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Translated from Spanish by Microsoft
Via @C5_CDMX: #EvitaLaZona ⚠️ Firefighters 🚒 attend fire in commercial Plaza in remodeling located on Calz. Del Bone and Canal de Miramontes, Col. Residencial Miramontes, TLP.

Wildfire smoke chokes Yosemite Valley: 'I can't even see Half Dome'
Published11:09 am PDT, Monday, July 16, 2018

Ferguson Fire

FergusonFire time lapse shot from approx 1330-1600 PST today 7/15/2018
Jul 15, 2018

Container ship fire, Singapore
July 17, 2018 at 03:50
Fire erupted in upper decks of superstructure of container ship SALAM MESRA , anchored off Marina Barrage, Singapore, at around 1510 LT (UTC +8) Jul 16. Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) firefighters and 4 boats were deployed, it took them some 5 hours to bring fire under control. At around 2200 LT firefighters reportedly, were cooling off superstructure to prevent possible rekindling. No injures reported, extent of damages unknown

Holiday Fire California News Hopscotch Edit
Published on Jul 16, 2018
Goleta CA hopscotching unstoppable fires (Jul 7, 2018)


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Crum Fire sparks up near 9 PM as seen from the Mt. Lewis fire camera
Published on Jul 22, 2018 Battle Mountain, Nevada
Although the Crum Fire starts earlier as seen on earlier footage, it really starts to "take off" a little after 9 PM.
Sixth fire of the day within the ALERTWildfire footprint!
Cause Lightning.
Weather Concerns:
Gusty and erratic outflow winds.
Continued thunderstorms and dry lightning in the forecast for the next 3-5 days.

Current and Major Wildland Fires, USA
July 22, 2018

Fire hose along fireline on Sugar Pine Fire

Operations Section Chief Jake Cagle talks about the #FergusonFire

Additional Evacuations Ordered For Ferguson Fire Near Yosemite
July 21, 2018
MARIPOSA COUNTY (CBS13) — New evacuations for the Anderson Valley Area have been ordered due to the Ferguson Fire.

The US Department of Agriculture issued the evacuation Saturday at 1:30 p.m. This is a mandatory evacuation that is effective immediately.

Evacuations are also in place for Yosemite West. The evacuation order was issued earlier Saturday morning.

Evacuees are encouraged to drive with caution and watch for responding emergency traffic as they leave their property. A Red Cross Shelter is available at the New Life Christian Church, 5089 Cole Road, Mariposa.

Those in need of large animal evacuation assistance can call the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office at 209-966-3615.

The Ferguson Fire started July 13 and is 27,127 acres and 7 percent contained. It is burning off Highway 140 and Hite Cove, Near El Portal in Mariposa County, according to CAL FIRE.

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Emergency teams of Greek Red Cross at work in Nea Makri, Rafina and Megara. ,, The most important thing is to bring people into safety now. The teams deal with injuries and work together with the other emergency services. " Rode Kruis-teams verlenen hulp bij bosbranden Griekenland - Rode Kruis Nederland‎ … Photo: Nick Paleologos/SOOC Translated from Dutch by Microsoft

Sweden now battling over 50 wildfires, authorities say some 'impossible to extinguish' --

ABC30 Fresno on Twitter
Updated 10 mins ago
According to officials, parts of Yosemite National Park will be closing due to the Ferguson Fire.

At a public meeting park officials said that Highway 41, the Yosemite Valley and Wawona will close by noon on Wednesday. Visitors and people camping in the park are being asked to leave
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Heart of Yosemite National Park to Close as Firefighters Battle Ferguson Fire; Mandatory Evacuations in Place | The Weather Channel
2 hours ago Associated Press

At a Glance
  • Yosemite Valley will close for at least four days beginning Wednesday because of a nearby wildfire.
  • The last time this valley was closed because of fire was 1990.
  • Mandatory evacuations are in place in several communities.
The heart of Yosemite National Park, where throngs of tourists are awe-struck by cascading waterfalls and towering granite features like El Capitan and Half Dome, will be closed as firefighters try to corral a huge wildfire just to the west that has cast a smoky pall and threatened the park's forest, officials said Tuesday.

Yosemite Valley will be closed for at least four days beginning at noon Wednesday, along with a winding, mountainous, 20-mile stretch of State Route 41, park spokesman Scott Gediman said. The closure is expected to last through Sunday.

At least 1,000 campground and hotel bookings will be canceled — to say nothing of the impact on day visitors, park workers and small businesses along the highway, Gediman added. Additional evacuations were ordered near the north side of the park on Wednesday.

"If you don't need to be here, go somewhere else," park ranger Scott Gediman told Express. "That's our message to employees and visitors. It's not something we take lightly. We've been keeping things going the past few days."

(MORE: Death Toll Climbs as Greece Wildfires Rage)

The last time the 7.5-mile-long valley was closed because of fire was 1990, he said.

Yosemite wasn't under imminent danger from the Ferguson Fire, officials were quick to point out. Authorities decided on the closure to allow crews to perform protective measures like burning away brush along roadways without having to deal with traffic in the park that welcomes 4 million visitors annually.

Yosemite Valley is the centerpiece of the visitor experience, offering views of landmarks such as Half Dome, Sentinel Dome, Bridal Veil Fall, El Capitan and Yosemite Falls. The glacial valley's grand vista of waterfalls and shear granite faces has been obscured by a choking haze of smoke from a nearby fire.

Visitors are advised to "limit activity during the periods of poor air quality," the park said in a statement. "Some facilities and services are closed or diminished."

Over nearly two weeks, flames have churned through more than 60 square miles of timber in steep terrain of the Sierra Nevada just west of the park. The fire was 25 percent contained Wednesday morning.

Mandatory evacuations are in place in several communities, while others have been told to get ready to leave if necessary.

More than 3,300 firefighters are working the fire, aided by 16 helicopters. One firefighter was killed July 14, and six others have been injured.

Gediman suggested valley visitors divert to Tuolumne Meadows, on Yosemite's northern edge, or to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks to the south.

"There are wonderful places to visit in the region, so we're asking people to consider alternative plans," he said.

In the state's far north, a nearly 4-square-mile wildfire has forced the evacuation of French Gulch, a small Shasta County community that dates to the Gold Rush.
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13.08.2018 - Fire forces evacuations on Greek island of Evia
Fire forces evacuations on Greek island of Evia


The burning forest fire that break out in Psachna, island of Euboea, Greece, on Aug 12, 2018. PHOTO: EPA-EFE

A large fire broke out Sunday on the Greek island of Evia near Athens, the government said, with two villages evacuated, less than a month after over 90 people died in Greece's worst-ever wildfire.

"The prime minister is in close contact with the interior minister over the large fire in Evia," Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' office said.

Agriculture minister Vangelis Apostolou, who is on the scene, told state agency ANA that fire-fighting forces were bracing for an all-night struggle.

"Forces from the entire region have been transfered here," Apostolou said.

Some 500 people at the local villages of Kontodespoti and Stavros had earlier been evacuated as a precaution.

Some 250 firefighters with 62 fire engines supported by troops are operating in the area, about 92 kilometres (57 miles) north of Athens, officials said.

186 people and more than 70 units of equipment, including five helicopters and six aircrafts are involved in the elimination of wildfires.

Greece is still mourning 94 dead from a wildfire that struck the coastal resort of Mati near Athens on July 23. Over 30 people are still in hospital, several in critical condition.

The country's worst fire calamity prompted the resignation or sacking of the heads of the police and fire brigade, in addition to the minister responsible for state security.


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For a couple of years I have been following Deborah Tavares and her site The correlation of these fires (and other disasters) and agenda 21seems quite plausible as is the use of directed energy weapons, at the very least in the US case. Also a YT channel titled aplanetruth covers a lot of concerns and curiosities about the fires, namely the reasons and causes behind the fires and their strange aftermath. Just wondering if anyone else has looked into this?


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August 20, 2018 - Shocking NOAA interactive map reveals almost two MILLION acres of land is on fire across the United States
Shocking NOAA interactive map reveals two MILLION acres of land is on fire across the United States | Daily Mail Online

The West Coast of the United States is shrouded in smoke from the 110 large fires
  • Over 1.9 million acres are or have been ablaze, with new fires reported in Idaho, Nevada and Oregon
  • Smoke from these fires has traveled along the west to east jet stream to reach the East Coast
The full extent of the wildfires ravaging the West Coast of the US has been revealed.

An experimental map created by the NOAA shows the current movement of the smoke across the U.S.

The West Coast of the United States is shrouded in smoke from the 110 large fires (this does not include smaller fires within each complex of fires) that have erupted across the region during this fire season.

Scroll down for video and click here to access an interactive map.


This map (10am EDT on August 20, 2018) comes from NOAA and is an experimental model showing both upper level on near-surface smoke.

This particular iteration of the map is showing the near-surface smoke (expressed in μg/m3) from the HRRR-Smoke Model.

The Near-Surface Smoke overlays 10-meter wind data, expressed in knots.

The colors represent the fire emitted fine particulate matter (fire smoke) concentrations at ~8 meters above the ground.

The darker and redder the color the more concentration of smoke particulates are present.

It is interesting to see how the smoke moves across the country traveling south as far as Texas and east as far as Quebec.

When wind patterns change, of course, so does the smoke pattern.

WTOP, a local radio station near Washington DC, reported that smoke from the California fires had reached the DC Metro area this past week.


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Breaking: Fire breaks out in Raycom Info Tech Park, which houses Google’s office, in the Zhongguancun technology hub in Beijing, China.
[IMG][/IMG] [B]China Forecast 预测中国[/B]

Obviously everyone should know two things by today, Google obviously has major connections to China and has sold out America to China, and Google has even gone as far as covering up Benghazi for Hillary and Obama with a private server.

The second thing is that Google CEO Sundar Pinchai testified on Capitol Hill today, and oddly enough a building that houses Google in China is now on fire. Google may be burning it's evidence today, but like Q says we have it all.

The Deep State is now in freak out mode, and this happens after Sara Carter announced on Hannity tonight that there are lots of indictments. The storm may have now arrived.

BREAKING: Apple files appeal to overturn iPhone sales ban in China

Bomb threat triggers evacuation at Facebook Menlo Park campus
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The Camp Fire – the tale of a hospital evacuation
by Judy Peck December 2018
(Mini Snip)
I’m an ED physician who worked a few days a month at Feather River Hospital. It was a long commute to the town of Paradise but worth the drive just to get a glimpse of the buttes. The hospital itself was nestled in a forest of pine trees. It wasn’t hard to understand how the town got its name. It genuinely looked like paradise.

The long hot summer left everything dry but it was still beautiful. I showed up for my 7 am shift on the morning that the Camp Fire started. The scent of wildfire was in the air. But, it was the wind that really got my attention. Fire season was here.

Fire season was here.


The nearby wildfire was a topic of conversation as people drank their morning coffee. It had been reported at 6:33 am. But, I could smell the smoke 50 miles away as I drove through Marysville. It had been burning long before someone had called it in.

No one was worried. There were a lot of fires this time of year. Someone would let us know if there was cause for concern. So, we carried on with the business of the day.

During the quiet part of the morning when it seemed like the town was still asleep, my charge nurse came up to me and said that embers were falling outside the ambulance bay doors. Embers. The fire had to be close but there was no word of an evacuation yet.

Time can be difficult to judge in the ED. Hours can seem like minutes and minutes can seem like hours. So, all I can say is that another ED minute later, we got word to evacuate. Fortunately, there were only a handful of patients in the ED and most of them were well enough to walk out under their own power. There’s a fire. Gather your belongings. Leave as fast as you can. Go to Enloe Hospital.

We notified Enloe that we were evacuating the hospital. There was no doctor-to-doctor discussion. There was no time to print charts. We just had to get people out of there as fast as we could.

I sent a text to our group of ED physicians. “We’re evacuating the hospital.” People needed to know.

The ambulance bay was the egress point for the hospital. Within another ED minute, there was a long line of inpatients waiting to evacuate. Some were in wheelchairs but most were in gurneys. All the while, the sky was growing dark and the smoke was getting thick.

The line of gurneys wasn’t moving so I went to investigate. The patients were all lined up, right by the door, ready to go. What was wrong?


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Translated from French by Microsoft
The fire was on the third and last floor of the building, where seasonal workers were staying. The cause of the fire was not immediately known. 70 firefighters were mobilized #AFP

Translated from Russian by Microsoft
In the ski resort of Courchevel, located in the French Alps, there was a large fire, the fire spread in a three-storey building, where the workers of the resort lived. As a result of the fire, two people were killed and 14 others were injured, four of them in serious condition.
Dead and wounded by a big fire in French ski resort Courchevel |
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