Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (1985 CNN Report)

Few days ago I saw an ad in newspaper about safety of data collected by smarmeters. It looks like Poland will face a proces of repleacing old meters to a new ones in 2023-2030. Current energy crisis will by use to promote this devices that will decrease energy consumprion around 10%. My first thought was dirty electricity filters will by more popular.

Then second thought comes to my mind. Why big brother wants to know how long my dishwasher mashine is active or how much time I spend watching Intranetflix? Why do I bother about safty of my privet data collected by this marvelous device?

Maybe all those people who warn us about privacy and surveillance want to give us coded message? What if those devices will read our minds?

There are gossips in targeted individuals community about smartphones that read mind of the users. If we consider that smarphones can emit scalar waves it can also read scaral waves? It can read your plans for the future, it can read your current mood and it can collect your thougths (it doesn't work in airplane mode).

People who don't have smartphone can be pacify by smartmeter in their homes and by 2G/3G/4G/5G outside their homes it they commit a thoughtcrime!

The monitoring device from Orwellian 1984 is comming right know. BTW I was born in 1984. My Polish teacher called my class "the orwellian vintage/yearbook". Nowadays I fully understand all those people who was so hysteric about 5G and smartmeters.

I hope there will be some shielding clothes in the future.
Antoni Kepinski in one of his book
"Z psychopatologii zycia seksualnego" mention about a patient who claims that his "anus is like a vagina". First I don't know what it means, but if we consider that most passive homosexual men use their anus during sexual intercourse like a vagina (and feels pleasure from it) it makes now sense.

We don't know much more about this patient, but let suppose that this patient had 100% heterosexual mind and his body was beamed/reprogramed/sensitised by mind control technology to be 100% homosexual (only body was reprogramed) and it create contradiction, ambivalence, conflict, schizophrenia in that patient, and he needed a psychiatric help. In the same way people who want to go to the therapy to heal themselfs from homosexuality, becouse they don't accept their sexual orientation.

Lets suppose that this patient don't know what homosexuality is becouse he rised in province and was not educated in school becouse it was before sexual revolution. He was lost and don't know what was happening with his body. BTW I wonder does sexual revolution was carried with use of this technology?

In 2020, during lockdowns the sales of sex toys was skyrocking. Does people who bought this products was beamed/reprogramed and their bodies becomes more sensitive, their erogenous areas was activated?

Could we say that all people who works in sex industry are mind control victims?

Most heterosexusl men and women don't like to stimulate their anus area. But most of the homosexual men feel pleasure from stimulating that area. Why I write abou it? It looks like some type of human behavior may be sometimes heighten by technology. We could ask, If this mind control technology won't exist in our planet, are those sexually obsess people behave in the same way?
Particle Beam Weapon - The Genius Of Nikola Tesla

This invention started from what Tesla called Teleforce, an idea Tesla said he conceived after studying the Van de Graaf generator, an electrostatic machine that uses a moving belt to accumulate large amounts of electrical charge in the interior of a hollow metal sphere. The production of X-rays or experiments in particle physics and nuclear physics could be applied with the generator.

Particle Beam Weapon - The Genius Of Nikola Tesla

According to Tesla, the particle beam weapon, also known as “death ray” or “peace ray”, was a weapon that would be capable of being used against an entire ground infantry or for anti-aircraft purposes. This single weapon would be so powerful that it would be able to destroy anything that is in a radius of 300 to 400 kilometers. This would have proved to be particularly useful in preventing wars, as it would be able to put an end to it before it starts at all. Between the 1920s and 1930s there were, in addition to Tesla, other inventors such as Marconi, Matthews or Edwin R. Scott who claimed to have invented the weapon. In 1923 Edwin R. Scott claimed to be the first to develop a death ray with the ability to destroy even aircraft at a great distance. Scott claimed that he worked a decade on the artifact. A year later Harry Matthews appeared trying to sell to the British Air Ministry what he defined as a death ray. The truth is that none of them was able to show an operating model.

Superweapons | Particle Beam | General George Keegan | Cold War |This Week | 1977

Some extracts from an interview where General George Keegan believes that a Russian scientific breakthrough now threatens to upset the strategic balance. He claims that a U.S. Air Force, intelligence operation has revealed that the Russians are testing a high—energy proton beam which uses the power of a nuclear explosion to knock out intercontinental ballistic missiles in mid—flight First shown: 07/04/1977
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