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"As far as I know, this morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against coronavirus has been registered": Putin convened a meeting to prepare for the academic year and in between times announced loud news

“After the first injection, her temperature was 38, the next day 37.5 - and that's it. After the second injection, the temperature rose a little, and came to naught ": Putin said that his daughter tested on herself a vaccine against coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has not gone anywhere, but on the contrary is gaining momentum: Brazil and India go to an anti-record, in Australia there is a curfew, in France - a mask regime, in Finland - 3 months in prison for violation of self-isolation
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Alexey Navalny, a long-time protest leader, has fallen ill while flying from Siberia to Moscow. He is said to be unconscious in intensive care, where he was admitted after the plane made an emergency landing.

Navalny was on his way from the Siberian city of Tomsk back to Moscow when he suddenly felt unwell mid-flight, his spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh wrote in a series of tweets on Thursday. “His plane has been urgently landed in Omsk. He has toxic poisoning,” she told her Twitter audience.

Yarmysh believes Navalny, who showed no symptoms prior to the flight, “has been poisoned with something mixed into his tea” as it was “the only thing he drank this morning.” In the middle of the journey, she wrote later, he began sweating, went to the toilet, and fell unconscious.
As the story unfolded, a video surfaced online, purportedly showing the moment when the opposition activist was evacuated from the plane. He is heard screaming as paramedics move along the aisle.

The incident saw the Moscow-based opposition leader and anti-corruption activist rushed to a local clinic, where he was admitted to an intensive care unit. Navalny remains unconscious and has been put on a ventilator.

Yarmysh later wrote that Navalny's condition had deteriorated and he was in a coma.

Omsk health authorities confirmed the news, telling local media outlets that "all the necessary examinations are being carried out" in one of the city hospitals. Later, the head doctor at the hospital in question told TASS that Navalny "is in a serious condition."

It turns out Navalny had a cup of tea at an airport cafe before his departure from Tomsk. Airport management has vowed to do their part in investigating the incident. “We are finding out all the circumstances, we will examine CCTV recordings,” they said.

Meanwhile Navalny's spokeswoman suspects foul play, telling Moscow-based 'Ekho Moskvy' radio station: "We do believe that this was a deliberate poisoning." The activist's staffers have demanded that police attend the hospital where he is currently being treated.
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МОЛНИЯ: ФСБ помешала СБУ похитить лидера ополчения Донбасса прямо из Москвы (ВИДЕО)
Новость обновляется
20.08.2020 - 9:40

LIGHTNING: the FSB prevented the SBU from kidnapping the leader of the Donbass militia directly from Moscow (VIDEO)
The news is updated
20.08.2020 - 9:40
It has just become known that the FSB has detained seven people for attempting to kidnap one of the leaders of the Donbass people's militia.

This is reported By the center for public relations of the FSB.

The attempted kidnapping was organized by the special services of Ukraine.

"FSB of the Russian Federation as a result of the RAID uncovered and stopped the illegal action of the security services of Ukraine abduction in Russia and forcible transfer to Ukraine of a citizen of the Russian Federation, one of the leaders of the people's militia of Donbas who took active part in the fighting against the Mat.

Directly during the attempted abduction, Russian citizens were detained — Makarov T. B., Mishchenko M. S., Kapkaeva O. D., kormich a.m., Pyzin M. Yu., Moroz E. A and Dolgov V. V. The organizer and coordinator of the action were citizens of Ukraine Andrey Baydala and Igor Mishchenko".

TASS with reference to the FSB Central intelligence service reports that the organizers of the kidnapping in Russia of one of the leaders of the Donbass people's militia acted under the leadership of the head of the SBU counterintelligence Department.

In addition, the FSB reports that the Ukrainian special services were preparing several more kidnappings and murders of Russians.

"During investigative actions it is established that the group of Makarov and Pyzin involved Ukrainian special services through Baydala and Mischenko for preparation of several crimes associated with the preparation for the kidnapping and murder of Russian citizens", — stated in the message of center for public relations of the FSB.

"On the instructions of the Ukrainian special services, members of the organized criminal group monitored specific addresses in the regions of Russia, and went to the territory of the DPR to perform a number of tasks."

Here is how this event was commented by war correspondent Dmitry Steshin:

"Did Sbushniki try to kidnap the Shooter in Russia? No one else comes to mind. There are no details yet, we are waiting.

By the way, I was told a year ago by knowledgeable people that such options are possible in Russia and the SBU is engaged in this. Moreover, threats are possible not only against the militia, but also their children and relatives.

On may 31, 2014, the SBU leaked a curious list of wanted "participants in illegal armed formations", including a dozen journalists working at that time in Slavyansk and the Donbas, from Poddubny and Pegov to Steshin and Kotz. The list was compiled on the basis of a search case. A year ago, this case was not closed, but extended for another five years..."

"Look at what's happening. The SBU is conducting another military operation on the territory of Russia, trying to steal a Russian citizen.

And we continue to babysit them.

Once again, Kiev is waging war on our territory, organizing kidnappings of our people. Now it will turn out that some strelkov tried to take out.

And we start criminal cases against officers who give orders to fire on peaceful cities. And then what? Here's how to work. Stole, brought and put on trial, " - comments on what is happening on his page in the social network Alexander Kotz.

Semyon Pegov also commented on this egregious incident:

"And we have long been in favor of Mossad tactics in this sense. You can treat the" state " of Israel as you like — but they once carried out such special operations at the highest level.

It is also time for our special services to move into a more active phase of confrontation with the external enemy.

Moscow is bound to become an alternative Hague. Too many villains have the opportunity to hide and live abroad, having committed crimes against Russia."



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He we go (in the USA) as the Russian phobia news networks start generating mock news, while ignoring the biggest scandal ever.

Russian opposition leader Navalny in a coma and fighting for his life after alleged poisoning
Fierce Kremlin critic and Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is seriously ill and in a coma after he was poisoned Thursday morning, his spokesperson said. The 44-year-old foe of President Vladimir Putin felt unwell on a flight back to Moscow from Siberia, Kira Yarmysh said on Twitter.
He is said to be unconscious and was placed on a ventilator in an intensive care unit at a hospital in Omsk after the plane made an emergency landing. "Doctors are really dealing with saving his life right now,” hospital representative Anatoly Kalinichenko said at a briefing with reporters.

Yarmysh told Russian radio station Echo of Moscow there are tests being conducted to determine the nature of the toxin used. She said Navalny only had a black tea at an airport coffee shop before getting on the plane in the morning, and they believe that's how he could have been poisoned.

She said she was sure it was “an intentional poisoning.”

Investigation call
Lawyers representing Navalny's Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) will submit an application to Russia's Investigation Committee demanding that it open a criminal investigation into his alleged poisoning, FBK lawyer Vyacheslav Gimadi wrote on Twitter.
Gimadi said the application would be filed under Article 277 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Encroachment on the life of a public figure or statesman").

"There is no doubt that Navalny was poisoned for his political position and activities," Gimadi said.
Navalny previously suggested he might have been poisoned in July last year, while he was being held in police custody and suffered a mysterious allergic reaction.

He said that despite never suffering from allergies before, he woke up in a detention facility with a dangerous swelling of his face and eyelids. After receiving medical assistance, he was sent back to detention.

Doctors did not find any signs of poisoning after doing analysis on the opposition leader, TASS reported last year.
This story has been updated to correct the spelling of Navalny's spokesperson.
CNN's Zahra Ullah and Anna Chernova reported from Moscow. Mary Ilyushina and Darya Tarasova contributed to this report.

Kira Yarmysh, the press secretary for the Anti-Corruption Foundation, which Mr Navalny founded in 2011, tweeted: "This morning Navalny was returning to Moscow from Tomsk.

"During the flight, he felt ill. The plane made an urgent landing in Omsk. Alexei has toxic poisoning."

She added: "We suspect that Alexei was poisoned by something mixed into [his] tea. It was the only thing he drank since morning.

"Doctors are saying that the toxic agent absorbed faster through the hot liquid. Right now Alexei is unconscious."

What are the other reports from the scene?

The Tass news agency quoted one source at the Omsk Emergency Hospital as saying: "Alexei Anatolyevich Navalny, born in 1976. Poisoning intensive care."

However, the deputy head physician of the hospital later told media that it was not certain Mr Navalny had been poisoned, although "natural poisoning" was one of the diagnoses being considered.

Anatoly Kalinichenko said that doctors were "genuinely trying to save his life".

Video footage on social media shows Mr Navalny being taken on a stretcher to an ambulance on the airport runway.

She said doctors were initially ready to share any information but were now saying the toxicology tests were delayed and were "clearly playing for time, and not saying what they know".

Who is Alexei Navalny?

He made a name for himself by exposing official corruption, labeling Mr Putin's United Russia as "the party of crooks and thieves", and has served several jail terms.


Well, of course. I just got bad tea. This state propaganda will now do - squeal that there was no deliberate poisoning, he was accidental, he himself. I have been with Alexei since the very morning, I was sitting in the next seat of the plane, and there is nothing to do with ordinary poisoning.


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Current: Not sure on the News stations target audience is. Right OR Left..?

Poisoning of Navalny. Everything that is known at the moment
•Aug 20, 2020 / 5:33
Press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the poisoning of the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), Alexei Navalny, said that the Kremlin is ready to help him with treatment and assist in sending him abroad in conditions of closed borders, RBC correspondent reports.

“If we turn to the Kremlin, the Ministry of Health, or another department, of course, we will be ready to consider very promptly such an appeal, if any,” Peskov said.

According to him, the Kremlin knows that “the best doctors have been brought in to treat Navalny,” telemedicine methods are used to hold consultations with specialists from Moscow. “Like any citizen of the country, we wish him a speedy recovery,” concluded Peskov.

Alexei Navalny felt unwell during the flight from Tomsk to Moscow. The liner commander made a decision on an urgent landing in Omsk. There Navalny was hospitalized in the emergency hospital No. 1. He was placed in the intensive care unit, where he fell into a coma.



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The deputy chief physician of the facility caring for the Moscow protest leader says no traces of poison were found in his blood and urine. Analysis was carried out both in Moscow and in Omsk, where Navalny is currently in intensive care, according to Dr Anatoly Kalinichenko.

“No poisons or traces of poison have been found in his system. I suppose the diagnosis of ‘poisoning’ is still at the back of our minds,”Kalinichenko told reporters. “But we do not think that the patient has been poisoned.

However, earlier on Friday morning, Navalny’s associate Ivan Zhdanov, a director at the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), said police had spoken of a ‘deadly substance’ being found. There was no information about where it was discovered or whether it was in Navalny’s body. The blogger’s wife, Yulia, believes that authorities are stalling for time until the toxin passes from his system.

“The substance poses a threat not only to Alexey’s life, but also to those around him, Zhdanov warned. A representative of the transport police said that everyone around him should be in protective suits.” He added that police would not identify the substance, because it is an “investigative secret.”

On Friday morning, Alexander Murakhovsky, the chief physician at the Omsk emergency hospital where Navalny was taken, said that doctors had concluded – following a case conference, which included Moscow specialists – that it was impossible to transport him abroad. According to Murakhovsky, Navalny’s condition has improved but he is still not stable enough to travel.

An air ambulance had arrived to take him to Germany overnight. It was sent from Nuremberg by the ‘Cinema for Peace’ human rights foundation. On Thursday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Russian government would allow Navalny to be transported abroad if there were such a request.



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Attempts with discovering what mechanism lead to Alexei Navalny's condition.

OMSK, August 22. /TASS/. The plane transporting blogger Alexei Navalny, who is in serious condition, departed from the international airport of Omsk to Germany, according to the dare of the Flightradar portal. The blogger will continue to receive medical treatment at the Charite Clinic in Berlin.According to the portal, the plane took off from the Omsk international airport at 04:59 (Moscow time).

According to the doctors of the Omsk hospital where the blogger had been since Thursday, his condition stabilized. By the request of his relatives it was decided to transfer him from the Omsk hospital to a German clinic. On Friday, a plane was sent for Navlany from Nuremberg to Omsk. However, the doctors of the Omsk hospital do not think that the blogger needs a tranportation, since he could continue treatment in the Omsk hospital. According to the head physician of the Omsk hospital, the German doctors agreed that there was no urgent need to transport the patient, especially since air travel could pose a risk of deteriorating Navalny's vital signs. However, Navalny's wife insisted on his transfer to Germany.

On August 20, Navalny’s spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh disclosed that Navalny’s plane, en route from Tomsk to Moscow, conducted an emergency landing in Omsk, because Navalny suddenly felt bad. The blogger was hospitalized, he is currently in coma. According to earlier report, he was put on a ventilator.

The police added that it is impossible to establish the concentration of the substance

MOSCOW, August 21. /TASS/. Industrial chemical detected in samples taken from Russian blogger Alexei Navalny may have appeared after contact with plastic glass, the press service of the Omsk Regional Office of the Interior Ministry told reporters on Friday. This substance is added to polymers to increase elasticity, the police explained.

The study of swabs of Navalny’s clothing, hands, nails, and hair was conducted by the specialists of a chemical lab of a regional directorate of the Interior Ministry. "A chromatographic study detected the presence of 2-ethylhexyl diphenyl phosphate which is an industrial chemical substance. Since this substance is added to polymers as a plasticizer to increase elasticity, it is possible that it appeared in surface swabs due to Navalny’s contact with such items, for example, with a plastic glass," the police reported.

The police added that it is impossible to establish the concentration of the substance. "In any case, the information of the detection of this chemical component was immediately conveyed to the doctors," the police noted.

The substance detected in samples taken from Navalny may be used as a solvent for acrylic resins and cellulose varnishes, is added during production of various surface covers, plastisols, and transparent films.

On August 20, the blogger’s spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh said that the plane carrying Navalny from Tomsk to Moscow made an emergency landing in Omsk after he suddenly felt ill mid-flight. He has been hospitalized and is in a coma. Earlier reports said that he had been connected to a lung ventilator.



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Following the alleged "poisoning" of "Putin' s political rival" Alexei Navalny in Siberia a week ago, the United States has now added five Russian research institutes to its sanctions lists, including the Defence Ministry's Research Institute, which was involved in work on the COVID-19 vaccine. All because those institutes "are working on chemical and biological weapons." :rolleyes:

"We find outrageous the inclusion on American restrictive lists of three Russian scientific research institutes. A particularly disturbing fact is that sanctions affect precisely those scientists and specialists who for the past couple of months were tirelessly working on the development of a Russian vaccine against the COVID-19," spokeswoman for Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova noted.

About 27 countries have already expressed their interest in buying Russian vaccine against the COVID-19. Thus, Kazakhstan has already signed a contract for purchase of 2 million doses.

It seems that this "poisoning" of Navalny conveniently happened at the right moment to help impose economic restrictions aganst the Russian vaccine producers.


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I stumbled upon the following today. Eric Zemmour, a well known essayist and political journalist, speculated about the role of American secret agencies in escalation surrounding "poisoning" of Navalny and the situation in Belarus.

"I am trying to understand, and there are things that confound me. If Putin gave the order to poison this political opponent, why did Russian doctors save his life and transport him to Germany to be treated by the Germans, risking that the crime would be exposed? That's weird. [...] 'This story happened at a time when the Americans were pressuring the Germans to abandon Nord Stream 2. [...] Unbelievable chance! Some people fantasize about the KGB, which has become the FSB, I fantasize about the CIA, which remained the CIA.

"As for Belarus, I clearly see the CIA behind what is happening, because this is what they have been doing for ten years. Whenever there is an 'orange revolution', it is as if by accident that the Americans, Soros NGOs and American special services are behind it...".



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I stumbled upon the following today. Eric Zemmour, a well known essayist and political journalist, speculated about the role of American secret agencies in escalation surrounding "poisoning" of Navalny and the situation in Belarus.

I found this at Dmitry Orlov's blog the other day and it's hilarious:


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Zemmour est très cultivé et ses interventions toujours assez juste...
Cette émission je la suis tous les jours, on y apprend beaucoup de choses...
Je suis d'accord ave Lui et partage ses doutes...

Zemmour is very cultured and his interventions are always quite right .
I follow this show every day, we learn a lot of things...
I agree with him and share his doubts...


Zemmour est très cultivé et ses interventions toujours assez juste...
Cette émission je la suis tous les jours, on y apprend beaucoup de choses...
Je suis d'accord ave Lui et partage ses doutes...

Zemmour is very cultured and his interventions are always quite right .
I follow this show every day, we learn a lot of things...
I agree with him and share his doubts...

I will be free to recommend you a smart and brave intellectual, with a good heart - his name is Slobodan Despot.
You can listen him here and read here.


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It seems that this "poisoning" of Navalny conveniently happened at the right moment to help impose economic restrictions aganst the Russian vaccine producers.

Yes, that is an interesting look at another underlining threat to western designs.

John Helmer has this out today (with a talk on Gorilla Radio out of Vancouver, BC - not heard yet) starting off with France's Macrone who called Putin to work some things out from under the British three-ring circus big tent of deception:


The Navalny poison plot spread to Paris on Monday, compelling President Emmanuel Macron to telephone President Vladimir Putin to explain what a French chemical warfare laboratory has just done with evidence sent from Berlin by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

Macron told Putin he agreed “German specialists must send to Russia the biomaterials and an official statement on the test results of the samples collected from Alexei Navalny, and must start working together with Russian doctors.” Macron also agreed “to contribute towards determining the parameters of possible interaction with European partners.” This wording of the Kremlin communiqué meant that Macron and Putin decided to discuss with German Chancellor Angela Merkel how the Chancellor can extricate herself from the Novichok fabrications they now believe were initiated by Navalny’s staff and a British agent.

The poison plot has also spread to the headquarters in The Hague of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). After days of concealing that Foreign Minister Maas had requested a technical team from OPCW to take samples in Berlin, Kai Chen, head of the OPCW’s external relations department, refused late on Monday to confirm what role the OPCW is playing in the poison plot; what evidence the OPCW has collected in Berlin; and what provisions of the OPCW charter have been invoked to legalise the OPCW’s involvement in the Navalny affair.

In London on Monday evening, a leading British organophosphate chemist and toxicologist said it was too late for the OPCW to have identified a nerve agent in Navalny’s blood or urine. “A functioning liver should hydrolyse the parent compound and then [OPCW testing would] identify the metabolites in the urine secretion. There are no cases of finding the parent compound, so maybe it is not there to be found.”

On Monday morning in Berlin, reading from a script drafted at the German Foreign Ministry, Steffen Seibert , the government spokesman, announced:

“The Federal Government has therefore included the OPCW in the analysis of evidence in the Navalny case. This involvement of the OPCW is based on Art. VIII 38 (e) of the CWC [Chemical Weapons Convention], which gives all contracting states the opportunity to receive technical support from the OPCW. On this basis, the OPCW took samples from Mr. Navalny and took the necessary steps to have them examined by the OPCW reference laboratories.”
Between August 20, when Navalny was allegedly poisoned in flight between Tomsk and Moscow, and September 10, when OPCW took samples of his blood and urine in Berlin, the natural hydrolysis of his body had eliminated the identifying traces of the alleged poison chemical. The evidence of the Omsk Hospital testing, conducted on August 20-21, revealed no trace of a Novichok-type chemical. Testing at the Charité hospital in Berlin did not begin for at least 48 hours after Navalny’s medical symptoms appeared. The hospital’s press release – dated August 24 but not signed by a treating doctor or toxicologistclaimed “clinical findings indicate poisoning with a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors. The specific substance involved remains unknown”. For analysis, read this.

By the time the OPCW technicians arrived at Navalny’s bedside to take their samples, three weeks had elapsed, and no trace of the “substance” is likely to have been found. For that reason, the German Government spokesman announced yesterday, “regardless of the ongoing investigations by the OPCW”, the evidence remained “of a nerve agent from the Novichok group as the cause of Mr. Navalny’s poisoning.” Seibert claimed this has been corroborated by the German military laboratory in Munich, and also by unnamed “special laboratories” in France and Sweden.

This evidence – the only evidence available to the Munich laboratory, and then the French and Swedish labs which had not been hydrolysed — was the bottle which had been brought to Berlin with Navalny, carried either by his wife Yulia Navalnaya or by the witness who was with him in Tomsk and is the only one of the six staff from Tomsk to have accompanied him on the aircraft to Berlin. That is Maria Pevchikh.

Which begets a closer look at Maria:

Pevchikh appears to have left Germany and is now in the UK. Every other witness, including five of Navalny’s staff who had been with him in Tomsk, have been interviewed by police in Russia, and they are talking freely to the Russian and western press. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said late Monday on state television: “we questioned those five people who accompanied him to the plane, and took part in the events of the days before Navalny boarded the plane. We posed questions to those who waited for the departure from Tomsk to Moscow and went to a bar with him. We found out what they ordered and what he drank. As you know, the sixth lady that accompanied him just fled. They say it was she who gave the bottle to the German laboratory. All this was done. Even if all this were called a ‘criminal case’, we cannot do anything else.”

The “sixth lady” is Pevchikh. Her record in the UK reveals her working association with anti-Russian regime-change organisations of Yevgeny Chichvarkin, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation; Navalny’s staff claim Pevchikh has been employed as head of investigations for their group...


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I saw this interesting report (Or speculation) Putin lays groundwork for the arrest of George Soros - Republika English
The site Republica reports that

Russia is preparing the arrest of billionaire George Soros, Croatian media outlets are reporting.

According to, the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who blames Soros for endangering Russian national security and fanning he migrant crisis in Europe, had the security services prepare a case for illegal trading with financial derivatives against the socialism supporting billionaire. The case can be used to arrest Soros if he is within reach, the site reports.

Which sounds very positive news but I do not know the validity of this Website.
I found it from a "friend" on
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