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Here is a link to a product that will protect you from EMF frequencies. If you use a computer or a cell phone then you come in contact with EMF.


I bought the black Q-Link ($99.99)

I have worn it around my neck for the past two weeks and I have slept better and have more energy when I wake up in the morning.

" Q-Link Pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product) helps to mitigate the disruptive effects of EMF on the electrical activity (EEG Patterns) of the brain."
Menna said:
" Q-Link Pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product) helps to mitigate the disruptive effects of EMF on the electrical activity (EEG Patterns) of the brain."

Hi Menna,

Says who?
"Several scientists in the United States (Tiller, Bearden, Rein, Putoff, Green, and Srinivasan) have studied Subtle Energy and its effects. Though each has developed his own nuanced theory of SE, in general they all tend to concur that SE phenomena is related to a type of unified energy, and is not just a physical field of very low magnitude.

Contemporary quantum physics has mathematically described and predicted the presence of a unified energy which underlies conventional transverse electromagnetic (EM) vectors. The concept of a subtle energy underlying EM fields was first introduced by Bohm and Aharonov in describing quantum potentials as an implicate order "embedded in" our normal 3-D space. It has recently been proposed that an additional implicate order is embedded within the quantum potentials.

This higher-dimensional space is composed of an energy, which has been called time-reversed waves, non-Hertzian waves, longitudinal waves, scalar waves, or zero-point energy.

The classical EM fields have been under investigation since the laws of Maxwell were established more than 150 years ago in England. We know all about the physical fields; we can generate, manipulate and use them for purposes such as long distance communication, computer applications and measurement techniques that are proliferating all around us. However, our knowledge regarding SE fields is expanding slowly."

"There are a set of SE instruments devised by Clarus Transphase, L.L.C. and its affiliate company Clarus Products International, L.L.C. These devices are called Sympathetic Resonators (SR) and use Clarus's proprietary Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT). A brief report is presented regarding these devices which have undergone many laboratory trials and seem to produce consistent and measurable changes in both physical and psychophysical systems."
"Experiments employing the mind-body complex were also conducted. The first experiment in this category is the use of a Clarus SRT device in reducing muscle tension in subjects in front of a computer monitor and a television. Measuring the electrical activity of hand muscle tested the muscle tension. As we know, the peripheral muscles of the body tense when we are under stress, they tend to relax as we relax. The tension of the muscles can easily be measured using methods from physiotherapy and rehabilitation. It was noted in these experiments, the Clarus SRT device reduced tension from the computer monitor by 36 per cent and from the television by 17 per cent. Again, the interpretation of these results is based on the maintenance of eigenfrequenz (the innate resonance frequency) of the organism with the help of the Clarus SRT device.

A second experiment conducted is to correlate improvements in acupuncture energy to the wearing of the Clarus QLink with SRT. Initially, a group of twelve patients were tested for acupuncture imbalance through AK (Applied Kinesiology). This is an accepted though subjective procedure whereby a muscle is tested for strength while the corresponding meridian is stimulated. Once the acupuncture imbalance is detected, the patients were recommended to wear the pendant over the heart area and during daytime only over a period ranging from three to six months. Ten out of 12 patients seemed to recover from the imbalance initially noted. Two had imbalances other than the one initially observed, it is likely that they had other problems either initially or acquired later. It is thus likely that the pendant removes acupuncture imbalances in subjects thus enhancing the healing process. Further, wearing the pendant seems to improve emotional balance, aid in personal growth, and facilitate a positive attitude. These reports are generated by patients who were wearing the pendant and though subjective, are of importance in problems related to personal growth.

Many other reports have been received by persons working in a high electromagnetic field (EMF) environments such as in front of computer terminals, using cellular phones and in general living in areas where the EMF could be above recommended safety values. In many cases, we are unaware of the fields since they are well below perception threshold for our sensory system.

EMF results in undefined stress in the body, manifesting as low energy, chronic fatigue, feeling of helplessness, depression and occasional intense emotional imbalances. In such cases where EMF is present, wearing the pendant seems to ward off stress symptoms. Testimonials regarding such positive effects are consistent from many users, and at least a dozen independent tests conducted by highly qualified Applied Kinesiology professionals confirm these reports."

Here is a link to the article

And people laughed at the "crazies" who for decades wore "tin foil hats". I'm about ready to go find some lead based paint for my house. The cell phone towers multiply like rabbits... The environment is turning into a feakin microwave. Oh well, such is life within the frequency fence...
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And people laughed at the "crazies" who for decades wore "tin foil hats". I'm about ready to go find some lead based paint for my house. The cell phone towers multiply like rabbits... The environment is turning into a feakin microwave. Oh well, such is life within the frequency fence...

Yeah, i'm more worried about the larger more vast sources of EM, i mean yeah cell phones are horrible but there's a tower 100 yards from where I sit sooo....

May explain why my attention diffuses somedays for no reason.
http://mrgreenbiz.wordpress.com/2008/12/18/ask-the-eco-geek-does-living-near-power-lines-cause-health-problems/ said:
We have very large electrical line (ones that are supported by towers) about 200 feet up the hill from us. Are we at risk? Should we seriously consider moving? We have a 4 year old and an 18 month old. Thanks so much!!

Related stories:

Dear Amy,
Electric Magnetic Fields (EMFs) has been in the news a lot lately because of growing concerns around children and cell phone exposure. Most scientists, researchers and doctors are in agreement that quickest way to reduce the risk of EMFs is to get your children off the cell phone and get the adults to start using a headset.

There’s been an ongoing debate around a possible connection between EMFs exposure and childhood cancers, (in particular leukemia). Concerns were first raised in late 70s when it was found that children living close to large electrical towers had a higher rate of leukemia. There is certainly some kind of connection — it’s just that no one is clear what it is.

This has lead to a lot of misinformation on both side of the fence. Naysayers who claim that non-ionizing radiation — the kind of waves given off by cell phones, microwaves and electricity in general — are not harmful, often point to a number of studies done in 1999. However, these studies are now suspect because they were funded by the microwave and cell phone industry or by the U.S. Air Force. When compared to more neutral studies, their results are often different and conflicting.

Many respected scientists are calling for more research because of the carcinogenicity of EMFs is unresolved. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been looking at the problem since 1986 with no clear decisions being made. In 2004, its branch of the International Agency for Research on Cancer began co-ordinating The Interphone study, also known as the IARC study.

Despite being finished in 2006, the report has remained unpublished for reasons unknown. As a result each country has leaked their research, which does show there is a connection being seen between prolonged cell phone use and certain cancers.

On the Larry King Show, July 29, 2008 show, several onocologists did say that while a connection has been noted, the mechanism has not yet been reported. In other words, scientists are beginning to suspect that exposure to RF and EMF may bring about changes in the DNA resulting in cancer they’re just not sure how it happens.

Experts do tend to agree that 500 metres (0.31 miles) is probably too close to live beside any hydro or cell tower. Since you do live close by to one, you may want to start off by measuring how much EMF is in your home Be sure to check inside your home as well since faulty wiring can be a source as well. A high level is anything between is 50- 60Hz.

The reasonably priced STETZERiZER Microsurge Meters measures the level of harmful electromagnetic energy and can tell you if your house is hot or not. The company also sells filters for EMFs. The company, Less EMF sells a meter than can be switch to an EMF filter and also sells an interesting range of EMF blocking textiles and products for body and home.

You can also read more about reducing EMFs in your home at The Canadian Initiative To Stop Wireless, Electric And Electromagnetic Pollution (WEEP). It discusses the whole issues of electrohypersensitivity and some of the associated health problems. Again, the whole existence of whether there is such a disease is being debated.

http://www.stetzerelectric.com/meter/ said:
STETZERiZER Microsurge Meters
Designed to measure home and office Power Quality
Microsurge Meter Operating Instructions
The intellectual property behind the Microsurge meter belongs to the individual who conceived and designed the meter: Professor Martin Graham. The Microsurge meter:

Works for 60 Hz/120 Volt North American and 50 Hz/240 A.C. Volt European systems.
LCD display reads the Volts per second present, which is an approximation for the high frequency energy. High frequencies are the frequencies which are most harmful to equipment, animals, and humans. The good, marginal, and undesirable range of meter readings are conveniently listed on the back of the Microsurge meter.

Electrosensitive people have reported sensitivities with readings as low as 27 on the Microsurge meter. However, medium or even low Microsurge meter readings should not be interpreted as a guarantee that there is no harmful health impact; only a medical expert can determine that. Caution is required. Some harmful health effects of high frequency energy on humans appear to be cumulative, and possibly non-reversible. Science is inconclusive in this area, although the body of empirical evidence available for guidance continues to expand and stabilize.
Technical Information
The GS Microsurge Meter measures the current in a 800 picofarad capacitor connected across the terminals of the outlet into which it is plugged. One GS unit is .02 micro amperes. A meter reading of 50 would indicate a current of one microampere. A human having a low impedance to one of the terminals of the outlet (the grounded wire) and a capacitive coupling of 800 picofarads to wiring connected to the other terminal of the outlet (the hot wire) would have a current flowing through them indicated by the GS Microsurge Meter. The capacitance of two parallel metal plates that are one meter by one meter and separated by one centimeter is about 800 picofarads. The capacitance of a human to the hot wires will usually be less than 800 picofarads and the current through the human will be proportionatly lower. The current flow through the human will also depend on how the capacitance of the human to the wire is distributed over the human. This is important since it is the current flowing inside the body and where it is flowing that determines the effect it will have on the human. The frequency band covered by the GS Microsurge Meter is about 10 kHz to 100 kHz.

Microsurge Meter Design Criteria
Microsurge meters were specifically deigned as a companion to the STETZERiZER filters. The meters measure the level of harmful electromagnetic "energy" present, and their primary use is to guide effective filter installation.
Microsurge meters are low cost, robust, and easy to use by non-technical people. The meters were designed to measure harmonics and other high frequency "energy" present, which are the frequencies most detrimental to human health. The meters effectively ignore the effects of 60 Hz power and other lower, less harmful frequencies. Specifically, the meter measures the average magnitude of the changing voltage as a function of time (dV/dt), which naturally emphasizes transients and other high frequency phenomena that change rapidly with time. The measurements of dV/dt read by the meter are defined as G-S (Graham-Stetzer) units (since no standard term is available). The G-S units are a measure of "harmful energy" which is a function of frequency, or more generally, rate of change of voltage or dV/dt.

Using the Microsurge Meter for a Typical Home Installation
Microsurge meters measure the levels of safe, borderline, or dangerous levels of "energy" present. These levels are conveniently shown on the back of the meter for reference. These levels have been developed through research (much of it in Russia and neighboring countries) and confirmed by experience in North America. The levels have been adopted by the Sanitory Stations (Health Departments) of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Starting from points that typically have the highest readings such as the power input panel, computers, and televisions, the meter is used to measure the initial levels of G-S energy and reduction as filters are added. Once the G-S levels are acceptable at one location, the process should be repeated at the next location. After the installation of the filters is complete, a final confirmation of the G-S levels should be performed throughout the house.

http://www.stetzerelectric.com/filter/ said:
STETZERiZER Filters - For Home and Office
A new application of existing science and technology designed to improve power quality in home and office environments
System Overview
The STETZERiZER filter is based upon 100 year-old science and power engineering principles. Newly introduced is the design, which is focused on the needs of the customers in homes, offices, schools, etc. Filters have been extensively applied for decades by industrial users and the electric utility industry itself. The STETZERiZER filter is designed to filter harmonics and other high frequency current (trash) from the electrical environment, thereby reducing the potential for leakage into the human environment and creating additional trash in non-liner loads (televisions, computers, variable frequency drives, energy-efficient lighting, etc.).

The high frequency current (trash) on the neutral wire in the electrical system is positioned to return directly to the power system via the feeder neutral to the substation, and possibly beyond. However, as is often the case, the utility feeder neutral is not adequately sized (as required by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin). If this is the case, much of the return current will flow through the ground rather than the feeder neutral. Under these conditions, the STETZERiZER filters still provide benefits; this should be seen as local mitigation rather than part of a complete solution that requires an adequately sized neutral return.

At 60 Hz the filters act as capacitors and normally marginally improve the power factor of the customer load, which are normally slightly inductive.

Typical Home Installation
Filters are designed to be installed throughout the home in a pattern that corresponds to the distributed nature of the need. For example, installing two filters close to a desktop computer or a television is normally appropriate and effective. Installing filters, normally from two to six, close to the input power panel is recommended to address high frequency currents entering on the power lines. The total number of filters required depends on the size of the home, the amount of electrical equipment, and the quality of the power from the grid. Twenty filters are normally adequate for a "typical" house. Installing an inadequate number of filters tends to result in overloaded filters, leading to an ineffective solution. The preferred installation method is to be guided by the STETZERiZER Microsurge Meter, which measures the amount of high frequency energy present. Readings of 30 or lower indicate an acceptable environment, while readings of 50 or higher indicate a need for additional filters. Readings between 30 and 50 are marginally acceptable, but should be reduced if anyone in the area is electrically sensitive.

The reader is encouraged to review the STETZERiZER Microsurge Meter Product Description, the STETZERiZER Filter Installation Instructions, and the STETZERiZER Filter Frequently Asked Questions.

At $35.00 USD per filter that's not bad, but the idea of having to buy 20 or so for an entire household?! Does anyone know anymore in regards to effective ways of filtering out harmful EMF, or whether this STETERiZER can really do the trick? I guess it makes sense that you would need to buy a lot in order to combat outside sources such as hydro or cell phone towers as they are small devices.
In case you guys didn't see this from before, there was advise from the C's in this session to use silk as a possible protection against EMF radiation.

Q: .... (J) Are we talking about things being beamed? Is that the main...

A: "Beamed" and otherwise. Hitchhikers and image formation and projection along with emotional manipulation via [planchette is moving too fast for Laura to call out letters, then it slows] various EM frequencies.

Q: (L) Thanks for slowing down there! (laughter) (A****) How do you protect yourself against these frequencies?

A: Few people on the planet get treated to such special attention.

Q: ...... (S) I have a question. They said "various EM frequencies". Well, what I'm thinking is the WiFi inside the house, and...

A: Very bad!!!!!!!!!!

Q: (S) Okay, so we can just use a very long ethernet cable instead of the WiFi.

A: Research frequencies and cancelling frequencies for ideas. But the main thing is mental blocking. Notice that ______ is similarly affected due to frequency similarity.

Q: (J) Frequency of the person, or frequency of the...

A: Note birth dates.

Q: .... (A****) Is this numerology based? (L) Well, I dunno, I think it's probably numerology/astrology, plus maybe the time of year and some kind of frequencies of the sun sign maybe. Is that it?

A: Yes. More or less.


Q: .... (Ark) You were asking about this WiFi, and it's bad, but I want to ask about this USB stick with the little antenna on our Asus? It radiates microwaves like cellphones. Is it strong?

A: Also bad. You would be surprised what tiny things can do. In all cases, however, there are remedies and safety measures.

Q: (S) Well, this kind of my question. Because we have cell phones that are so evil, right? The problem is that even if you never use a cell phone, there are towers EVERYWHERE. If a cell phone is on and it's close to you, that's worse, but... (L) You can't escape it all. (S) So we can obviously turn off the evil stuff, but... (L) I think there's also the stuff out there for cancelling that is dietary {like minerals}, or something you can do.

A: Silk is always good.

Q: (Ark) But coming back to this USB stick and little antenna which is probably very weak, what would be the distance from this that you would consider to be safe?

A: 2 meters.

Q: (Ark) Oh, so this is really weak. (S) Is it the same for WiFi? (discussion of evil microwaves and what to do)

A: Consider a "Faraday cage" for ___ until she is stronger.

Q: (___) They're gonna put me in a cage! Aah!! (L) Where the heck would we get one? (Ark) No, that's impossible. (J) You can build one! (L) Well, they put it in quotes, so they must have meant something special. (S) Drape silk around her bed. (Ark) Yes, because Faraday cage to prevent from microwaves would have such tiny little openings that there would be no air to breathe...

A: Scottie has the right idea.

Q: (L) What did Scottie say? (S) I was saying that if she's going to be in her bed, instead of mosquito netting, you have a silk netting. (Ark) No! A suit of armor like the warriors in the old times used. (L) I don't think that's very practical, dear. (laughter) (Ark) Silk is a Faraday cage. (S) Why silk? Why silk protects against these things is totally bizarre to me. (Ark) Well, it's made by animals. (L) It's made by caterpillars.

A: Mulberry.

Q: (L) That's what the caterpillars eat to make silk. (J) So _____ should take Mulberry extract? (laughter) (_____) And Then I can start making silk? (L) If you start doing weird things, I'm outta here! (laughter) (_____) What can I do to mentally block?

A: Right now you need help as you are ... weak. But the general principle can be understood from the term "righteous anger." If you think about the expression that the fate of the universe may depend on you it should make you angry.

Q: (L) That wasn't very clear, was it? (A****) That expression?

A: No. The fate of the universe can be altered negatively and many will suffer if you are out of the picture. That is what "they" want.

Q: (D) So your first priority has to be to stay healthy and make sure you take care of yourself. (S) We need to get you a superhero outfit. (_____) Made of silk! (laughter)

A: Each of you here tonight have a specific role to play in the coming cosmic drama. Best to always keep that in mind.

Q: (A****) Can I ask a question? (L) Yes, dear. (A****) What would be a good way to calm my anxiety?

A: Carefully avoid foods that play havoc with your system and remember that all which affects those with whom you are genetically connected can affect you also.

Q: (L) So you're probably getting some of what's hitting ____. (A____ Oh, YOU! God, get better, would you? (laughter) (J) How much vitamin C should ____ take?

A: No more than 6 grams per day.

Q: (L) I would have said 8. (Ark) 6. (S) I thought you could take like 50 grams a day or something. (L) Well, that was when she was really sick, but she needs to stop doing that. (Ark) 6. (S) For silk, is it more important to protect the head and brain, or the body, or doesn't it matter?

A: Everything. And D_____ should keep a silk scarf about her throat.

Q: (L) Do you have any? (D) Yeah. Even in the summer though? It's hot in the summer.

A: Thin silk.
About the Q-Link, the following is taken from an article named Electro-Polution:

_http://www.wddtyhealthclub.com/enews/Electro-Pollution.pdf said:
What is Q-Link?

The Q-Link is a pendant that claims to balance the body’s subtle energies. Worn suspended on a nylon cord and worn on the chest above the heart area, the manufacturer Clarus says it strengthens resilience and resistance to the effects of stress, increases energy and enhances mental performance, especially under pressure, and increases the capacity to function in electromagnetic-field (EMF)-saturated environments.

Where’s the evidence?
Anecdotally, Clarus says that some users report an absence of discomfort, improved sleep, more energy and a greater ability to cope, both mentally and physically. Others report increased intellectual clarity and focus.
These kinds of things, being mostly subjective, are, of course, difficult to prove, but Clarus can provide details of several studies involving the Q-Link pendant. All are unpublished, but this is not unexpected. It’s hard to imagine any conventional peer-reviewed medical journals ever publishing studies that are so small in scale and dealing with a subject that most scientists find highly contentious.
Nevertheless, the results of these studies are intriguing. Tests using human subjects showed that, after wearing the Q-Link pendant for 72 hours, the integrity of their blood cells was maintained. There was also a reduction of the negative effects of EMF radiation from a range of sources—including mobile phones, computers and powerlines—on brainwave patterns.

Consider this
The body creates and sustains its own energy system. There is some evidence that signals from other electromagnetic systems (such as computers, hairdryers and mobile phones) can interfere with the human electrical system and that this interference might result in the sort of cellular derangements that can lead to disease.
The Q-Link is said to be encoded with Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT), a pioneering branch of quantum physics. What this means is that the pendant acts like a tuning fork, resonating with the ideal ‘note’ or frequency at which the body's energy system should hum. The body responds positively to this optimal frequency and ‘pitches’ itself to it so that, in time, the ideal and the actual ‘notes’ of the body become attuned or in harmony.
The question that always hangs in the air with devices like this is: how do we determine what the optimal health-giving frequency is for individual human beings? In the same way that we all require different vitamins at differing levels, our energy patterns and the frequencies we need to balance them may also vary from one person to another. Does SRT really pick up the perfect ‘note’ for each and every individual? Or does it impose a vibration that might not be quite right? Or is this all just a load of pseudoscientific hokum? The answers are not clear.

Nevertheless, Q-Link has done what many similar devices have not done—attempted to back up its claims with research.
The basic pendant is the least expensive in the range (which also includes brushed and polished silver and gold pendants priced up to £485).
All of the various types come with a lifetimeservice guarantee and require no batteries since it is powered by the wearer. The Q-Link is fully water resistant and comes with a 90-day, full money-back guarantee.
Clarus can be contacted by phone on 0870 241 4135 and you can visit the Q-Link website at _www.qlinkworld.co.uk.

And specifically for mobile phones:

_http://www.wddtyhealthclub.com/enews/Electro-Pollution.pdf said:
Go for the bead

Mobile-phone users have long been told that handsfree kits are the preferred way to keep radiation risks to a minimum. Recent studies show they can cut emissions by around 53 per cent. However, radiation can still travel up the wire and reach the brain.
Recently, Professor Lawrie Challis, vice-chairman of the NRPB Inquiry and chairman of the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme, put forward a safety suggestion: attach a small ferrite bead to the wire.
Ferrites are metallic/ceramic compounds, designed to absorb electromagnetic fields. This magnetic bead, he says, blocks any unintentional current (which runs outside of the wire, not within it), so no radiation can reach the head.
Professor Challis now wants all mobile-phone companies to use the magnetic beads on their hands-free kits. Reading between the lines, the Professor’s magic-bead idea suggests that the government may know more than they are telling, and are desperately trying to find a way to keep the telecommunications industry happy while at the same time avoiding a health disaster that would make CJD look like the common cold.
The mobile-phone industry, of course, has rejected Professor Challis’ idea out of hand. After all, should they incorporate ferrite beads as a safety feature, it would surely beg the awkward question, “Was the device unsafe in the first place?”
The only way we are really going to find out is through research. Because proactive research into the safety of mobile phones has effectively come to a halt, the only data available will be postmarketing information—watching the millions of human guinea pigs that use the devices every day and seeing what happens.
Until a clear conclusion is drawn, any reasonable precautions should be considered. The ferrite bead is simple, cheap and unobtrusive. There’s evidence that it works best when placed below the microphone on a hands-free kit.
The catch is that you will have to source these items from specialist electrical suppliers, who know these beads as ‘ferrite clamps’, and use them to filter radio-frequency (RF) signals in electrical equipment and to stop data interference on computers. Most hands-free kits have wires with a diameter of 4 mm or less, so make sure you know the size you want before you buy.
A good source to get you started is Maplin Electronics, a nationwide chain that carries a range of clip-on ferrites. Visit its website (_www.maplin.co.uk) or phone its customer services (tel: 0870 4296000) for more details.

At the end of the (rather long) article, there is mention to other EMF protection products, mostly for mobile-phone. As ponited out in the article, many are still lacking from sufficient research.

RyanX said:
A: Silk is always good.

I read it before but had forgotten all about silk. Good reminder, thanks RyanX.
There's a new craze in town. It's supposed to protect from EMF and a lot more that benefits the body so it's claimed. It's using scalar energy according to the inventors. The pendant is selling for over a hundred dollars or more. It's getting popular placebo effect or not. I was wondering if this product (scalar energy) could be a legit question for the C's to comment on in the next session.
Menna said:
Here is a link to a product that will protect you from EMF frequencies. If you use a computer or a cell phone then you come in contact with EMF.

Reminds of a 'New Age Celtic' spiral I came across while back that was said to negate all negative EM radiation. Just slap the sticker on your cell phone or PC.
_http://lessemf.com has a range of measuring devices, foils, shields and other products that protect from EMF and ELF. Many of them are used by scientists, technicians and other professionals in the field. I have seen Q-link advertised before; it looks cool, but not much information on how exactly it works is ever given.
RyanX said:
Q: (L) I would have said 8. (Ark) 6. (S) I thought you could take like 50 grams a day or something. (L) Well, that was when she was really sick, but she needs to stop doing that. (Ark) 6. (S) For silk, is it more important to protect the head and brain, or the body, or doesn't it matter?

A: Everything. And D_____ should keep a silk scarf about her throat.

Q: (L) Do you have any? (D) Yeah. Even in the summer though? It's hot in the summer.

A: Thin silk.

You can buy personal silk items from silkroad88.co.uk, such as a balaclava, and baselayers - which I have - and the service provided is excellent.
Menna said:
Here is a link to a product that will protect you from EMF frequencies. If you use a computer or a cell phone then you come in contact with EMF.


I bought the black Q-Link ($99.99)

I have worn it around my neck for the past two weeks and I have slept better and have more energy when I wake up in the morning.

" Q-Link Pendant (a 'Passive' SRT product) helps to mitigate the disruptive effects of EMF on the electrical activity (EEG Patterns) of the brain."

Some years back I bought this item since it is coming for less than market price and wanted to try it due to the sales pitch. I was very distressed and suffering from intense negative emotions during this time ( before the Big 5 psychology books ) . I used it for 2 days. Let me confess I felt very calm and very good, but 2nd day, I was feeling some thing very odd. I was very calm but I am not able to feel my emotions. Horrified I threw it in a box hoping to sell it off one day. I will NEVER EVER use it again. I could be wrong , but that is my experience
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