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'US cowboyish agenda: Biden gives shit about the Russia's red lines, while trying to press Putin to accept the US 'red lines'.'

4 Dec, 2021

3 Dec, 2021

3 DEC, 2021
'Russia cannot afford 'US democracy' (American military hardware) to its borders.'

8 Dec, 2021
'A fairytale rematch.'

By Layla Guest - 8 Dec, 2021
'The show (fairytale) must go on.'

9 DEC, 2021

John Helmer has an interview on Gorilla Radio out of Vancouver, BC.

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, John Helmer December 7, 2021

The focus is current, and also looks to Ukraine and their Galician overlords controlling government (implications - Canada/US).

Here is a brief on the whole discussion:

80 years to the day from FDR’s famous “day that will live in infamy“, marking America’s entry into World War II the current U.S. president had a virtual sit-down summit with former ally Russia, ostensibly to discuss way of avoiding another war. The fire this time is Ukraine, and whether Russia, as the western press charges, is readying an invasion. For its part, Russia says its concern is with NATO expansion and the emplacement of offensive weapons by the alliance in bordering countries. Meanwhile, behind the media static is Nord Stream 2, the massive gas pipeline project from Russia that though completed is yet to transport a puff of power to energy hungry Europe.

'Israel - the Ukraine's silent business partner.'

By Anton Mardasov - December 10, 2021
'We are entering to unknown waters, everything is possible.'

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While discussing the issue of NATO, Sergei Ryabkov pointed out that the missile systems previously banned by the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty), may soon appear in Europe, though NATO allies assure that they have no intention of hosting nuclear weapons, there is no more confidence in the alliance.

"As for NATO's plans regarding the appearance in the European region of systems that were previously banned by the now-defunct INF Treaty, I would not like these plans to be developed and to be put into practice. By indirect indications, I can say that this is going on", Ryabkov said.

The creation of the so-called artillery command, which in the last century was in charge of the Pershing 2 medium-range systems, suggests that the US, together with its allies, is "preparing to repeat that sad experience in the new military-technical, technological operational base", the diplomat said.

"Assurances ... that NATO has no intentions to deploy such nuclear weapons do not convince us of anything. Firstly, there is no trust in NATO as an alliance in principle. We have found ourselves many times in a situation where one thing is announced today, the day after tomorrow another, a year later a third, and all this is done as if nothing had happened. And one of the reasons why Russia now at the highest level requires legal security guarantees is because all the assurances and even the obligations of a political nature have been 'overturned'", he said.

NATO allies act in such a way "as is beneficial and necessary for them, they do not want to reckon with the interests of our security", Ryabkov said.
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Russia is deploying several hundred more armored vehicles to the borders of Ukraine (video)


By Layla Guest & Gabriel Gavin - 14 Dec, 2021

'Like talking to a wall.'

14 Dec, 2021

15 DEC, 2021
'If NATO's withdrawal from Ukraine 'it's not on the table', Putin shouldn't meet Zelensky.'

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16 DEC, 2021

16 DEC, 2021
'It's up to NATO: If Russia installs new weapon systems to its borders, it will be too late for asking questions.'

18 Dec, 2021

18 DEC, 2021
'Don't mess with Russia.'

20 DEC, 2021

20 DEC, 2021
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