Enforcement of VAX escalating

I verified the CDC guidance.

Seems they are back to the soft carrot policy language approach, however they have used some danger words that can be used to rapidly expand under new conditions:

Protection provided by the current vaccine against symptomatic infection and transmission is less than that against severe disease and diminishes over time, especially against the currently circulating variants. For this reason, it is important to stay up to date, especially as new vaccines become available.

"Up to date" will perhaps be very integral in the design of a new app waiting to be rolled out?

Concerning isolation, the drafters have used one "need" word, as opposed to 'should' word:

  • Recommending that if you had moderate illness (if you experienced shortness of breath or had difficulty breathing) or severe illness (you were hospitalized) due to COVID-19 or you have a weakened immune system, you need to isolate through day 10.

There is much difference between the words you 'should' and you 'need' to.
Would think a fair bit, sorry to say.

As Alana said, if you had to move sideways, you would not be the first ;-), however it does not make it easier in all situations.

Scanning the inner workings of HR (Germany, the UK, France, the US etc. will likely have a similar messaging to employers), here is a Canadian advisory HR firm discussion on the "Great Resignation," and how to advise employers who have fewer employees now (look at Healthcare). A look to advise as if it is all just one big organic social "phenomenon." They never once mention the elephant in the room, the mandates and peoples abject revulsion of the whole health gig that has come to ruin so many peoples lives - ruin their expectations of work that provides for self or family:

In other words, date-wise, mandates had noting to do with it they seem to be saying by omission, employees just up and resigned during the exact time when vaccines, their policies to implement, and then when mandates came out to force - with enforcers (even in small business).

Then they continue:

Hmm, not on par? Perhaps it was just people common reaction to a tyrannical government infused/injected corporate "phenomenon" exactly as was predicted that helped cause the tsunami in the first place (including woke parameters that need to be signed off in some corporate ethics declaration).

and continuing further:

Of course, they are selling all this to employers, who also used for sale ready-made HR polices and implement them. As for "Front Line Workers" (get their passports and tell them to wear a mask = "rowdy clients," find the virus and scrub it clean - "new sanitation tasks," I have to quit work - "feelings of being exposed..." must stay at home. Yes, right.

With one firm signing up under contract, questions were asked mirroring something like:

Please provide:

- your corporate climate change and C02 reduction strategy and measurable policies.
- your diversity, equity and inclusion policies.
- your Covid policies and vaccination measures policy for employees.
et cetera.


@psychegram, good luck and keep networking.

The Great Resignation is a very interesting phenomenon. I suspect it's more complex than any one cause. There's no doubt in my mind that vaxx mandates and other nonsense is a major contributor. I suspect that there's also some degree of truth to the official narrative that it's people scared of COVID - the mass formation is very real. However I don't think either of those tell the whole story.

Recently I've been reading about the NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) phenomenon in China, where phrases like 'lay flat' and 'let it rot' have become popular online amongst the youth. There seems to be a growing exhaustion with the modern world. The exploitative soullessness of it, the seeming impossibilty of achieving the basic elements of a decent human life (owning a house, finding a mate, starting a family, etc), are leading people to just drop out and walk away from it all. This has been building for some time. The lockdowns and all the rest of it provided a push that sent people over the edge, in my opinion.
"Up to date" will perhaps be very integral in the design of a new app waiting to be rolled out?

I believe the Canadian government recently announced that they would no longer use the terminology 'fully vaccinated', and would instead refer to being 'up to date'.

Also, in Germany they've rolled out an app that uses color coded QR codes to indicate how 'fresh' one's jab status is.
There seems to be a growing exhaustion with the modern world. The exploitative soullessness of it, the seeming impossibilty of achieving the basic elements of a decent human life (owning a house, finding a mate, starting a family, etc)

It took me a while in life but I finally arrived at a key conclusion. What you described above is simply life. It is inescapable in what it is.

Whether the modern world or the ancient world, as an average person, life will grind you down and will appear quite soulless.

When I was young, I was always fascinated by the kids who appeared happy, like they were on top of the world. They were a point of intrigue. How could they be so carefree I would ask myself!

You know how they say your years at university will be some of the best you ever have? Well, mine weren't miserable but they certainly weren't anywhere near the best. I remember everyone loved "going out" and "having fun". I never got what it meant really, in the end it looked like to "have fun" was just to tick a box on some activity you were meant to do e.g. go out to club (box ticked I must now be experiencing what is called "fun").

And then, oh dear, work life. Don't get me started on work life!

But you know, in the end, it kind of dawned on me that this is life. Look at the animal kingdom, life is cut throat! It ain't no joke.

At some point you just have to rise above it within yourself to a point where you are like, whilst everything out there might be looking to bring you down somehow, you won't do it to yourself. Like the seasons, you need to know you will have periods where fortune is on your side and periods where it isn't through no fault of your own. You need to know there are things you can do and these are highly limited, and there are things you can't do. You need to develop a partnership with yourself as you walk this road called life. Realise people, no matter appearances, are in the most part playing guesswork and navigating through doing the things that get them the validation they need. Everyone bleeds, everyone has something they fear, no one knows everything (or most things). Do try and avoid the pathologicals and if you must deal with some, have a set of rules and limit the interactions. Know your position on this great ocean we call life and read the temperature, you need to be able to tell whether what you are describing as bad or difficult times are actually that. You don't want to mistake good or benign times for bad ones as no doubt, fortune will turn, as it always does, and bad times will find you. When they do, you need to remember it's just a question of hankering down, as if from a bad storm, and in time, the wheels of fortune will turn again. Don't take your health for granted and certainly don't take the people who care for you for granted. I can assure you, not many people care for you, even amongst the faces that smile back at you. You need to develop the eye to truly see those few that do - don't take them for granted. Take comfort in knowing most are not out to get you, if anything, they are indifferent and will usually treat you how you treat them.

Don't spend your time thinking about the demise of the world. You're wasting energy - life is as you say

"exploitative soullessness of it, the seeming impossibilty of achieving the basic elements of a decent human life"

and this is not limited to just now - this has been the human experience and quite honestly, the experience of other living creatures in this planet.
This whole CDC thing may be political given the midterms.

Yes, probably part of it, and also putting themselves in a holding pattern until specific conditions are made readably available - they have already done their compliance testing, and it has worked stupendously, globally, up to a point:

"across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries."

If it all correlates, it will not matter the language they use, it might well be this ✔️in red or green to generally be able to carry on within society, with perhaps a score card of pass or fail thrown in for good measure.

Unless the puzzling uval Harari is whistling dixi for his words of ultimately why covid and the scamdemic was used:

In the near future, when people look back, they will remember that it all started with the COVID crisis. This is the moment of transition to full digitalisation, when absolutely everything will be monitored. This is the moment of consent to total tracking, not only in a totalitarian society, but also in a democratic one....

blah blah, no need to worry. However, in closing Harari reemphasized:

This is a crucial revolution, and COVID plays a critical role because it persuades people to legalise total biometric surveillance.

So, 'Legalise' is slowly being standardized, globalised. These guys play the long game and try to think of all the pieces that need to be put together, wishful thinking and all.
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