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The EE meeting will start in 30 minutes.
Here's the link: Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now
Meeting ID: 953-026-3587
See you!
In case somebody didn't manage to download after the EE session, here's the mp3 recording of Laura's a capella version of In the Garden.


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I am so sorry, but I won't be able to make it today. We are so too Late with all things to do :headbash:And unfortunately I have to cancel the next two Mondays as well, because we are going to Bella Italia on Thursday. :scooter:
I will miss you very much, but in the hotel we are in there is only wifi in one place and that is in the bar... I don't think I should do any breathing exercises there... :lol:


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@Benjamin , here's one protocol that was mentioned some time ago that can help a lot with sinus issues:

There are other nebulization protocols that might be useful too.

I hope it helps!


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Not necessarily EE related, but just to quickly follow up on the discussion of proteins being spread by sweat, turns out that is the case. This study:
'95 sweat proteins were identified, 20 of them were novel proteins. It was shown that dermcidin is the most abundant sweat protein, and along with apolipoprotein D, clusterin, prolactin inducible protein and serum albumin, they make up 91% of secreted sweat proteins. The roles of these highly abundant proteins were reviewed; all of which have protective functions, highlighting the importance of sweat glands in composing the first line of innate immune defense system, and maintaining the epidermal barrier integrity.'
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