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Initially I posted on this topic in https://cassiopaea.org/forum/threads/session-25-may-1996.34921/page-2#post-1016356 since it was in that session, that the fluted columns were mentioned by the Cs.

I am slowly getting to the point, where this idea/setup can be tested. When all 3 columns are completed, they will be installed in a steam sauna (proximity to water/steam/heat) and I will tell about the experience...

By today, the 1st column is standing 2.5 feet tall. When finished it will be standing 5 feet tall. It is 1 foot in diameter. There are 30 spiraled grooves running counter-clockwise and it takes 2.5 feet for a full 360 degrees turn. It takes about 6 days to print 1 foot tall section.


I am curious if anyone was able to create similar columns from any materials already? Any comments are welcomed.
There are a couple Wikipedia articles on the locations of the known spiraled ionic columns, that survived.
Some of them were known as "Solomonic" columns" Solomonic column - Wikipedia and Serpent columns Serpent Column - Wikipedia


Before they showed up in the Temple of Solomon...
Probably, the most ancient example of such a column is the Serpent Column, from Delphi, Greece (478 BC), relocated to Constantinople by Constantine the Great in 324
All that can firmly be said is that they are early and, because they have no Christian iconography in the carving and their early date (before the construction of elaborate churches), are presumably reused from some non-church building

This is an update on my progress and an invitation for comments.

I printed 13 out of needed 15 sections that will form 3 x 60 inch tall columns.
In order to connect the sections together, I have created another fluted column, which fits tightly into the sections on the inside. Only, its grooves are placed on the inside surface. These rings are tall enough to connect the adjacent sections, but, in theory, they could fill all space from bottom to top, thus, creating a second grooved surface.

I am hesitant to delay this project by a couple more month and will start with the columns as they are. If I see any effect, I will try to amplify it by adding more and more grooved columns on the inside.


There is another idea that I am playing this. The grooved surfaces could be tracks for descending magnets. In the linked video I demonstrate how a single magnet could spiral down along the surface. To have 30 magnets spiraling at the same time, I am building a jig, but it will take time to make it work...
Being a communication device, I hope, that my choice of materials will not impede its functioning.
In two answers, the Cs mentioned "plastic" hoses and "magnetic" telemetry... I am sure the ancients built columns from chiseled stone or formed them using a plaster. And it still worked!

Q: (L) Why are we talking about Ionic fluted columns?

A: Because they are a link to previous direct contact between humans and density 4 STO!

Q: (L) Okay, Ionic columns fluted and grooved...

A: Plastic hoses, fluted and grooved.

Q: (L) Well, you are getting more and more obscure. How do we establish this direct link between us and 4th density STO through the concept of fluting, and grooving, and columns?

A: Magnetic telemetry profile.

Also, a communication requires a moving medium - light in seeing, air in hearing. What is moving to/from these transceivers - thoughts carried by a magnetic flux? Water was moving through plastic hoses, creating density variations... Maybe I should blow the air along those grooves as well?

This is the only device, that Cs instructed us to build, over the decades. But its initial description may still lack some important details. Is there a chance on further questions about it in the next sessions?
Hi @SlavaOn I'm surprised you've not had more feedback on this project. Wow, that looks awesome! I mean, it's a work of art in it's own right, regardless of any potential communication potential. Love the pink lighting. :-D

I was checking up on the difference between Ionic and Doric columns before replying and was interested that the two can be taken to represent the feminine and masculine principles respectively.

In terms of "Magnetic Telemetry Profile" a few things came to mind. Telemetry suggests some sensor that is deployed remotely. So I'm going to assume that the column is thing being sent into 3rd density. I'm reminded of the Phonograph cylinder - Wikipedia where the large grooves in the cylinder were encoded with further detail that could be read mechanically. Given that 4D STO could presumably look in on us whenever they wanted (without detection) the cylinder would be more for our benefit than theirs ie a low-tech message in a bottle that we could "play" and understand.

So a bit of further internet research and I found these magnetic sensors which get applied to (what look like fairly large) grooves - www.balluff.com/en-sg/products/areas/A0001/groups/G0105/products/F01504

An episode of Doctor Who also came to mind where one of the TARDIS' (time/space ship) was disguised as a Doric column: www.pinterest.com/pin/497225615096134146/ maybe irrelevant, or maybe an echo of the original intent inspired the writer.

Anyway, just checking in. Good luck with it. You must be very patient to run a 3D printer for 6 days at a time :-)
Hello there.

The project is nearing completion. The column diameter, relative position, etc. are not as described in the sessions, but, hopefully the hidden technology behind it will still work.

There are several interesting experiments in the making. I already mentioned the ascending of 30 magnets along the grooves, that are coupled magnetically with another set of magnets attached to a ring , which I can move up and down inside the column. So far, they want to attract to each other and jump out of grooves $/&@$%#

The second experiment is to fill the column with water and let it overflow from the top and cascade down along the grooves… Besides an aesthetically looking, the spiraled moving of these water streams could be another element in transduction of Information between densities…
This is the only device, that Cs instructed us to build, over the decades. But its initial description may still lack some important details. Is there a chance on further questions about it in the next sessions?

didn't the C's mention something to LKJ about building a spiral path in her garden ? spiral shapes being an energy collector ... i.e. just like the spiral flutes / grooves in your column... kinda working with the same principle
The two Cs sessions in 1996 provided cursory details on the 4D information transceiver's dimensions and principles. Columns' height, diameter and a relative distance were the only received numerical values targeted for a specific location in Florida. How does it operate was not explained.

Historical evidence suggests, that stone fluted columns of huge sizes were erected in the "temples", in the numbers that are not necessary to support roofs and seemingly without any practical needs. Unless, they were able to use them as communication devices! So, the design must be scalable - the larger size works better than a smaller one. Although, Cs said that it would not matter, whether the columns are solid or hollow, as long as the outside surface is covered with spiraled grooves..
Session 25 May 1996

Q: (L) It is the fluting, grooving and spiralling that are important?

A: Yes.

Being an engineer by education and trade, I approached this project more as an art than science. A gut feeling, could be influenced by subtle energies/clues, that can't be logically explained. I think that the further tuning would be possible, even if initial setup is off base. Placing the plastic columns around a wood stove in a steam sauna was a bad idea. I moved them outside. Top beams are still not finished. In the photo above, the columns are installed on walnut stumps, still firmly rooted in the earth. I am watching for any changes, that the device may cause in the surrounding nature: there is an iron bathtub filled with water, plants, animals.

Center column placed to the East of the pool.

The relative location to the East from a body of water suggests a coupling of sorts that is influenced either by Earth rotation (East-West) or by the direction/orientation of magnetic force (South-North). I may need to move the bathtub ;-)
i was just thinking about all this fluting, grooving and stuff and ah ha ! i had a thought ... so i'll think it out loud here:

i did some reading and apparently the greeks fluted their columns because doing so created a sense of "rhythm" as mentioned in the linked article.

what does this mean ?

well, as someone mentioned in another topic here there is signal and noise.

perhaps the helical fluting (the grooves that wind along the columnar axis, usually vertically) caused a reduction in or filtered the noise, and permitted a more defined and coherent signal to be received, hmmm ?

and something else to consider: that musical instrument of the same name, it creates, when in the hands of someone who knows how to play it - rhythm, and harmony i.e. signals that we hear and understand as music; all from the movement of a fluid along its columnar axis.

so, my thought is, @SlavaOn, maybe the fluting of your columns plays music or receives signal, the kind we hear in our mind, because being a spiral, the column will gather energy, like a coil in a crystal radio set, and now you only have to tune the fluid in your mind when you are near the columns - i do not think you require magnets in motion or anything complicated; the "Magnetic Telemetry Profile" simply means the electro-biochemical field of force that your body creates as a living organism, it is the generator, and your mind is the transceiver, you just gotta fiddle around and tune your mind, i.e. through meditation.

@Rhansen and @Vinícius ... maybe this is one of those "out of the blue" thoughts you guys were discussing on another topic, i dunno, lol, i'm tired, going to bed, cheers :-)

well, as someone mentioned in another topic here there is signal and noise.

perhaps the helical fluting (the grooves that wind along the columnar axis, usually vertically) caused a reduction in or filtered the noise, and permitted a more defined and coherent signal to be received, hmmm ?
That made me think of how twisted pair cables work - by cancelling out magnetic field interference 🤔
you only have to tune the fluid in your mind
I placed a chair in the triangle space created by the columns. This morning, while sitting in it, I have felt a sense of calm and serenity. I’ve felt being inside an envelope, where I could reflect and observe the outside, but it was not touching me. The only thing, that I saw moving, we’re the ripples on a surface of a standing water. The only thing I have heard, were the birds chirping in the woods. A praying mantis was standing guard motionless. Even mosquitoes were not bothering me, as if I disappeared from their infrared radars.

Referring to your idea, the tuning of the “mind fluids” aka thoughts, could be done by this field, created by the grooved columns.


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People may have forgotten the true purpose, but they kept on replicating the design nevertheless.
Here is a selection of photos from various time periods in multiple countries.

The Cardo Maximus of Apamea in Syria is the site of the so-called "Great Colonnade", a portico that flanks the road for some 2 kilometers.

Curium is one of the most important and impressive archaeological sites in Cyprus.

Amathus or Amathous ( Ancient Greek: Ἀμαθοῦς) was an ancient city and one of the ancient royal cities of Cyprus until about 300 BC

The Vakil Mosque (Persian: مسجد وکیل - Masjed-e Vakil) is a mosque in Shiraz, southern Iran, situated to the west of the Vakil Bazaar next to its entrance. This mosque was built between 1751 and 1773

Volubilis-Meknes- Marruecos.JPG
Volubilis was built in 3rd century BC by Carthaginian but grew rapidly under Roman rule from 1st century AD onwards.

Volubilis- Marruecos.JPG
From Volubilis as well.

Valencia cathedral, Spain

From Valencia as well.

The Pope is sitting between two columns of Solomon on his throne (this is what I currently do too - only my beach chair is placed within three spiraled columns placed in a triangular formation):

Piedmont, Virginia, US

Canterbury cathedral, England; built in the early 7th century
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