Éiriú-Eolas - Breathing Program

NormaRegula said:
Many thinks, Laura, from the bottom of my heart. Been feeling a bit depressed lately what with the increasingly overt signs of ponerization going on here on the BBM. Family and friends seem so far away...and so under the influence of the pathological PTB. It's heartbreaking sometimes to see and hear them mimic and believe the lies of this world. The Prayer of the Soul and the offering of these audio/visual breathing exercises renews my faith and hope in the Universe.

Ditto! :flowers:
Since reading the June 20th session, I realized I was a "chest breather" for most of my life and it never occurred to me that this was harmful. I remember hearing the old mantra in my youth of "chest out, stomach in!" Even during my exercise and jogging I was "chest breathing". For the past two weeks I have been concentrating on relaxing my abdominal muscles so I can breath naturally as Laura described so well in the introduction. It has been very difficult to break the habit. I wonder how I breath when I am asleep?

I will begin the breathing exercises ASAP.

Thanks Laura and team for this wonderful information!!!
Please pardon any misunderstanding that I may have, but is the overall goal here to be able to learn how to breathe this way consistently, all the time? To replace our learned "reverse" breathing with this more natural mode of breathing? OR is this intended only to be done in small durations, periodically?

I hope this makes sense
Thanks, Laura 'n them, for this gift. I've been quite the doofus when it comes to meditation and breathing exercises but this is a fantastic tool. And from a most trusted source as well! I look forward to the video...and to whatever awaits as I incorporate these exercises into my life. :P
Hi Laura, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this. :lol:

You posted it in the right time! I just need to ask you a favor: When you finish the video about that breathing excercises, could you include subtitles? I don't understand english when it's spoken but I can when it's written. I could translate the text and it'll be a great help for me and those who are in the same situation (In which they're not able to hear english words but can read them).

Thanks for all your efforts, you're doing great! ;)
Laura, did you write and then read from a monitor or such when you recorded this? I would assume so and would like to request a text version here at some point if that is possible, that is if it is in a digital form. It would certainly help with many of those anatomical words and terms.

If not, I can volunteer for transcribing the parts that I can with my level of English.

I gave it a listen and for the first time, I must say that I don't feel afraid of undertaking a breathing excercise :) Lots of reasons to be cautious with something like that of course, but what was covered here seems all very basic stuff and what little I already tried I could certainly feel the tension ease up after a while. The directions were well put together, going slow and clear enough for even me to understand what was going on. I'll be doing the Darth Vader while getting my Vitamin D today ;)

It is at times like these that I must cringingly admit and mourn over the fact that I have practically no income. Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped me from buying books from QFG before. I will be doing atleast that now. I'll throw in a small donation too. It is certainly curious though that for everything that QFG has given me completely without any sort of fee, I can give almost nothing back. But I'm digressing.
Okay, I'm going to throw this in FWIW. When I was a participant with MoveOn.org, they would do specific fundraising promotions and would sometimes send a bumper sticker to those who donated. Sorry, but a new slogan has possessed me - REALITY CHECK! Sott.net. Of course, coming up with bumper stickers is another fly in the ointment, but it would be cool to start seeing these on cars across the nation/world. And whether or not I get a bumper sticker, I intend to donate - a drop in the bucket as to what you all really deserve! Thanks again for all you do and all those who do it!
Thank You !

Can't wait to try it out when I get home from work today!!

About donations, there's the possibility to donate every month.

Just one click, and a Once a Month-for-a-year donation is set up! ;D
Laura, did you write and then read from a monitor or such when you recorded this? I would assume so and would like to request a text version here at some point if that is possible, that is if it is in a digital form. It would certainly help with many of those anatomical words and terms.

I am in the process of transcribing both audio files but please feel free to take over. Let me know.
Some quoted excerpts were written and I had an outline, but even with that, I just sort of talked so, no, there is no script.

I've just been informed that vagus is pronounced with a hard G. So, sorry about that. The plural, vagi, is pronounced va-ji, so it is like Magus and Magi. It just seemed more natural to say "va-jus". Who knows? Maybe it will start a new trend!
This is great! I have great problems with stress the past couple of years, and it has caused a lot of physical, emotional and mental issues for me. At the same time, during martial arts practice I have come to realize that my no 1 biggest problem is breathing, or lack thereof. If I can learn to breathe properly with these exercises that would be WONDERFUL! Thanks for putting it together!
Some immediate results of Pipe Breathing:

Lessening of joint pain
Lessening of muscle spasticity (encouragement enough to keep going!)
Improved energy
Refreshing sleep (which is a minor :wow: )

:clap: :thup: :flowers:
Johnno said:
I was doing this exercise and the cat jumped on my lap and started purring. The thought came to me that this may be their way of doing pipe breathing , even though the scientists don't know why and how they purr.

Throat singing has the same effect for me as well, as that Vagula nerve gets rattled around a bit and the breathing is very similar.



That YouTube video reminds me of the beginning of "Meetings with remarkable men" (the film) and specifically the performance of the winner of the musical contest: _http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2Nb36e_3oo&feature=PlayList&p=BF046C33E97249A6&index=41&playnext=2&playnext_from=PL
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