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Dozens of fires currently burning on the West Coast affecting New Jersey.

Doctors are warning some groups prone to air pollution to stay inside as smoke from dozens of fires on the West Coast can be seen more than 2,500 miles away in New Jersey.

There are hazy skies over the entire state, all thanks to smoke from the wildfires still burning.

Prolonged record-breaking heat and dry conditions are a recipe for fires. The Bootleg Fire, as it's known in Oregon, now encompasses more than 500 square miles, which is roughly the size of Monmouth County.

You won't smell any smoke because it's too high up in the sky and the atmosphere, but sensitive groups such as the elderly and young children, asthmatics, and lung patients may notice some difficulty breathing after strenuous activity.

“Younger children, people with seasonal allergies, pollen allergies, and elderly people with chronic lung disease such as COPD, we definitely see incidences asthma exacerbation when these air quality issues arise or the air pollution going up,” says Chirag Patel, allergist and immunologist with Ocean Allergy. “Same with COPD. We see more hospitalizations with those patients involved.”

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has issued an air quality action day for Camden, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Morris, Northwestern, Burlington, Somerset, Southeastern, Burlington, Sussex and Warren counties. The air quality alert is in effect until 12 a.m. Wednesday.

I've lived on the East Coast of the USA for 16 years and I think this is the first time that West Coast smoke reaches this far east, it certainly a strange day and the sun was there but as a tiny red dot in the sky.


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23 Jul, 2021 20:43 Tweets
Enormous plumes of black smoke have been billowing into the skies of northern France after a huge blaze broke out in a large warehouse in Bondues, not far from Lille.

The fire broke out at an industrial zone in the small town of Bondues, located near the French border with Belgium. The blaze was so massive that the cascading plumes of smoke rising over the site have been seen as far away as the city of Lille, some 10 kilometers to the south.

Photos and videos shared on social media showed not just smoke, but huge tongues of flame rising above one of the warehouses in the Bondues industrial zone. Dozens of firefighters have been sent to contain the blaze, according to local media reports.

The 500-square-meter storage facility belongs to the Vandenbulcke company – a food wholesaler specializing in bakery products, French media said. No injuries have been reported, according to Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

The sight of the blaze drew onlookers to such an extent that it led to several traffic jams in the area, as motorists were slowing down out of “curiosity,” according to local reports. The cause of the fire is still unclear.


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Fri 30 Jul 2021 // 04:47 UTC
Tesla's battery technology is extremely hot in Australia right now – but not in a good way. A 300-megawatt lithium-ion battery built in the state of Victoria using Tesla tech is literally on fire.

The "Victorian Big Battery" – an installation due to come online later this year – was commisisioned by authorities "to boost the state's energy reliability, drive down electricity prices and support Victoria's transition to renewable energy – as well as creating local jobs as we take steps towards a COVID normal."

The battery is currently succeeding on the jobs front: The Register understands that over 20 fire brigade units have scrambled to extinguish the blaze.

Fire and Rescue Victoria stated the fire is burning in just one shipping container and that emergency crews are "working to contain the fire and stop it spreading to nearby batteries".

The blaze has sparked an air quality warning that suggests residents of nearby suburbs should move indoors, close doors and windows, and even turn off heating and cooling systems that suck air from outside homes or offices. The stay-at-home warnings came just after a COVID-19 lockdown ended in Victoria.

While the battery uses Tesla hardware, French renewable energy outfit Neoen is responsible for its construction, ongoing operation and maintenance.

Three weeks ago, Neoen touted the swift progress of the construction project.

Victoria's government commissioned the battery to create storage capacity that would offset the closure of coal-fired electricity plants. The battery was due to come online ahead of the southern summer.

The Register has approached Tesla and Neoen for comment on the cause of the fire. ®


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Firefighters in Dallas Co. are battling a major fire on Sunday night.

The fire happened at the National Salvage & Service Corporation on River Road in Burnsville, just a few miles east of Selma.

The company is a leader in the railroad tie industry.

Flames and smoke from the fire could be seen from miles away on Sunday night.

Oil-treated railroad ties are stored on the property.

At this time there is no information on any injures.

Valley Grand Volunteer Fire Chief Billy Barrett says lightning apparently started the fire. He says fire crews eventually had to get away because it got so big and hot. Barrett says the fire could burn for days.

Alabama News Network will update this story as information becomes available.
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At least 10 people have been killed in a fire that broke out at an modular Covid-19 hospital in the town of Tetovo, Macedonia. Unofficially according to Sitel TV, there are about 30 victims, including patients and medical personnel.

8 Sep, 2021

Published on Sep 8, 2021 (0:55)


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I am devastated as this is my former neighborhood in Louisville. I now live in NY state but have many friends who still live in Boulder County. Fires occur in the area sometimes because it is so dry. However, it historically has been in the foothills or mountains where there is more forest. This is a first for a fire to so quickly wipe out entire neighborhoods in Colorado, at least in modern times, as far as I know.. I think the house I lived in with friends is probably gone. Ironically, my friends had sold the home recently and just a week ago moved to Mexico. Sadly, a young couple had purchased it and barely had time to live in it. I do not know the fate of many others who I know and care about, although some have reported themselves as safe on FB. They will get snow today so hopefully it will stop the chance of spreading. This is shocking to is hitting home how things are changing fast and furiously. As the C's said: "it is not where you are but who you are".
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