Fluted columns

I continue sitting in the chair, surrounded by 3 fluted columns, every day. At least 2-3 times a day. Trying to observe my internal state and what happens in the surrounding area. I am looking forward to these 'sessions' as a time of rest, when I do nothing, think of nothing. It feels a Zen-like experience, when life almost stands still.

I have noticed a healing effect, after the pain in a thumb, that was accidentally burnt by a torch lighter, disappeared. I would not want to self-harm myself just to see if it helps again, though.

Today, I received these lines, into my head:
All is lessons
Life's a school
You are one
They call a fool
If you learn
At current rate
You will never


Am still thinking of its meaning ;-)
The main feature of a fluted spiraled column is the 3-dimensional spiral. It is possible that this geometry could be responsible for creating torsion fields, which are described as vortexes. Placing several columns of a certain diameter at certain distances and angles can create standing waves of such vortexes at certain places. This is what was suggested to be done by the Cs in building the transciever machine in 1996.

I am just guessing, the explanation of the "transceiver" principle is the coupling of the operator's consciousness with the 4th density operator(s) consciousness, when sharing the same torsion vortex(es). Or/and, by adding - see the quote below - operator's thoughts and feelings generate torsion waves to the torsion waves generated by the fluted columns. Sort of like using a carrier wave to propagate the modulated wave, like it is done in radio transmissions... I am making that conclusion based on the arguments about torsion fields that I came across here: Torsion Field - 5th Force of Nature - Consciousness Blog

Presumably, the attempted discreditation <of the torsion fields theory> is in part because the torsion field is the carrier for consciousness and can be used to alter consciousness states, such as matching the spinning rate with the human beings’ brain waves, as the ongoing research is showing.
The torsion field can interact with laser beams (change frequency); affect biological processes; is generated by melting or solidifying some materials; affects quartz crystals; affects some electronic components; can favorably change some beverages; and has been noted to affect gravity.
In the new torsion physics, all matter creates and absorbs torsion waves. Torsion waves can be static (matter) or dynamic. If they are dynamic, the waves move at superluminal speeds, a billion times faster than the speed of light. This accounts for the non-locality of everything.

According to Kozyrev’s studies, thoughts and feelings generate torsion waves. Thus consciousness is related to aether vibrations and the torsion waves may be at the basis of many of the observations in telepathy, remote viewing, and psychokinesis.

I do not have much to share about my experiment with the columns. Although, I diligently visit and seat in the beach chair 2-3 times a day for 5-10 minutes. Even if my contraption was not built to the specs and it does not produce any objective effects, there is always a Placebo effect that could be beneficial to the operator...

It has been a month since the last post and the experiment continues. I am sharing another batch of assumptions, observations and wishful thinking with you. There is nothing breakthrough to report. A beach chair was replaced by an iron garden chair. The leaves on a grove of huge Liriodendron trees, that surrounds and shades this whole area, turned colors. Even the rustling sound of their leaves is more pronounced and leaf fall started. The oaks leaves are still green, the paw-paws (understory trees) are still green too. The sunlight, that filters through them from above, picks up a more yellowish tint. The recent blast of Arctic cold air reached Appalachia on Monday and the sky's blue looks darker than before. I am writing this, because sitting in the chair is a non-eventful task. It is bordering on meditation. It became a routine when, throughout the day, I would remember about it and spend the next 5 minutes sitting in that chair, observing the surrounding nature... Surely, it is a middle of the Fall, but feels like an Indian Summer.

There are a lot of birds around, but not many animals. A black cat, that likes to camp around our house came from behind a corner, and without paying no attention to me walked in a circle and checked out the place. He usually runs away from me, but this time it pretended that I am no longer a threat. Even came very close from behind. On returning to the spot where it entered first, it was peering into me with his beautiful green eyes for a while before walking away. On another occasion, a squirrel was making its "danger, danger" noise somewhere close. This usually is an indication that it spotted you and telegraphing to all squirrels in the area that a human is nearby. Since I was sitting motionless in a chair for awhile already, that must have been somebody or something else. From the woods I picked up a very melodic short sound. Could be a bird, but it was not familiar. Then I heard the same sound the second time further away. Still not sure who or what made it... Could be a fairy! - I had placed a crystal and a silver coin on top of the columns to attract the wee folk :)

I am hesitant to modify this construction, since I do not have any guiding input. I will continue with the experiment as it is. A few more people tried it (I gave them all short disclaimers). Seems to be helping with healing - I had a chainsaw accident and cut my leg a little bit - the wound healed up quickly with no complications...

In this video
Maxim comes across two columns, laying next to each other, on a site of Hierapolis city in Turkey. One has a spiraled surface and the other one has a wavy grooved surface. He studies ancient ruins (hence his youTube channel name is Forgotten Ruins) and never came across a column with the wavy grooves before. Did you?

Since columns with spiraling grooves, per the Cs, played a role of transcievers, what role did the wavy grooved columns played???
The ancient builders were experimenting with different designs :)

Another observation, is that the spiral columns are always found near the remains of the ancient baths or water pools. And the Cs did suggest to place the columns next to the deep side of Laura's pool, on its Western side... So, the proximity to the water is a must for the device to work.


When I saw that column, a sinusoidal wave came to my mind.

So I was looking for something that would relate a sine wave to water and I found the video below.

Perhaps those columns interacting with the water and perhaps our electromagnetic field will generate something.

My sensation when I see the undulation of that column is a transmission of peace, of calm well-being.

Just my subjective feelings on this.

Maybe you could just post links/URLs to these pictures, that you saw, please?

Assuming it's Bernini's baldacchino in St. Peter's Basilica that heinrich had in mind, a general view :


Link to a picture from wikipedia on Solomonic column with a better picture .

A fluted part close up (made in bronze) :

Structural form may also be designed to go with sound. The cathedrals were places where singing, chanting and sermons were expressed. Interesting thread.

Who used the Fibonacci Sequence?​

Composers and instrument makers have been using the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio for hundreds of years to compose and create music.

Mozart, for instance, based many of his works on the Golden Ratio – especially his piano sonatas.

  1. The traditional sonata has two parts:
    Exposition – where the musical theme is introduced
  2. Development and recapitulation – where the theme is developed and repeated
Now, here's the interesting bit...

Mozart arranged his piano sonatas so that the number of bars in the development and recapitulation divided by the number of bars in the exposition would equal approximately 1.618, the Golden Ratio.


This is some new development, that may be totally unrelated to the topic.
- Yesterday, I have noticed that a tree fell in the woods not far from the house. It is a fairly large tree with a rotten trunk. It will be my firewood come next winter.

IMG_4190 - Copy.JPG

- When falling it ripped a large branch from another tree

IMG_4191 - Copy.JPG

- No, it can not happened that way. Since the freshly broken branch sits atop of the dead tree, it should have happened in the opposite way - the falling large tree branch toppled over the dead rotten tree

IMG_4192 - Copy.JPG

I have noticed where the branch was growing before- quite high above the ground. The question is - what ripped it off?

IMG_4193 - Copy.JPG

And then I noticed this:

IMG_4194b - Copy.jpg

I would appreciate, if someone could ask the Cs, what is a cause and effect in that event? What happened?
Add to the mix that the spiral flutes may have a specific magnetic field creation effect depending on the composition of the column and its usage and function (which may be more than we are told such as for healing or impacting human consciousness in some way)
- No, it can not happened that way. Since the freshly broken branch sits atop of the dead tree, it should have happened in the opposite way - the falling large tree branch toppled over the dead rotten tree
Here you're assuming that the broken branch should've been under the big dead tree, but the fall of the branch could have been delayed just enough that the tree touched the ground before the branch finally came atop of it. At least two reasons could explain that, the tear between the trunk and the branch took some time to occur thus slowed the fall, or the branch hit another branch/trunk of a third, fourth... tree during its course to the ground.

Not saying either that your flutted installation had no effects at all but that there may be some rational explanation to what you've witnessed.
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