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Im actually redesigning my father's old carpenter's cellar to become my future HQ and the subject of a faraday cage is in the scope. I had in mind to put one of the 2 rooms or the whole 2 rooms in a Faraday cage, but was wondering if it's healthy to live (or at least spend a lot of hours) in a Faraday cage ? Could it also stop good waves ? I'm pretty ignorant on the subject at this moment but I'll more study it in the near future as the cleaning of the rooms are on-going.
Any advise about this direct interrogation or links to people who installed such a "faraday cage" at the level of a whole room are welcomed.
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It would be interesting to build an EM wave generator to cancel out other EM noise. If anyone's interested on the physics of how that works, Khan Academy has a video on wave interference. The relevant part is destructive interference where you introduce a second EM wave that has identical amplitude to the first wave, but is 180 degrees out of phase with it.

Another solution is to use silk as is recommended here and in the session above.

I bought this cap from Amazon, but it kept slipping out when I was sleeping. I'll find a way to keep it on, but the good thing is that it's cheap. Will test. The most gains I've found for limiting EM pollution was disabling the Wifi at night and during the day when possible (ethernet cables).

There's also this company called Silk that makes silk pillowcases and headgear with super high quality materials. Silk is graded between 1A and 6A based on fiber length, with the higher 6A being the longest and most durable. They sell these turbans that are 6A silk and are thicker than most commercial silk mattress covers.

Ok, update time. That Amazon cap I do not recommend, it is far too small to fit snugly on your head. It also is a dust magnet, and after repeated washes it could fall apart, reducing its EMF protective properties.

However, I recently happened across this company selling an EMF-shielding beanie that looks promising:

From the reviews, people are wearing this to sleep to alleviate headaches and other unpleasant effects from EMF. I'm excited to get one.

They also sell a phone faraday cage that is more affordable, which blocks EMF going in and out. This is an alternative to keeping that 4m range where the EMF is affecting our bodies, but to be honest, I'd probably do both!
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