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Hi everyone! Today unfortunately i will not be able to attend the meeting.
Yesterday we had our first fair since the plandemic began and today we have a lot to sort and clean.S

Something to highlight, only people who came from the city wore chinstraps. All of us who are from town greeted each other in a normal way (here in Argentina is normal to kiss the cheek) it was really like being in a normal place.

I hope you have your relaxing time.
A big hug to all!
Well I am healthy again. In fact I am since last Wednesday. On Tuesday I had to travel 70 km to buy some meat and that was the end of getting sick.

I was thinking about why it broke me down so (relatively) hard this time and thought it might have to do something with new moon. Normally when I tend to get a little cold I go out for a walk, stay outside at least for 1 1/2 hours and that was it. I force my immunesystem, so my body would function again and this works nearly every time. This time it did not work. Why I brought it back to new moon is that I have observed that very often I am very very low of energy during new moon while on the other hand a few days before full moon I have sooo much energy that I always want to travel or move or fly away or do things with high energy.

I thought I should mention it because @Mililea also felt weak last monday. It might not be for everyone but I think some people react strongly to moon. And knowing this might help to get over this “crisis”. At least it helps me not to worry when my energy is lowest and on the other hand calming me down in times before full moon, saying to myself: “It is only two days, just wait, it will become normal again!”

Happy to see you later!
Now that you mention it... :shock: I also have so much energy during a full moon that I don't fall asleep in the evening watching TV with my husband (which usually happens)... I'll pay closer attention. Thanks so much for the tip.
I am also glad to see you all :bacon:
Thanks for another great meeting! I was very glad to see everyone. ☀️
Today I understood very well the feelings of the main character Emily, from Mary Balogh novel, The Heartless/Silent Melody Series, when you understand everything, you really want to say it, but you can't. 😶

I hope I can speak better. Thank you all very much for your patience. 💐
Oh dang it I think my times don’t work now with daylight saving :(
Hello everyone,

The EE meeting will start in 30 minutes.

Here's the link: Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now
Meeting ID: 953-026-3587

See you!

I will not be there this evening because of feeling pretty tired. But will be with you in spirit. So, have a good session everyone and hopefully see you next week! :flowers:

Have a good rest, Learner! See you next time.
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