Elsagate: Youtube is now a hotbed for Monarch style programming aimed at kids


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I think avoiding all vaccines altogether is an even better approach. I am not trusting what any vaccine manufacturer says about the ingredients in its vaccines. That is a separate concern from whether vaccine theory is valid.


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Snowflaker said:
Ruth said:
If you are the father of a child with autism, then I would really encourage you to see the movie "Vaxxed", or perhaps the docuseries "The Truth About Vaccines" or "Vaccines Revealed" and encourage other family members to do so as well.
You really think vaccines cause autism?
Here's one of the newer articles on the subject, pointing out the dangers of aluminum in some vaccines. So that danger, in conjunction with mercury preservatives, makes vaccines twice as dangerous. And then there's the research indicating vaccines are not even very effective in many cases. But modifying one's diet to strengthen the immune system is very effective--and safe!



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As I've mentioned before, this sister coves this topic of Monarch programming in the entertainment arena almost exclusively:


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I think programming designed for children has intensified as the adult population has proven more aware than expectations.

And so children are excellent targets as they are 1. Developing, and are impressionable. 2. Their custody is shared with the state in that all are required to be institutionalized. (education)

And what is happening at schools? School shootings. And along with the shootings comes a plethora of conditioning factors provided by helpful state apparatuses.

And parents can't blame the system that provides child care for them and educates them after all. So, it is beyond suspicion - although there are complaints of 'dumbing down'.

But the conditioning of children extends beyond entertainment avenues and is systematic. It is because we adults have stood up to authority in what we stand for, and the reprecussions are intensified conditioning of the next generation. And they don't have to hide it - for it never enters into the minds of parents that the state is who are forming their childrens minds moreso than the parents who are busy working - and are themselves more and more dependent with the state each successive generation.

So, if the populace were more compliant things might be different, but we don't dance to the states tune and so they use their authority on the kids, because it is the next best solution, and will - they hope - come to fruition.
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