself with more of these vagal maneuvers, but that could be due to there ineffectiveness earlier. But yeah, that's my story sorry if it's off topic or took to much space.
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